Acer Predator Helios 300 2018 Gaming Laptop Review

the Acer killer Helios 300 is a well-priced pc gaming laptop with respectable specs so allow’s inspect it out and see just how well it does in this comprehensive testimonial beginning with the specifications my unit has an Intel i7 8750 H CPU so 6 cores 12 threads with the 4.1 ghz single core turbo boost I’ve obtained 16 job of memory going for ddr4 2666 however both ports can support up to 32 job this version included a solitary stick in solitary network yet I really switched it 2 to 8 gig sticks and double network because that’s a common arrangement that it’s offered with and also I intend to contrast it with various other laptops in the future for the storage space there’s a 128 gig SATA SSD in the single m2 port although faster and using me storage is additionally supported as well as there’s a 1 terabyte hard disk drive in the single 2.5 inch drive bay as for the graphics there’s an Nvidia 1066 gig and also this powers the 15.6 inch 1080p 60 hertz IPS panel although it’s additionally readily available with the 144 hertz option 2 for network connectivity there’s a Gigabit Ethernet port support fader 2 to 11 AC Wi-Fi in Bluetooth the Helios 300 has a black and red color pattern to it it looks the same as the previous 7th gen version the cover and also inside are both the black

brushed aluminium as well as total it really felt rather sturdy the edges really felt a little sharp if you intentionally comb up against them it wasn’t actually a problem throughout normal usage though the dimensions of the laptop a 39 centimeters in width 26 point 6 centimeters comprehensive and 2 point 7 centimeters in elevation so not specifically thin yet a relatively normal dimension for a video gaming laptop computer examining the weight my unit came in simply above 2.5 kilos and also with the 180 watt power block and also cable televisions for billing the overall weight boosts to just under 3 factor 3 kilos as stated my 15.6 inch 1080p IPS panel is 60 Hertz but most of the ones offer for sale I have actually seen do have quicker 144 Hertz panels which will be much better for video gaming although no g-sync readily available right here the watching angles were good shades looked clear to me on any angle side to side or up and also down at 100% brightness I gauged the panel at 246 nits in the facility as well as with the 940 to 1 contrast proportion overall it looked alright if a little dim I’ve gauged the present shade gamut utilizing the Spyder 5 prior as well as my outcomes returned 64% of srgb 45% of NTSC and 47% of Adobe RGB so second best yet completely great for video gaming I have actually taken a long direct exposure image in a dark area as a worst-case backlight hemorrhage examination and although the panel doesn’t look great in the photo there wasn’t really any kind of very apparent bleed to my own eyes yet this will certainly of training course differ in between laptops and also remember all these outcomes applied to the 60 Hertz panel that I examined with the 144 Hertz panel would be various screenflex was on the most affordable side as it’s hardly thick plastic with a steel cover it can quickly be

opened up with one finger demonstrating a relatively also weight circulation so you could utilize it on your lap with that said a diminishing above the display screen in the center is a 720p video camera the electronic camera and also microphone will berth regarding average for a laptop computer neither were anything special yet you’ll have the ability to judge both for on your own the key-board was alright to kind with and has bread backlighting which can only be transformed on or off no illumination modifications the WASD Keys have red side highlighting and his have a crucial sound to kind with a little on the quiter side there was marginal key-board flex while pushing down fairly hard it was rather tough the touchpad was smooth to the touch and what dole brilliant it clicks down anywhere and I didn’t have any kind of concerns while using it for the i/o on the Left there’s a Kensington lock gigabit ethernet port USB 3.1 gen2 on kind C port no Thunderbolt assistance below sadly HDMI result USB 3.0 kind a port and SD card slot on the right there’s a 3.5 millimeter sound combo jack 2 USB 2.0 type a ports followed by 2 standing LEDs and also the power input on the back there’s simply an air exhaust fan on the left hand side in addition to this red plastic trim there’s absolutely nothing at all on the front just smooth plastic on the back of the cleaned black metal lid there’s the killer logo in the facility

