ASUS Zephyrus S (GX701) Thermal Testing, Overclocking and Undervolting

the associate 7r1 is the 17 inch design of the zephyr SS and like other zephyrus designs it’s got a custom-made layout to improve cooling down so let’s test it out and also discover just exactly how warm it gets I’ll be taking a comprehensive check out thermals overclocking as well as seeing just how much we can boost performance by under bolting as well as improving fan rate I have actually obtained the GX 7 or 1 GX version of the 17 inch zephyr SS below which indicates there’s an Intel i7 87 58 CPU and 90 watt NVIDIA r-tx 28 Emacs q graphics it’s additionally readily available with 2070 or 2060 graphics also so anticipate various outcomes with those setups these Suh Sepphoris laptop computers have a special cooling option when you open the lid the base of the laptop climbs up to permit air to wear down the key-board and also touchpad are discovered towards the front of the laptop as the entire 2nd half of the framework are the intake followers there are also heat pipes shared in between the processor as well as graphics so an adjustment in temperature of one will certainly affect the other prior to we look at the temperature levels I require to mention that the Azusa armory pet crate software program supplies three different modes silent well balanced as well as turbo silent generally decreases the TDP of the CPU to conserve power as well as minimize fan sound well balanced is essentially supply

setups while turbo overclocks the GPU called by 100 megahertz and also GPU memory by 124 megahertz furthermore while under a mixed CPU and GPU work the CPU TDP is restricted to 40 watts in well balanced mode and also increased to 45 watts with turbo mode as well as turbo setting also enhances the fan speed to assist with air conditioning as raising the TDP will typically raise heat together with performance thermal screening was performed in an ambient area temperature level of 24 degrees Celsius so expect different outcomes in various environments I have actually tested idle down the bottom with the quiet account as well as the temperature levels were fairly cool pc gaming was examined by playing guard dogs too as I discover it to use a great mix of processor and also graphics the cardiovascular test outcomes are from going to a 264 CPU tension examination and also heaven standard at the exact same time to totally fill the system we can see that each time turbo setting is allowed the temperature levels drop down and also this is since of the raised follower rate linked with this motor the CPU temperature levels are a little on the warmer side nevertheless I did not experience thermal strangling just power limit strangling a – no factor absolutely no seven volt under volt was related to the CPU where provided by UV like other asou severus laptops I’ve evaluated I couldn’t go much lower

without problems these are the typical clock speeds for the very same examinations simply revealed we can see the GPU clock speeds increase whenever turbo setting is made it possible for as the formerly mentioned overclock obtains used the CPU clock speeds also increase along with the CPU TDP obtains increased while under bolting helps further these results are really respectable specifically from such a thin device while gaming with both turbo mode made it possible for as well as the CPU under rising I can strike the complete 3.9 gigahertz or Core turbo rate of the eye 78758 CPU and after that only simply listed below this on top of the graph with the most awful case scenario tension test running these are the clock rates I got while simply running CPU just cardiovascular test with no GPU load with the aida64 cardiovascular test running it was possible to strike the 3.9 ghz or whatever speed of the i7 either with turbo setting or with balanced mode combined with a cpu Wonderbolt furthermore right here are the temperature levels from the same examinations just shown where the under fault in the well balanced and turbo accounts decreases the temperature levels by a few levels to demonstrate just how this equates into performance I’ve obtained some Cinebench CPU standards here there’s no distinction to the solitary core results as this isn’t adequate load to create any kind of throttling the outcomes or else very closely match the CPU and the clock rates simply revealed prior to right here are the GPU and also the clock rates while under a graphical any anxiety test with balanced in turbo settings in

addition to the improvements seen by using the guidebook 150 mega Hertz overclocked to the GPU core with MSI Afterburner although it had not been a lot over what the turbo profile offered right here are the temperatures from these exact same tests balanced settings saw hotter temperatures in spite of the performance being lower as the fans do not rotate up as fast contrasted to turbo setting so how does this efficiency increase actually equate right into video games i have actually examined with the precise very same windows in video as well as video game updates mounted the only modifications were the ones detailed below much sob 5 was examined utilizing the built-in benchmark at 1080p at Ultra settings there was no adjustment to the ordinary framerate yet an improvement to 1% low while the various other settings saw the contrary regardless the boost was fairly marginal which think is due to the fact that the graphics were currently overclocked thanks to turbo setting so I believe a lot of the enhancement below is most likely for our mild CPU under safe which i think is great as you can quickly get excellent performance out of the box when it comes to the outside temperature levels where you’ll in fact be placing your hands at still with the silent account allowed the key-board was around 30 levels Celsius and a bit warmer up the back while video gaming the keyboard was still relatively trendy in the mid 30s while the back gets a lot hotter in comparison as that’s where the warm generating components are exact same story with the stress and anxiety examinations running it does rise to the high 50s up the back and is fairly warm to the touch but you should not be putting your hands back there anyway so that’s fine while pc gaming on battery

power the key-board does heat up a bit as the battery that’s being discharged is right below as for the follower sound produced by the laptop I’ll lay you ever listen to some of these examinations [Music] at idle that was peaceful although the follower was still audible while gaming imbalanced murdered it’s a little quieter than the majority of the laptop computers I’ve tested its stock after that same outcomes with the cardiovascular test going and balanced setting finally with turbo setting it does get a bit louder though still around typical compared with many others general I assume the zephyrus design is doing a great job here I had not been seeing thermal strangling also under combined CPU and GPU workloads regardless of the fans being quieter than many various other laptop computers I have actually examined the CPU can still obtain relatively warm under these worst case lots but as we saw making use of the greater fan rate in turbo mode and applying an under volt maintained it going efficiently the one-of-a-kind air conditioning style does however indicate that you will not have the ability to run the laptop with the lid shut while dr. So worth maintaining in mind if you planned on doing that the 231 power block likewise appeared to be adequate I didn’t see

efficiency loss or battery drain under heavy tons while connected into the power these distinctions in performance revealed aren’t unalterable guidelines there are different variables which will certainly vary results primarily the temperature of the room you’re running in application of thermal paste as well as even the specific hardware which comes down to the silicon lottery game you may not have the ability to under screw or overclock your hardware the like me it depends on the chip and its particular power demands so do not just thoughtlessly replicate my settings and also do some testing to learn where your secure factor is for finest results as an example my i7 only most likely to minus no factor absolutely no 7 volt under volt before coming to be unpredictable I have actually had other laptops that would quickly take minus 0.15 volts no

worry it might be possible to more enhance temperatures by switching the thermal paste however as this is a review unit that I need to send back I’m not able to change the paste or else the next customer will unwittingly report various outcomes as a result of what I have actually done under faulting and raising the band rate is a lot easier for most people to do and also as we’ve seen it did enhance performance in the aid gx7 or one I didn’t trouble attempting to utilize my air conditioning pad right here as the base of the laptop has no air consumptions like a typical one so it wouldn’t aid as much let me know how much of an efficiency increase you located by under rising your equipment as well as what you thought about the enhancements right here and naturally don’t fail to remember to subscribe for the full review of the associate 701 gaming laptop

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