Google Pixel 4 vs iPhone 11 Side-by-side comparison

hello there you fine-looking person you this is Crescent expert and I’m here with Google’s latest pixel for smartphone a dual side-by-side with Apple’s iPhone 11 two of the biggest and certainly most premium smartphones of 2019 but which is best for you because whichever one you want you better hope that your wallet is fat with stacks as I believe the kids see it these days the pixel 4 starts at six hundred and sixty nine pounds here in the UK iPhone 11 bit more expensive at 729 quid let’s start with the design as you can see there the iPhone 11 is a bit more of a handful than the pixel for it’s got 6.1 inch display cover over the 5.7 inch pixel for because those bezels running the display are fairly chunky on both of these handsets certainly compared with a lot of rivals here on the pixel for you got this big fat chunk right up here above the display of course on the iPhone 11 you’ve got a big fat mustache not joking its way into the display I personally prefer that look at the feel of the pixel compared with the iPhone it’s definitely a little bit more compact so the bit more easy to manage the figure actually flipped the phones around both the pixel four and the iPhone 11 above constructed from glass around the back as well as the front most bit of aluminium Bandhan in the middle just sandwiched between those two glass pins it’s actually a very similar finish on both of these devices as you see pretty

straightforward design very little in the way of frills you’ve got a little bit Brandon of course Google Apple and that’s pretty much it as far as the fills and stuff or concern of course both these smartphones do support the all that square camera chasse as well which is much maligned very much a love it or hear that affair and most people seem to hate it to be perfectly honest from the the feedback that I’ve seen on YouTube and on various forums and the like as well certainly on the iPhone it seems to be rather to–like with those ridiculously oversized lenses I’m not really a fan to be perfectly frank my form Elevens got a bit more heft to it at 194 grams compared with 162 grams here on the pixel for not very durable either the iPhone is all ready to start and pick up scratches just like the iPhone tennis and 10 are before it although it is at least ip68 just a more resistant just like the pixel for have another pixel for long enough to see if that Gorilla Glass 5 backhand will be completely resistant to scratches and scuffs and all the rest but hopefully touch words let’s take a squint at the software and of course it’s the live version of Android Android 10 here on the pixel 4 and you got the latest iOS iOS version 13 here on the iPhone 11 and a lot the

new features that these OS updates and are actually pretty similar surfaces you get a dark mode on both of these devices which just helps to limit the battery drain and also just looks really nice comfortable easy on the eye experience for low-light so on the pixel smartphone and Google’s actually done away with that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor so now it relies entirely on fierce unlock like so they’re on the pixel for you’ve actually got rid our technology so the phone can detect when you’re reaching for it and then activate the fearsome knockin as you can see you’re busy strange your desktops by the time you’ve picked it up it’s not quite smart here on the iPhone but it does have the wrist wake at least so again it’ll access that face unlock feature once it detects the phone’s been picked up and then as you can see there we are unlocked be now have to swipe unfortunately in order to actually access your desktops whereas you can just be straight in there with the Android and of course you’ve got a virtual assistant both these devices as well the Google assistant or Siri you can activate them using your voice or key Google or hey Siri and you’ve also got the edge sensor here on the pixel fort as well for fast activation they both support contactless payments they both first 4e sim as well as nano SIM there are all kinds of similarities and some little differences between them as well the major differences of course Android is highly customizable you can slap on your own launch and really tweak the way that the OS looks and feels whereas obviously iOS you’re a bit more stuck with what you’ve got your diamond apps tray to help clear the clutter or anything like that but it all comes down to personal preferences basically however it is worth

mentioning that the iPhone 11 is the only phone here that supports Wi-Fi six the pixel for some reason still stuck on Wi-Fi five doesn’t have that y56 support neither of these handsets will support 5g either let’s talk about the media chops the pixel four is the slightly smaller 5.7 inch screen copper with a 6.1 inch I 4 and 11 but it isn’t all that panel as opposed to an IPS that means you get the always-on display feature and it also means nice dark blacks really true blacks and some nice punchy colors as well the iPhone um tends to err more on the sort of natural cycle they both support each to your content so you get stuck into that and a bit of Netflix or Amazon Prime whatever as you can see they’re both very bright display sore certainly easy to see on a nice clear deer we do seem to get slightly richer tones here on the pixel compared with the iPhone and those contrast levels just look a little bit nicer that’s possibly also down to the difference in resolution as well it’s a simple 326 pixels per inch here on the iPhone eleven on the pixel of for bit sharper at 444 pixels per inch well said though the pixel would be my pick of these two devices the iPhone 11 doesn’t disappoint it’s still very nice crisp clean good-looking visuals and yeah certainly do the job for you a bit of El Camino and just so I can show you something a little bit more colorful and vibrant compared with obviously the El Caminos is a bit of cannon blasters as well on Netflix as you see again those huge just like really nice here on the pixel they just really shine those colors as purples

