Lenovo Legion 5 vs HP Victus 16 – EVERYTHING Compared!

Which pc gaming laptop computer is better, Lenovo’s Myriad 5 or HP’s Victus 16? I’ve contrasted both to discover every one of the distinctions! Both of my examination laptop computers have comparable specifications, AMD’s 8 core Ryzen 7 5800H cpu, Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics, 16 gigs of memory, a 512 job SSD, and a 1080p screen with high refresh price, 15.6 inches for the Legion as well as 16.1 inches for the Victus. Both laptop computers have good build high quality considering they’re both plastic. The only point I ‘d actually fault the Victus for is that it has more display wobble. Myriad’s stopped, Victus still going, still going, still going and also stopped. It just chooses ages, though it’s not really a problem unless you bump the laptop computer or workdesk or move the laptop computer around. I never found the screen to in fact totter while simply keying on it normally. My Myriad 5 has a dark blue coating, however it’s likewise available in white, while I’ve got a white Victus, yet it’s also available with darker blue or silver coatings. The Victus was a little broader, makes sense as it’s got a somewhat larger 16″ screen. The Legion was a little much deeper, however it’s incredibly close, and thickness was fairly comparable. The Legion evaluates a little less if we’re just comparing the laptops alone, yet it’s bigger as well as larger 300 watt power brick makes the general package much heavier

compared to the Victus. Now both of these laptops have 1080p screens, yet the Myriad’s is 165Hz while the Victus has a 144Hz screen. The Legion is additionally readily available with a slower 120Hz screen while the Victus has a 1440p upgrade course, or for $40 USD extra it also seems like you can update the Victus to a higher high quality 1080p screen. The only Victus that I can acquire had the worst feasible display choice. Just the Legion has a MUX button, so you have actually obtained the alternative of running it with either optimus enabled for ideal battery life, or with optimus handicapped for much better video gaming performance. With the Victus you’re stuck with optimus enabled. The least expensive end Victus screen doesn’t also have FreeSync, meanwhile the Myriad 5 has FreeSync when optimus is made it possible for, yet it likewise has G-Sync when optimus is impaired. The Legion 5’s screen, revealed by the red bars, has a much greater shade gamut contrasted to HP’s Victus 16 in the purple bars, but this might be different if you obtain the screen upgrade on the Victus. The screen brightness of the Myriad 5 was much better at 90 as well as 100% brightness, or else at lower levels the Victus was a little better. The

Victus still really felt dim at full brightness for me, so paying $40 for that display upgrade is probably worth it. The action times are also quite various. The Victus has among the slower 144Hz panels that I’ve checked with a 17ms action time, while the Myriad’s was much faster at under 7ms, but once more outcomes will certainly differ with different display alternatives. Slower screen response time adds to the complete system latency, which is the quantity of time between a computer mouse click and weapon shot fire on the screen in CS: GO. The Legion was absolutely quicker, while the Victus was one of the slower outcomes I’ve videotaped. Both had really small backlight bleed, I never noticed it throughout normal use on either laptop computer, however results will certainly vary between laptop computer and panels. Both laptops have a 720p camera over the display between. Neither have IR for Windows Hello there face unlock, but the Myriad has an activate the right to physically disconnect the electronic camera. This is what the video camera and microphone appearance and also seem like on the Myriad 5, and after that this is exactly how things look and seem like over on the HP Victus. Both laptops have backlit secrets. My Legion has a 4 zone RGB key-board, yet there’s additionally a white only variation, while my Victus simply has white keys, which were tough to see with the white finish as a result of a lack of contrast unless you’re in a dark area, so

