ASUS Scar 15 Review (2021) – Now With Ryzen!

The ASUS Scar 15 pc gaming laptop computer has made the jump over to AMD’s Ryzen processors as well as it’s got a new design for 2021, but is there more to it than simply flashy RGB illumination? Let’s find out in this review. My setup is specced rather high with 8 core Ryzen 9 5900HX cpu, 32 gigs of memory, and a 1080p 300Hz screen powered by Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics. There are several different specifications offered for this laptop computer though, you can find instances and upgraded costs down in the summary. However before we continue, I have actually reached inform you about this video clip’s sponsor Skillshare! Skillshare is an online learning area with hundreds of motivating courses for creative and curious people. I’m always seeking to boost the videos that I’m making on the network, which is why I lately enjoyed YouTube Success: Script, shoot & edit with MKBHD, because who much better to obtain some warm ideas on YouTube from, and also sure adequate I appeared of it with some brand-new suggestions to execute in my own content. Skillshare have great deals of various other classes for you to explore and also improve on your own by learning something brand-new. The very first 1000 individuals to make use of the link in my summary will

get a cost-free test of Skillshare Premium membership, and also after that it’s only around $10 a month. Whether you’re looking to fend off boredom, focus on self-care through creativity, or join an in a similar way creative community, Skillshare is the location to maintain you discovering. Back to the laptop. The general layout of the Scar 15 looks quite comparable to previous models with lots of RGB illumination, though there are some interesting changes. The steel lid has a black surface while the plastic inside is mostly black, while the appropriate fifty percent of the key-board deck is clear you can type of see the insides. The back plastic corner item clips in and can be eliminated and exchanged in between three various coatings, all 3 of which are included in the box with the laptop computer. Overall build quality feels rather good, there’s only minor flex to the key-board deck, though the display has a bit extra wobble to it, yet it does not drink around or anything when in fact using it. The laptop computer alone evaluates 2.3 kg or 5.1 pound, then 3kg or 6.7 pound with the 240 watt power brick as well as wires for billing. The dimensions are similar to numerous other 15″ laptop

computers, it’s not thin, however I wouldn’t state it’s thick, simply standard video gaming laptop computer dimension. Mine has a 15.6″ 1080p 300Hz display, yet it’s likewise readily available with a 1440p 165Hz choice as well. Both panel options have FreeSync, but there’s no choice of disabling optimus for a speed boost. The colour gamut is fine, simply not incredibly excellent or anything, and the brightness reaches a little over 300 nits at optimum, however anticipate various outcomes with the 1440p alternative. The ASUS Arsenal Cage software application, the control board for the laptop computer, provides you the option to enable or disable panel overdrive which impacts display reaction time. Overdrive is enabled by default, and also I gauged the average grey-to-grey response time at regarding 3.8 ms. There’s a web link down in the summary if you need a description on what every one of these numbers mean. With overdrive rather handicapped, we’re considering around a 6.7 ms feedback time now, nevertheless there was now no overshoot or undershoot, both of which existed with overdrive allowed. When we consider just how it compares versus others, it is among the far better outcomes that I’ve examined up until now. We seek a 3.33 ms feedback time for all transitions to happen within the refresh window for a 300Hz panel, so we’re not under this usually. There had not been any type of backlight hemorrhage in my unit, but this will vary in between laptop computers and panels. There’s no cameras it does still have microphones, and this is what they sound like. The mechanical key-board has per crucial RGB backlighting which illuminates all tricks and also

secondary vital features. It’s obtained 3 levels of vital brightness and also 1.9 mm of key traveling, I truly liked keying with it. The keys are clicky feeling and also were fantastic to use, here’s just how it sounds to offer you an idea of what to expect. So yeah a bit louder than non mechanical alternatives as you would certainly expect, however I believe the compromise deserves it, though I can see it being a little bothersome for others if you’re in an extremely quiet atmosphere like a library or something. You’ve obtained much much less opportunity of mistakenly mispressing the power button as it’s above the key-board on the right, and also there are additional feature switches over on the left consisting of quantity adjust, microphone mute, the follower symbol allows you cycle between efficiency modes, while the ROG logo is a shortcut to the armoury dog crate software program. The accuracy touchpad is quite big as well as functions great, it really feels exact as well as I appreciated using it. You can hold back on the leading right to enable the numpad, yet when in this setting the normal touchpad can not be used. On the left from the back there’s an air exhaust air vent, two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, and also a 3.5mm audio combination jack. The right simply has the

