ASUS Zephyrus M16 Game Testing + Giveaway!

I’m mosting likely to reveal you how well the new Asus Zephyrus M16 gaming laptop computer carries out in games at various resolutions and compares against various other laptops, oh and also stick around for the giveaway! I’ve got the highest possible specced M16 here, so 8 core Intel i9-11900H cpu, Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics, 16 jobs of memory in dual network as well as a 16″ 165Hz screen with a resolution greater than 1440p. There are certainly reduced specced models that are likewise less expensive as well, you can find instances and also inspect upgraded prices with those web links down in the summary below. Prior to we enter the laptop criteria though, do you want the possibility to win an RTX 3080 graphics card or VR headset? Naturally you do! Stick about and also listen to about this video clip’s enroller VAIL VIRTUAL REALITY. VAIL virtual reality is an affordable 5v5 multiplayer shooter game concentrated on tactical gunplay and also combat, but in virtual reality with complete body computer animation without the requirement for added tracking hardware. VAIL is community focused with a strong social element, in addition to a ranking system and competitions you can complete in to prove your skills. Select your side, experience team-based action and

interact to achieve triumph. VAIL is presently in screening, but you can request access on Steam, or join the large community of virtual reality fanatics in Discord. Check out the sponsored link in the video summary to figure out even more concerning VAIL VIRTUAL REALITY, go into the global competition and also sign up with the neighborhood, and also currently back to the M16. The screen has a reasonably fast 4.4 ms average grey-to-grey response time with panel overdrive allowed, which is the default. It’s doing fairly well when compared against others, among the faster results I have actually tape-recorded, as well as is appropriate in line with various other 165Hz 2560 by 1600 panels determined in the Lenovo Myriad 5 Pro and Myriad 7 laptops. The complete system latency is likewise on the lower side compared to various other laptops tested. This is the overall amount of time between a mouse button press and also when the weapon shot fires in CS: GO. ASUS promotes the RTX 3070 version with an 80 watt power restriction, yet with approximately 100 watts with dynamic boost. Now I found my M16 would certainly run its 3070 as much as 100 watts in a GPU just

anxiety test as specified, but sometimes with the CPU also under hefty cardiovascular test the GPU would drop down to 65 watts, though 80 was extra usual, it just depends on the work. Reduced power limits are a tradeoff with the Zephyrus collection so as to get that thinner layout. The ASUS Armoury Pet crate software application, the control panel for the laptop computer, offers different performance profiles, I have actually done all testing with the greatest hand-operated setting with power sliders maxed out and followers established to complete speed for ideal outcomes, and also this additionally uses the following overclock to the graphics, however you can customize it. There’s no MUX button, so it’s not feasible to disable optimus and get a speed increase in video games, yet we can still bypass optimus and the incorporated graphics by connecting an external display to the front most Type-C port, so I’ll check this as well as well as reveal you what type of a rate boost that provides us. Alright so let’s start out by seeing exactly how well the M16 actually contrasts against various other laptop computers in a number of video games at various resolutions, we’ll be comparing to common 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions as that’s what I’ve obtained information for, however remain till after the contrasts because I’ll also show you just how well the M16 does with its indigenous 2560 by 1600 resolution. Cyberpunk 2077 was tested in little China with the road

youngster life path, as well as I’ve got the M16 highlighted in red. Let’s begin with 1080p results. I have actually basically just got present gen laptop computers to compare with as this is a more recent video game and I’m not able to maintain the laptop computers I assess. In any instance it’s in fact in advance of a few other RTX 3070 laptop computers that have greater GPU power limitations as well as a MUX switch, like the MSI GP76, though that does also have a 6 core Intel CPU. I’ve obtained less data at the greater 1440p resolution because those displays are still reasonably brand-new for laptop computers. The M16 is among the lower outcomes currently about the various other laptops, but hey it’s still ahead of the Zephyrus G15 with similar power level RTX 3080 graphics simply below it, while the much smaller Blade 14 is a pair of FPS ahead. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video game’s criteria. At 1080p the M16 is just one of the most affordable ratings I have actually entered this video game. The much less expensive HP Omen 15 with a similar electrical power RTX 3070 is nearby though, and hey it’s still ahead of the quad core TUF Dash F15 a number of placements listed below, which additionally has 3070 graphics. Tipping up to 1440p as well as things do not truly change, the M16 is still below