therefore alone I would certainly recommend anything apart from the white finish. Personally I liked inputting on the Victus. The Legion still has an above ordinary keyboard, I simply liked the clicker feeling of the Victus. The Myriad likewise has larger arrowhead tricks which I directly prefer. The Victus has its power button right following to erase as well as backspace, yet thankfully an accidental mispress does not do anything, you need to hold it to rest. Both have precision touchpads, the one on the Victus is physically larger in both measurements, yet the click simply felt nicer to me on the Legion and I never had a problem with its dimension. Both have their audio speakers on the left as well as best towards the front. I assumed both appeared decent, yet the Victus appeared much better to me, the Myriad was just a little bit tinnier sounding relatively. The Latencymon results were fairly similar from either laptop, no big distinctions. Just the Myriad has an air exhaust vent on the left side. They both have a USB Type-C port, though the Legion’s is much faster Gen2 while the Victus is slower Gen1, or else both have a 3.5 mm audio combo jack. The Victus likewise has its power input, gigabit ethernet, HDMI 2.1, a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port and also an SD card slot on this side. Both laptop computers have an air exhaust on the. The Victus has 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports while the Myriad has one, and also the Myriad additionally has the electronic camera disconnect button here. The remainder of the Legion’s I/O is on the back, which I directly favor as large wires go out the back as well as stay out of the method. From left to right the Myriad has actually gigabit ethernet, a 2nd USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, 3 more USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, HDMI 2.1 as well as the power input on the. The Myriad also has these symbols over the back ports which aid with seeing where you’re plugging cords into without transforming the laptop around. So primarily the major I/O distinctions are that the Legion has 4 USB Type-A ports while the Victus

has 3. The Legion has 2 USB Type-C ports while the Victus simply has the 1, yet the Legion’s are likewise much faster Gen 2 while the Victus has slower Gen 1, and the one on the back of the Myriad can also be made use of to charge the laptop computer. The Victus does not have Type-C billing, yet the Victus does also have an SD card port, something that the 15 inch myriad 5 does not have, yet the 17 inch Legion 5 does have that. Now all Type-C ports on both laptops supply DisplayPort 1.4 support, and both that along with the HDMI ports link straight to the Nvidia graphics bypassing optimus, so this does indicate that we can affix an outside display to the Victus in order to increase its performance in games. The legion has an extrusion on the front in the center that makes opening the cover less complicated, however that claimed I didn’t truly have any kind of problems opening up the Victus. The Myriad also has flip to boot as an alternative you can make it possible for with software or BIOS, and also this powers the laptop on when you open the cover. Below both show up to have lots of space for air ventilation towards the back, but we can see that both only really bring air in straight over the followers through round remove. The black rectangle that covers the vents on the Legion is a mesh dirt filter, while the Victus is strong, so I intend the Legion might have more air circulation because regard. Here’s exactly how both look within. The Myriad 5 has some extra metal coverings, with those eliminated we can see that both laptop computers are quite comparable. They’ve obtained their batteries down the front, 2 memory sticks in twin network, 2 M. 2 storage ports and Wi-Fi 6 cards, though it needs to be kept in mind that the Wi-Fi in the Victus is below the colder for one reason or another, so a Wi-Fi upgrade on the Victus

would certainly need you to eliminate this as well as repaste the CPU and also GPU, much much less hassle-free contrasted to the Myriad, approved that’s possibly not a change you’ll make frequently. Regardless of both laptop computers having the specific same model of RealTek Wi-Fi card installed, the Victus was a little faster, though both were a fair bit behind a lot of the Intel choices, however you could update this yourself for like $20. All screening in this video clip has actually been finished with both laptop computers running their supply memory that they delivered with. I believe this much better represents a fair comparison at stands for exactly how both laptop computers would certainly perform out of the box if you were to really go and buy them, so this indicates that practically my Victus better x8 memory while the Legion has slower x16 memory, though we might obviously go and update that, it would just cost more cash. The battery in my Myriad is around 14% larger than my Victus in regards to watt hr capacity, yet you can additionally get the Legion with a smaller sized 60Wh alternative, so expect different outcomes with that said. Remarkably the Victus with smaller battery was lasting around 16% longer in the YouTube playback test, though the Legion was in advance in the video game examination. Both outcomes are wonderful and well over standard. The software experience on the Legion 5 is much better compared to the Victus. Both provide you the choice to switch between various performance modes, however I had some weird insect on the Victus where it would certainly undo my

