RTX 3060 vs GTX 1660 Ti – 15 Games Compared!

Should you get an RTX 3060 laptop, or conserve some cash and also get a less expensive GTX 1660 Ti? I have actually contrasted both laptop computers in 15 different video games to reveal you all the distinctions! These are the distinctions in specifications in between these 2 laptop computer GPUs. The newer RTX 3060 has even more than double the CUDA cores, and also although both have 6 gigs of GDDR6 memory, the more recent 3060’s is much faster. The 3060 likewise has a higher optimum power limitation array, as well as more power will certainly equal better performance, but also extra warmth. I’m utilizing the Lenovo Myriad 5 to do this comparison, as both laptops have a great deal of similarities which assists keep things fair. Both laptops have complete electrical power GPUs, so I’m contrasting the highest possible powered 1660 Ti versus the highest possible powered 3060, however I don’t also have an 80 watt 3060. Currently the 1660 Ti is only readily available with last generation cpus. I do not assume it’s feasible to discover one with either Ryzen 5000 or Intel 11th gen, so some of the differences that we’re going to see in this contrast will be due to those CPU distinctions, so while that might not be excellent from a scientific comparison point

ofview, it’s simply mosting likely to be the method it is in the real life. An RTX 3060 laptop will have a more recent CPU. We can try to minimize the processor differences by focusing on higher setting presets in video games, as these will normally be more GPU bound. Naturally we are expecting the more recent RTX 3060 to perform far better, the question is by just how much, as well as is it worth paying money for? Both laptop computers were examined with the precise same memory set set up, the very same Windows updates, very same Nvidia vehicle drivers as well as with optimus disabled for ideal outcomes. Let’s start by comparing both laptop computers in 15 different games adhered to by web content developer work, power draw, price difference as well as cost per structure after that. Red Dead Redemption 2 was checked with the games criteria. I have actually got the more recent RTX 3060 outcomes revealed by the purple bars, older GTX 1660 Ti results revealed by the red bars, and along the left are all the offered setting presets, with

lowest down all-time low and also highest possible up the top. The 1660 Ti is still offering practical outcomes as well as is over 60 FPS at medium settings, nonetheless at ultra where we’re a lot more GPU bound the 3060 was getting to 65% higher average FPS. Cyberpunk 2077 was tested with the specific same run via the game on both laptops, and also it’s revealing us the limits of the 1660 Ti quickly, in that it’s unable to run the ray tracing presets with DLSS on top. Even the 1% lows from the 3060 led the typical FPS from the 1660 Ti at most setting presets, so fairly big gains on offer with the more recent 3060 here. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the various other hand had a much smaller distinction at the highest setting degree, the 3060 was just 9% in advance, or only 4 FPS, nothing major. At lower presets though, the 1% lows from the 3060 were again in advance of also the average FPS from the 1660 Ti, though the differences in between the Zen2 as well as Zen3 CPUs most likely starts making a bigger difference there. Control was tested with and also without ray tracing, let’s begin with ray mapping off outcomes. This is a GPU hefty game, which is why the differences at high settings are a few of the biggest out of any game checked. The 3060 was getting to 66% greater ordinary FPS contrasted to the 1660 Ti, and also at max setups the 1% low of the 3060 is 20 FPS ahead of the 1660 Ti’s average. The performance gap is much larger with ray tracing allowed, since only the 3060 has the devoted equipment needed for ray tracing. GTX hardware can still run it in some video games, yet as we can see the outcomes are bad. RTX graphics also have the benefit of DLSS, as well as enabling this

makes ray tracing do far better, though we can of training course also run with DLSS without ray tracing for also greater efficiency DLSS is a benefit that the GTX 1660 Ti does not have, though this might be much less of a problem as increasingly more games begin to support AMD’s FSR. It simply depends upon the particular game as well as whether it sustains FSR, DLSS, or both. View Dogs Myriad also had some large differences between the two at greater settings. The 3060 was getting to greater than 60% greater typical FPS at ultra settings, though the gap is reduced at 15% with the low setup preset. Fortnite was examined with the very same replay on both laptops, and also there allowed gains to be had with the 3060 laptop computer below also, which was reaching 57% greater ordinary FPS at the greatest legendary establishing pre-programmed. The distinctions at reduced setups look like they’re larger, however they’re not, the 3060 was 37% in advance at low setups. CS: GO is another esports title, nevertheless there were much smaller sized distinctions in this one as the GPU doesn’t appear to make as huge of a distinction compared to the CPU. The 3060 laptop was simply 17% greater in average FPS at max settings, however I’m certain much of this results from Zen 2 vs Zen 3 differences. The distinctions in Microsoft Trip Simulator were additionally smaller contrasted to most various other games checked, specifically at reduced, tool and also high end settings. Ultra settings had the biggest performance space, with the 3060 laptop computer 26% ahead of the 1660 Ti laptop in regards to ordinary FPS. Instead than talk through the rest of the 7 games individually in deepness, I’ll just blast via them so we can enter into the enjoyable stuff, do not hesitate to stop the video clip if you want a closer consider these additional games. Extra games is important to help obtain a far better

