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hello there you attractive person here this is Chris from Texas burn I’m here with a fresh new tick watch Pro 4G / LTE to give it its full title it’s an updated version of the original tick what report which launched last year finally coming to the UK and besides the added 4G connectivity there’s quite a few little refinements thrown in there as well so it’s kind of fully unboxed and set up take you on a tour of the hardware and the software and don’t forget for more on the latest greatest tech – box subscribed editing that a lot of kitchens belt chairs so unfortunately I don’t actually know the precise UK price of the tick what Pro 4G / LTE at the time I’m shooting this video because I’ve got it under embargo so they haven’t actually officially announced that yet squidge this on up and there is the

tick watch bra 4G and all of its glory properly wedged in there there we go right let’s just stick the watcher side see what else you get in the box looks pretty straightforward really you get a proprietary charging dock of course so they take four watch Pro 4G just sits on there it’s got nice magnetic connection so I should hold firm you don’t accidentally knock it and send it flying off across the room and then of course soon as that connections that’s always good of course you don’t actually get a plug adapter you would just get the USB cable to either provide your own plug adapter always just plug it into a laptop or something else with the USB port and of course you get your chunky old tick watch pro 4g crickey guides though surely get all set up tells you the specs and everything as well great stuff now that’s it piece of pie the first I’ve gotta see I’m already definitely liking the look of the tick watch brought 4G it looks a lot nicer than the original tick was too much pull was absolutely fine but I had this big chunky stainless steel Bandhan all around it I prefer the nice sleek all-black look of this new 4G model definitely still a chunky monkey as you can see there so they ain’t gonna be slender on your wrists but ya know definitely doesn’t have too much of a heft to it won’t make out there it’s some of the finer detail and etched onto the band as well you’ve actually got some proper time markings and everything on there just like the original couple of

physical buttons here on the right edge of the tick watch Pro 4 GB navigate your way around Android wear and if you flip around to the back you’ll see it’s your standard detachable watch straps as well as you can just pull those off and replace with a sexy affair if you come for a night on the time you just got bit axilla Korn strap which comes with the tick watch as perfectly fine for just everyday wear and of course well-suited to exercise sessions and the like and now I’ll spend about three hours actually trying to get that strap back on again oh there we go first time amazin that I was recording this Jesus and just for a straightforward comparison purpose as well here’s the original Samsung Galaxy watch side-by-side with a tick watch brought 4G and as you can see there they’re more or less the same size in terms of the general dimensions the clock face the chunkiness all the rest of it about the same heft as well so let’s get this bad boy strapped on and see how it actually looks and feels on the wrist and there we have it it definitely feels nice and comfortable on their backs a little bit cold but apart from that all good yeah a decent that’ll have to it I’ve got quite slender some might say feminine wrists so that’s definitely probably the maximum level of chunkiness and just general dimensions that I’d I’d want to slap on there I think that looks really really nice not quite as thin as the likes of the new

fossil Gen 5 and everything but still looking good and I take watch pro 4G should prove nice and durable as well it’s got Paul ip68 water and dust resistance so it’s suitable for pool swimming as mob boy puts it csing ticket when you’re doing your laps or whatever probably best not to rock it in the sea not that you’d be likely to do that in December in the UK anyway and beyond that also got a Gorilla Glass 3 quart enough to split as well and it’s fully military standard 810g certified as well so basically in people living out this thing it should be absolutely fine let’s see if we’ve got any gas and the tank swing gets the watch all set up yeah just felt a little rumble there and there we go a bit a tick watch action and of course to actually set up the tick watch 4G you’ll need to download the where or s app from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store if you have to rock an iPhone for whatever reason okay this is begin the setup process English you care thank you very much blah blah blah T’s and C’s sure I’ve read it yeah honest and then just pairs up if you watch connecting to tick watch Pro 4G and there we have it that’s what fun we like to connect yep all good and there we are actually into where or s and it’s you startled in where Roy is set up so I’ll

bang on about it too much you’ve closed got fast access to various settings do not disturb etc etc all of your notifications of course which you can then expand on and respond to swipe a little and you get access to the Google assistant and swipe this away and of course you’ve got your health stats at a glance because you’ve got the two main buttons as well push this top button just takes you into the apps tray so you can see all of the available apps it’s all your standard stuff and if you tap this bottom button by default it will start up your tick health app but you can actually remap that to any other half of your chosen but of course one of the very unique features here on the tick watch Pro is the dual display setup so as you can see there’s just ticked over from the OLED panel to the LCD screen which is sat on top and what that is is basically a battery life preserve and measure so as you can see very basic LCD panel this is the surface layer that’s on it’s all most of the time just display and as you can see there the time the date and a little bit of fitness it was all shown you how many of your steps you’ve actually