those blues those yellows really pop now of course if you do decide to go fullscreen and Netflix whatever you do about a little bit not to action intruding on the display here on the iPhone you don’t get that on the pixel know the order your front there’s really not much between these two phones and all they both boast a stereo speaker setup so they blast the media out of the earpiece and a downwards fire and speaker down below as well both nice and powerful let’s just do one and then the other set start with a pixel these are on top volume good better grunt there and now the iPhone 11 for your viewing that dull pops a little bit more full-bodied on the pixel again I’m trying not to be biased because I really do prefer the pixel to the iPhone in many ways but you know again the iPhone alone will absolutely do you 100% on the the speaker front you know that will cut through any kind of noisy environment I’ve or seen me the smartphone has a headphone jack so you’ll have to use an annoying dongle if you want to connect a wide pair but they’ve both got Bluetooth fire support attacks and all of that I’m not the performance front both these phones absolutely kill it as well you got stop trying me at five five or six gigs around here on the pixel of four you got apples on a 13 chipset back to my four gigs ram on the iPhone 11 little blast through the list games like pub G mobile top detail levels high frame rate no issues whatsoever I would do it unto two benchmark tests unfortunate I can’t install it on the pixel as it hasn’t actually been released yet so that is all blocked but to be honest obviously

it’s a different version of unto two on both these hunters are different OS anyway so doesn’t really tell you that much does it heck that’s for battery life or as a 2800 milliampere on the pixel for 3100 on the iPhone 11 the iPhone 11 doesn’t exactly impress for battery I feel just about last the day with fairly intensive use but it’s definitely better than the pixel four so far the pixel four will struggle to reach bed especially if you’re doing a lot of media streaming so it’s been rather rather disappointing on that battery life front they both charge up reasonably swiftly with the 18 watt fast charging on there as well and you got qi wireless support as well if you don’t fancy sticking a cable in as far as the storage goes the pixel for you gotta toast at 64 or 128 gigs here on the iPhone 11 you’ve also got a choice of 256 gigs if you want a bit more me the phone supports micro SD memory card expansion unfortunately if you do want to go for those higher storage models and will cost you a little bit extra coin well the good news at least here on the pixel is that Google will give you free unlimited google photo storage so you can stick all your photos and video free let’s return to that decidedly square camera tech and actually have a run through the specs this time so it’s a 12 point two megapixel primary lens here on the pixel for F 1.7 with optical image stabilization on the iPhone 11 it’s 12 megapixel F 1.8 it’s very similar and again you’ve got that optical image stabilization we

also get a second lens in both cases – you get a 16 megapixel at 2.4 with optical image stabilization often a 2 times optical zoom here on the pixel 4 and on the iPhone 11 it’s a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens again F 2.4 now the good thing about the pixel 4 in the iPhone 11 smartphone cameras is the fact that it’s very much a case of point-and-shoot it’s have sought simple to use you get great looking results with minimal effort basically on the flip side that also means you don’t get poor manual controls on either of these devices because both of these bad boys have a portrait mode you can flip to that at any points that are just help to keep your subject nice and crisp bug blown out of the background here on the iPhone you do actually get selection of studio style filters as well to turn them monochrome or do sort of funky jazzy things to the colors you’ve got a dedicated nitesite mode here on the pixel as well which is apparently even good enough to shoot constellations up in the night sky if that’s your bag here on the iPhone it’s kind of automatically activates the night modes when the iPhone reckons you’ll need ER and you get sort of similar balanced results on both these devices that I’ve got to see I prefer the pixels again it dirt doesn’t always saturate some of those lighter elements like the iPhone does have a tendency to do so things just a little bit smarter and switch to the video mode and you can actually shoot up to 4k resolution video with either these devices but only the iPhone 11 will the lights do it at 60 frames per second as well here on the pixel unfortunately you’re locked in at 30 frames per second at that fork it level but again you should great-looking video with

either of these devices image stabilization is definitely on point some great stuff and yes you got the likes of slow motion and time-lapse and stuff like that if you want it if you for the parentals front-facing cameras as well it’s an 8 megapixel shooter here on the pixel 4 and on the iPhone 11 it’s a 12 megapixel shooter so you can capture nice good luck for us as you can see it’s a very pulled out view here on the pic so you can almost get that kind of view just with a quick pinch of your fingers here on the iPhone as well and if we swap to the video mode as well you see there that unfortunately the pixel for just top off it a full HD when it comes to the front face and video whereas here on the iPhone you can actually shoot it up to 4k resolution again so good if you want to do a nice shop looking vlog so which one prayer are you more tempted by the pixel on the iPhone definitely be greater your thoughts down below I got the feeling that a lot of you before you watch this you would have already had your mind made up on which one you would prefer because generally it comes down to either Android or iOS but certainly terms the hardware I’m definitely leaning more towards the pixel for I just like gorgeous all that display the more compact form factor as well and I really like the look of some of those camera features to it stay tuned for my in-depth review and camera view and everything else in fact that should all be going live as this video goes live hooray and don’t forget to have bug subscribe and think that notifications about for more on the latest in grits more Bartek jays are on love you

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