RTX 3070 vs RX 6800M – Nvidia or AMD Gaming Laptop?

Should you get AMD’s RX 6800M or Nvidia’s RTX 3070 graphics in your following video gaming laptop computer? Let’s discover out! These are the differences in specifications in between these 2 laptop GPUs. The RTX 3070 has 8 gigs of GDDR6 memory while the RX 6800M has 50% more at 12 gigs, but Nvidia’s memory has even more bandwidth as well as a larger memory bus. CUDA cores and also stream processors aren’t straight comparable, so it does not imply much that the 3070 has two times the quantity, though the 6800M has a greater maximum power limit. To do this screening I’m making use of the Neo 15 from XMG for the RTX 3070 and the Strix G15 Benefit Version from ASUS for the RX 6800M. Both laptop computers were tested with the exact very same physical kit of memory, 16 jobs of DDR4-3200 CL22 x8 solitary ranking memory in double network. There is a CPU difference at play here, as the Strix G15 has the Ryzen 9 5900HX while my Neo 15 has the Ryzen 7

5800H. Both are still 8 core Zen 3 processors and when I compared them in this video there had not been that much of a distinction, and offered we’ll be concentrating on both video games at higher setting levels as well as we’ll be testing 1440p also I do not think this will matter that a lot. I simply could not get both laptops with the very same processor. I have actually evaluated both laptop computers with an outside screen though to bypass the incorporated graphics and also get finest efficiency. My 3070 laptop can boost approximately 140 watts with Nvidia’s Dynamic Boost, however it will certainly depend upon the work, as well as similarly the 6800M laptop additionally moves power between the CPU and also GPU with AMD’s SmartShift which deals with a comparable concept. Alright so allow’s start by comparing both laptops in 18 various video games at both 1080p as well as 1440p resolutions, then afterwards we’ll contrast things like pricing, web content maker work and power draw. Let’s start with Much Cry 6, which was checked with the game’s criteria. I’ve got the 1080p results down the bottom as well as the 1440p results at the top, with the RX 6800M above the RTX 3070 outcomes. The 6800M was a little in advance when it came to

ordinary FPS at both resolutions, nevertheless the 3070 was providing us a higher 1% low. This game released with AMD’s FSR support, as well as this can be utilized to increase performance for both AMD and Nvidia GPUs. With FSR set to high quality mode, the 1080p results barely transform on either GPU, though there’s more of an increase at 1440p, which I would certainly argue is where you’re more probable to utilize a function like this on either of these high end GPUs anyhow. FSR likewise moves the 1% low of the 6800M ahead of the 3070 at 1440p now. Far Cry 6 is an AMD funded title, so to maintain points reasonable below’s how Control does on both GPUs as an Nvidia sponsored title. Despite the reality that this game typically runs much better on Nvidia hardware, both the 3070 as well as 6800M were reaching generally the exact same average framework prices, nevertheless the 3070 did have regularly greater 1% lows, so an extra stable experience. This game has DLSS support, and also unlike FSR this is only readily available for Nvidia graphics. The efficiency boost that it’s able to supply is type of crazy, even at 1440p the 3070 is above 100 FPS currently, while its 1% lows are well over also the average structure prices coming out of the 6800M. This video game supports ray mapping, as well as while I might have also

incorporated DLSS on the 3070 to improve it even better, I simply wanted to contrast pure RT performance right here. Neither are particularly excellent at 1440p, at least in terms of typical FPS, but the 3070 was getting to 19% higher ordinary FPS. Cyberpunk 2077 was running much better on the 6800M laptop. At 1080p it was getting to 7% higher typical frame rate over the 3070, and afterwards a slightly larger lead with an 8% rise at the greater 1440p resolution. This is one more video game with DLSS assistance though, so the 3070 is able to pull off a fairly nice win with this setting enabled. Remarkably the 1% low at 1080p was still better on the 6800M, but then at 1440p the 3070’s 1% low is currently more than even the 6800M’s ordinary FPS. Red Dead Redemption 2 was evaluated with the game’s benchmark, as well as the 6800M had a relatively big 18% greater ordinary structure price at 1080p, provided at almost 100 FPS it’s not as if the 3070 is unusable or anything. The 6800M’s lead enhances at the higher 1440p resolution and also it’s currently getting to 21% greater typical FPS compared to the 3070, the most significant difference at this resolution out of all 18 games tested, at the very least until DLSS comes in. This game added DLSS support not too lengthy earlier, nevertheless in top quality setting it wasn’t giving that much of an efficiency boost, at the very least when contrasted to the previous video games that were checked with DLSS enabled. It’s not