with the silver cleaned surface as well as some red plastic strips fingerprints turn up fairly easily on both such interior and lid but they’re quite very easy to clean away as it’s a smooth surface below there’s some rubber feet which did well at stopping sliding along with air intakes toward the back both speakers are discovered under here two on the left and also appropriate sides they weren’t as well poor a little tinny at latter volumes though there wasn’t any kind of base the laptop computer can be opened quickly with a Phillips head screwdriver as well as there are 2 panels that can be removed for simple access to the memory and also 2.
5 inch drive bay to reach the rest of the elements the rest of the base needs to be removed providing us accessibility to the Wi-Fi card battery as well as single limb to slow down powering the laptop is a four cell 48 watt hour battery and with a full charge and just enjoying YouTube video clips with the display on half illumination maintain it lighting off and also history apps disabled I had the ability to use it for four hrs in 2 mins it was utilizing the Intel integrated graphics during this test many thanks to Nvidia Optimus while playing The Witcher 3 with medium settings an invidious battery increase established to 30fps the battery lasted for a hr and was able to rest at 30fps the whole time without dipping general I believed the battery life was alright similar to various other gaming

laptop computers with a specs that I’ve evaluated yet in some source heavy video games like Assassin’s Creed origins after a long period of time I did see the battery would certainly begin to drain if and well connected in although the performance didn’t truly appear to be affected and it would certainly take a long time for this sluggish rate to deplete the battery so it’s probably not a significant concern thermal screening was finished with an ambient area temperature level of 18 levels Celsius it’s chilly right here presently as it’s winter months in Australia so anticipate warmer temperature levels in a warmer environment the heat pipes were shared between the CPU and also graphics so an adjustment in one part may impact the other at still both the CPU as well as graphics were quite amazing as revealed by the light blue bar at the base of the graph working our method up the chart we begin with the pc gaming results in the green bar this was examined playing guard dogs dude and also the results aren’t regrettable up until now if we manually max out the fans the temperatures hang back a couple of degrees on both CPU as well as graphics as displayed in yellow back with the fans on supply yet with the CPU under bolted by

minus 0.15 our volts as well as GPU overcooked by 200 megahertz we see the temperature levels boost revealed by the orange round and also with the fan maxed out in red the temperature decline back a little bit so we’re currently getting far better temperatures than dipping into stock setups in the environment-friendly bar but are additionally getting better efficiency currently as we’ll see later the stress tests were done by running a 264 as well as the paradise standard at the very same time in order to attempt to fully use both the cpu as well as graphics going up in the chart and also starting with the dark red bar I started to see both power limitations strangling and also thermal strangling we’ll see how this affected clock speed in the following graph once the fans are maxed out revealed by the pink bar just over the temperature levels drop back a little as well as we in fact quit thermal throttling although power limitation throttling is obviously still present with the CPU under volt and GPU overclock applied the temperature level of the CPU does not change however we’ll see in the following chart just how this improved efficiency and also the GPU temperature levels rise a bit from the overclock finally with both the CPU Wonderbolt GPU overclocked used and also followers maxed out revealed in the dark blue bar temperature

levels drop a bit but paola myth Roebling was still existing these are the average clock rates for the exact same temperature level tests just shown you might need to stop and also refer back to the previous chart to get the full photo first of all starting down the base in the pc gaming results we can see that just enhancing the follower speed in yellow a little boosted clock rate this increased far more in the orange and red bars with the CPU Wonderbolt used as it helps in reducing the power limit strangling taking place as this certain video game uses a reasonable little CPU the 8750 H has a 3.9 gigahertz all quarter bow speed and we can see that at a loss bar with the under increased we weren’t too much from reaching this in the exact same examination the graphics core clock rate was averaging simply under 1900 megahertz not bad going up into the cardiovascular test results the clock rates in the dark red bar are the lowest because of the power restriction as well as thermal throttling and also with the fan maxed out in pink this doesn’t actually change anything as we’re still hitting the power limit just a little cooler currently once the CPU under volt is used in the purple bar we’re getting a lot far better performance on the CPU but with the followers maxed out this shows up to raise simply a tiny bit so the power limit is stopping us from getting to

