review iPhone 11 Pro After Six months Still good?

1049 pounds that’s 1049 pounds they couldn’t even just make it a straight-up grand could they all nice and neat and tidy nope the Apple iPhone 11 pro cost you one thousand and forty nine pounds if you want it sim free or from 72 pounds a month on contract from Vodafone sorry gran looks like the kidneys won’t cut at this time we’re gonna have to rip her a few more bits to afford that upgrade now it’s been roughly half a year since Apple revealed its lid a super pricey batch of smartphones and while there’s plenty to like about these flagship handsets the pro is still more difficult to recommend than a chilli sauce enema not just because of that insane price but also because of increasingly strong competition from rival brands and Xavier on that is all the more clear as significantly cheaper Android handsets are launching with more advanced technology on board so here’s my full six-month review of the Apple iPhone 11 pro and how it’s not quite as pro as that name would suggest and from all the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and dig not notifications about Jezz now every time I come back to the iPhone 11 Pro from another device two things

immediately strike me first of all it is a really compact hansae you might get these pretty fat chunky bezels running around the entire border but the iPhone 11 port is still much easier to handle with just the wallet compared with a lot of Android handsets and that’s probably just as well because there’s no dedicated one-handed board on there and second it really isn’t that great looking a form the only real change for this generation is that big fat cartoonish camera-shy see which sticks out for all the wrong reasons even if it doesn’t actually literally stick out from the surface more than a millimeter or so it’s kind of like as if I try to improve my looks by slapping on a big fat bucket hat it’s definitely a fresh characteristic but it certainly isn’t a good one and besides I always still be stuck to the same tired old boring Haggard face as usual the good news is that the iPhone 11 pros Matt backhand doesn’t pick up grease marks like many other smartphones and it’s also rugged enough to still look pristine after a fair bit of abuse as is that stainless steel engine otherwise usual that screen is more scratched up than your cat’s favorite tree so remember kids slap on that protection it’s

definitely worth it still thanks to the ip68 water and dust resistance you can message your besties in a baffle snap a selfie in the shower I mean while that’s super renin display is definitely one of the best bits of the iPhone 11pro pretty typical for any iPhone really that 5.8 inch all that panel is bright enough to comfortably use wherever you wrong and certainly boss impressive contrast as promised Apple is still one of the only mobile manufacturers to offer Derby vision support on its phones so you can expect super crisp whites and deep deep blacks while the shop resolution definitely means that every frame is chock-full of fine detail sure you don’t get that same super smooth 90 or 120 Hertz refresh rate that you do get on many premium androids these days but it’s only really not a spot when you’re jumping from one form to the other the bigger issue here is definitely that ridiculously phat mustache notch which properly intrudes on any full view video on the likes of Netflix and it also means there’s no room for proper notification icons Baga on the flip side at least that screen is pretty much perfectly flat as well which makes it better suited to gaming on the go like some pub G mobile as none of those virtual controls are slipping off the edges or anything sadly there is still not built in fingerprint sensor action on the iPhone 11 Pro so you’re stuck with face and Locker lon although

thankfully is one of the best examples out there see it’ll only have to resort up in action when it’s really dark for instance and the audio experience also gets a big fat 10 out of 10 as well despite the fact that there’s no 3.5 ml for and John to be fair as priests standard amongst premium handset it’s now apart from the fresh new Sony Xperia 1 a mark 2 this stereo speaker setup produces an impressive special audio with Dolby Atmos support although I would still recommend hooking up some phones for the best possible experience and span use on the storage front though is Apple once again serves up in mice least 64 gigs of storage on this base model despite the fact it costs over a grand if you want a reasonable amount of storage you’ll have to spunk up even more cash and no of course there is no microSD memory card support in order to expand that space so let’s move on to the software and of course iOS isn’t everyone’s cup of tea just like Android isn’t either and while I personally prefer Google’s mobile OS which is open-source and offers much stronger customisation options I can see where people would like to stick with Apple’s iOS instead it’s big on privacy and you’ll find a lot of the better Android 10 features stuffed on there and clean of course some sexy dark mode action in this latest incarnation and it’s costly being updated to deal with bugs and security threats and things like that although I am still unfortunately constantly experiencing what could be politely described as little quirks here on the iPhone 11 bro the kind of stuff that you would not expect from a premium handset do you remember all that bollocks about it just works well every time I actually come back to an iPhone and start using it that particular mantra always goes down like a

