Amazon Kindle Oasis Ultimate eReader?

hello that you rubbish and person you this is Chris from Tex bird and I’m here with the third generation Kindle Oasis fresh for 2019 I’m gonna give it a full unboxing set up take you through all of the specs and what’s changed over the previous generation not that much actually to be perfectly fair but its 229 quid here in the UK and actually buy it right now from Amazon’s website so let’s see if it’s worth that rather steep asking price so first up what do you actually get in the box for the Kindle weights as well you get the ereader itself and naturally you get a little bit of Quick Start Guide action and some other nonsense and you get a charging cable as well still microUSB yeah come on Amazon give us a type-c Kindle already please so here it is in all of its glory the third generation Kindle Oasis fresh for 2019 so as you can see there the design hasn’t changed that much at all compared with the previous generation its 188 grams this new Kindle Oasis 3 so relatively lightweight but also its features this lovely economic design of course just like the previous version which means it’s heavily weighted towards one particular edge the edge which you clutch it in and that just means it’s a nice comfortable fit as you can see it’s just perfectly balanced so really really comfortable to clutch even for extended periods you once again have a metal back which looks nice and neat and of course should prove nice and rugged as well certainly in the previous Kindle Oasis didn’t pick up any scratches or scuffs despite being thrown into my backpack week after week after week so that’s good it’s also great to see proper physical page turn buttons here on the Kindle Oasis 3 as well sorry the spinning surprisingly cold from pretty much every other Kindle model which is really really long so I really like the physical touch controls up a film to just using the touch screen to scroll through your books of course the 2017 model the second generation Kindle Oasis introduced ipx8 water resistance and that’s something that carries over to this model as well the third

generation so even if you want to be using it in a swimming pool or a readin in the bath something like that no worries whatsoever it can take being submerged into up to a metre of water for around an hour or so which is fantastic the only thing is it has to be fresh water it doesn’t fare so well with seawater anything salty so definitely be careful if you’re rockin the Kindle reading a bit of Mills and Boon on your yacht or something like that don’t drop it overboard because it is worth pointing out as well that if water resistance is a major selling factor for you I don’t forget that the current kindle paperwhite is also fully water resistance and once again you can rock it in the pool the bathtub whatever you want and that costs a hundred pounds less than the Kindle Oasis or definitely worth bearing that one in mind so I’ve just registered this Kindle with my Amazon at counter so nice and straightforward and as you can see it just brings up a nice little tutorial just showing you how to use the Kindle Oasis 2019 in case you haven’t used a Kindle before but it is very straightforward very intuitive stuff that summer bit of a tour of the UI if you’ve used any other Kindle you’ll immediately be writers form so this is your main sort of desktop as it were as you can see it immediately fills it with all of your ebooks that you have stashed away in your library if you scroll down you’ll also get recommendations based on current bucks that you’ve bought cause you can jump into the store quickly and easily just by tapping this icon here and this just allows you to to browse all of the ebooks available on the Kindle Store you can buy and

download ebooks directly through that without having to mess around going on your laptop or anything like that it’s worth bearing in mind as well you’ve got Wi-Fi and you’ve also got built-in LTE here on the Kindle Oasis that’s completely free don’t either separate mobile data plan or anything like that so at any point even if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network as long as you’ve got a data signal you can still browse the store and download ebooks it’s a great little feature not seven inch screen certainly seems nice and responsive as you can see there you can just nice and quickly scroll through all of the various lists you want to see more bit of romance yes why not something to read when tucked up with Teddy Oh anyway at my underpants whilst on the tingle a bit so we better jump back to the homescreen and one of the only features has actually been updated for this 2019 model of Kindle Oasis is that seven inch touchscreen as simps eyes as before and same resolution is about 300 pixels per inch so perfect even if you’re enjoying something with lots of illustrations in it or a nice graphic novel something like that it’s an eating display of course anti glare as you can see the emphasis and the spotlight here in the studio and it’s

still perfectly make out what is going on great for reading on a bright sunshiny day now the full range of Amazon Kindle e-readers now come with backlight and even that most basic budget 60 quid model which is fantastic so of course you get it here on the Kindle Oasis as well although it is a bit more advanced on this model compared with the more cheaper models because at any point you can fiddle with that brightness so it’s great if you’re trying to read in a dark room or and a really really bright sunny day when you won’t just boost that brightness all the way up and as you can see here on the Oasis one of the killer features is the auto brightness this was introduced in the previous generation something’s you don’t have to be constantly jumping into the settings and playing around with it manually to suit your environment if you’ve gone into a darker or a lighter area I can boost it up a bit as well you can see it’s a nice pleasingly uniform bit of backlighting as well some of the more budget kim mijung sort of see patches where it’s bit lighter or a bit darker but on this it’s perfectly uniform throughout the entire display it’s a really nice comfortable reading experience and probably the biggest update for this 2019 model of the Kindle Oasis is the fact that you can now play around with the color

