iPhone 11 vs XR Side-by-side comparison

hello gorgeous peeps is Chris from tech spurt and today it’s an apple special a full in-depth comparison between last year’s iPhone 10 R and the fresh new iPhone 11 just launched the iPhone 10 our course has come down in price since the iPhone 11 came along star 629 pounds come back with the 729 quid like 411 but is the 11 worth that extra hundred pounds because we’re using the iPhone 10 are on and off the past year iPhone 11 I’ve been using for a couple of days now so here’s what I think and which one I reckon it might be best for you and one the latest greatest tech dubach subscribe editing that notifications Bell cheers so let’s start with the design and from the front aesthetically speaking there’s basically nothing between these two they’re the same dimensions same height same width got same chunky bezels running around the screen and of course the big fat notches up top and the materials are exactly the same as well you’ve got a bit of aluminium band and running down the edge of both the iPhone 10 out on the iPhone 11 just sandwiched in between the front glass and that really unfortunately durability of this glass isn’t the best as you can see there the iPhone 10 I’ve been using fairly regularly for the past year and it’s absolutely quartered in scratches I’m allowed any kind of cover or case on this thing so you will want to stick a cover on the iPhone 11 or the 10r whichever you buy just to make sure they stay nice and pristine your expensive shiny new smartphone doesn’t end up looking like that basically but the good news is that both the iPhone 10 are and the iPhone 11 boss’d a strong range of colors you kind of cost pick them up in black or white this

is the black model right here the iPhone 10 or if you want something a bit more subdued but otherwise you can pick up a nice vibrant use the 10r is available in blue yellow pink and red the iPhone 11 it’s a changed up you still get yellow and red but you’ve also got a green and a purple finish as well the purple is a very subtle solve great purple but quite nice all the same the iPhone 11 is a bit more water resistant the iPhone 10 are as well the Turner was ip67 mean they can be submerged in 1 liter of water for around 30 minutes the iPhone 11 is ip68 I mean they can go a bit deeper down to a depth of 2 meters for again 30 minutes as for the rest of the designers really not much in the way of difference you still got a big fat power button here on the edge on the side you’ve got volume buttons and you’ve course you’ve got the silent slider as well down below it’s once again a lightning charger port you got your speaker grill or as well and besides that it’s really just the camera grillers changed of course you now get your lens set up here on the iPhone 11 as you can see there I’ve gotta say I’m not a fan of this camera grille design at all it does make the iPhone I love and look even more like a child’s toy but we’ll touch on the camera hardware and software info towards the end of the comparison so next up let’s talk about those displays and the iPhone 11 is no upgrade whatsoever

on the iPhone 10 or its and basically the same screen is a 6.1 inch IPS panel 326 pixels per inch 625 nits on the maximum brightness and a bit of true torn support as usual as usual you got your nineteen point five by nine stretched aspect ratio so well suited to TV shows and movies because you just pinch in there get my full screen view full screen apart from the big chunky notch of course and they are very attractive panels has to be said you’ve got full HD of ten supports or grit when you’re watching a bit supportive content on the likes of Netflix Amazon Prime video they’re like nice natural colors coming through really really good stuff on the audio tip however the iPhone 11 is definitely improvement over the 10 or you get stereo speakers in both cases but here on the iPhone 11 you get a nice bit of special audio support and a bit of Dolby Atmos on the go as well stuff via punchier louder sound bit more grunt behind and everything what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna stick the mic in front of both phones play a little sat on clips you can hear the difference so you’ve got no compass no comms no coordinates and no landmarks we know we’re in the State Park yes that’s Article ten oh now the iPhone 11 they’re both on max volume by the way so we know we’re in the state park yeah so there you go hopefully

the difference there has come through on the mic of course neither of these smartphones boast a headphone jack you’re gonna have to use a little dongle II think connectors into the Lightning port if you’re gonna use a pair of wide headphones otherwise you’ve got bluetooth support I’ve actually been having some trouble with iPhone 11 actually staying connected to some of my bluetooth equipment it seems to like dropping out quite a lot but hopefully that’s just a wee little bug that will be fixed sooner rather than later now the really good thing about Apple software is because it’s a very limited range of hardware compared with Android you’re basically guaranteed to be updated to the latest version of the software here on the last gen model so as you can see there the iPhone 10 R is on exactly the same software version as the fresh new iPhone 11 so basically with the exception of any features which are dependent on an iPhone 11 specific piece of hardware you’ve got exactly the same setup on the iPhone 10 or so as you can see of course you’ve got iOS 13s new dark mode bit easier on the eye in those low-light circumstances and of course helps to ease the battery drain a bit as well lots of apps such as photos have been updated so now you’ve got easier access to a whole bunch of different folders it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for specifically of course a lot of iris 13 features or specifically for the u.s.