vital rock, and an air exhaust air vent right here as well. The keystone is this red trick on the side which makes use of NFC as well as is held in by magnets, essentially you can customize things on the system like illumination as well as performance accounts and bind them to the keystone, then when you attach it every little thing instantly transforms to your setups, so I just actually see it working if you’re sharing the laptop computer with other individuals. It can likewise be used to open a surprise encrypted drive, so you can save, uh, things. The remainder of the I/O gets on the back between 2 air exhaust vents, from delegated right we have actually got a third USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, HDMI 2.0 b output, gigabit ethernet port encountering the preferred way and also the power input. The HDMI port attaches to the incorporated Radeon graphics while the Type-C port

provides DisplayPort assistance as well as links directly to the Nvidia graphics, I’ll show exactly how this influences efficiency in games soon. The Type-C port can likewise be made use of to bill the laptop. The front has a little plastic little bit sticking out in the middle to aid with opening up the cover, as well as it’s simple to open up with one finger, it really felt well balanced on my lap. The plastic interior feels incredibly smooth so it’s rather easy to wipe finger prints as well as dust which show up quite easily. There’s likewise a light bar that runs along the front, and a little left wing and also appropriate hand sides, similar to in 2015’s design, nevertheless the new 2021 model additionally adds a little light bar below the display on this little area where there’s a gap. The logo on the lid likewise has RGB illumination, and also all of it can be personalized through the ASUS Aura Creator software program. Underneath has a large rubber foot section to the right up the back, however despite this it’s still got openings in it for air flow, as we can see below. You need to be cautious when opening it up. There are 11 phillips head screws, the 4 down the front are shorter than the remainder and the one down the overlook the right doesn’t appear as well as rather creates a void to assist you open it. There are 2 ribbon cable televisions attaching the lower panel to the motherboard which are made use of for the light bar. I could see this being really simple to break if you’re not mindful and also simply manage the panel, personally I much like MSI’s GE76 layout as the light bar becomes part of the framework. Inside we’ve got the battery down the front, 2 memory slots in the middle simply above, 2 M.2 storage slots

over left wing, as well as the WiFi 6 card is hidden below the set up SSD. The speakers are underneath down the overlook the left and also right sides, and they seem amazing for a video gaming laptop, lots of bass though not quite as clear at max volume despite not obtaining super loud, but still well over standard, and the latencymon outcomes were great as well. Like the majority of various other ASUS gaming laptops, it plays this noise on boot. The good news is it’s possible to disable it either via the Arsenal cage software or biography. The BIOS has the same format as other modern ASUS laptop computers, so simply the majority of the fundamental options without way too much customization offered. The Scar 15 has a 4-Cell 90Wh battery. I’ve tested it with all RGB lights off, history apps handicapped and also display set to 50% brightness. The ASUS Arsenal cage software program gives you the choice of making it possible for iGPU just setting. This will disable the Nvidia distinct graphics to help boost battery life. You can by hand allow it through the software application, or additionally pick for it to allow immediately when you unplug. The software will certainly likewise lower the refresh rate of the display to 60Hz when you unplug to conserve battery. This leads to the screen blinking black briefly while it alters. In my YouTube playback examination I really did not find the iGPU mode to make way too much difference here, simply 11 minutes longer runtime, however hi there still an improvement, and this might be bigger if your system has various

other applications set up that frequently call the GPU. The Scar 15 is accumulating well when compared to various other gaming laptops, among the much better outcomes I’ve videotaped, specifically with this higher tier hardware within, lasting for 9 hrs as well as 44 mins in the YouTube playback examination. The MyASUS software application likewise allows you alter in between these choices to stop the battery billing to 100% which can assist raise battery life span. Allow’s have a look at thermals following. There are plenty of heatpipes within, and the Ryzen processor is cooled down with liquid steel. The ASUS Armoury Cage software program allows us alter between various efficiency accounts, which from least expensive to highest possible are quiet, performance, turbo and also guidebook. Turbo mode applies the following overclock to the GPU, however this can be changed in hands-on setting. Manual mode additionally allows us modify fan rate along with CPU power limits. I have actually done most of my screening with hand-operated setting for finest performance. The idle results down all-time low were warmer contrasted to a lot of others, which does cause warmer key-board temperatures than average, as you’ll see quickly. I’ve run stress and anxiety tests with both the CPU as well as GPU packed up to stand for a worst case, as well as playing an actual game. The GPU,

