MSI Delta 15 (RX 6700M) Tested In 13 Games!

MSI’s Delta 15 is the initial gaming laptop computer to include AMD’s new Radeon RX 6700M graphics, so allow’s examination it out in 13 different video games and also compare it against various other laptops and see how it accumulates! My Delta 15 has an 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H cpu with Radeon RX 6700M graphics. There’s 16 jobs of memory and a 15.6″ 1080p 240Hz display. The 6700M is AMD’s center choice out of their new RDNA 2 mobile graphics, resting in between the 6600M as well as 6800M with 10 jobs of VRAM, as well as AMD says it contends with Nvidia’s RTX 3070. Currently the AMD specification sheet for the 6700M notes that it can add to 135 watts. In a GPU just tension test I discovered that my Delta 15 would run the GPU up to 120 watts, and after that with the CPU likewise under tons this lowered to regarding 95 watts. The MSI Facility software program can be used to transform efficiency modes, all screening was done here with the greatest extreme performance set. Unfortunately the Delta 15 does not have a MUX button, so it’s not possible to disable the integrated graphics. But both the best hand

Type-C port and HDMI port link directly to the 6700M, so connecting an outside display needs to bypass this and also I’ll check this too. The MSI Center software has actually overdrive enabled by default, which affects display reaction time. With this allowed we’re considering regarding a 5ms ordinary grey-to-grey feedback time for the Delta 15’s 240Hz panel, so a little slower than the 4.16 ms required for all transitions to occur within the refresh window. The Delta 15 was about average in regards to complete system latency, which is the quantity of time measured in between a computer mouse click as well as a weapon shot terminated in CS: GO. The Delta 15 is likewise offered with a 144Hz panel though, so anticipate various outcomes with that said choice. Currently the memory that was available in my Delta 15 was the much faster x8 stuff as opposed to x16, so I haven’t transformed it. Alright so with all that in mind let’s find out just how well MSI’s Delta 15 as well as AMD’s Radeon RX 6700M do in games and also compare versus other laptops. Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated the exact same on all laptops, as well as I’ve obtained MSI’s Delta 15 with RX 6700M highlighted in red. It appears to be in between laptops with RTX 3060 graphics, so absolutely not a poor

outcome as the 3060 is fantastic, yet it’s likewise not rather the 3070 tier AMD have actually been stating, at the very least in this one video game, we’ll examine more. I’m mosting likely to compare the 6700M versus the 3070 and 3060 in 17 games at 2 resolutions quickly, so see to it you’re subscribed for those upcoming contrasts. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the video game’s benchmark, and this moment the Delta 15 was much more in line with those 3070 results, so it’s plainly going to depend on the certain game. What was unusual though was that the 6700M was actually 3 FPS in advance of the greater rate 6800M. Now I did evaluate the 6800M essentially right at launch, so possibly vehicle driver updates would enhance its score. I’m actually obtaining it again quickly to contrast with the 6700M, so I’ll retest that as soon as it gets here and upgrade the outcome. I think it’s a lot more most likely to be the situation that the 6800M laptop had x16 memory, while the 6700M maker has x8 memory. I’ll be sure to utilize the exact same memory when doing the specialized contrasts though, but this is still legitimate as this is how both laptops ship. Control was tested running via the very same component of the game on all laptop computers, and the 6700M was currently back with the 3060 laptop computers, granted this is an Nvidia

funded title, so that’s not super surprising. Obviously this video game additionally has DLSS assistance, so that might be allowed on the 3060 laptops to significantly boost performance too. AMD has FSR, but it’s absent in this game. Shadow of the Burial Place Raider was examined with the game’s criteria, as well as this was another where the Delta 15’s 6700M was back in accordance with the 3070 laptop computers.
This likewise puts it ahead of the greater rate 6800M that I previously tested a couple of months earlier, so yeah it certainly appears like I’m going to need to retest that with the current chauffeurs as well as learn what the deal is, because it needs to be greater. Again I’m guessing it’s the memory, as this is one more game I’ve found to be substantially affected by x8 and also x16 memory. As discussed previously, it ought to be possible to obtain a speed increase in games by connecting an exterior display to the Delta 15, as this will certainly bypass the incorporated graphics. In Darkness of the Burial Place Raider we’re only considering a little 2% increase, or 2 fps, yet hey this is only a basic modification and at the very least it seems to show you’re not missing out on much by staying with the laptop computer’s screen. Results will naturally differ by game, generally GPU heavy video games at higher setting levels see tiny modifications with an exterior screen, while high