concrete turd wrapped in barbed wire because quite occasionally it just doesn’t work at all for no clear reason even though Apple develops both the software and the hardware and I was 13 in exactly super-new zeod can i hope that most of these issues would have been ironed out by now Wi-Fi issues still rear their ugly heads and the iPhone 11 Pro loves just occasionally drop in your Bluetooth connection as well to really keep you on your toes still brush aside these frequent bouts of tell siree and the iPhone 11 Pro is one hell of a beefy more for Apple’s ear 13 platform can deal with anything at all that you throw at it nor sweat and I would be really surprised to see it flagging even two or three years down the line and of course another omission here on the iPhone 11 probably any kind of 5g connectivity and that’s not going to be a big issue at all in 20 20 years that tech is still rolling out across the country but bear in mind if you’re looking for a smart phone a do for 2 or 3 years it’s really going to impact the future proof nests and of course there are androids half the price of this thing right now which are launching with pipe G support enabled I definitely have zero complaints on the battery life front Thor even with plenty of screen time action I regularly finish the day with around 30 percent charge for a meal and a much better effort compared with previous iPhones and you’re

actually get a quick charge adapter bundled in the box at long last as well huzzah and of course that wireless charging support works a dream too so last up let’s take a look at that slightly fugly new triple lens camera arrangement which comprises of a 12 megapixel primary shooter a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 12 megapixel telephoto effort just like Sony’s Xperia 1 handsets photo results in daylight are really good you can expect natural color reproduction and incredibly crisp details shining through on every snap shot some people and animals in particular or at times stunning with a very capable portrait mode also on boards move indoors though when the results are a bit more variable you will occasionally experience color saturation noise and other little issues which you don’t get into like Zimbabwe’s handsets and the only real difference between the standard iPhone 11 in this port Edition is that third telephoto lens everything else basically remains the same so is it worth of grid into the pro for this well you sir get some good-looking shots from far away even with a bit of a wobbly hand the iPhone 11 pro is a clear match for most of the smartphones in this area and other likes the one with p30 pro the opera Reno 10 times zoom and Samsung’s s 20 Ultra offer a stronger optical zoom overall and up on may have taken its sweet-ass time but the iPhone 11 family finally introduced a proper night Lord of sorts as well and I say of sorts because you don’t actually get proper manual control over it all just kind of activates itself when it feels like it which definitely isn’t a system I prefer for instance take a photo like this most flagships would allow you to brighten this scene up significantly but even with the slight duration adjustment this is the best I could manage on the iPhone 11 pro with those limited controls without resorting to the brightness slider which frankly

would just over saturate everything and in other circumstances you’ll find the night mode blows out those lighter elements again something that most other devs avoid these days after various iterations and besides all out what other revolutionary new camera features do we get here on the iPhone 11 Pro well the cutting edge slow-motion selfie of course yep sure super stuff Apple but to be fair the video chops on this thing are as strong as usual you can get great-looking folky footage and up to 60 frames per second with smooth satisfying results it really is up there with a very very best Android smartphones as far as the video chops going yeah Samsung may put it slightly to shame with its new 8 keyboard on its Galaxy S 20 smartphones but frankly you’ve got a naked TV anyway and yes the new Qualcomm Snapdragon is x5 chipset may allow us to shoot absolutely gorgeous dolby vision masterpieces when were capturing our home movies as well but if you just want to shoot your cat yo kid whatever just doing their thing this does a bloody good job of it anyway I’ve done a full review of the original iPhone 11s camera tech so go check that out for an idea of what to expect on everything apart from obviously the telephoto stuff so there you have it if you decide to drop over a grand on the iPhone 11 pro then that is the straight-up honest experience that you can expect to have despite those quirks it’s still a good phone for sure but at this price I would really expect cutting edge technology and unfortunately many considerably cheaper androids have beat it in a lot of key areas so if you’ve got an iPhone 11 probably great to hear of your thoughts and experiences please leave a little mini review in a comment down below and if you’re a buttered Apple fanboy don’t forget to smash that dislike button and call me a Google sucking boy in the comments as well Cheers ever love you

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