Huawei Mate 30 & Pro Best smartphones?

we may be charging on through the year like a Randy Bowl but we’ve still got several massive smartphone lunches to come before the end of 2019 and one of the biggest is Wow is MIT 30 and mid 30 bra these will be two of the most premium devices of the year and massive rival strikes as Samsung’s Galaxy Notes 10 when that finally launches as well in August there are already loads and loads of leaks rumours web whisperings and stuff circulating around on the interwebs about the mere 30 and the mere 30 Pro we’ve got some juicy renders and of course there’s lots of gossip about the future of Huawei as well following all that US sanction nonsense so let’s take a look at all of that jazz and see what you can expect and why should be really excited about the me at 30 and me at 30 problem more on the list to go it’s both well Texas Duke subscribe and dig not notifications about Cheers so first up the mid handsets are always flipping an enormous and Internet whisperings unsurprisingly suggests that the mid 30 pro model at least will emerge of the mighty six point seven one inch display almost the same size as the behemoths one plus seven pro and a smidge bigger

than the massive Samsung Galaxy S 10 5g these new Huawei handsets will sport a similar design to the premium one plus with curved edges to trim down those dimensions of it all the same of course you can expect these devices to be an absolute handful and a half if you want a more compact everyday experience that you might want to look elsewhere from pictures of a suspect while we test device that were recently shot out in the wild the may 30 phones appear to come with a chunky notch up top just like last year’s mate handsets instead of a pop up camera like the 1 + 7 Pro however we’ve also seen renders that place the dual selfie camera in a stretched pinhole housing instead tucked away at the corner of the display just like the galaxy s 10 plus and the S 10 5g so which do we believe if either well Huawei certainly isn’t scared about slapping notches on its premium smartphone devices and of course if you’ve got a fairly chunky notch means we’ll probably get 3d facial recognition and at least a one fully intrude on the display like the pixel much did that’s for the me at 30 display itself while we will of course use AMOLED tech and you can expect to them very least

the pro model to pump out quad HD plus visuals with standard Full HD plus probably reserved for the standard mid 30 more lovely leaks point 190 Hertz refresh rate just like the glorious one +7 Prada split which should deliver a super smoother motion UI experience and also support any compatible games such as gear club and vainglory it did work wonders on the 1 + 7 are those some dedicated gaming handsets like the Rob Thawne – from azouz bump up that rate to 120 Hertz smoothen out on to performance in both for me at 30 and the mid 30 Pro expected to be powered by was fresh new Karen 9 8 5 chips at its most premium platform for 2019 and this is expected to launch out of Aoife the big tech trade show that hit Berlin on the 6th of September the mid 30 admit that you Pro will be the debut devices for the 98 5 which is likely to use a similar 7 nanometre architecture to Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 5 platform which is found in most rival flagship devices little is known about the carrier 985 chipset so far but you can bet your left butt cheek that while we will be riding that AI bandwagon really hard we’re expecting it to give that likes the Snapdragon 805 5 a good run for its money in terms of the performance and also energy

efficiency question is can it also match or better the super powered snap Turing EFI five-plus chipset which was only just launched along with the rogue phone – well we shouldn’t have long to wait to find out although I admittedly that is a pretty tough order battery life is always a highlight of Huawei smartphones as well and we down with other mate 30 family will let us down on that front the pro is said to come pack in a 4200 million cell and were expecting at least a four thousand milliamp from the standard mate 30 as well one possible upgrade as far as the battery tech goes is the charging speed with rumors of a 55 watt wide charging sport being enabled which should fully power up the pro in just an hour or so despite that large capacious battery and you can expect the poet also play nicely with wireless charges and share its own juice with other devices using huawei’s reverse wireless charging you can also expect the mid 30 pro and maybe perhaps the standard mate 32 Compaq in WoW is latest being on 5000 more them as well basically mean that these handsets will be 5g ready to take full advantage of those ultra-fast networks as for the camera tech while these renders here show a very interesting triangular arrangement of the

lenses and LED flash around the back end of the mid 30 handsets four lenses definitely meets our expectations for these phones we’re thinking another primary lens backed by ultra wide-angle telephoto and time-of-flight shooters often the same flexible setup as well as p30 pro rumors point to another 5 times optical zoom using the same periscope style arrangement of the Huawei P 30 pro and as that smartphone rocks one of the best mobile cameras of 2019 would be very surprised if while we changed it up now I went to the software side and the mid 30 and the mid 30 Pro should both offer the same all new emotion UI 10 experience slapped on top of the fresh Android QoS amira 10 is expected to be officially unveiled in August we should know all about the fresh new features right then however from leaked so far it does appear that the Mui 10 you I will look and feel rather similar to the current emotion UI 9 one of the biggest changes appears to be around the area of privacy and security quite the hot topic these days with greater control over what information each of your apps can access and what about all this u.s.

Sanctioned guff ins impose them while wait earlier this year well the official verdict should be a bit more clear in the next couple of months but president Trumpy has relaxed his stance quite considerably probably after realizing just how much money US companies make dealing with Huawei so it looks like wow he has generally been scolded and slapped on the wrist a bit like a naughty child but basically forgiven so we should expect that while we may at 30 admit that he prodded to continue getting lots of Android love and updates for the forseeable so that right there is what we know or at least what we think we know about what is up come and MIT 30 and May 30 Pro if your underwear is positively bristling with anticipation and definitely let us know why in the comments below what features the mid 30 MIT they pro you most done for word 2 or do you really hope that while we will cram in there and for more on the latest and greatest tech support subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers everyone love you

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