Which Radeon 5500 XT Should You Get – 4GB or 8GB? 17 Games Tested!

AMD’s brand-new Radeon rx 5500 XT graphics card is available with both 4 gig and also 8 gig choices then what are the distinctions between these and also what need to you get I have actually contrasted 17 video games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions to assist you decide in regards to specs both are the very same with the only distinction being the memory dimensions the 4 gig model starts at 170 u.s. dollars while the 8 gig model begins at 200 US dollars for the screening I’m utilizing the gigabyte pc gaming OC 8 gig as well as the sapphire pulse 4 job the system that I’m evaluating with has an Intel i7 8700 K CPU overclocked to 5 ghz on all cores in an MSI Izzy 390 ace motherboard in addition to 16 gig of ddr4 3200 seal 14 memory as well as double network you can check the web links in the description for details on all of the elements in addition to for updated prices screening was performed with the most recent home windows 1909 fully as much as day as well as with the most up to date Radeon motorists offered at the time of screening so with every one of that off the beaten track let’s enter the outcomes call of responsibility contemporary war was examined in campaign setting I have actually obtained the 1080p results on the reduced fifty percent of the graph and the 1440p results towards the top half in this examination

the 8 job card was 9% in advance in ordinary FPS at 1080p increasing to a highest 17.6% rise at 1440p control is an instance of a video game where the additional memory does not really appear to matter excessive at 1080p the results were very close together and also within margin of mistake variety at 1440p though 8 gig was now virtually 2% ahead in average framerate provided with these structure prices you wouldn’t be dipping into 1440p high settings anyway Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated using the game’s built-in criteria device the 8 job choice had a substantial 33% greater average structure rate over the 4 job decreasing a little to a 28.5% lead at 1440p so the extra memory rate seemed rather beneficial in this test battlefield 5 was evaluated in campaign mode as well as saw the largest difference out of 17 titles tested i triple-checked these results and consistently got the exact same numbers it seems that this video game substantially prefers additional vram or at the very least the area i examination him at 1080p the 8 gig 5,500 xt was 58% higher in terms of average FPS increasing up to a substantial 63% increase at 1440p even the 1% low from the 8 job card led the averages the 4 gig

was able to supply shadow of the term Raynor was tested with the video game’s benchmark tool and was one more examination that greatly preferred the 8 gig 5,500 XT at 1080p the average FPS on the 8 job was 25% greater than the 4 gig increasing up to a 34% lead at 1440p peak Tales was checked with old graphical setups at maximum nonetheless the memory limit in the video game setups was readied to 4 gig for the 4 gig card or 8 job for the 8 gig card at 1080p the 1% reduced from the 8 job had not been as well away the ordinary FPS from the 4 gig and also it came out 22% in advance in ordinary frame price at 1440p though the distinction went down with the 8 gig currently 11.5% ahead of the 4 job though both were still providing above 60 FPS averages borderlands 3 was evaluated with the video games benchmark device and was another title with 1% reduced performance from the 8 gig card was near the average FPS from the 4 job at 1080p the 8 job 5,500 XT was racking up 16% higher average FPS when contrasted to the 4 job climbing to practically a 19% rise at 1440p fortnight was examined making use of the replay attribute with the exact same replay file used for all screening this was another instance where there was no major difference between both with just a 1 or 2% boost with the 8 job variation so primarily margin of mistake stuff pub G was also evaluated making use of the replay attribute with the exact same replay documents again the

results were type of comparable no significant distinctions no matter of using the 4 job or 8 gig 5,500 XT Assassin’s Creed RSC was checked making use of the integrated bench mark as well as was another examination that saw large gains from the 8 job version at least with the very high selling preset anyhow at 1080p the 8 job variation was 23 percent ahead of the four job and after that it was 30 percent quicker at 1440p where the 1% low was now ahead of the ordinary FPS from the 4 gig The Witcher 3 often tends to be a relatively GPU heavy game however the memory difference really did not truly seem to be an aspect at Ultra setups as there was very little distinction between both in this title the division 2 was evaluated with the video games benchmark tool and at 1080p the 8 gig variation was simply 3% in advance of the 4 gig however after that at 1440p there’s a much larger difference where the 8 job was now practically 27 percent greater in typical framework price with a 1% lower ahead of the 4 jobs typical Ghost Reconnaissance breakpoint was also checked using the integrated standard and the 8 job 5,500 XT had an 8% lead in average FPS at 1080p over the 4 gig enhancing substantially to a 21% lead at 1440p so another way the additional memory was a lot more useful above 1080p nevertheless