represented by the eco-friendly bars, was striking thermal throttle limits in efficiency mode with the cardiovascular test going, otherwise the CPU in the blue bars shows up to be hitting limitations in turbo as well as hands-on settings prior to using the cooling pad, link for the model I’m using is down in the summary. The temperature levels with this game operating were cooler compared to the most awful case cardiovascular test which is generally the situation. These are the clockspeeds for the very same examinations simply shown. The results are a bit unusual, with the stress tests running performance mode in fact hangs back in CPU rate for a boost to the GPU, something that isn’t occurring with the video game operating, it could be vibrant increase messing around. There are otherwise just little distinctions between turbo and also manual settings. The GPU was primarily maxing out with the cardiovascular test running while the CPU had the ability to go beyond 60 watts, a wonderful outcome, though with the game running the CPU seemed to be limited to 45 watts. Higher power restrictions can clearly be struck in the tension examinations however we’re not seeing it in the video games. I think this is merely since the clockspeeds we just took a look at were basically currently hitting maximum in this specific game. This isn’t normally the case in this test, yet maybe I need to relocate to a newer game. The only reason I haven’t yet is this hasn’t been an issue until now as well as it indicates all my previous results are equivalent. Here’s how a real video game performs with these various modes in usage. There’s basically no change in all in between efficiency and also manual modes, while silent isn’t also reaching half the framework price. I would not take into

consideration the performance in watch pets earlier in quiet mode as usable. Here’s how the various modes execute in Cinebench R23. Once more not excessive of a distinction in between efficiency, turbo as well as hands-on modes in both single as well as multi core. The multi core CPU efficiency in this test is the finest rating I’ve taped thus far, and also the single core outcome is well up there as well. Makes good sense, the 5900HX is the ideal Ryzen mobile cpu I’ve had thus far. We’re not shedding excessive efficiency when working on battery power family member to various other laptops either. The G15 takes the lead now, however the Mark 15 is still close to the leading with these same devices. The keyboard remained in the low 40s when idling in silent setting, most others are around 30, so a little bit warmer as a result of the above typical idle temps kept in mind earlier. It’s only a little warmer with the cardiovascular test running as the fans get louder. Efficiency mode was comparable once again, great wrist rest as well as just a little warm in the center. Turbo setting was cooler now as the follower speed additionally enhances, after that hands-on setting is cooler still as the followers are also louder currently, allow’s have a pay attention. At idle there were 2 various levels, it was either quiet or the fan had a light pulsating sound. Performance mode wasn’t much louder than silent setting, then turbo is a reasonable little bit louder while hands-on mode pushes past this,

preferably you ‘d desire to be utilizing earphones. Now let’s discover how well the new Ryzen based Scar 15 contrasts against various other laptop computers in games, simply utilize these results as a rough overview just as they were tested at various times with various chauffeurs. I’ve examined Field of battle 5 in campaign mode at ultra setups, and also the Scar 15 is highlighted in red. The outcome isn’t negative or anything, I mean it’s only just a little under the desktop replacement Alienware 51m, but I was anticipating much better from the 16 job RTX 3080 graphics here. The lower electrical power 3070 in the Aero 15 is doing better, though it does have an Intel processor and also I did just recently reveal that Intel is by no suggests out of the CPU gaming race right now. The XMG Neo 15 is Ryzen based however with 3070 graphics, and I presume it’s much even more in advance because that has a MUX button and also allows you disable optimus. Shadow of the Burial place Raider was tested with the video games benchmark device with the highest possible setup preset, as well as the Mark 15 drops down a number of placements currently about the same choice of laptop computers. It’s just a little in advance of the thinner ASUS Zephyrus G15 simply listed below it which likewise has RTX 3080 graphics, though half the VRAM and also with a lower power restriction. Much Cry 5 was likewise examined with the games benchmark tool at

max setups. The Mark 15 was lower this time around around. This test tends to be extra CPU reliant, as well as I was anticipating extra from the 5900HX though that had not been the situation right here. The outcomes don’t actually make feeling to me either, offered the 5900HS with the lower powered 3080 in the G15 was performing much better below, though to be fair the G15 does have a high CPU power limitation for a HS chip. The 3080 graphics coupled with the 1080p display are a little bit overkill unless you’re a significant esports gamer, however even then if that was your concern you ‘d be much better offered by a laptop that really allows you disable optimus, as that will certainly offer you a speed boost, specifically in esports titles. We can see the difference this would make by connecting an exterior screen to the Type-C port, as this bypasses optimus. In this video game there’s a 12.5% boost to typical FPS, a pretty decent enhancement for such a simple change. I have actually additionally checked this configuration of Scar 15 in 13 different titles in all setup degrees, you can take a look at that video over below if you wish to get a much better suggestion of how well it carries out in

