ASUS TUF Dash F15 Review – Quad Core in 2021?

The ASUS TUF Dashboard F15 is a thinner and lighter gaming laptop computer, however simply how well can a quad core CPU hold up in 2021, as well as does it bottleneck the RTX 3070 graphics? Let’s find out in this evaluation! My design has Intel’s 11th gen quad core 11370H processor, Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics, 16gb memory and also a 1080p 240Hz display, yet there are additionally various other configurations readily available. You can take a look at other configurations of this equipment in addition to upgraded costs with the web links down in the description. Mine has a tidy black completed with metal cover and also plastic inside, but there’s also an all white design too. The laptop alone weighs about 2kg or 4.5 pound, after that we’re checking out 2.7 kg or 6lb with the 200 watt power block and cords. It gets on the smaller side for a 15 inch laptop computer, can be found in under 2cm thick, something I do not think we have actually seen before from the TUF collection. The 15.6″ 1080p screen has alright colour range and comparison ratio, there’s no MUX switch so no G-Sync, however it does have adaptive sync. Illumination has the ability to obtain over 300 nits at maximum, however this is simply for the 240Hz panel, anticipate various outcomes with other alternatives. The ASUS Arsenal Cage software

program, the control panel for the laptop computer, gives us the choice to allow or disable panel overdrive, which influences screen response time. With overdrive off we’re considering a 7.7 ms typical grey-to-grey response time, then with it on this reduces to around 5.
8ms, so not fairly under the 4.16 ms required for changes to take place within the refresh window. It’s not too negative when compared to others, not the most awful result for a 240Hz panel, however plainly not the most effective either. Backlight hemorrhage had not been negative, a little imperfection on the top yet not something I noticed throughout normal usage, but this will vary in between panels and laptops. There’s no cam below like numerous others from ASUS. It does still have microphones however, and this is what they seem like. The chiclet keyboard has a single area of RGB backlighting. It’s obtained 3 levels of vital brightness and also all keys and secondary functions are lit up, plus the WASD keys are clearly marked in case you had any kind of questions regarding this being a pc gaming laptop. Typing really felt a little clicky with 1.7 mm of vital traveling, I had not a problem utilizing it besides my individual nuisance with smaller arrowhead secrets. The power switch is separate to the key-board, so no requirement to fret about an

unintended press. There are also extra buttons on the left for transforming quantity, muting the mic as well as opening up the Armoury Crate software program. There likewise seems some air vents back there too. The accuracy touchpad clicks down anywhere and works penalty, it’s using the available room and isn’t as well tiny, nothing to grumble about. On the left from the back there’s an air exhaust vent, the power input, gigabit ethernet port dealing with the favored means so you do not have to get the equipment to remove the cable, HDMI 2.
0b result, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, a Type-C Thunderbolt 4 port which can be utilized to bill the laptop computer as well as a 3.5 mm audio combination jack. The right has 2 more USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports for 3 in total, an air exhaust vent on this side too, and also a Kensington lock right up the back. Currently although that Type-C port does provide DisplayPort 1.4 assistance, it attaches directly to the Intel incorporated graphics, so if you have actually got a VR arrangement that calls for DisplayPort that links to the Nvidia GPU after that you run out good luck here, nonetheless the HDMI port does attach directly to the Nvidia GPU, and I’ll reveal you later exactly how this provides a speed boost in video games. The back simply has 2 air exhaust vents towards the edges, as well as you can see the condition LEDs on the back with the lid closed as well. The front has a subtle impression so you can obtain your finger in as well as open up the lid quickly. There’s a little flex to the lid, yet it is steel and really feels rather durable. The plastic interior has some flex if you

head out of your way to lower, but it felt great or else during routine use. Finger prints turn up rather quickly, however the smooth finish is very easy to tidy with a microfiber fabric. The lower panel is plastic as well with air ventilation holes straight over the intake followers, or else rather clean, and also as you can see right here those vents aren’t covered up, air can get via. Getting inside needs eliminating 15 phillips head screws, there are 3 different sizes so track them, and the one down the front right doesn’t come out as well as instead helps you open the laptop, which I found simple with the devices linked in the description. Inside we’ve obtained the battery down the front, WiFi 6 card over on the left, two PCIe Gen3 M.2 storage ports to the right of that, as well as a solitary memory port. Like a whole lot of various other laptops from ASUS you can obtain either 8 or 16 jobs soldered to the motherboard with simply one slot for upgradeability. As long as there’s a stick mounted it will certainly run in twin network, however I’ll note the Samsung stick that can be found in my system is the slower type found in the Lenovo Myriad 5 Pro as well as ASUS Strix G15 Advantage. The speakers are beneath on the front towards the left as well as right sides. I thought they seemed typical, there’s a little bass as well as they’re clear enough at greater quantities, as well as the latencymon outcomes weren’t also negative. The F15 has a 4-Cell 76Wh battery, as well as it was lasting a similar total up to 2 various other ASUS laptop computers with the same sized battery one area above and below it, so about as anticipated, 8 hrs is an above