choices occasionally, ideally that gets taken care of in an update. Lenovo’s Vantage software application is just more central and also you can do more, every little thing is done through below consisting of obtaining updates, on the Victus that’s handled with a various program. The Myriad likewise lets you alter the performance settings with the function plus Q faster way, and this transforms the color of the power button to reflect it. The Victus has no such shortcuts, you need to utilize the software application just. Lenovo’s Vantage software application additionally lets us make it possible for or disable hybrid mode aka optimus, something the Victus does not support whatsoever. The Legion likewise lets us change battery and power settings below, again something I didn’t locate on the Victus. Simply prior to we enter the thermals, I have actually reached state the biography on the Legion was far better. It looks extra contemporary and also there are just a lot more options for you to tailor contrasted to the Victus, though both laptops have TPM 2.0, a security attribute which will certainly be called for to run the new Windows 11. That’s excellent information, because enhanced security on your devices is a must-have these days, which is why this part of the video has been funded by Dashlane. Making use of the very same password for everything is dreadful, if just one website gets jeopardized, attackers can access every one of your accounts with the same credentials, yet keeping in mind complicated as well as special

passwords can be difficult. Dashlane is the solution! Dashlane is a password monitoring device for keeping all your passwords, across any kind of tool anywhere. They additionally save repayment, and also personal details in a secure place that only you can access, so with Dashlane no extra submitting types and logins. One click and you’re in. Dashlane works with all devices on all platforms as well as you also get a VPN for streaming material and also safe browsing. You’re getting both a password manager and also a VPN for less than the price of simply among those solutions alone. It’s worth it simply to never ever have to click the “neglected password” button once again! So if you discover this as helpful as I do you can attempt Dashlane on your first device completely free by going to dashlane. com/jarrod, and also when you desire to update to premium you can obtain 50% off by utilizing the coupon code “jarrod”, and also currently back to the testimonial of the Victus. Let’s compare thermals next. I’m just mosting likely to take a look at both laptop computers in their highest possible efficiency modes. If you wish to additionally see thermal outcomes of both laptops in every performance setting readily available then refer to the full evaluation video clips linked in the summary listed below. The blue bars stand for the CPU while the eco-friendly bars stand for the GPU temperature level. The Victus was warmer on these parts when just sitting there idle. With a CPU plus GPU tension examination running however, the Myriad was warmer on the CPU and GPU. The air conditioning pad I evaluate with, linked in the description below, was able to boost both laptops, however

the Victus was still cooler. The CPUs were the very same with a video game operating, however the GPU in the Legion was warmer, and after that once more both can be cooled additionally in the video game with the air conditioning pad. These are the clock speeds for the very same tests simply revealed. During the stress examination the Myriad was getting to both higher CPU and also GPU rates, so it’s carrying out better with the exact same equipment which is most likely why it was warmer too. They don’t transform much with the cooling pad as thermals weren’t much of a limitation, and then in the video game they’re a lot closer with each other, though the Myriad still had the lead. We can see that throughout the cardiovascular test the Legion has both greater CPU and GPU power restrictions. More power equates to even more performance, yet additionally more heat. Basically the Victus has a 95 watt 3060 while the Myriad’s is full powered at 115 watts, though it can increase to 130 watts with Nvidia’s vibrant boost, plus the Victus seems to top the CPU to 35 watts while the Legion can most likely to 45, granted in this game the distinction in CPU usage was small. In Cinebench R23, a CPU only workload with the GPU currently still, the Myriad 5 was doing better regardless of both technically having the exact same Ryzen 7 5800H cpu. The Myriad was racking up around 9% greater in multicore, approved single core was a lot the very same as usually no laptop computers