structure price esports titles have a bigger change. I’ve just contrasted one video game here, because as discussed I’ll be comparing the Delta 15 in 17 various games at 2 various resolutions in many upcoming comparison videos, so once again ensure you’re subscribed for those. Alright currently let’s see just how well MSI’s Delta 15 performs in even more video games at all setup degrees. Allow’s start with Call of Duty Warzone, which was evaluated with either all setups at max or minimum as it does not have actually integrated in presets. It was playing perfectly great for me also maxed out, the distinction was relatively small at minimum settings, so might also appreciate the better visuals with greater settings. We compared control earlier, but currently I’ve additionally evaluated it with ray mapping enabled in the eco-friendly bars. I’ll save straight comparisons for the upcoming specialized video clips, however I am discovering that the ray tracing outcomes are behind Nvidia’s choices, as well as yeah no DLSS assistance for Radeon graphics, which is something that I normally examine with this game, so I ‘d most likely keep away from ray mapping in this video game, but it’s running fine with it off also maxed out. Cyberpunk was also compared earlier, however with all setting presets now I’ve additionally tested the ray tracing presets up the top. Once more no DLSS and FSR isn’t

sustained in this video game, so I would certainly stay away from the ray mapping presets offered the performance is considerably greater without it with high settings getting us over 60 FPS. Microsoft Flight Simulator had the ability to pass 60 FPS with the high-end setting predetermined, though it was possible to pass 100 FPS with the low setup pre-programmed if you’re after a smoother experience at the expenditure of visuals. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a game that I have actually located to normally do well with Radeon graphics, which’s the instance right here, 70 FPS at max settings is a great outcome for a gaming laptop computer, but once more this will be among many games I compare in deepness in a future video clip quickly. Watch Canines Legion was still above 60 FPS at max setups. Many of these AAA games don’t always need mega high FPS to take pleasure in, yet I ‘d most likely take the 20% increase to ordinary FPS by reducing down to extremely high settings, as that still looks pretty good. Fortnite on the various other hand is even more of an esports title, as well as it was running above 100 FPS even at max setups, while medium or low setups may be a far better compare with the 240Hz display if you’re playing competitively. CS: GO was also reaching very high structure rates, though the distinctions in between the

different setup presets were very little. This game usually sees large gains with a MUX switch or exterior screen, yet even without this the structure price is more than the display’s refresh price. Rainbow Six Siege was likewise hitting extremely high frame prices no issue, low settings had 1% lows that were above the display’s 240Hz revitalize price, but also maxed out 200 FPS is still going to be greater than penalty. I must likewise note that this game opened up on the incorporated graphics by default, I’m not sure exactly how they still have not fixed this at the driver degree, as this is a trouble that’s existed for several years, however I needed to manually establish the game to operate on the RX 6700M instead of the Vega GPU in the 5800H. I guess this is also a respectable time for me to enter as well as just say that I had no other motorist problems with the 6700M. No video games collapsed as well as every little thing was perfectly stable. Red Dead Redemption 2 was contrasted previously, and also as we saw there the Radeon GPU was doing fairly well contrasted to others. Above 60 FPS at max setups is an excellent result for a laptop, as well as near 100 at high setups is closer to RTX 3070 performance. Darkness of the Tomb Raider was over 100 FPS at max settings, and also comparable deal for Battleground 5, still quickly usable on this equipment at max settings though these are basically older gen video games currently. Going back even additional and The Witcher 3 was over 100 FPS maxed out also for the 1% low, and also although it was running penalty at ultra you can get a fairly huge 35% increase to typical FPS

lowering down just one degree to high settings. The 6700M can likewise make usage of AMD’s new FSR in video games that sustain it, however unfortunately none of these games that I frequently test have FSR assistance. I did think about including some video games that do sustain FSR to display it as well as see what it can do, but at the same time it really felt a little odd and also I presume biased for me to go out of my means and test video games that I don’t otherwise examination.
I believe if FSR just isn’t yet supported in these preferred titles that I often evaluate then it’s simply rotten luck. I truly do hope that we see it in more of these games that I regularly test. I’ll cover definitely every little thing else regarding the Delta 15 like thermals, battery life and also even more in the upcoming full evaluation, so ensure you’re subscribed for that upcoming content, and also of training course for all the upcoming 6700M comparisons. Or else in the meantime come and join me as well as the neighborhood in Discord and support the scenes video clips by sustaining the channel on Patreon, and come as well as look into a few of my various other videos over below next, I’ll see you in among those.

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