Why Legion 5 Pro Underperforms Explained (How To Improve!)

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro video gaming laptop computer does not carry out in addition to it should, I’m going to reveal you why and what you can do to boost it. Simply rapidly for context, in instance you missed my video game criteria video, this is how the Myriad 5 pro contrasts versus other laptops in Darkness of the Burial Place Raider with the video game’s criteria at max settings. I’ve got other 3070 laptop computers with the exact same GPU power limitations striking 120 FPS as well as above, so what’s up? On paper I ‘d expect the 5 pro to be up there with those various other 3070 laptops, as it’s got an excellent CPU, excellent GPU, double network memory, as well as the ability of disabling optimus with the MUX button, however something is holding it back. Upon looking inside I saw that the memory appeared to have chips on one side as opposed to both. This isn’t necessarily an issue in itself, yet it did make me realize that the memory is basically the only thing I can change to affect the performance. Both the CPU and GPU are soldered to the motherboard and can’t be transformed, so I tried exchanging the memory. Currently I wasn’t anticipating a lot of a distinction, as the memory that included my 5 Pro as well as the set I swapped it with both have two 8 job embeds dual network. Both go for DDR4-3200, they both show with same timings of CL22 and also both are solitary rank. Both memory packages appear to be about the same, so allow’s see what the distinctions remain in some games, then after that I’ll discuss what’s

taking place. All screening was finished with the very same Windows updates, Nvidia chauffeurs as well as biographies. Literally all that’s transformed is the memory, which new package that I have actually tested with is linked listed below in the summary. Here’s the distinction in Shadow of the Burial Place Raider with both memory configurations. We’re seeing a 10% increase to typical FPS with this straightforward change, and also the Myriad 5 pro is now where I ‘d anticipate it to be – simply 1 FPS behind the XMG Neo 15, and to be reasonable that one still has much better memory as it’s twin rank. Battlefield V was checked in campaign mode, as well as there was likewise a 10% increase to average FPS in this one, nonetheless there was a much bigger 51% enhancement to the 1% reduced outcome. The 1% low result looked so good I retested it days later as well as got the very same results, the Myriad 5 Pro with the brand-new memory currently has the finest 1% low score in this game out of all laptop computers I’ve ever before examined. Much Cry 5 was tested with the games standard, and also we’re checking out a 12% rise to typical frame rate in this one. There’s likewise a 12% increase to 1% reduced too, so not fairly the large difference noted in battlefield V, however plainly there are still respectable gains to be had. That new memory is clearly using an enhancement in video games, yet why is this the situation when the specifications of both memory packages are

essentially the exact same? I have actually run the Aida64 memory test on both, and also we can see that the new memory set is using some great improvements to memory speeds and also even cache speeds, so it’s certainly assisting contrasted to the default supply memory. I have actually made use of the zentimings software application to reveal more details concerning the memory, as well as when we get down into the weeds we can see that there are in fact some distinctions between the RAM in the secondary timings, particularly to tRFC. I wasn’t as well aware of these timings, so I asked Steve from Equipment Unboxed for a point of view, and also he claimed that tRFC can make a big difference to Ryzen performance. Another difference is that the supply memory is 1Rx16 while my memory is 1Rx8, the 1R means solitary ranking while the x8 or x16 defines the number of banks, so I’m uncertain if that distinction is also contributing compared to the timings or if they’re linked. The distinction is definitely in the memory, however is the memory in my evaluation system the very same as others? To confirm I also reached out to some various other customers that had the Legion 5 pro. These are the arise from Matthew Moniz in Canada, so very same memory as mine as well as same timings. Just Josh in the US additionally had the same memory with the exact same timings once again, and also one more simply to be secure – Stephen from ownordisown, likewise in the United States, yet once again had the same memory in his 5 Pro as well. Huge thanks to those guys for sending out over that info and also assisting me validate that I’m not the only one with this memory, you can look into

