Review Arlo Audio Doorbell, Chime & Pro 2 Camera

hello you radiant looking person you this is Chris from Texas pertinent today I’m going to be testing out a whole bunch of all locate so although if you haven’t heard of them they basically offer an all-encompassing smart home doorbell and security system so always just released this bad boy here the audio doorbell and what it does is basically whenever somebody pushes the doorbell I can call your smart phone and give you a notification alert that way and if you get the all or China as well then it can also send an actual chime out through your house which is quite handy for other people who perhaps don’t want to get the smart phone notifications they just want a bloody doorbell ring and this can also hook up with The Awl or pro2 or one of the other security cameras they do offer a few on the website so you can actually check out who is ringing your doorbell and offers a bit of two-way communication and everything as well so if you’ve got some unsavory type working around out there you can tell them to basically do one and for all of the olloclip to actually communicate with one another you will need

the olive base dish and as well so we’ll get this all hooked up and see how it works hey see how easy the setup is and see how it all functions together as one big happy family now before doing anything else you should definitely download the free app onto your phone either Android or iPhone and register an account it’s nice and quick and easy and free to do with that done it’s time to start setting up your kit the base station comes first as this is the hub that everything else all Overland it connects to it’s now exactly compact unfortunately this thing was actually bigger than my router but at least the setup is again pretty painless just plug it into a spare ethernet port on the back of your router and it’ll get picked up straight away by the app just give it a name and you’re basically good to go next up comes the doorbell inside that dinky wheat box you’ll find everything you need for installation except for an actual drill to punch out two holes for the fixture of course now this includes the Bell itself some screws and plugs

two batteries why is to connect it to your existing doorbell if you like and even a funky reversible screwdriver so you can hook up to your old Bell if you want to keep the existing shine but I basically just took out the old Bell and replaced it with new all or instead as long as you don’t need to drill any new holes then this bit is nice and easy once that’s all in place just busy connects the doorbell with your app and it’ll be automatically added to your desktop next up comes the all or chime this is not an essential accessory but it’s definitely highly recommended if you’re gonna go with the doorbell as it means that you’ll still hear somebody the door even if your phone isn’t on you or it’s dead or whatever of course if you I direct into existing belly you can just use your current chime instead so this is only needed if you’re a place in the old Bell entirely as you’d imagine set up a chime is so easy you could probably still do it after two pints of vodka just take it out the box shove it in a plug and it’ll be ready to pair up it’s not in

itself is a fully functioning smart doorbell system but you could also hook up a supported although camera if you want to get a good squint at whoever is pressing your bell now the actual Bell itself does have a motion detective built-ins you can get notified when it sees that somebody is standing in front of it but doesn’t actually push it however it doesn’t actually provide a visual feed to the app for that you will need a camera as well I went with the OTO pro to small security camera which was just as easy to install as the doorbell again you get everything you need right there in the box and with this camera you actually get a base station bundled in there as well happy dudes it’s a completely wireless solution with a built in battery and a magnetic mount that can be shoved anywhere you like all you need to do is drill a single hole and jobs are good and the magnetic mount means you can twist the camera around until you get the perfect angle and the camera is thinking enough to be nice and discreet although of course the fact that it’s not actually widened does mean that it could feasibly be mixed quite easily if you don’t place it somewhere out of reach or hidden from sight my camera holds firm no slippage or anything like that even as some pretty strong gales and it seems to be fully a water resistance as well now from within the although app you can check out all of your devices and also

you’ll get notifications pinging through to your smart phone whenever something happens I have the system set up so that any motion detected by the camera or the doorbell will give me a heads-up you can change the sensitivity level of that camera but sadly not the doorbell so be warned if you do live right on a busy street then your chances are your phone might be buzzing an awful lot unless you knock those notifications off but also with the camera you can’t set up activity zones as well so you won’t be pestered and there’s somebody actually strays into that area say right up to your front door for instance when you get a notification through you can check out a live feed from that camera providing you’ve set one up at any time there’s usually a deliverer a few seconds but nothing too troublesome it’s fairly standard for a home security camera now Allah has generously thrown in seven Roland days of cloud storage completely free so you can browse back the pre this week and watch all of the video that your smart camera has captured definitely handy if you’re away and you don’t have time to be constantly check-in the app getting this kind of service for free is pretty damn rare you usually need to pay for a subscription service to get more than the day’s worth and each recording begins immediately when

any motion is detected so you won’t miss any of that action because that video camera only actually records when it detects motion it means the battery life is actually really solid I’ve been using it for four days now and as you can see it’s still well above eighty percent you should at least get sore three weeks or sort of use per charge and when it does die just take it down from the magnetic mount plug it in and recharge it the doorbell will light up when any motion is detected so it’s quite obvious to visitors and when a visitor actually pushes it three things should happen your chime will ring assuming you’ve got a shine the phone will get a notification and you’ll also get a VoIP call as well of course you can customize exactly what happens within the auto app with the option to silence the notifications and calls if you don’t want to be disturbed I found that the notification system worked really well and popped through in a timely fashion as well however when I tried using the although app on my android smartphone I didn’t always receive a call whenever somebody pushed the doorbell luckily the chime is super loud on maximum volume level so there was definitely no missing that and since I swapped to iOS it’s been working absolutely finally get a call

every time somebody pushes that bells so definitely iPhone is the way to go when a call does come through you can get a bit of two-way communication on the goal with whoever is at the front door so you can see exactly what they want before you open up or something away with a pre-recorded message definitely good news if you’re constantly being bugged by seals it’s in other annoying miscreants and sound quality ain’t great in these calls but it’s fit for purpose here on iOS there is also a full support for home kit if you’re using that as well so that’s lovely overall I am liking it the auto smart home setup it’s pretty simple to get started and it all worked in harmony for me except for the occasional lack of a call when the Bell was parked on the Android OS app and of course if you want the full doorbell and camera set up and you don’t already own any auto gear then this option is definitely more expensive than the likes of a nest all-in-one solution but if you already have one of those all or cameras and you just want to add a smart doorbell system then there is a lot to like here it’s quite affordable as an add-on to that camera setup and of course the fact that you get seven days of free cloud storage is absolutely tastic as well definitely very rare to see that these days so that’s what I think of the allure security and doorbell system what do you recommend – it’s definitely that so know your thoughts down in the comments below please do poke subscribe and thing that notifications bar for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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