Amazfit GTS 2: IT’S HERE!! Full Unboxing & In-Depth Walkthrough of ALL NEW FEATURES!

hello guys welcome back to an additional video clip with lim reviews in today’s video we’ll be having a look at the new amazing gts2 right below and as you recognize i’ve been a massive follower of the amazfit smartwatches so naturally i was very thrilled when i obtained this tool but before i start with the video i just desire to say a large thanks to dasher so dasher in fact addicted this up for me uh so i can show you guys this video dasher essentially they have an on the internet store on on lazada as well as shopee so if you’re watching from malaysia or singapore as well as you want to buy some tech stuff the individuals to inspect out is dasha once more i’ll leave the web links down below but yeah let’s enter this video clip as soon as possible good so right here i have the amazefit gts2 like i said i have my previous outstanding gts below just so i can use it for comparison benefit so i have my major rate gts for nearly a year now individuals this has been made use of for a year and also below we have the new individual the amazfit gts2 alright so let’s proceed and also unbox this man yet prior to i do i simply wish to show you people around the box what we have below so apparently the new attributes that we have more than the gts one is the rem sleep tracking undoubtedly we have memory currently in the watch itself 4 gigabytes so we can play some songs directly from the watch itself aside from that turning package to the opposite side we likewise have the exact same amoled display a

number of good stuff yet the important point right here is that we’re getting a new style so allow’s unbox this person right here as well as let me show you what remains in the box so i am only seeing this for the very first time also this is the very first time unboxing it so i can’t actually tell what else can be found in the box but yeah let’s go on and also unbox this guy genuine quick great people i’m simply searching for out exactly how to open this box oh below we go people okay so are you men all set to see the fantastic gts2 below for the initial time this is the unboxing and also whoa guys check out this charm wow this is a truly nice gadget guys alright so so you understand my previous watch was the uh the grey variation as well as i have actually constantly intended to purchase the black version so this is it people allow’s remove this from the box and see what else we have so right here we get our brand-new charger uh rather trendy i’m gon na see what else we have below we do have some things in the box here oh just some manuals as what you typically obtain so alright nothing way too much to see below i assumption we still does get the battery charger in the box along with the watch itself so allow’s take a glimpse at the charger initially as well as see if it’s anything brand-new or various allow me just see exactly how i can pull it out all right so this is uh similar to the previous charger individuals yet yeah allow’s place down the charger for now and also concentrate on the watch itself so this made use of to be like a sticker label positioned on the gadget yet i’m just going to like shot as well as eliminate this really rapidly alright it’s a bit

tough to venture out alright we have some plastics taking place as well as let me get rid of these plastics and also there we go people here we have the amazfit gts 2. Observe that it is a bit different on the sides right here um i’m not sure about the brand-new appearance and also why they have to do this side i’m not certain what you call it yet the previous one looked a little bit more tidy but what i’m discovering here is the screen looks a little bit extra rounded on the edges uh let me simply reveal you men around this watch at the back we have this a good shiny back so i’m just going to peel that out as well i’m not as well sure like just how often you look at the back of your watch but the previous one the old gts was all in matte and also now we have this kind of like piano black finishing on the back so the sensing units look a little bit extra than the previous one if you look side by side right here we see that we have a couple of even more sensors at the back going on so it must provide some even more precise kind of tracking uh certainly i’ll do a full tracking video clip this is just the unboxing to show you guys what the amazing gts2 is all concerning as well as the straps in fact feels a bit similar to the old one as well obviously my own is a custom-made band here that i have actually transformed out for and also this one really feels rather good i would say it does not feel very superior it really feels fine some pretty