their networks connected listed below. I can also see the memory in Lisa’s testimonial on the Mobile Technology Review channel had the same memory, and if we established the Dave2D video to 4K and also boost, it’s the very same set once again. Alright so I’m clearly not the only one in having this memory in the Myriad 5 Pro. My following concern is are clients that are really purchasing this laptop computer likewise obtaining the exact same memory, or is it just something that was just sent in testimonial device samples or something. To figure out I joined the Legion neighborhood Discord web server as well as asked some 5 pro proprietors to share their arise from zentimings. These units were bought in Germany and Singapore, yet both have the very same memory as mine with the exact same timings. It was good to confirm all timings coincided in instance my sticks had concerns or something, but based on this they’re all the same. This was offered by Kal who is an admin of the Discord server, it was acquired in the UK with 32 gigs of memory rather than 16, yet as we can see a number of the timings such as tRFC are the same as my 16 gig kit, and also they kept in mind renovations with a different 32 gig kit which has better timings, so this may not simply be limited to the 16 job configuration of the 5 Pro when you acquire it from lenovo. This isn’t by any type of implies a substantial example dimension, but any place I looked around the world the same memory maintained showing up in the 5 Pro. The Lenovo components list for the 5 Pro notes a variety of various memory alternatives, I’m unsure if these are simply what they are saying are suitable or if they represent what they may potentially market it with. I have actually additionally retested a couple of games at the native 2560 by 1600 resolution to see if the differences are as severe at this higher resolution, as I was only considering 1080p earlier. I have actually redone Battlefield V due to the fact that it had big differences at 1080p. The distinctions at this higher resolution are a lot a lot more small in regards to ordinary FPS, nevertheless we’re still seeing some nice

gains to the 1% lows, 15% greater at ultra settings. Cyberpunk 2077 on the various other hand is pretty GPU heavy, as well as the distinctions are a lot smaller here. Generally the new memory uses a little gain in the 1% lows at most setting levels, however, for one of the most part there’s no difference in typical FPS a lot of the moment. Currently I’m not going to go as well as redesign all 13 video games at 2 resolutions that I have actually formerly evaluated, as that takes about 3 days, plus those results that I’ve already displayed in the video game criteria video with the default RAM represent what you would in fact see with a default out of the box experience, as I checked it keeping that memory that the laptop seems ahead with. Outside of gaming I’ve likewise tested Adobe Photoshop with the Puget Equipments criteria, as well as we’re considering a 5% increase below, so still an improvement, yet the in a similar way specced Neo 15 is a fair little bit greater, but once more that a person has twin ranking memory as well. This isn’t implied to be a single vs twin ranking contrast, I’m simply providing an instance regarding why the 5 Pro was reduced, possibly maybe even better improved with twin ranking. Yeah look, obviously we’re anticipating memory with far better timings to carry out much better, what a shock! That’s not the point I’m making below. The point isn’t even always that the Myriad 5 pro doesn’t have the most effective memory readily available. The main takeaway to me is that we can have two various sets of memory that execute in a different way regardless of theoretically having the exact same specs. Those secondary timing values displayed in the zentimings software don’t appear on the laptop spec sheet when you

acquire it. As a matter of fact it looks like most memory kits that you can discover on the internet to acquire do not define that information either, unless you go out of your method and also find a detailed information sheet or something. I have not evaluated the various memory with any kind of Intel laptops yet, so I’m not sure what that distinction may be, or if Ryzen is simply additional conscious memory. There’s nothing specifically unique concerning the memory I set up to test with either, it’s simply an arbitrary moderately valued set I bought a while back for testing. Once more the certain memory that I examined with is connected down in the description. The efficiency difference in video games seems a bigger offer at reduced resolutions, or in games that depend extra on cpu performance, so whether or not acquiring brand-new memory for your new Legion 5 Pro is worth it will depend on what you’re actually doing, yet as we’ve seen in this video clip there can plainly be gains to be had. It’s also intriguing that the memory in the Legion 7 has much better timings than the 5 Pro, I’m not certain if it sets you back a lot more or by how much, however when you think about a 5 Pro and 7 with exact same CPU plus GPU we’re probably visiting the 7 performing better simply because of the better memory distinction. The complete evaluation of the Myriad 5 Pro was postponed while I obtained to the bottom of this, however currently that I believe I have actually worked it out the complete evaluation need to be out in a couple of days, so make sure you’re subscribed and don’t miss it! Come and also join me in Dissonance and also support the scenes video clips by sustaining the network on Patreon, and for currently you can look into some various other Lenovo pc gaming laptop computer content over right here, so I’ll see you over in among those videos following.

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