temperature as well to make that screen nice and warm so I’ll be absolutely perfect for your late night reading sessions it’s nice and comfortable easy on the eyes helps you to get to sleep as well if you’re gonna be reading at night and it means you’re limiting how much you disturb your bed partners as well if you’re indulging in a bit of late night read an action an amazon has rather thoughtfully introduced a scheduled feature for the new color temperature settings as well which means you don’t even have to manually play around with it you can just have it automatically schedule the color temperature to grow warmer as you can see there between sunset and sunrise so it’ll automatically to make it nice and easy on the eyes in those low-light environments otherwise you can manually turn it on between set times as well and you can actually set exactly the sort of color warmth that you want as well so a really fantastic feature great to see here on the new Oasis and the Kindle Oasis 2019 comes with a choice of either eight of 32 gigabytes of storage space or 8 gigabytes will be absolutely fine for the vast majority of users if you could have just gonna be downloading ebooks then that will sort you out no problem whatsoever you’ll be able to download thousands of the buggers on here what the 32 gigabyte model is really in that is anyone who’s using the audible audiobook service so yeah so if you’re a bit of a fan of audible you can download the audio box here onto the Kindle Oasis 2019 so for instance I’ve got the stand by Stephen

King that’s probably about 12 gigabytes just by itself because spells is about 50 hours long or something ridiculous you can download them onto this Kindle and it will sync up of course if you’re halfway through an audiobook something that you can continue it on the Kindle or your phone whatever you’re using at but cause bear in mind that there was no built-in speaker here on the Kindle Oasis 2019 what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to jump into the settings and actually connect up a Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speaker so as you can see here just dive in here let’s get it all set up through there as usual you can fully customize the Kindle Oasis display as well to suit your own particular needs and reading abilities and everything as well so for instance I find the standard text rather large so I like to jump into the compact theme instead and I just fits a lot more text on the page you’re not changing the page quite so often of course if you’re along sighted you can’t read the texts or easily you can’t bump it up to a nice large font quickly and easily as well so any of your ebooks you can get in a nice large text version so great news if you do struggle to to comfortably read with that standard text and you do have complete customization as y-you can actually play wrong with the font and all kinds of stuff you can make the text nice and bold as well as changing the size so whatever suits your own particular needs and the game of the wasters is

also unique among the Amazon e-readers and lets the screen can actually reorient it depending on which way you’re holding it so it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-handed or right-handed as you can see their screen will just flip around to suit it and as you can see there thanks to their dense 300 pixel per inch resolution it means you get nice crisp visuals which is great if you are a bit of a fan of the old graphic novels comic books things like that because it is all in black and white monochrome but still absolutely great reading experience and so far I’m definitely impressed by the performance here on the Kindle louis’s 2019 as well all of your touch controls seems really really responsive nice and nippy I’m not sure it was just me if it’s actually improved over the previous model but even using the on-screen keyboard it’s normally a bit of a frustrating experience with the likes of a Kindle device but if you think seems to be nice and nippy here on this bad boy just a bit of subliminal suggestion here oh look please look like good books maybe you should buy some of these books Amazon usually isn’t very forthcoming with the exact specs list for its own brand devices and the Kindle Oasis has no difference as far as the battery is concerned I’m not

sure the exact capacity here in new 2019 model I’m assuming it’s the same as the previous generation which I mean you should get a good couple of weeks of use from a full charge with about an hour or two of read and perdy because of you have that brightness turned up all the way to max where your stream and a lot of audiobooks then that is going to plummet quite quickly so definitely you want to be charging it up fairly regularly anyway via a microUSB and now right there is the third generation of Amazon Kindle Oasis fresh for 2019 as you can see not a major upgrade over the previous generation just more of a slight refresh and replacement basically of that previous of 2017 model and definitely expensive at 229 quid considering how few updates how upgrades you get compared with the Kindle paperwhite we’ve just still water resistance still boss many of those same great features and the same very comfortable reading experience 400 pounds or less because you do get that gorgeous like economic design the color temperature and of course the physical controls little bits like that which do make it a more enjoyable experience but is it worth hundred quid well that’s up to you so let me know what you think down below in the comments and please do poke subscribe and thing that notifications both for more on the latest and greatest tech J’s are on love you

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