nearly enough to defeat the 6800M. I believed Watch Dogs Myriad could be interesting as the video game’s criteria at max setups indicates that the 8 gigs of VRAM readily available to the 3070 were only simply enough. Regardless of the 6800M having an extra 4 gigs of VRAM though, the efficiency difference was small in between them. At 1080p the 6800M was just 1 structure or so much better in the standards, though there was a bigger 8% boost to the 1% reduced. Maybe the VRAM distinction starts mattering much more at 1440p, as the 6800M’s lead enhances a lot more, approved we’re just talking a 3 FPS distinction here, but the 1% lows once more had a much bigger rise with the 6800M which were currently 24% in advance of the 3070. This game also has DLSS support, and with this on high quality setting the 3070 was able to draw out in front in terms of average FPS, and also also the 1% reduced was able to obtain a subtle lead at 1440p, though it was still behind at 1080p. Points were much better together in Microsoft Flight Simulator, at the very least at 1440p where both had virtually the exact same average FPS just below the magic 60, nevertheless the 6800M had the edge when it came to 1% reduced in this one. The gap was bigger at the lower

1080p resolution, and although the 6800M was in advance, at simply 3 FPS it’s absolutely nothing major. I would certainly argue that the 12% increase to the 1% reduced with the 6800M is more crucial. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla had above typical gains with the 6800M, which I expect isn’t that surprising from an AMD funded game. The 3070 was still getting to above 60 FPS at the greater 1440p resolution with the second highest setting preset, so okay in all, it’s simply that the 6800M was 11% faster. The gap was actually larger at the lower 1080p resolution. The 6800M had a 13% lead there, so it appears that Nvidia is able to get a little bit even more of a boost at greater resolutions, not always this case, but this is something we’ll see throughout a lot of the games covered. Telephone Call of Duty Warzone was one of the most effective results for the 6800M, reaching a 21% greater average framework rate at 1080p, the second largest distinction out of all 18 video games tested at this resolution, and also there was a bigger 25% increase to the 1% low also, so a much more consistent experience on the 6800M with less dips. It’s a comparable bargain at 1440p too, practically a 20 FPS higher typical

structure price places the 6800M around 19% in advance of the 3070. This is an additional video game with DLSS assistance, and by turning this on the 3070 was able to get ahead of the 6800M in ordinary frame price, though it’s fairly close, as well as the 6800M was still in the lead as for the 1% reduced goes. Although the 3070 still had a boost at the lower 1080p resolution, the 6800M still had the benefit. Fortnite is another eSports title, and one that normally favors Nvidia hardware. The differences in ordinary FPS at both resolutions were extremely little right here, within a 1 FPS distinction, margin of error things reasonably. The 1% lows at 1440p were rather close also, there’s a bigger difference to the 1% low at 1080p however, where the 3070 was 20% ahead of the 6800M. This video game has DLSS assistance too, and also enabling this is able to provide a pretty big boost to the 3070. Even its 1% low was now ahead of also the ordinary FPS from the 6800M at the higher 1440p resolution. That wasn’t fairly the instance at the lower 1080p resolution, however the 1% reduced was now 38% in advance on the 3070 contrasted to the 20% we saw before DLSS. F1 2021 was checked with the greatest setup pre-programmed which enables some ray tracing impacts by default, as signified at the top of the chart. There’s primarily no distinction in between them at either resolution, at the very least not one you’re most likely to notice when playing. I think this game is extremely near

