OnePlus 8 vs Pro vs Lite How the new phones stack up

now if your bit of a mobile geek like myself chances are you getting all giddy with excitement at all those massive oneplus it rumors floating around on the interwebs especially all a chat of there being three new models Unleashed at the next one Plus shindig in me yeah a fresh new light model is likely to be joining the 1 plus 8 and the 1 plus 8 Pro offered are still very solid set specs for even less cash but what according to that leaks machine is the actual difference between these three shiny new smartphones well here’s what we think we know so far about the follow-up to the 1 plus 70 and the 1 plus 70 bra and from one the latest a great small bar tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers one plus eight media rumors now of course one plus is well ahead of many of its rivals when it comes to the display tech I mean just look at the oneplus 70 which serves up a gorgeous Super AMOLED display with a 90 Hertz refresh rate just like the oneplus 70 probe at this time for just over 500 quid stellar stuff the latest one plus it leaks sure that the mighty Hertz refresh rate should cross over to the 8 model and even the oneplus it light as well which would be very impressive indeed as for the oneplus 8 pro model we’ll actually get them upgrades to a 120 Hertz display apparently according to those web rumors which means it will be a match for the likes of the rogue phone to another dedicated game and smartphones definitely impressive stuff indeed and with some of the latest games like shadow gun wargames supporting that 120 Hertz refresh rate you can expect a silky smooth experience as your fraggin to bits now while the pro models in 2019 delivered a full view notch list display thanks to that pop-up selfie camera well it has it that this feature has been ditched for the new one plus its smartphone range and all three devices including the light and the pro will have a pinhole camera design instead if all these rumours turn out to be true in those renders are accurate then that will be rather sad news I did love the blemish free notch list full view screen design here on the pro

models absolute Sun and stuff perfect for your media and the question has to be begged why would they switch from that pop up mechanism to a pinhole camera instead was the simply not enough room for that mechanism inside the new one plus eight phones because of a change in the internal as well won’t have to wait to say as for the rest of the screen specs the standard one plus 8 and the light model could offer the exact same display a 6.4 to 6.5 inch Super AMOLED panel with a full HD plus resolution meanwhile the pro version boost that size to around six point seven inches according to the web rumors and there’s a lot of web chatter about 1+8 the spears reach in a mighty 1000 nits on that maximum brightness so you should be able to use them to blind any would-be attackers who are trying to part you from your shiny new smartphone one plus eight camera rumors now a lot of the recent one plus eight leaks rumors and renders have all three of the new smartphone family sports and a triple lens rear camera just like the one plus 70 + 1 + 70 Pro and if that’s the case you can definitely expect a very similar camera setup to the previous generation including an ultra wide-angle lens on a telephoto lens backing up that primary lens now some internet here see it points to a mighty 60 megapixel main lens for the standard one plus it and that pro model but a slightly slimmed down forty eight megapixel shooter for the light version and that light model may also ditch the telephoto lens entirely

from what basic depth sensor just to help trim the cost as for those pinholes selfie camera as well rumors have it that the oneplus it and obviously a pro will rock a thirty-two megapixel effort well it’ll be trimmed down to a 16 megapixel selfie cam for the light model one plus its performance and battery rumors as well as performance goals no worries oneplus is always offered up the very latest Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chip says in its smartphone so you can expect nice smooth a run across the oneplus 70 + 1 + 70 pro with Sewer the only handsets in 2019 to rock Qualcomm’s fresh news snapdragon 855 + platform and i would happily bet my last clean pair of pants but the oneplus 8 range rocks about a snapdragon 865 action qualcomm launched the shiny new Snapdragon 865 out in Hawaii at the ass end of 2019 basta a 25% performance increase compared with the previous Snapdragon 805 5 so roughly a 10% increase over the e85 5 plus and a plethora of other bonus advantages as well I’ve done a full round above all of them in juicy snap tiny r65 details to go check that out for all you need to know about our chipset and you’re likely to see it packed inside both the 1 + 8 and the 1 + 8 pro but not that light model instead the light version is likely to use media text nude immensity 1000 platform which is actually not that far behind the stuff drawing is 6 5 as far as the everyday grunt is concerned it certainly shouldn’t have any trouble running multiple apps at once but that said the snapdragon 865 is superior as far as its game and

prowess cores go check out my bench marketing game and hands-on from the snapdragon summit to see all of those new GPU features which bring console quality gaming to your smartphone and interestingly that demented t1000 platform actually offers built-in integrated 5g connectivity as well as the snapdragon 865 you need to bolt on an extra Qualcomm modem in auditor and that 5g support so that begs the question we’ll all three smartphones therefore support five do be a bit weird if the light model did and it was the standard in the pro model didn’t now as for the battery tech while the most believable leaks so far point to a four thousand milliamp battery stuffed inside the oneplus it and the oneplus a light while the pro model will upgrade to a 4500 milliamp cell and the case of the pro model in particular that is a big upgrade over the previous gen definitely good news if it is sporting an energy sup in 120 Hertz display so hopefully the fresh new oneplus a pro and the rest of the smartphone family won’t have any trouble last in the full day even with plenty of screen on time just like the oneplus 70 and the Whomper 70 pro and of course yes you can expect at the very least warp charge technology to refill those batteries in double-quick time on all three models with any luck one plus it price and released it

this is one of the few areas where I don’t actually seem that much reliable information leaked it online but however of course you can confidently bet your left testicle or ovary if you’re a lady that the oneplus range will launch around May time just like the 1 + 7 family before it and one plus 6 before that as far as the prices concern I’d fully expects the oneplus it’s coming in around that 550-pound price point just like the oneplus 70 before it to stay competitive while still offering a strong set of specs and features as for the pro model while you can bet your bottom dollar that’ll cost at least 700 quid especially if the rumors and likes the 120 Hertz refresh rate are again on point yeah not a bad price point at all considering sand that really smart modern tech and features on boards of course the big question on everyone’s lips is going to be what is the cost of the oneplus it light if oneplus can bring that in for under 400 to 450 pound mark then it could be one of the biggest and most competitive mid ranges of 2020 especially if the rumors that like 90 years display are correct so what do you think are you tempted by any of new one plus its smartphones already despite the fact they’re not even officially a thing if you’d be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments block you think any of these rumors are awesome boxes well obviously some of its going to be accurate so this is going to turn out to be Otacon Wallops so again grittier thoughts down below please do POC subscribe and doing that notifications as well and I’m yourselves a lovely week people just love you

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