Nvidia GTX 1660 vs RX 580 – 16 Games Compared!

I just recently contrasted the nvidia gtx 1660 with the older 1066 job and also as the 1060 is significantly close in efficiency to AMD’s RX 580 I figured I ‘d additionally take a look at the distinctions in between the 1660 and AMD’s rx 580 as I’ve got the information offered in this video clip I’ll check out as well as contrast 16 different video games in 1080p and also 1440p resolutions to aid you see the efficiency distinction between them as well as learn which is better value for the cash I want to start by noting that undoubtedly we’re anticipating the 1660 to find out in advance it’s an extra powerful option and also sets you back even more cash therefore this isn’t implied to be a fair comparison I’m simply interested in the differences in between both as well as interested to see if it deserves updating from a 580 or 2 otherwise see which you need to select by brand-new today it would have been wonderful to contrast with the 592 however I don’t currently make one allowed’s promptly have a look at how these two cards differ in regards to specifications note that things like CUDA cores and stream cpus are not directly similar also

clock speeds aren’t too comparable below given their different styles something to remember of though is that the 1660 has 6 gig of gddr5 memory while the 580 has 8 gig so we might see that extra memory been available in use at high resolutions with higher settings in some titles the 580 is also available with the lower tier 4 job design nevertheless we’re not looking at that here more testing I’m making use of the msi gtx 1660 gaming X as well as gigabyte Radeon rx 580 gaming graphics cards and while Bertha tested with out of the box setups the MSI card is from the higher end of what’s available on the 1660 side so expect a little various results with various versions the system that I’m checking with has an Intel i7 8700 K CPU overclocked to 5.0 gigahertz in an msi claimed 390 pc gaming per carbon motherboard along with 16 gig of t4 Nighthawk cruise 16 memory from Team Team going for ddr4 3200 as well as dual network inspect the links in the description for information on every one

of the parts as well as for current pricing the same windows updates and game updates were utilized as well as NVIDIA for 19.3 5 drivers were utilized for the 1660 while adrenaline 19.3 2 vehicle drivers were utilized for the 580 the latest from both Nvidia and also AMD at the time of screening so allow’s get involved in the results allow’s start out with Pinnacle tales which was evaluated with all setups maxed out in all upcoming charts I have actually got the GTX 1660 revealed by the leading bar in green while the RX 580 is beneath in the red bar while both various resolutions 1080p in 1440p are revealed on the left in regards to average FPS the 1660 was 10% in advance of the 580 at 1080p though this reduces to just a 7% lead at 1440p battleground 5 was checked in campaign setting as opposed to multiplayer as it’s less complicated to consistently reproduce the trial run I discovered both cards to deliver a usable experience with high setups with the 1660 simply 2.9 percent in advance at 1080p and also 3.6 percent ahead of 1440p regardless of the 1660 coming out a little in advance in regards to ordinary frame rate it deserves noting the large increases I was seeing to

1% reduced with the 580 below 28% higher at 1080p and also about the very same at 1440p Assassin’s Creed Otis II was checked with the built-in criteria making use of high settings as well as the 1660 was appearing in advance right here almost 11 percent much faster in terms of typical framework rate over the 580 at 1080p increasing up to a 13 percent improvement at 1440p strange Brigade was checked with the integrated bench mark utilizing Vulcan with async compute made it possible for maxed out at Ultra setups this was an intriguing result while I anticipated the 580 to do well with fokin I really did not expect the outcomes to be this enclose terms of average FPS the 1660 was just 2% ahead at 1080p while at 1440p the 580 is really ahead one percent faster than the 1660 the one percent lows were still greater from the 1660 at both resolutions yet I still believed the 580 was placing up a great fight below farcry renaissance was checked using the integrated criteria with high setups and the 1660 was in advance in all concerns this time around at 1080p we’re considering almost a 13% improvement to typical frame price lowering a little to 11% at 1440p much sob 5 was likewise examined with the built-in standard with high settings as well as this video game was seeing higher FPS over the more recent farcry new dawn displayed in this examination the 1660 was 16% in advance over the 580 at 1080p rising somewhat to 17% at 1440p fortnight was evaluated making use of the

replay function with the exact same replay on both graphics cards while I assumed the video game ran great also at 1440p on either card despite having high settings and make use of the 1660 was a reasonable little bit in advance here with 25% greater typical FPS at both 1080p and 1440p the largest distinction out of all 16 video games examined though regardless of this at 1080p the one percent reduced from the 580 was in fact a little in advance of the 1660 City Exodus was tested with the integrated benchmark at high settings the real game carries out a reasonable bit in advance of this so this is more of a synthetic test instead of representative of real gameplay but it does allow for me to accurately compare in between 2 graphics cards keeping that in mind the 1660 was 11.6% in advance of the 580 at 1080p however the void decreases at 1440p with the 1660 with simply a 7% lead shadow of the Burial place Raider was also examined with the built-in benchmark with high setups at 1080p the GTX 1660 was 13.4% ahead of the 580 however once more at 1440p this video game saw the gap slim with the 1660s scoring 8.5% greater ordinary structure prices Rainbow six age was examined using the built-in benchmark at high setups with a 50% make range and also taa in use as these are the defaults with the built-in presets in basic I found this video game to prefer Nvidia stirring design over Pascal nonetheless the 580 is carrying out fairly well right here seen wonderful renovations over the 1066 job I’ve recently compared versus with that said claimed though the 1660 was still 16% in advance of the 580 at 1080p as well as 15 percent ahead at 1440p csgo was checked

