Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds Pro + other new tech by Google unveiled

how’s it going guys so recently we had the google i o event which is a two-day event as well as it’s the kind of event that not a great deal of regular individuals watch mainly due to the fact that it’s mainly planned for software application developers yet this year we had numerous mainstream product news that you may have missed so the first item that was revealed was uh google pixel 6a which is priced at 4.99 it has a 60 hertz refresh rate rather standard after that a corning gorilla glass 3 but not gorilla glass invictus like pixel 6 as well as 6 pro 6 gigabytes of ram 120 gigabytes of storage and in terms of the electronic camera specifications there are only two major video cameras a 12.2 megapixel wide camera and a 12 megapixel ultra white electronic camera likewise this phone has just 2 microphones rather than three and it comes with ip67 water and dust resistance rather than ip68 and also you will not get a quick cordless charging and also turn around billing you understand i have actually never had a pixel phone before i’ve never been a follower since again i’ve never ever had one prior to however recently i’ve been thinking about obtaining one yet you know what considering that i’m currently rocking a galaxy s22 ultra it wouldn’t make sense to go on and

acquire a pixel 6 pro as an example rather i can wait for the following pixel phone and think of getting one after that i assumption i guess i just require to wait for some dripped images of the upcoming pixel 7 phone right well it turns out google just really did not desire anybody to leave these photos so rather they simply showcased the pixel 7 and also pixel 7 pro throughout the event the style seems very similar to the existing pixel 6 as well as 6 professional with the exception of the video camera component which will certainly be made of recycled aluminum as well as the cam intermediaries additionally look a bit different this is an advantage and makes the phone more premium and sturdy which is extremely crucial for the electronic camera module as for the

specifications for the pixel 7 it will most likely not have the telephoto lens as well as they both come with the next-gen google tensor chip and i question that we’ll see as well much or you understand any distinctions in the electronic camera specifications and efficiency at the very least hardware sensible i think there will certainly be extra enhancements in the ai accomplished by the new tensor processor and undoubtedly they will certainly be shipped with the android 13. Google likewise announced their very first ever eo bus pro with sound termination they’re called pixelbus pro and also they supply approximately 11 hrs of paying attention time and also approximately 31 hrs with the billing case bear that in mind that these numbers are with the energetic noise termination handicapped so i did some digging and also discovered that with the anc on you rise to 7 hours and as much as 20 hours with the charging instance they likewise have a transparency setting uh cordless billing and google aide obviously now they likewise have this intriguing attribute called a silent seal which works as component of the sound termination and what it does is that it artificially blocks the audio that the sounds that come you understand around the ear tips not via the ear earbuds and because uh individuals have different ear sizes and shapes this sounds like a fascinating function thankfully the earbuds collaborate with both

ios as well as android in terms of the sound high quality it’s difficult to say now or speculate whatsoever but evaluating by the fact that they you understand they have an 11 millimeter motorist i’m guessing they’re gon na be rather bassy however i could not find any type of details concerning the frequency response of these earphones anyways or earbuds now these earbuds have multi-point connectivity as well as by that i imply they attached 2 gadgets simultaneously um yet unfortunately they make use of bluetooth 5 not 5.2 which is the most current variation and also i do not truly comprehend why they chose it chose the innovation from 2018 rather than making use of bluetooth 5.
2 which offers longer range much better connection better battery life and also boosted protection and also it’s not like the bluetooth 5.2 simply appeared it’s in fact also from 2020. no matter one amazing feature of these earbuds is the spatial audio feature which will certainly be readily available by the end of this year it’s simply that i’m not a huge follower of any one of these 4 colors that they can be found in i assumption if i had to select i ‘d opt for the darkest one also you can pre-order these on july 21st all right google’s following product

announcement uh was what much of us have been awaiting a couple of years currently which’s the pixel watch honestly when i consider the design i don’t assume it might get any rounder than that and also i would have preferred to see at the very least a level display screen but that a person is also highly rounded as well as on top of that there’s an apparently huge bezel which i do not like someone on twitter said that uh design is too womanly i assume they’re describing uh the bent display screen probably so on a range of one to ten i would certainly provide it a 6 for the design how concerning you people what do you consider the design of this watch interested to understand allow me recognize in the remarks in regards to what goes inside the watch well it’s going to work on what appears like a customized and also improved wear os however during the demo i saw some resemblances in between the ui of this watch and also the fitbit os i’m not amazed there because google actually owns fitbit so and also take this if i understood correctly you’re gon na require the fitbit application on your phone to utilize the pixel watch immaterial right other than what if what happens if you needed to pay for the fitbit premium attribute to fully take benefit of this watch just

something to remember one more point is that apparently google is utilizing a four year old exodus chip from samsung that was made use of in the initial galaxy watch if this ends up being real while it would not always suggest the watch is poor it can suggest we shouldn’t expect the greatest efficiency and lengthiest battery life from this watch anyways the pixel watch will certainly be available this fall but men this is not it yet google likewise introduced the initial ever pixel tablet as well as it’ll appear uh at some time in 2023 since’s an extremely uncommon point to introduce a product that’s coming next year however anyways it’s meant to be one of the most practical tablet computer although again today i’m simply nitpicking on the layout so this tablet seems abnormally thick and also bezels are likewise fairly thick so i sense that this may not actually be a very high end tablet as well as during the demonstration they called it one of the most helpful tablet on the planet so they didn’t claim the fastest or one of the most premium or the most powerful so it would certainly be sort of intriguing to see exactly how it ends up okay currently maybe the most exciting item which wasn’t truly a product news but more of a teaser of their prototype was the clever glasses however the degree of the functions of these glasses are not recognized yet but what we do understand is that they’re going to be capable of doing online

translations so you can talk and the various other person wearing them can see the actual records of what you’re seeing in front of them before their eyes that’s just amazing and also truthfully i can not wait to attempt these out eventually just consider the important things you want them you understand you could take a trip anywhere in the globe as well as comprehend what the citizens state or view a motion picture in an additional language or various other points as well as to me they don’t also appear like wise glasses they look just like any kind of other pair of glasses certainly this is a model yet the purchase of a firm which made clever glasses a while earlier by google supports the idea that indeed we will certainly without a doubt see some sort of smart glasses by google faster than later yeah so these were truly intriguing product news i’m most definitely interested in uh the earbuds as well as also really excited to check out the smart glasses if they ever see the light of day so we’ll see great many thanks people for enjoying i’ll see in the following one

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