ordinary result in this test. The panel power saver alternative is enabled in the Armoury Dog crate software by default. With this made it possible for, when you unplug the laptop computer from wall power the display will certainly flash black while it automatically drops down to a 60Hz refresh price as well as disables panel overdrive to save battery, after that it will immediately alter when you plug back in – a superb attribute that I desire various other brand names would certainly execute. There’s also the option to set iGPU mode to on which primarily disables the Nvidia discrete graphics to help increase battery life. You don’t have to do this as optimus will typically deal with you, but by doing this arbitrary applications can not try to call the RTX 3070 as it’s simply not available. Let’s have a look at thermals next. The Arsenal Pet crate software application allows us change in between different efficiency accounts, which from most affordable to greatest are quiet, efficiency as well as turbo. There’s no manual mode for personalizing follower speed and also power restrictions like the greater end ROG models, though turbo setting does use the adhering to overclock to the GPU. The idle outcomes down the base were a little cozy provided it’s doing absolutely nothing. I have actually run anxiety tests with both the CPU and GPU loaded up to stand for a worst situation, in addition to playing a real video game. No thermal throttling was occurring in all, as well as also in the most awful case

we’re in the reduced 80s below, so wonderful results from a temperature level perspective, however if this comes at the expense of lower power restrictions then we might be looking at lower efficiency compared to others, otherwise then maybe that a 10nm quad core simply doesn’t develop a whole lot of heat. These are the clock rates from the exact same examinations. The quad core i7-11370H has a 4.3 GHz all core turbo increase speed, and also this was being struck in this specific video game in turbo mode, as well as we’re a little behind this optimum in the mixed CPU plus GPU cardiovascular test. When taking a look at the power degrees we can see the CPU is topped to 35 watts, which is why these quad core chips are referred to as H35, this is the Intel spec so it’s running as it should, at the same time the RTX 3070 is performing at 80 watts, which is the most affordable in the range for the 3070. In a GPU just anxiety test vibrant boost might increase the GPU approximately 85 watts when the CPU is idle. Here’s just how a real video game does with these various settings being used. There’s no significant adjustment in between efficiency and also turbo setting, while we can increase typical FPS 7% simply by connecting an exterior screen to the HDMI port, as this bypasses optimus. Below’s just how the various modes perform in Cinebench R23, so again not that big of a difference in between performance as well as turbo settings, especially in solitary core

performance, a minimum of compared to silent setting which is lower somewhat, yet as you’ll hear soon, it’s quieter also as per the name. Right here’s just how the F15 accumulates contrasted to others in CPU performance, currently it is a reduced outcome as it’s a quad core cpu, however at the very same time it’s the ideal multicore score I have actually obtained from any type of quad core thus far as well as it’s just slightly behind the 6 core Ryzen alternatives from last generation, while also providing one of the highest solitary core scores I have actually seen. The solitary core efficiency barely transforms when working on battery power, nevertheless multicore declines back a bit, we’ve currently got two various other quad core laptop computers that are exceeding it while running on battery – however hey it’s still defeating the 8 core MSI GE76 simply listed below it. The key-board rests in the reduced 40s when idle, greater than the regular 30 of the majority of others, not warm simply warm. It reaches the higher 40s in the direction of the back of the key-board with the cardiovascular test going. Performance mode is similar, warmer than the majority of others in the facility but the wrist remainder and sides are great. It’s similar in turbo, unfortunately the awesome place is just off to the side of WASD, yet WASD isn’t uneasy. Based upon the internal temps I was anticipating a cooler outside, let’s have a listen to the followers. The follower was audible when idling, yet it kind of kept switching on and also off which may be frustrating. It had not been too loud in quiet mode even when under lots, efficiency mode was louder, after that turbo was a little louder still, and that’s as loud as it can obtain as there’s no user fan control. Currently let’s learn just how well this configuration of ASUS TUF Rush F15 contrasts against others in games, however utilize these outcomes as a rough overview just as they were examined at various times with various chauffeurs. I’ve examined Battlefield 5 in project mode at ultra setups, and the F15 is highlighted in red. MSI’s GL65 with RTX 2060 is one spot above it in terms of typical FPS, yet the 1% reduced from its last