Such as the new updated Maps app but hopefully some of those features will come to the UK as well cuz you got like some face ID facial recognition on both these smartphones as well works exactly the same on both of these handsets sometimes it’s a little bit faster on the iPhone 11 sometimes a little bit faster on the iPhone 10 R it really does vary and of course the iPhone 10 on the iPhone 11 one of the very small subset of smartphones that accept isom contracts as well I’m going to post them my full guide to ease him including an in-depth test using the iPhone 10 are in the next couple of days so stay tuned for that another area where the iPhone 11 offers an upgrade over the iPhone 10 or is the performances got Apple’s latest a 13 chipset backed by four gigs of ram now compared with the other ear 12 backed by three gigs around here in the iPhone 10 or so see a big golf in the antutu benchmark in scores that said while this does make the

iPhone 11 a bit more future-proof than the iPhone 10 are the iPhones and I still performs really really well the likes of pub G mobile players with a nice smooth frame rate even those high detail levels absolutely no problems of the performance on this thing whatsoever rarely see it stumble or stutter or any app crashes or anything like that slight difference in the battery tech as well the iPhone 11 is again an upgrade with a bigger 3110 milliamp cell

compared with the 2942 milliamp stuffed inside the iPhone 10 our Apple reckons you get up to one hour longer than the iPhone 10 off from the 11 but of course that’s basically just in standby mode in my everyday use I haven’t noticed much of an improvement at all so far but we’ll see how it goes you do however get faster 18 watt charge and here on the iPhone 11 compared with 15 what here on the iPhone 10 all that’s using the lightning cable of course they both got Qi wireless charging support as well bit of a difference on storage Thor the iPhone 10 are used to be offered in 64 128 and 256 gigabyte models same as the iPhone 11 but these days you can’t get a 2 v 6 iPhone 10 or it’s only offered in 64 120 is direct through Apple you can probably find a 2 5 6 model if you look elsewhere of course neither of these Apple phones offers a bit of micro SD memory card expandable ‘ti so if you’re going to be carrying around a lot of music media games things like that then you want to be thrown a bit of extra money at Apple for those upper echelon storage options all of which governs brings us back onto that camera hardware and as I mentioned before the iPhone 11 sports a dual lens setup compound with a single lens here on the iPhone 10 or so you got the same primary lenses 12 megapixel F at F 1.8 aperture with optical image stabilization built in however you also will now get a second

12 megapixel lens this is an ultra wide-angle snapper with an F 2.

4 opportu giving you a very different view points now I’m actually gonna do a full comparison between these two and my iPhone 11 camera review so I’ll show you exactly how its improved on the original 10 árbol just a quick dive into that camera and I’ll show you some of the differences one of the obvious ones is of course the fact you’ve now got this icon right here just above the shutter button which now Dodge’s you between the primary lens and that ultra wide-angle lens right there however there are some other differences as well so for instance the usual toggles by here on the iPhone 10 are there now missing in action here on the iPhone 11 what you’ll need to do to get those up is just give a little tap at this blank space and then they will pop up down below you’ve also got a new icon this is the new Knight mods which activates automatically on the iPhone 11 when it detects low-light environments but you can also give up the like on a tap and that will activate it manually and then you can adjust the actual speed of it just using this little doohickey down here you’re basically the same selection of other bonus mods including good old portrait of course but here on the iPhone 11 you’ve now got an expanded set of light and abilities hooray the whole whack reserved course here on the iPhone so now you just have the three and of course a video if you dive into that and both of

these smartphones you can still shoot up to 4k resolution video and up to 60 frames per second here on the iPhone 11 but now you’ve also got all your zoom which missus just helps to highlight pinpoint specific sounds at whatever area you’re in the phone out when you zoom pinch into the display there’s not actual teleport or zoom of course on the iPhone 11 you have to upgrade to the pro version for all the VATS you just got your usual digital zoom and the front-facing camera has been upgraded here on the iPhone 11 as well the iPhone 10 are sported a 7 megapixel selfie cam that’s now a 12 megapixel selfie cam here on the iPhone 11 so you can shoot nice crisp photos you can see with a bit screen flash mode if you want it you can now also shoot up the 4k resolution videos here on the iPhone 11 runs the 10 are topped off at Full HD so as I said tomorrow I’ll bring you my in-depth iPhone 11 camera review with a comparison to the iPhone 10 or in terms of the photo and the video quality to see what’s improved and what hasn’t but that in a nutshell is how the new iPhone 11 stacks up against last year’s 10 oz you see 100 pounds more expensive be dukkha that freshman performance slightly bigger battery the dual lens camera tech in a couple of little upgrades as well so are you tempted by the iPhone 11 if you’ve got the 10 off or you tempted as well be very innocent here if you’re planning an upgrade and everyone the let’s do great small tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers

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