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hello there you definitely beautiful person you I’m Christmas expert and I’m here with Motorola’s mortal c6 play one of the cheapest smartphone geing back here in the UK doesn’t have a sim free price just yet but should come at under the hundred pound price point and you can’t pick it up from just seven pound fifty a month and Tesco Mobile on a 24-month contract boxes ever so slightly beaten up good old you Kia Curry’s but hopefully the phone inside is still fully function I’m gonna get it unboxed take you on a tour of the hardware software and see if it’s actually worth your time and money and from one the latest greatest tech to do book subscribe ending that notifications Bell cheers so the actual smartphone itself we’ll just stick that asylums quick scoot through the rest of the box on imagine would be fairly straightforward so of course you got the usual read me blah blah blah you got your three pin plug for actually chosen the bugger up along with of

course a bit of USB action and that’s it nice and straight forwards now unfortunately as with a lot of these super budget smartphones it is a bit of micro USB not the latest types irreversible USB so that’s a bit of a bugger but there you go still a thing in 2020 look tell you all that is one technology I’m definitely looking forward to finally biting the dust so here is the e6 players you can see quite a dinky little smartphone of all things considered it’s a 5.5 inch smartphone screen which is one of the smallest I’ve seen in quite some time at all of course the the phone itself does have fairly chunky bezels surrounding that screen but still feels nice and compact in the hand and very light as well at around 140 grams you can pick it up in a couple of different hues this is the steel black version so nothing particular exciting bit of a mirror finish so as you can see there you can do your eyebrows or whatever you want to do on the morning commute very handy bit of time see of inaction well you can also pick up the motorola model e 6 play in ocean blue in some regions as well if you prefer something a bit more vibrant and as you can see there this shiny chassis is already getting coated in my finger grease and guff pretty standard for a shiny smartphone these days you will have to buff it up to keep it looking a bit more pristine and of

course as it’s a plastic smartphone it’s likely to get scratched up with just everyday existence really if you stick it in a pocket with some coins things like that but Motorola has very kindly bundled this transparent cover with the e6 place you can at least slap that on give it a bit of extra protection if you like doesn’t add too much to the girth and I think really detract from the overall look of her hands that either as it is quite a simple design anyway so got full access to that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which owes you can see there’s just slightly indented in the surface and not exactly a tremendous amount of other design features to point out down below you’ve got your microphone port you’ve got your micro USB boo hiss no actual mono speaker grille down below so I’m guessing your media audio is just pumped out of the earpiece speaker top you at your power button your volume rocker right on that side and then your SIM tray over here then up here in the corner put your single lens a rear camera which is thankfully fairly flush with the surface and the Jets out ever saw slide that you want to be touching on that in a bit so now let’s see if we can get the model a six player all set up and we’ll have a bit of a tour of that Android software and the hardware as well yep looks like we’ve got a good big gas in the tank

and then the usual jazzy intro we slightly a night down the key side or some stuff and now she blowers Laurie six play is all set up and ready to rock unfortunately it does use an older version of Android as we’ll see if we dive in here updated to Android 9 to see all up-to-date hopefully the Android 10 update isn’t too far behind because it is a nice stock version of Android as you usually get on a Motorola smartphone you dive on into the settings you’ll see most of the stuff in there is just your standard stock Android stuff you usually get a the mortal app pre-installed on these Motorola phones even the budget ones that basically adds the mortal experiences so a bunch of gesture support things like with one handed mode flip to Do Not Disturb karate-chop to turn on the torch but it doesn’t obviously have any of that stuff here on the e6 player I’m guessing because it’s a bit more basic in fact if you dive in the sentence scroll to the very bottom one of the few bonus bits that you’ll see in here is performance optimization which as you can see is activated by default that’s because the model 6 player is powered by a very simple mediatek chipset if you want to know the exact

specs it’s an MT 6 7 39 and it is powered by just to kind of two gigs of RAM as well so you will notice quite a lot of janky performance as you’re scrolling about swapping between different apps things like that yeah you definitely want to have some pretty strong patience I’ve already reviewed the mortal a 6 plus which was a slightly more advanced version of this smartphone and that was certainly very patience test and times some expects in the same sort of thing from the play that’s a everyday shenanigans it will do the job as long as you’re not in a major rush and you of course have that romantic fingerprint sensor which ya touch what does the job again not super super Swift but it’ll get you in there after a second or so you don’t actually have face recognition apparently and this bad boy as well so it’s just dive into security and then yes it does appear indeed that we have a bit of face authentication which is quite surprising on such a budget loss let’s just get that all set up and there we go face all registered let’s turn that on now if we want to unlock the smartphone hopefully I’m just turn it off turn it on again and yep there we go again not super smooth just like the fingerprint sensor but it does the job I’ve just been testing out that face recognition it seems a little bit thrown by dodgy lighting conditions but on the hall fairly respectable and also you need to have your eyes open for it to work as well that will not work at all if your eyes are closed so at least it’s reasonably