games. It’s also worth noting that you can flush personalized VBIOS to this laptop computer to improve efficiency in games. I will not be doing that in this video clip as this is a borrowed review device and it’s not without its threats, however if you do desire to see what the performance differences are in video games with the higher GPU power limit, after that you can have a look at this video clip by GizmoSlipTech. Now for the benchmarking tools, I’ve tested Heaven, Valley, and Superposition from Unigine, in addition to Firestrike, Timespy and also Port Royal from 3DMark, simply stop the video clip if you desire a comprehensive take a look at these outcomes. Adobe Premiere was tested with the Puget Equipments criteria. The outcomes from the Scar 15 are the very best I have actually seen from this more recent version of the test. Regardless of the larger GE76 having a higher GPU power limit, it’s can be found in slightly reduced, most likely because of the Intel cpu provided a lot of the leading outcomes are Ryzen based. Adobe Photoshop generally depends extra on processor efficiency, as well as again the arise from the Ryzen 9 5900HX is excellent below also, just a little behind the 5900HX in the clevo chassis at the top. DaVinci Resolve is a lot more GPU heavy, and although this laptop has the 16 job RTX 3080, the power limitation isn’t as high as others, so the processor is clearly making a difference below also. Outside of video gaming it’s clear that the Mark has a side in material creator work. I’ve likewise checked SPECviewperf which evaluates out various expert 3D work. The drive speed for the 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD was wonderful for both reviews as well as composes, and also

as there’s a 2nd M. 2 slot you could add an additional drive if you want. I started an Ubuntu 20 online CD to examine Linux assistance. Out of package the audio speakers, keyboard, touchpad and also WiFi functioned great, however the faster way tricks to readjust keyboard as well as screen illumination didn’t work by default. Let’s talk about rate, you can examine the links in the summary for updated prices, as these will certainly transform gradually. At the time of recording, the setup I’ve checked here is listed at $2700 USD on the ASUS website, though the 3070 model is $500 less and also will most likely still do extremely nicely. There’s also a less expensive version with the 3080 but lower 5800H CPU, though this additionally has reduced memory, the factor exists are choices. Alright so with all of that in mind, allow’s sum up both the good as well as the negative to help you choose if the ASUS Scar 15 is a pc gaming laptop worth taking into consideration. ASUS have actually begun to deliver what every person was requesting in 2015 – luxury Ryzen video gaming laptop computers. The specifications in my system are on the higher end of what’s available, however the video gaming performance wasn’t fairly where I would certainly expect, possibly since of the lack of ability of disabling optimus, but at the very least it has FreeSync. Beyond gaming though, as we saw earlier in the material creator workloads and also in Cinebench, the CPU efficiency from the Ryzen 9 5900HX is next degree. It can run hot depending upon the workload despite having the liquid steel, though that’s with a worst situation stress examination. Actual video games really did not appear regrettable and we’ve got the option of tailoring fan speed to enhance things. The 1080p display is suitable for pc gaming, it’s got rather low

feedback time as well as ok illumination and also colours, though the 1440p alternative may be much better for taking full advantage of the 3080 graphics in my unit. I ‘d most likely go with the 1440p option, especially if I was thinking about the bigger 17″ design, yet that’s just personal preference. Generally the construct top quality is great, as well as there’s a lot of RGB lighting if that’s your point, however also if it’s not you can tailor it or transform it off. Battery life was terrific as well as it’s obtained Type-C billing support. The mechanical keyboard as well as touchpad were both terrific to use. My only genuine issue beyond it not letting us disable optimus are those 2 bow cords that link the lower panel to the motherboard. I have become aware of individuals damaging the adapters by taking the lower panel off that weren’t aware of this, as well as if others like MSI can carry out a light bar without these, then I’m sure ASUS can obtain it sorted also. Apart from that, I make certain the lack of cam will be a deal breaker for some. Although I’ve obtained the Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU, you can still conserve some cash and get the Ryzen 7 5800H, which is still an 8 core chip. I’m going to be comparing both of those CPUs in an approaching video clip, so see to it you’re subscribed for that future comparison as it should provide you a great idea if whether it deserves paying the money. Otherwise you can look into how well this pc gaming laptop computer does in 13 various games in this video clip over right here, or come by and join us in Dissonance and support the scenes videos by sustaining the channel on Patreon.

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