watch was checked in the practice array so while not quite the like real gameplay it permits me to do the exact same test pass more precisely which is ideal for contrast purposes in any situation there was very little distinction between the two in this examination not sufficient that you ‘d really observe a difference in method anyhow Rainbow six siege was checked with the games bench mottle once again the results were pretty similar between the 2 and also well within margin of error ranges so it doesn’t seem to matter which you pick here odd Brigade was checked utilizing Vulcan as well as likewise with the integrated bench mark as well as was another where there was practically absolutely no difference in between both as a matter of fact there was really there a distinction at 1440p in regards to typical fps I’ve evaluated CS choose the Aletta Kalev PS criteria and also this was an additional test where the additional memory exuberantly made a practical distinction you could just as easily go with a 4 gig option in this title and also save the cash for all 17 video games tested the 8 job card was carrying out around 12 percent better in regards to typical FPS as you can see though it truly depends upon the certain video game the bottom 9 video games are only seeing a 0 to 3 percent efficiency enhancement with the 8 job design so plainly the extra V Ram isn’t very useful in these titles at this resolution with the setups I’m making use of several of the games like fight filled fives or a huge

enhancement with the extra veeram learner as well as these titles with bigger gains are plainly affecting the total standard at 1440p the typical enhancements seen with the 8gig increases to 15% while neither of these are truly indicated for 1440p gaming it ought to be feasible with reduced setups in some titles and also the additional vram with the 8 gig design is using more of an advantage contrasted to 1080p that said there 8 of the games still only soraa’s 0 to 2% boost on the 8 gig right here’s what overall system power draw from the wall appears like throughout 2 different video games in The Witcher 3 that was just a 0.5 percent renovation to average FPS with the 8 gig card and also this was causing about 3 percent even more power made use of in field of battle 5 though that was a much bigger 60 percent increase with the 8 job card and also this time around the 8 job card was utilizing 13.6% even more power as both cards I’m evaluating with have different calling options I haven’t checked out thermals as if less of a fair comparison now for the last difference the price you can find upgraded costs connected in the description at the time of taping the 4 job version starts at 170 u.s. dollars while the 8 job variation starts at 200 US dollars so 17.
6% even more cash for the 8 gig right here in Australia the 4 job starts at 299 Australian dollars while the 8 job chooses 349 Australian bucks all 16.7% more cash so a similar ratio in terms of expense per structure the 4 gig is winning as it’s better value I had the 8 job averaging 95 fps overall

17 video games and also the 4 gig averaging 88 fps so not that huge of a distinction compared to the rate distinction if you’re playing video games that won’t really gain from the extra vram after that you can absolutely conserve some cash just by sticking to the 4 job design at the very least for today games that do make the most of the extra memory and also execute better though could see the 8 gig being rewarding yet it’s really mosting likely to depend on the specific video game with time future video games will often tend to utilize more memory so the 8 gig model would likely last you longer yet obviously you could conserve some cash today then just upgrade in the future when something much better exists with the details cards I’m checking the sapphire pulse with full gig memory chooses 180 United States dollars while the 8 gig gigabyte card I’m using is 220 United States dollars so 22 percent even more cash in this instance if you’re considering either of these alternatives you’re likewise going to intend to examine the 1650 very which tends to be much better worth than the 5500 XT I have actually currently contrasted the 8 gig 5500 XT with the 1650 supe and also I’ll compare the 4 gig design in a future video clip so with all of that in mind which would you choose the 4 gig or 8 job version of the Radeon rx 5,500 XT let me know in the remarks and if you’re new to the network consider obtaining subscribed for future contrasts and also tech videos such as this one

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