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so just 30 quid bags you the fresh new on a ban five a fully-featured fitness tracker packing all kinds of great tools like pulse and spo2 monitoring and full notification support if you’re a casual fitness fan there’s a lot to love about the honor band 5 and stuff they’re very stiff rival to like some genres on me behind for about it slapped on my wrists for about a week now and here’s my in-depth on a band 5 review and from on the latest to greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell Cheers it’s one of the obvious advantages of a dinky fitness band like this compared with a full-on SmartWatch is the fact that it’s incredibly slim and light just a shade over 20 grams you won’t notice Leonov and Fife’s on your wrist all day long even when you’re pounding the pavement or squat-thrusts in your way to victory the only real issue I had was with that loot bit that holds the strap in place I find that when I’m trying to put the on a bun 5 on or take it off sometimes it snatches at my arm and actually Yanks them out it’s really nasty I mean you know I’m a big manly man so I’m not bothered or anything isn’t made me cry but it’s pretty nice really Nana bun 5 it is water-resistant to 50 meters so you can use it at rack your swimming session or just leave it on where you splash about in the bath with mr.

Ducky and yes it is definitely one durable lot mother as well you can literally beat the living crap out of this thing smack it off concrete walls things like that and it’s absolutely fine these things have definitely made it’s her last now if you’re using a clock face with a dark background that screen seems to stretch right to the very edges of the honor band 5 but stick on a more vibrant backdrop and suddenly you realize just how diddly that pan already is that display is just a smidge under an inch in size so understandably any text and things like that is rather tiny I don’t have any problems reading it myself but if you do have reading glasses or anything then you’re gonna struggle thankfully the 240 by 120 resolution means that dinky text is at least sharp your blocky pixelated visuals here plus it is a super bright AMOLED screen as well so I’m not worried seeing what’s going on when you’re out and about even on really summery days now dive on into always health app and you’ll find a decent selection of alternative colorful clock faces which can be downloaded free of charge I counted 50 in total including some rather nice caught to knee efforts a few analog faces and and sorry I’ve lost my train of thought oh yeah the watch faces they’re only available if you are using an Android smartphone apparently so there’s that general setup on the on abandon five is pretty straightforward and it works well you can lift your arm to wake up the screen and check out the time as

well as your steps count for the day and stuff like that some of the clock faces also have the likes of a battery and Bluetooth status icon or alternatively you can get all of that info by tapping the display swiping up and down navigates through the various features which I’ll touch on in a sec and for such an affordable device the honor band fives touch controls work impressively well and if you want to return to the main clock face at any point just a quick tap of that circular jovi beneath the screen does the job now as usual you get a bun Lord of fitness features to keep track of your deal emotions on the honor band fives thinkI display you can check out a real-time update on your steps taken calories burned distance covered and how much active time you’ve had on this particular day I found that overall the accuracy for the step count and the calorie burn was pretty damn good a slightly more optimistic than the likes of a premium SmartWatch but the honor band 5 is pretty much on par with the likes of the Xiaomi band 4 and slightly came up with very similar results indeed head to the huawei health app on your phone and you can browse historical data at all of your activities check out if your heart rate is changing over time stuff like that it’s far from the most comprehensive health solution out there of course but any casual enthusiastic should definitely do the job the whole rate monitor you keep constant 25 tabs on your pulse so you can track your rest and rate and check for any troublesome spikes and this all works just as well as a

premium fitness SmartWatch and thanks to a very recent update the armband 5 can now even keep track of your spo2 levels as well as the amount of oxygen being carried in your blood typically drifts between 95 to 100% and if it goes any lower than that during your exercise sessions then bad times there’s no automatic exercise truck in here but you can tell you on a band that you’re about to get stuck into a session of something and it’ll show your progress complete with vibration updates when you hit particular milestones and there’s a reasonable number of exercises covered the only thing I didn’t get a chance to test in the previous week was the swim tracking mostly because I really don’t look good in a pair of trunks these days but if I do get the chance to test it out I will bug my thoughts down in the description below and you’ll scare a bit of sleep tracking as well if you want to see how much quality kept you getting each night although this isn’t entirely accurate on one or two occasions the owner bun 5 did think that I drifted off when I was actually just sat on the sofa watching a box set must’ve been some really thrilling TV probably watching a bit James Corden or something and plenty of other nifty features are also stuffed inside of that on a band which is mighty impressive for a 30 quid device for one you’ll get a buzz on the rest every time your phone receives a notification as long as you’re connected to your phone via bluetooth you

get a brief snippet of whatever’s trickled in is very simple setup you can’t respond or anything like that but it does at least keep you from constantly empty yank out you’re more about to see why it was buzzing there’s also a very nifty fine right phone feature which is particularly helpful if you have a mobile pinch and toddler running right around your household busy just get that starting auvs and your phone will start ringing buzzin and basically screaming out for help let’s find this bloody thing yeah no it’ll work and after that recent update you can also now pause your music and skip tracks with a variety of streaming services include a min stuff like Spotify Amazon music and so on I thought it worked perfectly well with Amazon you can even change the volume right there on the dinky display and I found with all of the features enabled including the constant horror tracking all that kind of shenanigans I got just in the six tiers of life from a fault single choice as basically what honor reckons you’ll get soar bang on all right there’s what I think of the honor band 5 for 30 quid it’s definitely a smart little device perfect for anyone who just wants to keep track of their steps their calorie burn their heart rate things like that the path you know is you get the like to the SP or two measurements in there as well absolutely brilliant for this sort of price point so are you tempted by the honor band 5 definitely very similar design and feature set to the likes of the meat bands for if you have for 30 quid you really can’t go wrong to be perfectly honest so slap your thoughts down in the comments below and please do poke subscribe and doing that notifications both from what on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you

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