undergo power or thermal constraints there. Points alter when operating on battery power. The Myriad was still in advance when it pertained to solitary core, yet it’s margin of error things. The Victus nevertheless was ahead in multicore currently, though only by 5%, so HP appears to execute far better on battery. The Myriad was cooler to the touch when both were resting there idle, but that’s not to claim the Victus was cozy, reduced 30 degrees Celsius is regular in this examination, the Myriad was just poor. Neither were warm to the touch while under hefty worst instance stress and anxiety examination, the Victus was perhaps a little warmer, but it’s close, let’s have a listen to the fan sound. The Myriad was more audible when sitting there not doing anything at idle, as well as it additionally winds up being simply a little louder with the tension evaluates going. Once again at least the Victus has some fundamental degree of follower control, you obtain absolutely nothing on the Legion. Now let’s test out some games and discover out just how both laptops contrast, and as discussed earlier both laptop computers are tested with their stock memory here, and the Legion has optimus impaired as it does have the advantage of a MUX switch. Cyberpunk 2077 was evaluated in

little China with the road youngster life path on all laptop computers. I’ve got both the Legion and also Victus laptops highlighted in red, as well as we can see that the Myriad is getting to around 10% greater ordinary FPS in this one. This is in component because of the higher GPU power limit of the 3060 in the Legion, however additionally due to the fact that it has a MUX button, which allows us disable optimus and normally enhance efficiency in video games. Anyhow it’s not as if the 3060 in the Victus was negative or anything, we’re still over 60 FPS at high settings. Red Dead Redemption 2 was examined with the games benchmark, as well as this moment both laptops were scoring essentially the very same. I assume we’re seeing the different memory in activity right here. Both of these results are with both laptops evaluated with their stock memory, the Victus came with x8 sticks while my Legion came with x16 sticks. If I retest the Myriad with x8 memory it ends up getting 82 FPS, so a wonderful rate increase, however yeah just stock out of package they’re essentially the same as a result of the memory differences. Control on the various other hand is fairly GPU heavy, and also I don’t usually discover memory differences to matter as much in this game. This is most likely why the Legion was currently around 14% faster in regards to typical FPS when contrasted to the Victus, placing it just a pair of FPS behind the reduced power level 3070 in the HP Prophecy 15 one place above it as the Myriad has the complete powered 3060. I have also tested the Myriad 5 with faster x8 memory in this video over here, so examine that out following if you desire to see what type of an efficiency enhance a memory upgrade will certainly provide it. Though it is likewise possible to improve gaming efficiency on the Victus by linking an external display and bypassing the integrated graphics, as well as you can examine those results in my Victus video game examination video which is linked in the description listed below. The Myriad 5, shown right here by the red bars, was always ahead of the Victus 16, revealed by the purple bars in all of

the 3DMark examinations, once more makes feeling as a result of the higher electrical power 3060. Now allow’s take a look at some material developer work. Adobe Best was evaluated with the Puget Equipments criteria, and also both laptop computers are highlighted in red. There’s no genuine difference here, practically the Victus was 3 factors in advance yet this is conveniently margin of error things in this test, and I presume this is the memory distinction at play again. The difference was a little bigger in Adobe Photoshop, the Victus was racking up around 6% higher. This test is generally fairly cpu intensive, so yeah I would certainly expect the Legion to do much better if it additionally had x8 memory like the Victus. The differences in DaVinci Willpower were likewise relatively tiny, yet the Victus was still scoring regarding 5% greater due to the much better memory that it delivered with. SPECviewperf tests out various professional 3D workloads, and the higher powered 3060 in the Legion 5, displayed in the red bars here, was generally in advance, yet that had not been always the case, it depends upon the particular workload. Both of my laptops featured 512gb NVMe M. 2 SSDs. As a whole the one in the Legion was a little faster, though it depends upon the specific examination, both were performing well regardless. The Victus also has an SD card port, which the 15″ Legion