including FSR support, but unfortunately it had not been in the game when the screening was done. Instead of talking with the rest of the 8 video games independently detailed, I’ll simply blow up via them so we can get right into the average distinctions as that’s more fascinating, even if all of this testing did take many hours to complete. A bigger option of games is necessary to help obtain a much better rounded average. Do not hesitate to pause the video if you desire a closer consider any of these additional video games. Typically over all 18 games tested at 1080p, AMD’s Radeon RX 6800M was getting to 8% higher average FPS when compared to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3070. There are a couple of games in the direction of all-time low of the graph that just saw minor differences one method or the other, including video games like Fortnite as well as Control which typically appear to favor Nvidia. Best situation in some games, we’re seeing a 21% increase with the 6800M, though as pointed out a percentage of this can be a result of the Ryzen 7 and also Ryzen 9 CPU distinctions. If we step up to the greater 1440p resolution where we’re even more GPU bound now, points shift over slightly towards the 3070, with the 6800M now 7% ahead when

balancing all 18 games, a little much less of a lead compared to the lower 1080p resolution. I was questioning if the 6800M would certainly pull out further ahead right here with its 50% greater VRAM capability, but that had not been the case, as the 8 gigs available to the 3070 appears to suffice in a lot of contemporary video games also at 1440p. While generally performing much better, it’s not without an expense, and I’m not speaking money, however we’ll check out price difference quickly. The RX 6800M laptop computer was attracting 25% more power from the wall surface when running Control at 4K, and as we saw efficiency was relatively similar because particular game. I also intend to keep in mind that I had no collisions or any type of other kind of vehicle driver security issues on either laptop computer, they both functioned flawlessly great in all video games. Alright so usually speaking, the RX 6800M was doing much better than the RTX 3070 in games, yet that said in some video games the 3070 was rather close or a little in advance of the 6800M. I would have enjoyed to consist of more video games with

FSR assistance yet there still aren’t that numerous popular titles with it. Far Cry 6 is a good beginning though, yet the truth is whether or not you like it, DLSS is presently sustained in more video games. As for the VRAM differences, the 8 jobs in the 3070 appears to be enough today even in modern video games at 1440p with greater setup presets. Currently it is absolutely possible that in future the added 4 gigs in the 6800M could give it a further boost in more recent video games, yet that’s actually hard to anticipate. Personally, I do not assume I would be making the acquiring decision based purely on the VRAM distinction. Perhaps by the time there is a more useful difference in between 8 as well as 12 jobs of VRAM you’ll be seeking a brand-new laptop computer anyhow. So after that, what concerning rate distinction? Prices of both will certainly certainly modification gradually, so refer to those web links in the summary listed below for updates. At the time of recording, the ASUS Strix G15 Benefit Version with the exact same specs that I have actually tested right here chooses $1650 USD. This is fairly well valued for the performance on deal, and regarding I know it’s still the only gaming laptop computer with a 6800M readily available today. Usually talking, 3070 laptop computers are more expensive than this, but the 3070 is available in a lot extra equipments, so it depends. Less expensive 3070

laptops may not have the complete wattage power limitation, so efficiency would certainly be reduced. The XMG Neo 15 I’ve evaluated is greater than 2100 Euro, so considerably much more. That said, I have actually seen various other 3070 models like the Myriad 5 Pro on sale with complete powered GPUs for around $1500 USD. That’s an excellent list price however, right now a Myriad 5 with comparable specs is more than $1900 right currently. Surprisingly from an expense per frame perspective, with the list price of that Legion 5 Pro it ends up offering regarding the exact same worth as the extra pricey RX 6800M machine. The 6800M laptop costs $120 or 8% even more money, yet it’s doing concerning that far better as well, which is why the cost per frame worths are so close. Without the sale however, a complete valued 3070 Legion 5 right now is significantly even worse worth in terms of buck per frame when contrasted to the 6800M. Basically this implies unless you’re obtaining a complete powered 3070 for $1550 USD or much less, the RX 6800M for $1650 is just better value. A minimum of in terms of pc gaming efficiency and that’s not considering points like FSR or DLSS. Naturally there’s way more to acquiring a laptop computer that simply the GPU that’s inside. You can have a look at my full review video clips on both of these laptop computers over right here next if you want to discover both the excellent and the poor. Ensure you’re subscribed for future laptop computer comparisons similar to this one, and also come and also join and the community in Discord as well as get behind the scenes video clips by supporting the network on Patreon.

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