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the pixel for smartphones could pack in Google’s latest Android 10 OS which adds loads of great fresh features such as that sexy look in the dark woods add some slick new gesture controls but Google’s latest flagships also boasts some very unique and exclusive bits that you won’t find on other Android devices or even any other pixel smartphones Seussville tips and tricks guide to take a closer look at some of those new pixel and pixel for Excel features and of course just some of the best bits in there to really get you started with your new pixel smartphone as well and for more on the latest secrets mobile tech please do post subscribe and ding that notifications bell js and both of the new pixel smartphones post a gorgeous or LED display and you can fully customize it and check out some of the new features as well by diving into the settings menu and then heading to display some printers in here you’ll notice that the dark theme is turned on by default here on the pixel phone the pixel for excel if you’d rather switch to a more standard a light thing all you need to do is just take that off and as you see everything will return back to how it used to be because that’ll also change up the appearance of apps like the Google Play Store so for instance turn off that dark theme and then if we go back into the Play Store

that will all change as well if you dive in at the styles and wallpaper section you can play with all kinds of default themes you can even create your audit theme as well choosing from all kinds of different fonts selected from a number of different icons you can actually choose the color of those icons and lastly play around with different shapes for the icons as well when you’re done just name your theme and then it will be applied to the pixel it’s pretty simplistic customisation compared with a lot of Android launchers that you can stick on there of course but it does just help you to change up a general look and feel in a jiffy now in that display settings menu if you tap the advanced down at the bottom you open up a whole bunch of extra options one of those options is the fresh new ambient EQ feature what this does is it automatically adjusts like so the color temperature on your despair to match the ambient environment surfaces on a low-light environment if you’re reading about Twitter’s at 3:00 a.m.

In the morning first of all don’t do that it’s bad for your mental health second of all ill just help to produce a nice warm outputs will be easy on the eye means less eye strain so we definitely recommend keeping that one active and that bonus extra bit you’ll also notice the smooth display option as well that’s because the pixel for the pixel folks are both support up to 90 Hertz refresh rate and that gorgeous or LED display doesn’t stick to my knee hurts all of the time six is sixty Hertz the default sin whenever possible only bump looks like nineteen whenever you’re actually interacting with the device planar supported games something like that however the pixel for pixel folks I’ll don’t have the greatest battery life of all time so if you’d rather preserve the battery life rather than having that ninety hurt refresh for it support and just knock that off and last thing while we’re in this display section just head to the lock screen to speed down at the bottom and you’ll find some really useful stuff in there to because you’ve got some classic pixel features in there like the now what pain which you can detect any music that is in your immediate environment and busy flash up the artists and the song track right there on the lock screen very handy if you can see

thing on Christ what’s this tune again but one of the best features in here is the always-on display just likely always on display on other smartphones this can constantly show you the time the date the weather all kinds of important information and more importantly whether you’ve got any way to notifications you know whether to bother actually unlock and the phone and taking a squint however as I mentioned before the pixel for smartphones don’t have the best battery life and so you might want to knock that always on the split off in order to preserve a bit of juice and instead use some of the other options so the top option is reach to check phone all you need to do is just stick it later your pixel smartphone and as you see there the lock screen will pop right up this is one of the motion sense gestures and it uses one of the more unique new features packed into the pixel for that built-in radar this makes for more accurate gesture recognition cop over some rivals as it doesn’t rely on the front-facing selfie camera to play around with these motion sensors working these dudes just dive into the pixel for settings menu scroll to the very bottom hits system

and you’ll find them in that motion sense section you can either activate or deactivate motion sense from within this menu and also check out the various features surfaces you can skip songs in the likes of Spotify Amazon music unlimited stuff like that and that’s particularly handy if for instance you’re cooking your hands are covered in grease and kack and you don’t wanna get it all of your lovely pixel for display and well dangerously you can also use these motion gestures to snooze any alarms just remember to actually get up for work at some point as I mentioned before the pixel for smartphones can detect when you’re reaching for them and then automatically activate that lockscreen to show you what is up but it can also be used to automatically activate that face recognition which means basically soon as you pick up the handset your face is recognized and you’re straight into those desktop nor need to hit the power button or anything now you can set up the face recognition by jumping into the pixel 4 settings menu and then gone to security and then hitting a face unlock and here you can set up your face theater you can delete it and rescan if for whatever reason you’re having troubles with it you’ve also got a selection of other features you can play around with one of the features I personally recommend is skip lockscreen that basically means that as soon as your face is recognized it’ll jump straight into your desktops you don’t have to

mess around swiping the screen or anything like that I probably found a pixel for a fish and lock feature works really really well even when you’re wearing shades in low-light environments things like that it will still recognize you but unfortunately it also means that it will recognize you even if your eyes are closed so some unscrupulous person can take your phone whole lot over your mug as you’re having a little Kip and then it’ll unlock your handset and give them full access to all of your privates here in Android 10 on the pixel for smartphone there have also been some changes to the gestures in general navigation if you head into the system settings and then go to gestures you can have a play around with these so for as is you can bring up the Google assistant in a couple of different ways either by squeezing at those active edge sensors or alternatively you can just swipe up from a bottom corner not do exactly the same and the pictures of for also uses new Android 10 that means of it and navigating via gestures as well it works really really well you just swipe up towards the center of the screen to go back to your home screen swipe up and hold in order to access all of your recent apps I mean you’re in an app you can quickly go back to the quick swipe from the edge like so but if you’re not fine just dive into that gestures menu called a system navigation and then you can return to the three button navigation traditional system found in previous versions

of Android and I’m back in the main settings menu if you hit the sound option you’ll find one of the pixel Falls other unique and very cool new features and that is the live caption feature this does exactly what you’d expect out in live captions to any kind of media that you’re watching being it on Twitter Facebook YouTube etc cetera even add captions the likes of Skype calls as well which is great news if you’re in a noisy environment so you’re not particularly good of here and found that on the whole it works really really nicely you can actually change up the text on the fly based on the context once it figures it out it does occasionally struggle a little bit when it’s not easy environment or if you’ve got two people speaking at once but on the whole very in impressive once you’ve activated the feature you can actually quickly activate it or deactivated just by hitting a volume button and just tapping this little icon which pops up here as you see gets rid of it in a jiffy tap it again and it will pop back into life it can actually get rid of it as well just by simply swiping it down like so and so far the live captioning only works for English but other languages should be supported soon and if you can’t get enough of voice into text transcription as well try jumping into the new recorder app here on the pixel for absolutely everything that you choose to record be a lecture or your best friend’s

drunken confessions won’t just be recorded to an audio file they will also be fully transcribed into text view as well which is really helpful if you’re trying to search for something later on as you can see there it’s not 100% accurate all of the time it’ll differentiate between different peoples speaking as well you’ll just get one large mass of text also a gobbled together but it’s definitely a good start it’s alright there’s just a taste of some of the cool stuff that you can do with the pixel fault and the pixel focus on someone’s unique new features stuffed inside but it’s plenty more to discover if you dive on into the pixel for settings and have a bit of a play around for instance did you know when the pixel 4 is docked on the pixel or a Qi wireless charging pad you can turn it into a digital photo frame a sunrise alarm clock all kinds of stuff I’ll stop banging on now though otherwise this video will probably about half an hour long but definitely awesome if your own favorite pixel for tips and tricks in the comments down below let us know why you’re excited about this device and have yourselves a lovely week people on please do poke subscribe and do that notifications valve for more on the latest ooh grits mobile tech don’t forget that

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