Amazon Fire 7 Should I buy this £50 tablet?

hello there my fine folk this is Christmas expert Don I’m here with Amazon’s all-new fire seven tablets fresh for 2019 it’s the ninth generation I remember the first one came out yonks ago really showing my age you haven’t covered this stuff for far too long a bit little thing about the fire tablets is they’re great funny this is just fifty quid so it’s the cheapest Amazon fire tablet and indeed one of the cheapest tablets out there right now so great news if you for instance you want a slightly bigger screen than your smartphone for browsing the web checking out videos just want something to get your kids to shut the hell up in the car shut up Timmy here’s a tablet watch your paw patrol away over the house so it’s all pretty straightforward box you do of course get the tablet itself there and a three-pin plug and the micro USB charging cable as well it is still micro USB unfortunately rather than the reversible type C bit of a shame that that’s still a thing quite nevermind hope you’ll be wiped out soon this new ninth generation model basically doubles the storage up to 32 gigabyte it’s got a faster processor in it and also comes in a range of new colors as well so that’s what’s changed for the 9th generation Fire HD 7 compared with previous tablets the first of the actual design of the tablet hasn’t changed much beyond that the fresh new color palettes as you can see it’s quite chunky monkey still reasonably liked that sort of three hundred gram thing I hand it to a kid even like a three-year-old four-year-old and they’ll be able to just like sit there with it all day no worries at all got a plastic shell of course as you’d expect for a 50-quid device nor you know metal sheen or premium design or anything like that but you know what it looks and feels quite nice it’s definitely compact enough to hold in one hand like so despite the pretty chunky bezels surrounding that display hopefully should be pretty rugged as well certainly previous fire tablets that I’ve tested out I’ll get a little scratch here and there but you know you can actually properly bash these things about you can chuck them across the room so they are pretty good for kids they are very durable and even there is actually a kid’s version for an extra 50 quid 100 pounds here in the UK which comes with a protective cover as well just in case your kid is actually just hurling this

thing about throwing out your face dad dad I want that paw Patrol god dammit it’s good to see that you get a choice of colours now as well the black models always just a bit boring looks really sort of plasticky and cheap and stuff that’s before the mall vibrant colors such as this Twilight blue model you’ve got a plum version and also a sage which is kind of a greeny type thing it just adds a bit more character to the tablet just makes it a bit more inviting right so I’ll just set up the fire seven tablet just enter my Wi-Fi details my Amazon account as well you’re gonna want to have an Amazon account and preferably a prime account as well to get the most out of your Fire tablet and now of course as usual you get my sort of video introduction to the fire yeah any idea anyways get past that you’re busy into your fire 7ui and as you can see has already changed up much from the user interface on previous Amazon tablets are quite like the layout as you see here on your home screen you’ve got fast access to basically the stuff that you use the most it’s fully customizable so you can ditch any apps that you don’t use swap them around and everything and as you see up here at the top you’ve got some new items there and as you start to use the tablet any apps and books and things like that will appear there on the very front so you can just jump straight back into them and as you can see it’s sectioned up too according to the type of media so you’ve got fast access all your books that you might have bought from the Kindle Store on Google Amazon of course you’ve got access to your Amazon videos as well so as you can see they’re a bit of a bit of prime video all that kind of shenanigans Prime

TV so as I mentioned before if you do have a prime account you will get the most out of this tablet you got fast access to games on Amazon’s own app store it doesn’t use the Google Play Store it uses Amazon’s own but it is well stopped because of course Amazon it’s a pretty big deal these days and it’s got access to a lot of stuff you can of course jump straight into the Amazon shop shocker so you can throw even more money at Amazon if that is your wants and of course music as well so if you’ve got access to the the prime music you’ve got all that otherwise a few thrown money at Amazon for the Music Unlimited every month has got a really good selection I’ve done a video on the Music Unlimited service in 2019 kind of a 2019 review update so check that out if you want to know if it really is a worthy alternative to Spotify audible I’m a massive audible fan because I don’t have time to read much these days to be perfectly honest song usually two books as I’m running around like a Mentalist so there you go so as you can see access to all of your favorite media video music the rest if you swipe this way from your home screen you will now find the for you section as well and what this does is I give it a little brief overview that welcomes you into another glorious day get born in people I like it’s not pissing it down today right and also recommends some apps some news and videos things like

that that you might be interested in and we’ll sort of learn your habits your interests over time as well now that seven-inch display isn’t exactly huge for a tablet so the nothing compared with you not the iPad pros of the world things like that so if you’re looking for a big screen device to watch a bit of Netflix or read books or something like that you know what most modern smartphones actually pack a display about the same sort of size is the me 9 from Xiaomi it’s got a six point four inch to spare and I mean look a lot small in comparison to the fiberglass I think because it’s got really skinny bezels compared to the big chunky mothers here on the fire seven so you know what if you do want a big screen device you might just want to buy any modern smartphone to be honest and of course one of the ways that Amazon can offer the five-seven so cheaply is because it does have a really basic panel this IPS screen has a 1024 by 600 pixel resolution so it’s not high definition you can get Fire HD tablet but it will cost you a bit more and it is pretty basic to be perfectly honest with you as you can see there the resolution isn’t great it’ll be absolutely fine if you just want to read a book for instance that’s does it get a bit of rik mayall action on the gun and as you can see there if we reduce the font to its smallest possible size it does look a little bit grainy it’s not even as nice as ream it just on a standard kindle device to be perfectly honest you know it’ll do the job it would be absolutely fine you know you’d be able to clearly make out the text and

