Lenovo Legion 5 (2021) Game Testing – Does RAM Upgrade Help?

How well does Lenovo’s new Myriad 5 video gaming laptop computer really do in video games? To figure out I have actually tested it in 10 different video games at all setting degrees, I’ve compared it versus various other pc gaming laptop computers, as well as I’ve likewise updated the memory to see what type of a rate increase is on offer. My Legion 5 has an 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor, Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics, 16 jobs of memory in twin network and a 1080p 165Hz screen. There are also other less costly arrangements offered though, you can locate instances and also examine upgraded prices with those links down in the summary. Now as held true with the much more pricey Lenovo Myriad 5 Pro, the normal Legion 5 does use the slower X16 memory, or a minimum of the setup that I have actually obtained here that I got with my own cash featured that memory. You can describe this video clip if you want the details, but basically it should be feasible to obtain a rate boost in video games by upgrading the memory. As a result of all the supply concerns presently, a whole lot of laptop makers appear to be adhering to that slower memory. Anyway I have actually evaluated both so that we can see the difference. The Lenovo Vantage software, the control panel for the laptop, gives us the choice to make it possible for or disable panel overdrive. This is suggested to influence display feedback time, yet I really did not see a distinction with it on or off, so not certain if it’s a bug, yet with it on I was seeing under 7ms for average grey-to-grey

feedback time. It’s not looking super outstanding contrasted to various other laptop computers, also the 144Hz Legion 5 from in 2015 was greater than a number of milliseconds quicker, so perhaps the overdrive mode isn’t effectively functioning, but hey it’s still ahead of the 165Hz panel in the Blade 14. The overall system latency is likewise on the lower side compared to others, but again the slower display reaction time will add right here. This is the overall amount of time in between a mouse button press and when the weapon shot fires in CS: GO. Currently in a GPU only cardiovascular test I verified that the RTX 3060 in my Legion 5 could add to 130 watts, however with the cpu additionally under heavy anxiety test this would certainly reduce to 115 watts. Primarily it’s a full powered RTX 3060, according to the Nvidia specification sheet at least. The Vantage software provides various efficiency accounts. I have actually done all screening with the highest efficiency setting enabled for ideal results. By default there’s no overclocking applied, however it is possible to enter into the biography and also manually enable GPU overclocking. I have not done this though as it’s not the default and

there’s no alternative to enable it with the software program. Where feasible I try to test with defaults, as well as truthfully I don’t assume all that lots of individuals are mosting likely to enter into the biography manually just to enable GPU overclocking, yet if you did transform this on after that maybe you could expect a few frameworks difference to what I’m revealing here. At the end of the day I don’t believe it’s a large deal that I’m not including it on this laptop as you can make use of third event software like MSI Afterburner to overclock the GPU of practically any kind of laptop computer, so it’s not like this is an unique attribute of the Myriad 5. The Legion 5 has a MUX button, which they call hybrid setting in the Vantage software program. This allows us disable or make it possible for the incorporated Radeon graphics after a reboot. Every one of the game standards in this video have actually been performed with crossbreed mode handicapped for ideal outcomes. Alright, so let’s begin by seeing exactly how well the Legion 5 carries out in 10 different games both with the stock memory and with the memory upgrade. The supply memory that the laptop computer ships with is on the left, while the memory I’ve set up as well as additionally examined with is on the. Both sets have two 8 job sticks of DDR4-3200 CL22 memory and both are solitary ranking. The difference is that the stock memory it ships with has slower timings and also X16 financial institutions. After those 10 video games I’ll compare the Myriad 5 versus a number of other laptop

computers, or you can time traveling at any type of point with those timestamps down below. Cyberpunk 2077 was checked with the exact same run through the video game. I’ve obtained the supply RAM that the laptop computer actually ships with revealed by the red bars, the updated memory shown by the purple bars, and all setting presets of the game have been evaluated with most affordable down all-time low and highest up the top. There’s a much larger difference between the memory setups with the ray tracing presets up the top, otherwise at ultra setups the brand-new memory was simply offering a 2 FPS boost, a lot smaller sized fairly. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the video games standard. The updated memory was around 16% much faster with the greatest ultra setting predetermined, the biggest distinction seen out of all 10 video games examined in terms of portion at max setups, though in terms of actual FPS it’s simply a 7 to 8 structure difference, with similar changes seen at the reduced setting presets as well. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was additionally tested with the video games criteria, yet there was much less of a difference here, basically no real change with tiny distinctions one means or the other, margin of error stuff realistically so allow’s carry on. Control was trial run through the very same part of the game. This is a rather GPU hefty video game, so not also surprising that