generation 6 core with greater power restriction is much better, in fact the 1% low from the F15 is on the lower side out of this option of laptops, probably as an outcome of the quad core processor. Other RTX 3060 laptop computers such as MSI’s GS76 and even ASUS’s own smaller G14 are coming out in advance of the F15, and also those are 8 core Intel and also AMD options respectively, so yeah it’s resembling the quad core chip might be holding it back. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was examined with the games benchmark device with the highest possible setting predetermined, as well as the F15 was again striking the same typical FPS as the RTX 2060 in the MSI GL65. Now that laptop does have a higher power restriction, yet it can’t disable optimus either. Seeing a 3070 struggle to beat a 2060 does not seem right, once again it’s likely due to the quad core cpu in the F15 together with its reduced power limit. Far Cry 5 was likewise evaluated with the video games benchmark device at max setups, as well as this is more of a CPU hefty game contrasted to the other two. It’s also a video game that has a tendency to favour Intel laptop computers, however despite that advantage the F15 is down a fair bit contrasted to every one of the various other laptops, only defeating the 5500M and also 1650 laptops with last gen 6 core AMD cpus. Right here are the arise from 3DMark for those that find them

valuable. Currently for some creator examinations. Adobe Premiere was tested with the Puget Systems criteria. Unlike the gaming results the F15 was offering among the better results, so maybe the quad core is much less of an issue in several of these creator jobs. Adobe Photoshop usually depends much more on cpu efficiency, as well as the quad core isn’t doing too poor here either, given I believe this test advantages from solitary threaded efficiency, and also as we saw previously in Cinebench it does at least have that on its side. DaVinci Resolve is more GPU heavy, and also the 3070 isn’t doing as well severely here, but I have actually got a whole lot of reduced specced laptops on the graph, it’s still coming in listed below the 3060 in the GS76 just above it with similar electrical power, in addition to other 3070s. The F15 is only a little in advance of last gen 1660 TI designs right here. I’ve likewise evaluated SPECviewperf which tests out numerous professional 3D work. The 1TB NVMe M. 2 SSD in my unit was doing well for both reviews as well as creates. Although Intel H35 must theoretically assistance PCIe Gen4 storage, both M. 2 slots are listed as Gen3 on the motherboard so I’m

guessing it’s just Gen3. The BIOS is basically the like all of the others from ASUS, just the normal fundamental alternatives that you ‘d anticipate to see. I booted an Ubuntu 21 online CD to check Linux assistance. Out of the box the touchpad, keyboard, wifi, ethernet and also audio speakers work. The key-board shortcuts for keyboard brightness, screen illumination and volume controls likewise functioned penalty, yet I had not been able to alter efficiency profiles with the F5 shortcut. Currently let’s talk about rates. This will change in time, so look into those web links in the summary below for updated prices. At the time of recording, the TUF Dash F15 with the very same specifications I have actually examined below is $1770 USD on, though there are likewise less costly alternatives with RTX 3060 graphics also. I’m actually dealing with the evaluation of the new ASUS Strix G15 Advantage Version right currently, as well as that laptop computer is meant to be $1650 USD and for that you obtain an 8 core Ryzen 9 5900HX cpu and Radeon RX 6800M graphics, which are a little behind Nvidia’s RTX 3080. Truthfully just in between the Strix G15 which costs much less cash compared to this, I would certainly opt for the G15, it just seems like a better offer for me contrasted to spending extra for a quad core design. Certain the F15 is smaller sized and lighter, however at what price? Directly I would take a little density for added performance gains, yet that’s just me, approved this does additionally have a few other attributes like Thunderbolt 4, so at the end of the day it relies on what you’re after. This is plainly a thinner and also lighter version, yet at the

same time ASUS additionally have various other choices under 2cm close much more effective 8 core parts, though those Zephyrus designs do set you back more. I expect this appears like ASUS’s way of providing a thinner as well as lighter maker at a reduced cost point contrasted to the Zephyrus schedule, however as we’ve seen it does come with the expenditure of efficiency. If you’re simply doing lighter jobs after that you might not always need 6 or 8 cores, and a quad core might be perfectly great, simply do not be shocked to see reduced specced choices beating it. At least a result of those lower power limitations is additionally reduced internal temperature levels, though the outside did still really feel a little cozy to the touch when under tons, yet at the very least the battery life is rather excellent. One memory port isn’t excellent for future upgrades, however is most likely a tradeoff for the thinner chassis, and lack of video camera in the days of work from house as well as zoom conferences will certainly suffice for some to look in other places. Allow me know what you considered the ASUS TUF Dashboard F15 down in the remarks, get subscribed if you’re new to the channel for future laptop computer evaluations similar to this one, come as well as join me in Disharmony as well as support the scenes videos by sustaining the network on patreon, and if you require something else to do then come as well as look into some of my various other video clips over here, I’ll see you over in among those following.

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