the 3.9 gigahertz or core turbo speed of the 87 50 H CPU in this specific anxiety test workload for games this will of course be less of a concern unless your game is maxing out all program constantly like guard dogs – these are the clock speeds I obtained while simply running CPU only anxiety examinations without any type of GP lots Pawel limit strangling was always present in his examination even without the GP you enticed and also despite the cpu under increased Intel x2 you showed it sitting on a 45 watt TDP in a complete multi-core tension examination and also I wasn’t able to change this by changing the worths in X to you so I’m thinking it’s specified at a reduced level and also can not be altered to show how this impacts efficiency I have actually obtained some Cinebench CPU benchmarks here and we can see that we obtain a nice increase in performance with the minus 0.15/ volt on the safe applied at the top of the chart as discussed power limitation throttling was present in all CPU in these tension examinations so we’re still not getting full efficiency right here this is about what I anticipated based on various other 8750 H laptops that I have actually evaluated ideally with no throttling the CPU should be able to pass 1200 points so we’re not also far behind the mark when under bolted solitary core work coincide no matter as no throttling takes area so less threaded workloads several games for instance will likely just be fine and also obtain complete performance yet if you need full efficiency in multi-core workloads such as video clip exporting or video games that actually support multi-core well for instance then you may intend to take a look at under developing

the CPU and even if you just intend to try and minimize temperatures it can aid – below are the GPU in the clock speeds while under a graphical Ernie tension test asus killer feeling software program lets you use GPU over clocks conveniently in 2 various degrees referred to as quick remain in Tubber the faster account over clocks the GPU core by 45 megahertz as well as memory by 50 megahertz while the turbo account increases this 290 megahertz on the telephone call and 100 megahertz on the memory I had the ability to obtain a little more enhancement by manually overclocking it with msi afterburner as revealed in red however this will possibly range laptops as it relies on the certain chip when it comes to the external temperatures will in fact be putting your hands at still the body of the laptop computer is being in the reduced 30s rather awesome while video gaming this raises to the mid 40s to what’s the center of the key-board as well as high 40s in the direction of the back this was just a little warmer than running my tension examination as well as with the same test running however with the C b12 risen and also fans maxed out we can see an enhancement of a few degrees as for the follower noise generated by the laptop computer or lay of a pay attention to some of these examinations at idle it was constantly silent early simply distinct while video gaming with the otter follower account it was around as loud as many gaming laptop computers I have actually tested under the mixed

CPU as well as GPU anxiety test this increased just a little and afterwards finally with the followers by hand maxed out it was relatively loud you have actually got the option of regulating the fan rates of the CPU or graphics separately through aces killer sent software to make sure that ought to assist in discovering a good equilibrium in between temperature levels and fan noise overall the efficiency was regarding what I expected of a laptop like this with the 87 58 CPU just to be clear the power limitation strangling isn’t an issue one-of-a-kind to the Helios 300 I’ve seen this in quite much every eye 78758 laptop I have actually tested but as covered below there are actions we can require to reduce this and also improve performance finally allow’s have a look at some gaming criteria all games go for 1080p with the most up to date Windows as well as NVIDIA motorist updates mounted fortnight was running well at all setting levels even at Ultra the 1% lows are above 60fps so the dips as well as performance weren’t as well negative despite being maxed out as well as we might enhance the ordinary framerate considerably by going down the settings down over which was checked having fun with the bots and also much better outcomes below also while maxed out it played exceptionally smooth it seems to be a well optimised game and also we’re balancing over 100 FPS at ethic setups bar G was examined using the replay function and also the average structure rates at Ultra served in this test yet I ‘d probably be aiming to playing at around tool

settings for a far better experience as shown by the distinctions in 1% lows csgo was checked using the u Etica standard and even maxed out we’re seeing above 200 frames per 2nd usually Rainbow 6 siege was examined with the built-in criteria and even at Ultra setups the 1% lows is still over 100 with averages that are fairly high so it ought to play quite perfectly despite setting level much weep 5 was tested with the integrated standard as well as with ultra setups it was still possible to typical over 60fps here with 1% lows that weren’t also much below the averages showing that there are few dips in efficiency assassin’s creed beginnings was an additional that was evaluated with the built-in criteria and yet once more respectable frame rates for this test although I do not personally assume you need that high of a framework rate to play this one dota 2 tested making use of a rather intensive replay so this should be a worst-case situation these outcomes are not the like playing the actual video game this benchmark is even more intensive than regular gameplay and in spite of this the structure rates right here are fairly great for this benchmark screening battlefield one in the initial campaign objective reviewed well in any way setup degrees with the one percent lows at Ultra is still above 60 so also the dips in efficiency weren’t as well bad