secure now imagine before the fall this is pretty basic here on the model six players you kind of expected us sub 100 pound price point the rest of the features are pretty basic as well unfortunately you don’t have NFC support on there I don’t believe it’s dual band Wi-Fi either so they didn’t pop up with the usual dual band the icon when I was signing into Wi-Fi so again very cut down very pare down specs as you kind of expect let’s check out some more of the hardware and you’ve got 5.5 inch IPS to split make apologies YouTube just crushing on me there as I was saying it’s a 5.5 inch IPS screen slightly stretched aspect ratio it’s an 18 by 9 don’t get a full HD resolution reports there’s just standard HD 720p 1440 by 720 to be absolutely precise so when you’re watching a bit of Netflix YouTube whatever it will top off at that 720p HD resolution but it is of course a more compact display compared with a lot of small phones only 5.5 inches so as you can see there visuals are reasonably crisp quite natural sort of colors the viewing angles are actually alright as well no complaints on that front and it seems so a reasonably bright not super super Viper hopefully even on a sunshiny day you’ll be able to see what is going on I’m just going to try boosting up the audio as well see house predicted the audio output all

comes from that earpiece speaker it’s actually quite loud though on that top volume and so reasonably decent and the clarity stakes as well as hopefully should be fine even when listening outside in a really noisy environment and an extra bonus could use you to actually have a headphone jack up top as well if you want to use a wide pair of headphones it’s only bluetooth 4.2 sadly not the latest Bluetooth 5 on the battery front it’s a 3000 milliamp sell stuff to decide the motorola moto e 6 play hopefully should see you through a full day because it is obviously very basic in terms of the actual performance and everything that mediatek chipset is usually pretty power efficient and of course this is a nice stock version of Android as well so you should be sapping any power in that respect as well you’ve got the usual battery saver modes and everything as you can see there as well unfortunately it is of course god damned micro USB and the chargin I believe tops off and ran sort of 510 watts so it’ll take a little while to recharge as well for the best left in overnight to be honest all of which brings us on to that nice simple rear camera tech these days I’m used to listing off sort of three or four different camera lenses in this case it’s just a single lens it’s a 13 megapixel F at F 2.2 with a bit of fierce detection

autofocus if we dive one into the camera you’ll see it’s very basic stripped-down affair compared with the usual model that app you get on the likes of the Motorola G 7 series things like that as you can see just a nice big shutter button for taking your photos the only other bonus camera mode you’ll see on here is video by the looks of it you just swap between the two like sort in your foot or more of course of a number of toggles up top so you’ve got your itch John well there’s no auto etched you’re either have to have it on or off unfortunately beauty mode flash etc etc I’m guessing this one up top here is a form of portrait mode which you can then adjust the level of down here very simple bunch of settings if you tap your weight in this little icon here eventually so you’ve got different scene modes you can use to sort just tweak those settings a little bit to suit the ambient vibe time a GPS location in for things like that just vary as I say simple and straightforward and if you swapped a video let’s see I’m believe you probably only be able to shoot up to full HD resolution video yeah so it starts off at HD as standard you can bump to Full HD if you like so yeah unsurprisingly no 4k option but likely to be fine for you you know your simple everyday shots but I certainly wouldn’t expect it to take any

particularly great-looking photos and the likes of each your conditions nighttime things like that basically just don’t bother because it’s probably not going to do the job very well at all if we swap back to form or you can then swap to the front-facing camera it’s a 5-megapixel selfie camera again very very basic so use to take a quick snap shoot some basic video and everything as well and you got likes the beauty mode which I certainly need to there because I didn’t sleep very well at all last night I need all of the coffee and there you have it that Ana nutshell is the Motorola mortal a six players as I see should be coming in around the sort of 80 pounds in free asking price if it is available sim free otherwise under a 10 or a month on the likes of Tesco Mobile so again if you’re really really really limited in terms of your budget you just want something to do you for you must check in emails occasional web browsers and/or a sort of a secondary phone for taking away you don’t mind if it gets done in then the model e6 player will do the job performance is obviously very limited the likes the camera tech and everything be a circuit best but it’s a fully functional smartphone you know for not much cash so let’s know your thoughts down below and do please prog subscribe and thing that notifications bail for more on the latest and greatest act cheers everyone love you

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