does not have, yet the bigger 17″ design does however. Linux support was examined with an Ubuntu 21 live CD. Both worked penalty, though the RealTek Wi-Fi had not been identified on either out of package as it probably needs added chauffeurs. I’ll provide the edge to the Myriad however because you can still utilize the function plus Q shortcut to change efficiency settings as they’re baked into firmware, the Victus calls for software application support. Alright allow’s talk about prices and accessibility following. This will obviously modification in time as both of these business are known to run normal sales, so refer to current costs with the links down in the description. At the time of recording, the Victus with Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060 graphics and 16 gigs of memory with the screen upgrade is regarding $1360 USD. The Legion is much more than $400 more costly, at least in the arrangement I’ve checked now, it made use of to be less yet I guess supply issues proceed to worsen. You could certainly obtain a much better rate depending on the customizations you make with the links in the summary. All points taken into consideration, directly I think the Legion 5 is the far better video gaming laptop computer, which I presume isn’t also surprising as it does set you back a fair bit even more money. There’s certainly a place for the cheaper extra spending plan pleasant Victus. Let’s wrap-up both the good and also the poor to locate out if you need to pay even more cash for the Myriad. I would certainly claim the build top quality of both is rather comparable as they’re both plastic, however I ‘d claim the Legion

has a side just due to it having much less recognizable screen wobble. The Victus is a little larger as a result of its a little larger 16 inch screen, but regardless of this the Legion was lighter, though as soon as you include the power bricks and cords the Myriad winds up considering much more. Directly, I liked inputting a lot more on the Victus. The clicky tricks simply felt nicer, however I prefer the touchpad on the Myriad in spite of its smaller size. The power switch transforming shade to show you the performance setting you’re in is a nice added on the Myriad, yet I believed the speakers were much better on the Victus. The I/O was better on the Myriad as you obtain more USB ports, faster USB speeds, as well as Type-C charging, though the Victus has an SD card port, but the larger 17″ Myriad additionally has that as well if you seek it. Both have the exact same Wi-Fi 6 card inside. The Victus was a little faster, but it’s also harder to reach ought to you wish to upgrade it to a better Intel card. The battery lasts longer on the Victus beyond video gaming in spite of it having a smaller sized watt hr rating. The Victus likewise has a side when running on battery power, as it performs better on Cinebench there. On wall surface power though, the Legion was in advance as it has both greater CPU and also GPU power restrictions, and also this is typically why the Legion ended up being warmer, a minimum of on the internals. Regarding the outside goes where you’ll in fact be touching, neither was hot to the touch in any way. The myriad was normally louder when it involved follower noise however, simply sitting here right

currently with both laptop computers idling and doing totally nothing I can not hear the Victus however the fan on the Myriad has actually been going during and is audible to me also in the lowest performance setting. The Victus has better follower control, though I suppose the Myriad isn’t hard to defeat as it doesn’t have any kind of follower control, unless you go to third celebration software. The software program is much better on the Myriad, yet the Victus was typically performing far better in developer work due to the faster x8 memory. The Legion would naturally win with a memory upgrade, yet that’s a more additional cost and it currently sets you back more. In games, generally the Myriad was in advance, but due to the memory distinction the Victus can still do well regardless of the Myriad having a MUX switch. My Legion happened to have a much better display, however if you were going for the Victus I ‘d certainly recommend paying that $40 added to obtain the 1080p screen upgrade. This set is just too dark as well as in some cases the whites look a little bit yellow, in addition to the feedback time is just way reduced contrasted to the Legion. So yeah, all points considered I believe the Legion does much better than the Victus, but despite that the Victus does still do quite well, as well as in some tests it does appear the winner, it’s simply that in most of things I care regarding the Myriad is ahead. At the end of the day however, if you’re just after the very best

value video gaming performance, the Victus is plainly the winner. In most of the video games tested it had not been in fact that much behind the Myriad, particularly taking into consideration now the Myriad resembles $400 even more.Honestly it’s kind of beginning to come close to dupe region for a 3060 video gaming laptop computer, provided I have actually seen them on sale for $1400. If both laptop computers are essentially the very same cost though I ‘d possibly just choose the Legion unless you really care concerning something that the Victus used, like maybe the much better keyboard or better speakers. Anyway let me know which of these 2 pc gaming laptops you would certainly favor down in those comments listed below. If you need any kind of further info on either of these 2 laptops then refer to the complete evaluation videos over here, as I go into a lot more deepness in those. Ensure you’re registered for the network for future gaming laptop comparisons such as this one, and also come as well as join me and the community in Dissonance and support the scenes video clips by sustaining the network on Patreon.

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