managed to complete throughout the day but at any point you can wake up at all that screen which sits just underneath and that gives you full access to all of your smart functionality via where OS as you see there it’s lovely crisp colorful display as well as a 400 by 400 pixel resolution so nice and sharp as well as you can see it’s on automatic brightness the more if we punch it all the way up to five year that is that’s pretty damn bright so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing this in a sunny shiny day and of course you can fully adjust the brightness yourself or just leave it on that automatic level because the brighter you have it the faster it will SAP the battery inside of all settings you’ve also got all kinds of customisation options so as I mentioned before you can change that bottom hardware button to bring up whatever app you like out of a selection there of course you’ve also got ok Google detection as well if want to use your voice to call up the system instead of just actually tap in the screen as for the watch face as well it’s quite a limited selection actually here on the watch to begin with just the three in fact which is quite a meagre selection and none of them are particularly attractive I’ve got to admit but of course you can just jump to see more watch faces you’ve got more of a selection in there you can

actually change all this via the wear ice app as well and browse and download some new watch faces as well to suit your own particular tastes because quite a lot of them will give you a lot of information right there on the main watch face as well they’re current did your next scheduled appointments stuff like that as well as the fitness stuff course more voice basically designer tick watch Pro 4G to be as hands-off as possible so you do get the usual a standard google fit guns on there bit pull swim she got a bit of swim tracking on there too thanks to the water resistance as you see you’ve got the tick exercise app which is more boys on health tracking tick health as well and tick pulse you get 24 hour heart rate monitoring as well with the tick watch Pro 4G and that will even give you a little alert if it detects the it is rise and despite the fact you’re not actually doing any bloody exercise let’s just get that turned on and as you can see there I’m clearly really enjoined in this video because my pulse is a steady 84 and if you’re not going to be using the tick watch Pro 4G to track your jogging sessions for instance the good news is it’s got built-in GPS so you can track your exact route location etc without having to take your smartphone out with you as well light in the Lord a bit now as for the actual performances provided by the Snapdragon wear 2100 platform and as you can see there is a little bit stuttering here and there so far not smoothest of performances by any means I’m kind of up and that’s just sort of teething issues because I’ve only just set it up hopefully once it’s done a couple of updates and

they’re sort of settled in a bit it’ll be a bit smoother but yeah certainly a bit janky for now as I said I’ll be doing a full review of the tic waterproof 4G it’s definitely stay tuned for that to see my full thoughts in fact yep there we go we’ve already got a system update download and so that’s probably not helping proceedings at all and as well as full Wi-Fi connectivity the tip watch support 4G also unsurprisingly supports 4G so you can actually send text and actually make calls on this thing as well it’s got a built-in speaker on it which is fully water resistant so again I’ll be testing out the quality of that not expecting it to be super awesome but it’ll do in a pinch and of course that 4G connectivity comes via and Isom as well here in the UK apparently Vodafone is gonna have an exclusive on the tick waterproof 4G so you’ll have to go to Vora if you do actually want that extra connectivity and you’ve also got a good bit of NFC connectivity for your Google peer action as well that’s for the battery life almagro reckons you’ll get between two and five days of battery life from the 415 milliamp cell depend on how much use it obviously that’s quite a vague estimation two days would be pretty much standard for a SmartWatch the like so the Apple watch things like that generally offer a couple of days in between charges as obviously if

you call a full five days and that’ll be lovely or it can do a full 30 days a whole month of action but that’s only in the essential mods or literally just displaying the LCD screen which shows you the time the date and your steps tracking as well so to be fair it’s fine if you’re gonna be heading out into the wilderness or something like that for a couple of weeks but otherwise what’s the point of home the Smart Watch if are you gonna use it for words to tell all the time it looks like sticking in a central mall is nice and easy just head into the apps tap the essential mod icon switch to essential mods and then they have it you’re basically in that LCD screen full time slot there in a nutshell is that new tick watch brought forward G I’ll have it slapped on my wrist for a couple of weeks before my in-depth review which should actually be going live at the same time as this unbox and because of the whole embargo shenanigans so are you tempted by the tick watch so if you go check out my review if you are and please do leave a comment down below as well your thoughts on this chunky monkey right here or if you’ve got preference for another Smart Watch defi let me know that as well and please do poke subscribe and think that notifications well for more on the latest and greatest tech Cheers Iran love you

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