a lot of these other laptop computers, approved many of the outcomes are additionally from 3080 laptop computers as those simply take place to be the specs I have actually obtained that have really been coupled with screens that can support this resolution. Control was trial run with the exact same part of the game on all laptop computers. At 1080p we’re looking better contrasted to red dead redemption 2 just prior to it. The M16 is somewhat ahead of the greater wattage 3070 in Alienware’s m15 R5, as well as several of the reduced electrical power 3080 choices are only simply a few FPS ahead – once more all options without MUX switch. Relocating up to 1440p and once more the M16 is lower contrasted to others, however virtually 60 FPS in Control at max setups prior to activating DLSS seems alright to me at this greater resolution. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was examined with the video games benchmark, and as an older video game currently I have actually got arise from older generations of equipment for comparison. The M16 is looking rather excellent right here, above 100 FPS at max settings, however once more I’m checking 1080p as this is the resolution I’ve obtained the most data for as well as we do have a much higher 2560 by 1600 resolution. I’ve evaluated Battleground 5 in project setting at ultra setups. The M16 was succeeding right here as well, possibly the more recent 11th gen Intel CPU is making even more of a distinction below compared to the GPU, given the M16 leads some 3080 laptop computers. Far Cry 5 was examined with the games benchmark at max

setups, as well as this test most definitely depends extra on the cpu, though the 11900H isn’t able to match the very same cpu in the Zephyrus S17, provided that does also have a higher power level GPU. As discussed previously, it is feasible to boost gaming performance of the M16 by connecting an exterior display to the Type-C display screen port down the front as this bypasses optimus and also the integrated graphics. We’re almost looking at a 15% increase to ordinary FPS in Darkness of the Burial Place Raider with this basic modification, placing it a number of FPS in advance of the larger and also higher specced S17 simply listed below it, though my S17 was likewise constricted by optimus and could additionally receive an efficiency boost with an exterior display also. Alright so since we’ve got a suggestion of where the Zephyrus M16 contrasts against various other laptops, let’s figure out how well it actually carries out in video games with its native 2560 by 1600 resolution, as this is the resolution that you would really run video games at if you bought this laptop computer. Cyberpunk 2077 was just above 60 FPS at the lowest setting predetermined, though medium settings are close and also like most contemporary AAA games you do not necessarily require high FPS to play them well, high settings wouldn’t misbehave either. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was tested with the games standard and was about 60 FPS at high to really high setups, which I

think is plenty provided I played via the whole game uncreative listed below this. Red Dead Redemption 2 was still over 60 FPS with the high setup preset despite the greater resolution that we’re running at, a suitable result. Telephone Call of Task Warzone was checked with either all settings at minimum or maximum, as it doesn’t have predefined establishing presets. There had not been that much distinction in between the different setups though, yet max settings was still playing all right for me. For Control I have actually examined with ray mapping on in the environment-friendly bars, which is much less than the others, with ray tracing plus DLSS in the red bars, which is doing better and also around 60 FPS despite establishing predetermined, or with both ray mapping and also DLSS disabled in the purple bars, which can get to greater FPS at lower settings if this is your preference. Microsoft Trip Simulator was evaluated in the Sydney touchdown obstacle. The frame prices are looking much lower contrasted to others, but once more like a great deal of AAA video games we do not require incredibly high FPS to play penalty, plus refusing the resolution is constantly an alternative, though it won’t rather be as clear. See Pet dogs Legion was checked

with the video game’s benchmark. 60 FPS was feasible around high settings, while really high wasn’t much various, so still looking excellent while being able to run all right at this higher resolution. Fortnite was checked with the replay attribute, no problems at all as an esports title, still virtually 100 FPS even at max settings, though technically if you wanted the typical structure price above the display’s 165Hz rejuvenate rate you would certainly require to fall to tool setups. CS: GO is hitting high framework prices too, despite having the higher resolution, but as we have actually seen in the past, this game is greatly bottlenecked by the iGPU so with a MUX button or an external screen I wouldn’t be stunned if we saw a 100 FPS boost. Rainbow 6 Siege was tested with the video games criteria making use of Vulkan. Like constantly, no difference between the top three settings, which are all hitting ordinary FPS near the screen’s refresh rate. I revealed Field of battle V earlier at lower resolution, yet this older video game is still running pretty well also at this greater resolution. Similarly Darkness of the Burial place Raider is additionally doing fairly well at this greater resolution too, conveniently over 60 FPS also at max settings. Talking of older video games, The Witcher 3 is additionally running well also at max setups, though as is

constantly the instance, we can obtain significant efficiency gains just by decreasing one setting predetermined to high. Even with the indigenous resolution, which is above 1440p, the M16 is still carrying out rather well in all of the video games evaluated, at least with the higher specs I have actually obtained in my device. Once more there are likewise reduced specced alternatives connected down in the summary listed below. Currently there’s still a great deal much more I require to cover regarding the M16 like thermals as well as battery life for instance, and all of that will certainly be covered in the upcoming complete evaluation video clip, so if you’re new to the channel then ensure you’re subscribed for that upcoming web content, as well as I’m additionally wishing to compare the M16 against the Lenovo Myriad 5 Pro to figure out that does the much better 16″ laptop computer. Come and join me in Disharmony and get behind the scenes video clips by sustaining the channel on Patreon, and come and take a look at several of my various other video clips over here next, I’ll see you over in among those.

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