Alienware Returns m15 R5 CUDA Cores! Unexpected Results…

The Alienware m15 R5 pc gaming laptop was missing out on concerning 10% of its CUDA cores when it at first released, I have actually covered this in another video linked down in the description, and now Alienware have actually launched an upgrade that unlocks the rest of those CUDA cores, nevertheless it’s not specifically doing rather along with I anticipated. I’ve retested the m15 R5 in 10 different video games to show you how well it carries out both prior to and also after the upgrade, and I’ve likewise evaluated out thermals so we can get a complete photo of just how this laptop is meant to do. These are the specs of my m15 R5, I have actually got a Ryzen 9 5900HX processor, Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics, 16 gigs of memory and also a 1080p 165Hz screen. It deserves noting that the 1080p 165Hz screen I’ve obtained implies that we’re stuck to optimus. The 1440p 240Hz or 1080p 360Hz alternatives include advanced optimus and also G-Sync, so I would expect those to do also better to what I’m showing below. Below’s exactly how things looked before the upgrade, so both system info in Nvidia’s control board as well as GPU-Z reveal 4608 CUDA cores, and afterwards as soon as the brand-new VBIOS upgrade was installed we can see the right number of 5120 cores are revealed. I generally downloaded and install even more

CUDA cores, hopefully not as well long before we can download and install a lot more RAM. The upgrade wasn’t offered for me through the Alienware update software application, you have to by hand most likely to the web site as well as obtain it. Hopefully this adjustments, or else I make certain a great deal of devices will possibly never ever obtain patched. Right here’s the download web page for the update on Dell’s web site. I located it fascinating that under fixes & enhancements it keeps in mind “remedied the CUDA core details in system info from 4608 to 5120 in the Nvidia control panel application”. Based on that summary it kind of just makes it seem like this is a surface fix instead of really modifying the quantity of available CUDA cores, so let’s look into some actual efficiency tests as well as see what the distinctions were in the past and after the upgrade. These are the screenshots from equipment information when running the Heaven GPU criteria in the same room with a 21 degree Celsius ambient area temperature level. The TDP as well as clock rates are generally the very same as well as within margin of error both before as well as after the update, yet have a look at the temperature differences. After the upgrade was running 6 degrees cooler usually over the program of a hr. The GPU location temperature was

additionally around 7 degrees cooler after the upgrade, so exact same work in the exact same conditions, actually the only adjustment was the VBIOS upgrade. What’s going on right here? I don’t recognize for certain, but this is what I think is occurring. Usually the RTX 3070 was making use of the exact same 122 watts both before and also after the upgrade, however prior to the upgrade that exact same quantity of power was readily available for fewer CUDA cores. After the upgrade that exact same quantity of power then appears for 10% even more CUDA cores, as well as CUDA cores occupy physical area on the die, so in theory more CUDA cores equals more physical surface area, so my idea is if you’re spreading that same quantity of power out over a larger location after that it might bring about lower GPU locations. Once again I can not state for certain, this is just my best guess based on the info readily available. Currently although points are plainly various with the GPU only workload, there’s basically no modification when the processor is likewise under tons, like when we’ve obtained an actual video game running. These are the temperature levels for both the CPU and also GPU when under combined cardiovascular test, so both processor as well as graphics are totally loaded up, both before as well as after the update we’re considering essentially the very same temperatures. The clockspeeds are basically the same too, practically after the update was around 20MHz slower on both the CPU and GPU, but this is rather little and also within

margin of error. Once more the power levels for both CPU as well as GPU had to do with the exact same in these CPU plus GPU tension tests, no evident vital differences. Simply to summarize points so much, after that VBIOS upgrade in a GPU only tension test I was seeing lower temperatures, however that was concerning the only distinction, and also after that when the laptop computer was under integrated CPU plus GPU anxiety examination there was generally no adjustments to note. Just prior to the video games, let’s take a look at 3DMark outcomes, as these are usually GPU heavy. I have actually got the upgraded results revealed in purple, as well as in all tests the upgraded system is scoring much better than before the upgrade, though the differences aren’t that huge. The timespy graphics score has to do with 3.5% greater after the upgrade, while the Firestrike graphics rack up has a 1.8% enhancement. The Port Royal ray tracing test on the other hand was around 6.7% higher after the upgrade. After the update there’s plainly an increase in these GPU just work, but what regarding actual video games? The results surprised me and also weren’t rather what I was expecting, so allow’s compare 10 video games both before as well as after the update. Cyberpunk 2077 was examined in the exact very same fashion both prior to the upgrade at a loss bars, and after the update in the purple bars. No matter the setting pre-programmed, or whether we’re utilizing ray