here I thought it played pretty well rise of the Tomb Raider was examined with the integrated bench mark and at max setups had the ability to ordinary over 60 FPS while the reduced degrees got us closer to the 144 Hertz revitalize rate alternative Ghost Reconnaissance was additionally tested with the built-in standard and is a more demanding video game so sufficient fantastic outcomes at Ultra settings but should be usable at various other setup levels guard dogs 2 was additionally rather demanding as well as I discovered it to play well allow very high settings will certainly lower as I do not believe it actually needs a high frame rate to play Doom was evaluated making use of Vulcan and also despite setting degree used the results were quite wonderful at Ultra setups that still played smoothly for me with no problems I’ve got a couple of more games covered in the video gaming benchmark video if you’re interested currently for the benchmarking devices I’ve checked Paradise Valley and superposition from Unigine as well as fire strike time spy as well as VR mark from 3d mark simply stop the video if you desire a comprehensive check out these outcomes I have stated it prior to the Nvidia 1060 is a great wonderful area for 1080p 60fps video gaming with great settings and as we’ve seen in these pc gaming benchmarks it’s doing an actually great task some much less requiring games like csgo or overwatch as an example have the ability to accomplish high structure rates to make

usage of the 144 Hertz screen option yet it really relies on the settings as well as specific video game as we saw earlier we have actually obtained the choice of under rising the CPU and overclocking the graphics so allow’s see exactly how this actually aids improve pc gaming performance in the games evaluated the exact very same home windows updates game updates and Nvidia drivers were installed so there should not be any kind of adjustments apart from the CPU under bolting and also graphics overclocking hub G was examined making use of the replay function as well as an ultra setups we’re simply seeing a little 5 percent boost to the ordinary framework prices however simply a 1.
5 percent renovation of really reduced settings far sob 5 was checked with the integrated benchmark which ultra setups there was also a 5 percent enhancement to the typical framerate and also around the exact same low setups Rainbow 6 siege was likewise tested with the built-in standard and add ultra settings there was just a 4% renovation to average framework prices although the 1% legal representatives didn’t actually alter right here total outcomes are fairly close in any way levels so we’re seeing a little improvement with the CPU under vaulting as well as GPU overclocking used although it depends on the specific game concerned and setup levels in operation as for storage in crystal disk mark the 128 gig M dough to SSD was obtaining around 550 megabytes per second in consecutive reviews and simply 140 megabytes per secondly for the riots but bear in mind you can upgrade to quicker nvme storage the one

terabyte 5400 rpm disk drive was getting rates a bit less than what I anticipated but you might constantly place an SSD in the 2.5 inch Bay the SD card slot was examined with a V 90 rated card so the cod shouldn’t be a traffic jam as well as the raids weren’t regrettable however the writes weren’t wonderful for upgraded rates you can check the web link in the description at the time of taping right here in Australia this design chooses around 2000 Australian bucks although this particular one has actually doubled the harddrive space in the US on Amazon it’s around twelve hundred US dollars although that’s with a 256 job nvme SSD as well as with the 144 Hertz display a quite excellent bargain when you compare it to state the Dell g5 as an example which at a comparable price does not have the 144 Hertz display and has lower max-q graphics so what did you men think if the killer Helios 300 from ASA general I assumed it was a rather nice gaming laptop computer for the price as we saw it can playing generally any kind of video game not a problem and if combined with the 144 Hertz display it would certainly provide a fantastic video gaming experience in video games that can achieve greater frame prices the only concerns I had with the slightly sharp sides thermal as well as power restriction throttling went under a full CPU lots although as discussed that appears to be quite common with AI 78758 laptop computers and that in some source extensive games the battery would certainly drain what connected in allow me recognize what you individuals assumed down in the comments and leave a like to allow me recognize if you located the evaluation valuable thanks for watching and also don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos similar to this one

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