with you lirikl FPS criteria and also both cards were delivering extremely high frame prices customarily although at 1080p there was practically no difference between the two in terms of ordinary frame price nevertheless the 1660 was 25% in advance of the 580 when it involved 1% find out things change a bit at 1440p with the 1616 currently additionally in advance with the 10% greater ordinary structure price there’s still a large 23.5% 1% lower over which was tested in the practice range as I can quickly carry out the same test run compared to having fun with crawlers or various other gamers which will differ every single time both of these cards were capable of giving an excellent experience at 1440p despite having ultra setups being used as it is a well enhanced game in terms of the distinctions at 1080p the 1660 was 19.6% ahead of the 580 with the larger 23% boost to 1% reduced then at 1440p this lowers a little to the 1660 being 16% ahead of the 580 with a bigger 25% improvement to the 1% lower which was only just behind the typical FPS from the 580 bar G was checked making use of the replay attribute with the precise same replay at high setups and also the 1660 was a reasonable bit ahead in this game twenty four factor five percent much faster than the 580 at 1080p as well as 19% of 1440p so another game where the space starts to narrow as we step the resolution up the one-percent lows were also a reasonable little bit much better from the 1660 particularly at 1080p where it had not been also far below the standard from the 580 guard dogs to was a source intensive game and also was checked with high

settings in my opinion this set doesn’t require a high frame rate to play I can manage with the solid 30fps so both cards were providing me a playable experience at 1440p when it comes to the differences at 1080p the 1660 was 15.7% in advance of the 580 with a much larger 34% raising – 1 % discover at 1440p the 1660 is currently 19.5% in advance of the 580 with also the 1% lower from the 1660 currently in advance of the typical FPS from the 580 putting it 36.7% in advance because respect Ghost Spy was evaluated with the integrated criteria as well as high setups in operation as well as is another resource hefty video game at 1080p the 1660 was 16.4% in advance in average structure price rising a little at 1440p to a 17.2% lead in this game the one percenter legal representatives from the 1660 weren’t truly that much listed below the average framework prices from the 580 so this video game would certainly show up to be favoring the Nvidia graphics The Witcher 3 was evaluated with her works impaired and also like a lot of various other games was usable at both 1080p and also 1440p even with high setups in usage with the 580 just able to preserve over 60 FPS at 1080p the 1660 was 20% ahead of the 580 and also 17% ahead at 1440p the 1% lows were fascinating there where the 580 led the 1660 by 4.6 percent and they were basically the same at 1440p in terms of overall improvement total 16 video games examined with a 1080p resolution usually the GTX 1660 was executing 13.6% far better when contrasted with the rx 580 in terms of typical FPS stepping up to the 1440p resolution in the exact same examination saw the space low adjust somewhat with the gtx 1660 now 12.9% in advance of the RX 580

typically as mentioned earlier I thought that the 580 may begin executing much better in some titles at higher settings as it’s obtained that additional 2 job of memory offered that might end up being extra valuable in the future however it’s truthfully hard to forecast you may change the graphics card prior to 8 gig ends up being an usual requirement below’s what we’re checking out in terms of artificial standards I have actually simply evaluated 3d marks by strike time spy and virtual reality mark below with the 580 managing to pull in advance and fire strike currently for the last distinction the rate I recommend checking updated prices utilizing the links in the summary as prices will certainly alter over time at the time of recording in the US my MSI pc gaming x16 60 is going for 250 United States dollars however entry-level 1660s start at 219 United States dollars the gigabyte RX 580 I’m utilizing presently chooses about 200 US dollars although they are models for the $190 mark currently contrasting the costs in between what I’ve made use of here my 1660 expense 25 percent much more for around 13 percent extra efficiency although if we make use of the reduced end $190 and 220 dollar values it’s even more like a 15% additional cost for 13 percent additional performance which appears extra reasonable really that’s simply approximate as I anticipate the less costly cards will carry out a little in a different way in the context of an entire system the portion

distinction would have training course become much reduced as the graphics is simply one part in the scheme of things personally I don’t assume I ‘d have much issue picking either of these they look like decent choices for the cash so I believe it comes down to what degree of performance you desire regarding whether the extra thirty to fifty bucks is worth investing on the 1660 if you’ve currently obtained an Rx 588 gig isn’t worth updating to the 1660 I think it relies on the video game yet not really as you’re only obtaining a 13 percent enhancement generally personally I ‘d desire my upgrade to count for even more it’s not like the 580 is dated by any kind of means provided the 6 point at 60 is still somewhat you it will possibly be harder to locate on the used market right now yet that will certainly transform with time as the 580 has been around for a while currently it may be possible to find some even far better handle that space so worth checking out if you’re on a budget allow me know which card you ‘d choose down in the remarks and also why the nvidia gtx 1660 or AMD’s RX 580 and also if you’re brand-new right here do not forget to subscribe for even more contrasts and technology video clips such as this one

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