rounded average. Generally over all 15 games tested at 1080p with the highest possible setting preset, the RTX 3060 was around 50% faster than the older GTX 1660 Ti. This is rather a large difference, though some games had much smaller sized distinctions like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, while some of the GPU hefty games like Control were over 60% faster on the more recent 3060. Currently let’s have a look at thermals and also battery life. The internals of both laptops is quite similar, yeah there are some distinctions however the heat pipelines show up to be the exact same and also both can also have the exact same 80Wh battery. These are the clock speeds that were reported by hardware information by running the Paradise GPU benchmark at max settings at 1080p for thirty minutes. The 3060 was getting to greater rates, just like it claims on the spec sheet. The 3060 was likewise running with a higher power restriction. The 1660 Ti maxes out at 80 watts, and although the 3060 go for 115 watts when the processor is under lots, like in the majority of video games, in this GPU only workload newer graphics like the 3060 can take benefit of vibrant boost, which in this case enables it to come to a head at 130 watts. Higher power restriction suggests that the laptop as a whole is attracting more power from the wall surface when under tons, and also more power is generally going to amount to more warmth,

specifically given the similarities in the cooling option, so no surprise that the 3060 laptop computer was running warmer in this GPU workload, yet the compromise, as we have actually seen, is much greater efficiency. Both laptops were lasting for similar quantities when running a real game on battery. In this case the 1660 Ti was lasting 3% longer, or simply 4 minutes extra while playing the Witcher 3, approved both laptops are limited to 30 FPS with Nvidia’s battery boost right here. People always request 3DMark, so here are the outcomes. The 3060, shown by the purple bars, is ahead in all of these examinations. It’s scoring 48% greater than the 1660 Ti in the Firestrike graphics rack up, 58% higher in the Timespy graphics score, then an enormous 239% greater in Port Royal since the 3060 in fact has ray tracing hardware, as well as this is a ray mapping examination. I’ve additionally examined some material designer workloads, due to the fact that think it or not some individuals do greater than just video gaming. Crazy I recognize! I’ve examined DaVinci Settle with the Puget systems standard. This test mainly depends upon GPU power, and also the RTX 3060 was racking up 12% greater than the GTX 1660 Ti in this one. The differences were much bigger in Blender or food processor with CUDA, possibly due to the CUDA core matter distinctions. The 3060 finished the longer Classroom make examination 56% faster than the older 1660 Ti. The V-Ray examination additionally makes use of the GPU to render a scene, as well as the 3060 had large gains in this one along with it’s another CUDA test, racking up 44% higher than the 1660 Ti. SPECviewperf tests out different professional 3D work, as well as the 3060, revealed by the purple bars, was in advance in all of these examinations, though the quantity it’s

ahead by can vary dramatically depending upon the details examination. Great, so the 3060 is better as anticipated, but exactly how a lot more cash does it set you back and also is it worth it? Rates will certainly modification over time, so refer to those links down below for updates. The Myriad 5 with 1660 Ti that I have actually checked right here presently chooses $1230 USD, though it was $1000 for rather some time in 2015, so most likely it’s increased to fulfill supply and demand. That claimed there’s still the 6 core Intel 10th gen version for $1000, and truthfully in most video games at max settings the performance must be reasonably comparable, provided you may intend to update the RAM from 8 jobs. The 3060 Legion 5 on the other hand is even more than $300 even more, though it appears like it got on sale for under $1400 USD lately and now that runs out supply, once more check the web links in the summary for supply updates. As for price per structure goes, the 1660 Ti in the currently priced Myriad 5 is the worst value, as well as while the 1660 Ti at $1000 is providing much better worth, the 3060 Myriad 5 for sale was still slightly better worth. When considering both at routine costs without sales though, the 3060 design actually appears to be worth paying for. Yeah it costs even more money, yet the uplift in efficiency leads to a reduced price per framework worth, so you’re obtaining what you’re spending for, though it does certainly rely on your spending plan as well as what you can pay for. Honestly if you can obtain it on sale, I assume the more recent RTX 3060 is well worth it. For sale at $1400 USD it’s around 14% even more money contrasted to the Myriad 5 with 1660

Ti, and also as we have actually seen it’s additionally supplying a better performance increase, at the very least one that I would fit paying 14% more money for. Also at complete rate the 3060 model is still about 27% greater than the Myriad 5 with 1660 Ti, which for 60% gains in some gains I believe is still quite well worth it. That claimed, the 1660 Ti is by no methods dead, as we have actually seen it can still do fairly well in a number of modern games, you simply might need to turn the settings down in a few of them a pair of degrees. Look into these video clips next if you desire to get a much better suggestion of how well both the 3060 and 1660 Ti contrast versus various other laptop GPUs. See to it you’re subscribed to the network for future laptop contrasts similar to this one, and come as well as join me in Discord as well as obtain behind the scenes video clips by sustaining the channel on Patreon.

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