everything however if you want to for instance really graphic novel or something like that that’s when you’ll really start to notice that those visuals are quite sort of low res the pictures don’t have that gorgeous crispness that you will do if you for instance plump up for the Fire HD tablets instead as you can see if you get of course for some of the preview icons and things like that as well they do look rather grainy and a bit whoo and of course I’m as on as heavily pushing its prime video offerings here on the fire seven Coralie fault it for that but thankfully you do get the likes of Netflix and everything offered by the app store BBC iPlayer as well so if you do have a Prime subscription used lighter Netflix instead you’re not been out of luck and of course those video visuals in great again is quite a grainy image colors sort of okay they don’t exactly pop it’s not the most vibrant of panels and the contrast frankly sucks you know the blacks basically just look like really bright hizzy grays but you know again if you’re just gonna be handing this to a kid to watch her short on the gore something like that it will definitely do the job and as far as the audio goes it’s a single mono speaker down here on the bottom edge it’s reasonably sort of loud just boost it up now the clarity is absolutely fine again it will do the job if you’re just gonna be just watching a TV show something basic on this thing no problem whatsoever and at least because it is mounted on the bottom rather than on the sides that means you’re not accidentally some other in the thing when you’re holding the tablet like so which is definitely a bonus of course if you are going to be watching videos and things like that on public transport hour in there in general public vicinity I would of course recommend

connects and headphones you do thankfully get a headphone port here on the fire seven tablet and full bluetooth support as well because one of my primary beefs with the Amazon fire tablets sitting down and the more budget end of the range is the fact that the performance is usually very stilted very stuttery which just makes the whole thing that’s not very pleasurable to use touchwood so far the fire seven ninth generation 2019 Edition seems absolutely finally has got a faster processor than before and there haven’t got specifics on the exact chipset but I’m guessing it’s a mediatek it’s a quad-core 1.3 gigahertz you do still just get the one gig of ram in there though which is where it’s gonna sort of throttle quite a lot you’ll find the apps sometimes if you tap them nothing really seems to happen it’s like did that actually I did a register and you’ll be kinda hanging around waiting for stuff to happen so you can expect that kind of shenanigans going on but again it’s a 50-quid tablet what do you really expect you know no I have the basic 16 gigabyte model of the new fire 7 table but you can now pick it up with 32 gigs of storage as well which I would definitely recommend if you’re going to be done a lot a lot of Netflix things like that to enjoy on the goal though thankfully you do still get micro SD memory card support and that gives you up to 512 gigs of extra storage if you can actually afford and then record that big visually if you just spending 50 quid on a tablet you don’t therefore want to be spending 50 hundred quid on a memory card to go with it as well so you might as well just get the theta gig model and then you should have more than enough

space to download a good few movies and Shores to keep you entertained if you are looking for something to entertain you for a long plane journey some some sort of epic trip and then again the five-seven might not perfectly suit you Amazon Corsa is seven hours of mixed use I’m not that battery meter trickling down pretty pronto to be honest if you’re going to be streaming video things like that you’d probably expect no more than about five to six hours of use and it does take quite a long time to charge back up again as well in exactly a quick charger you can expect around four hours at the plug before you get a full charge so again for the impatient types out there maybe not ideal and of course like all recent fire tablets as well at the fire seven comes with full Alexa supports all you need to do is see it Alexa like I just did and then like an obedient slave the fire seven will listen to your commands and basically perform whatever you ask of it be it just like grammar some information online opt in nap or whatever I’m not really entirely sure what a lecturer is doing on the likes of a tablet to be honest because obviously your primary interaction with this sort of thing is via the screen it’s perfect for the likes of the Amazon echo speakers things like that works really nicely but yeah for the tablets and stuff I don’t really see what the point is to be perfectly frank if I’m missing something obvious definitely let me know if the comments down below be gritty if anyone actually bothers to use Alexa on a phone or a tablet and don’t worry if

you’re paranoid about the man listening in or anything like that because you can easily disable Alexa with a quick tap up here in the settings menu and there are plenty of alert great little features and things buried away in the fire seven as well so for instance you’ve got full parental controls great news if you’ve got a little kitty wink who you again you are bestow on this tablet upon you can just see exactly how long they can use it each day what sort of time period being use it for which apps they can use things like that great peace of mind now there’s plenty of support on there for people who need it as well just dive into the hub site of the settings menu as you see that you’ve got tutorial help videos you can actually contact Amazon directly and have people actually take over your screen and show you exactly what you need to do it’s a really really solid service and if you want to do a bit of skyping as well no worries there the fire seven is perfectly capable of that you get a two megapixel front facing camera and even a two megapixel rear facing camera as well when I say baseball they are very basic indeed this year they’ll be fine Pamela quick skype with Grandma

something like that picks up a reasonably sort shop version of your glorious fierce 720p resolution so it is at least HD of course will be foiled by any kind of harsh contrast or anything like that again it may not do the job in a premium fashion but it definitely does the job it’s not right there is the fire seven tablet 2019 Edition the ninth generation now from Amazon as you see for 50 quid if you just want something again to chuck at your kids so they can watch their little cartoons and you know browse books and things like that absolutely does the job if you’re a grown adult and you want a nice picture quality something so you can really enjoy your Amazon Prime your Netflix videos I’d suggest just bumping up your budget a bit for the HD Edition also be honest just buying a brand new smartphone with a really nice crisp full HD screen because you know what phones these days they’re pretty much seven inches anyway so you’re gonna get that full screen experience anyway that’s what I think of the new Amazon fire so what do you think that you left on the comments down below if you use the previous generation fires are you tempted by this update be gritty your thoughts and please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications part for more on the latest and greatest sank cheers everyone love you

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