tracing, the upgraded laptop is performing better. The brand-new vBIOS upgrade was getting to virtually 13% higher typical FPS at reduced settings, while ultra setups was 4.5% ahead. It’s not all gains though, Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the video games standard, and the system before the update was in fact slightly ahead between low and also medium setups, granted it’s just a little amount as well as essentially a number of FPS is within margin of error. The upgraded laptop computer was ahead at ultra settings, and also typically I ‘d expect higher establishing presets that are extra GPU heavy to see the benefits of the CUDA core change. Points actually start getting weird in Shadow of the Burial Place Raider. Despite the setups in operation the upgraded system was regularly behind. Certain it’s commonly just a 1 to 3 FPS difference, yet the laptop before the upgrade was coming out ahead regularly. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was similar, at many establishing presets it’s within margin of mistake, though for one reason or another high settings was a reasonable little bit different for before the upgrade. Control is a GPU heavy video game, and also at tool as well as high setups the updated system is back in front, though it’s simply a 3 FPS approximately distinction, nothing significant, putting high setups around 4% ahead after the update. Here’s how points look with ray tracing allowed, one more work that’s heavy on the GPU, and this moment the upgrade was virtually giving us a 5% increase to ordinary FPS. Efficiency enhances with DLSS allowed, as well as at max setups the update is back to offering us around a 4% performance boost. Battlefield V was one more unusual one where the laptop computer was doing much better before the update at all setting levels. I double checked the

outcomes after the update and also obtained the very same once more, it’s just a little change, however once again I’m not really sure why we ‘d see lower efficiency with more CUDA cores available. Microsoft Trip Simulator was constantly somewhat ahead with the upgrade both in terms of typical FPS and also 1% lows, no matter establishing pre-programmed being used, yet it’s frequently rather a little distinction. View Pets Myriad does not actually tell us anything beneficial, both had to do with the exact same at the highest possible ultra setting predetermined, while results at reduced setup presets were going one means or the various other. The Witcher 3 was very similar before and after the upgrade, no real adjustments and it differed a little one way or the other based on the setups in use. CS: GO was normally doing better after the upgrade, the 1% low results were in advance with the update in all setup degrees, while average FPS had the most significant improvement at max settings, though it’s less than a 2% gain. These are the distinctions out of all 10 video games examined at the greatest setup level, though I’ve also consisted of ray tracing as well as DLSS results which are including even more cause support of the updated system regardless of them coming from the very same video games. All the same out of this choice the updated m15 R5 was finest situation using 5% greater average FPS in Control with ray mapping, while some games

were in fact doing worse. Now it’s a little difference regardless, and as a whole the trend is favorable, however still I had not been anticipating to see some doing a little worse, granted it can be some various other concern with the testing, though I feel great on the testing both before and also after upgrading. Examining at 1440p may have revealed a larger distinction as this would put more of a workload on the GPU, however however I’ve got the 1080p display model here. I presume I can have made use of an outside screen in order to perform at higher resolutions, but primarily I was simply using the information that was currently gathered before the upgrade. Those 10 video games were simply tested out for my normal video game benchmark video, but that was prior to I discovered out concerning this concern, so as opposed to just ditching that work as well as doing it all once again anyway I figured it would certainly be beneficial to reveal you the before and after distinctions. Provided we in fact saw worse performance in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and also Combat zone V, contrasted to others the m15 R5 still isn’t piling up well for an RTX 3070 pc gaming laptop computer, at the

very least in these titles, yet I should keep in mind that the various other display alternatives with sophisticated optimus should do far better as they would bypass the iGPU. Battery life saw basically no adjustment either, after the upgrade running The Witcher 3 lasted a pair of minutes much less, yet this is margin of error stuff and insufficient to attract any solid conclusions from. So at the end of the day after the update the m15 R5 doesn’t obtain that much of an efficiency boost. In basic there is

some renovation but nothing major. Directly I did expect a larger distinction than this offered 10% of the CUDA cores were missing out on, yet possibly at the very least at 1080p it wasn’t sufficient to issue. All the same I think it’s good that Alienware clients are now getting that full 3070 that they’re paying for, which the problem has actually been solved. I’m still dealing with the complete testimonial of the Alienware m15 R5 pc gaming laptop, so if you’re brand-new to the channel after that get subscribed so that you do not miss it. Come and join me in Discord and also get behind the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon, as well as while you wait on the review come as well as check out some of my various other videos over below, I’ll see you over in one of those following.

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