Long-Term Review Huawei P30 Best Forgotten Phone

so it’s almost the end of yet another year which of course means that every tech YouTube out there is churning out their usual predictable dollars dishwater best smartphones of 2019 roundup and while a lot of them have at least included the excellent while we’re p30 Pro there’s been next to no love for its forgotten family member the original while we’re p30 like Frank Stallone or Daniel Baldwin the Huawei P 30 has been completely overshadowed by its sibling but unlike Frank in Danny the peetha is actually well worth checking out you may not get the same insane telephoto zoom lens here while some of the little cost savings have also been made but that means you can grab Bobby’s handset with just 500 quid these days which is a flippin bargain I’ve been using the P 30 on and off throughout 2019 and up on my personal sim called stuffed inside of there for just over a week now as also I can re review it and tell you exactly why it’s well worth considering even several several months after launch everyone the latest regrets take please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now first up returning to the bar with p30 after the onslaught of

mighty 6.5 in smartphones in 2019 is definitely a refreshing change I mean sure don’t get me wrong while we’re p 30 isn’t really a compact device it’s still over six inches in size but it certainly feels a lot more compact and easier to manage compared with most of its rivals and it’s definitely helped along by of course those super skinny bezels factor in the pleasingly rounded edges and while was excellent one handed mode and this thing key to light is very comfortable to use without too mitts it’s also a bit of a stunner this color here is called breathin crystal for some reason and while it sounds like something straight out of Avatar it’s undeniably eye catching those patents thrown off and light strikes the glossy surface or reminiscent of the Northern Lights streaking across the night sky blooming gorgeous and the good news is that time wasn’t cause those looks to feared either here on the back end completely free of scratches scuffs nicks things like that still looks nice and fresh and on the front end your a screen protector just to help keep the display in fine fettle as well however if you do grab the Huawei p30 bear in mind that it’s not full-on water-resistant it’s merely IP 53 splash resistant now you can always count on my way to serve up a gorgeous screen on its smartphones and the p30 definitely doesn’t break trend this 6.1 inch full HD plus all LED panel may lack the 90 Hertz finish of

the mob’s or 70 but it still pumps out crisp and colorful visuals with only a dinky we notch intruding on the view it’s an HD already display of course with full support from Metro and other streaming services so you can expect natural colors when appropriate however you can also play around with the color temperature and vibrancy to suit your own personal preferences suddenly you do not get a stereo speaker set up here on the wall where p30 it’s just a single bottom firing on model blaster instead but it’s still reasonably powerful for you know just kick about watching a video and a noisy environment you’ll still be able to hear everything nice and clearly and even better this is one of the few flagship quality spot holes that still comes pack in a headphone jack Azhar now suddenly at the time I shot this video I am still waiting for Android 10 and why was one emotion UI 10 launcher to get beamed across to the p30 however I have had to play on the p30 Pro and it is a great little update freshening up the look and feel of WoW is a motion UI while adding some great new stuff in there including that sleek new dark mod I’ve already covered a motion UI 10 in my fault tour video so go check that out for an idea of what will be coming to the p30 any day now and I’ve certainly got no complaints on the security side of

things either that in-display fingerprint sensor actually appears to have improved over time so it rarely feels either that I’m simply getting used to the precise finger stroke action required to gain entry and even quicker than that is the super dependable face recognition as well works even when you’ve got glasses on young bother to shave for a few days the only thing that really fills it is proper sunglasses and everything else that you’ll do on the wall where p30 is just as nippy as that unlock and motion thanks to the Kira 980 chipset stuffed inside that sexy chassis it is well over a year old now but it still smashes through anything you throw its way even have been messing about with two apps at once games are well catered for by the p30 as well the likes of pub team or bar still plays with a dependable framerate on those top detail settings helped along by the likes of Wally’s GPU turbo feature which offers a performance boost to a growing selection of mobile games and of course you’ve got that lovely flat display as well which is perfect for like superb G mobile with its plethora of on-screen controls now the world where p30 may not have quite as big a battery as the pro model but the 3650 milliamp cell definitely does the job I found that even if I am using it full-on for sat-nav media streaming a bit camera action stuff like

that all day long it still usually has about 10 to 15 percent battery life by the time I stagger into bed so that battery saver mode is only just starting to beg to be switched on suddenly there’s no support for wireless charging here but it is a small sacrifice to bring down that price or more now even as 219 draws to a close the wild p30 still posted one of the very best smartphone cameras out there now 40 megapixel super spectrum primary shooter can be relied upon for everyday photos in all kinds of conditions shots of people in particular looks stunning thanks to the excellent portrait mode which really brings them to life while washing away the rest of the world even though photos are taken a 10 megapixel level by default you still get shop results while beaming your memories up to a telly poor lighting conditions are also well handled by the way with V 30 as well you’ll occasionally see some over saturation and HDR situations but those darker elements are cleanly captured with plenty of detail and when the Sun does set you can switch to the ever dependable night mode to grab a bright well balanced shot you can swap between that main lens on the other viewpoints at any time with a quick tap of these on-screen icons to the ultra wide lens can grab some fantastic looking landscapes while the telephoto

lens says of a three times optical zoom or up to five times hybrid zoom using its software smarts to fill in the blanks and even at that five times level your photos will look crisper than a bag of Walker’s suddenly the p30 isn’t quite as strong as some rivals on the video side door you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage but only at 30 frames per second and the image stabilization isn’t quite up there with the best if you’re not much closer look at the eyewear P thirty’s camera Tek some of those special features and general photo and video quality then deftly go check out my in-depth review and comparison with the P 30 pro so as 2019 draws to a close I’d once again like to pledge my support for this forgotten phone though Huawei a p30 a 500 quid it’s a solid all-rounder that still packs one of the best cameras of the year if you fancy something a bit more compact than the oneplus 70 then definitely give it a look so are you are proud while we’re p30 owner and what do you think of it so far maybe you’re tempted to jump on board now it’s reduced in price one plus 70 does offer a little bit Mont on to the display tech and the performance but frankly if you like a compact build and a bit of a motion your eye action you really can’t go wrong so smash your comments down below poke the crap out of that subscribe button thing that lord of kitchens belt until your hands or bleedin this is all getting a bit violent I should just go off and I’m a nice cup of tea and a lie down I think so have yourselves love the week people Jews

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