the average FPS was generally the very same at both medium and high settings, with the new memory offering minor gains to the 1% lows. Reduced setups was reaching 8% greater typical FPS with the new memory though. If we enable ray mapping the new memory at max settings was in fact a little bit reduced than the old memory, though there was basically no adjustment at the lower setting presets. With DLSS enabled the new memory arrangement was back in advance, yet it’s just an incredibly percentage in most circumstances. Shadow of the Burial place Raider was examined with the games criteria as well as had one of the largest distinctions out of all games checked. At max setups the upgraded RAM was providing a 9% boost to ordinary FPS, yet 100 FPS at max setups is honestly still plenty for this examination, though the most affordable setting pre-programmed had a 19% increase to ordinary FPS with the new memory. Microsoft Trip Simulator was examined in the Sydney touchdown challenge, and the brand-new memory was able to offer some improvements here as well. We’re seeing nearly 8% higher average FPS with low-end settings, and about a 7% increase to ordinary FPS at the highest possible ultra setting preset, which was just able to hit 30 FPS. See Pets Legion was tested with the game’s criteria. Like Control with ray tracing, max setups was a little ahead with the stock memory,

nevertheless this definitely wasn’t the case whatsoever of the lower setup degrees. Low settings as an example was reaching 17% greater typical FPS with the brand-new memory. Fortnite was evaluated with the exact same replay file both times, so the precise very same examination travel through the video game. Like a lot of various other titles checked, a lot smaller sized differences at the greater setup presets, most likely as we start ending up being much less CPU bound where memory matters extra. At reduced settings the new memory was using an 8% boost to ordinary FPS, listed below the 10 game average. CS: GO was around 10% faster at minimum setups with the new memory, and also concerning 8.5% faster at max settings with the brand-new memory, above average gains from this esports title where greater framework prices are typically more crucial. The gains in Battlefield V were smaller with the new memory, however still present. At ultra settings the ordinary framework rate was simply 4% greater, or less than 5 FPS, while at reduced settings there’s an 8% gain with the brand-new memory. Typically out of all 10 video games evaluated, the Legion 5 with the memory upgrade was executing less than 5% faster than the supply memory configuration, so

not as huge of a difference as I was anticipating, however hi still an easy way to increase pc gaming efficiency. As we can see, results actually depend on the game. There’s a larger advantage for the memory upgrade if we rather compare the games with the most affordable setup presets. This is likely since memory makes a larger difference to the processor, and also the cpu is a bigger factor in video gaming performance at lower setups where we’re less most likely to be restricted by the GPU. Truthfully if you’re getting RTX 3060 graphics at 1080p you’re probably going to be targeting higher settings anyhow, so depending on the game there will possibly be less of a motivation to really upgrade the memory. I wouldn’t state it’s required, however relying on the video game, as we did see we can obtain some nice enhancements with the new memory. Selling the memory that ships with the laptop computer and buying new memory for a rate boost in video games is definitely an alternative at least. Since we have actually got a concept of what type of a speed increase gets on offer with the updated memory let’s see exactly how the Legion 5 compare to other laptops. Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the street child life course on all laptops, as well as I’ve obtained the Legion 5 with supply RAM highlighted in red, as well as the

updated RAM highlighted in environment-friendly. The memory change is offering a larger boost to 1% lows than average FPS in this test, but despite having supply RAM this is still the fastest RTX 3060 I’ve checked thus far. The MSI GS76 with reduced GPU power limit has to do with 10 FPS behind, and comparable bargain for the even reduced wattage 3060 in the Zephyrus G14, though that is likewise a lot smaller also. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video game’s criteria. There’s a little bit more of a distinction this time between the supply and also updated RAM. The upgraded Myriad 5 is simply a few FPS behind the i9 and RTX 3070 in the Zephyrus M16 one setting in advance, though the M16 is kept back by optimus, and once again even the supply memory Myriad 5 is defeating the other 3060 laptops that I’ve checked up until now. Impressively the Dell G5 with last gen 5600M is close to the 3060s. Control was trial run through the same part of the game on all laptops. There’s primarily no difference in this GPU hefty video game with the updated memory, and also we’re simply a couple FPS behind the higher

specced HP Omen 15 with RTX 3070, probably due to the Omen’s lower GPU power limitation as well as lack of disabling optimus. The Legion 5 is still the ideal 3060 outcome I have actually obtained, easily ahead of the lower power level MSI GS76 and ASUS G14 below, and also we’re reaching even more than 60% greater ordinary FPS contrasted to the last gen Myriad 5 with GTX 1660 Ti. I’m actually mosting likely to contrast the RTX 3060 against the GTX 1660 Ti using my Legion 5, so if you’re brand-new to the channel ensure you obtain subscribed for that approaching future content, along with for the complete testimonial of the Legion 5. Come as well as join me in Disharmony as well as support the scenes videos by sustaining the network on Patreon, and come and also have a look at a few of my other video clips over right here following, I’ll see you over in one of those.

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