great soft silicones right here that you can in fact uh you know just like turn about and also notice here that we do have the locks here really easy to eliminate once again from amazefit yeah this rather much is the amazefit gts2 so right currently i’m going to turn this tool on get it set up and sync to my phone so i can show you people more on the remarkable gts too alright so prior to i do that meanwhile allow me simply show you people on the sides here we do have a little mic right here now so obviously you can like make or respond to phone calls on the watch itself so that’s rather cool a great deal of new features compared to the previous one that’s it on the side here really tidy sides and also on the back like i claimed it is the piano black kind of ending up for the back all ideal i’m going to go established up this watch and be right back in one min all appropriate people i’m incredibly thrilled since i simply obtained my watch connected to my phone for the first time the gts2 and also let me simply swipe via this individual overview due to the fact that i’m not going to take a look at it let me simply struck obtain started excellent i already have some battery in the watch so i do not require to care also much regarding that allow me just placed my phone down for a minute and reveal you individuals what we have below once more individuals this is uh it looks like an actually great screen here let me zoom in a little bit more and compare it side to side uh with my old amazfit watch so discover once again we do have this somewhat a lot more rounded sides it is still a 1.65 inch amoled display it’s not the brightest right currently since i haven’t in fact touched the setups yet this is just how it looks like side by side once again i would state that the major difference is on the

side panel below the ideal side of the watch where we do have a small curve here for some unidentified reason perhaps somebody can tell me a lot more about it down in the remarks section however this is just how it looks like next to the amazing gts one and also the primary distinction like i claim right here is we do have this mic here right currently so you can respond to colors on the watch itself and turning back to the back this is the piano black glossy surface contrasted to the matte surface area on the amazfit gts one okay placing that down allow’s focus on this person right now so right here we do have a very wonderful clock this is a new clock encounter a watch face just for the surprise feed gts2 as well as swiping to the right below we do have our pai our pi settings essentially it means that um if you would track your tasks based on a day-to-day basis and offer you a factor system grading exactly how well you are in terms of your way of life so a hundred factors would definitely imply a far better way of life contrasted to zero right now however certainly i haven’t done anything so right here we do have our rings um this is for the quantity of tasks keep in mind that whatever is in chinese right now because this is just offered in china at the minute so don’t buy this watch right currently unless you can check out chinese due to the

fact that you can not transform the language of the amazfit gts2 so relocating on let’s simply swipe on all right this is for your heart rate oh good brand-new user interface individuals so this is definitely more recent contrasted to the previous one allow me just reveal it to you genuine fast notice that it is a bit extra smoother as well men so if i simply slide through it is really smooth notice that fluidity here uh compared to the old one which i would certainly say is additionally smooth but you’ll notice that there is a bit of a decrease in framework rates so most definitely smoother on the amazing gts also i like this brand-new climate widget as well so every little thing looks a bit extra rounder you can swipe down to see even more details from the weather condition widget itself all right so allow’s move into the allowed’s swipe down as well as see what we have below all right so we have our alerts here just like our previous configuration on amazefit gts1 drawing down from the top we do have more uh control settings right here this looks very clean really nice we do have a little battery indication here as well as the weather condition all right so apart from that we do get this couple of faster ways right here and also you can swipe right and also left currently so even more shortcuts right here definitely are compared to the older primary speed gts swiping to the right this is where you get your alipay

repayment so this is only china details for now and also if we swipe to the right below we go back to our widgets fine so if i simply push the residence switch allow’s see we do get our checklist of applications in the watch so when again let me just move down and also show you guys what we have here uh give you people a translation so the top one below it begins off with the pie as well as then we go into our heart rates next we go right into our spo2 setting so we can actually track your spo2 your blood oxygen degrees on this watch right currently a new attribute moving down we do have our sporting activity modes so we have 12 different sport modes below varying from like your outside running uh your outdoor biking you know running on the treadmill uh swimming and also all that yep this is the basic collection of activities that you anticipate to track on the watch so moving back allow’s see what else we have right here this is your task documents so if you have any type of activities you will you see all your records below on the watch itself relocating back allow’s see what else we have right here we have your tension examination as well so once more this is something new that wasn’t present on the old amazfit gts you’ll be able to see your stress degrees on this watch relocating back allow’s see what else we have below we have our music yeah this is the music regulates so like i said you can put a pair of songs in there i can’t keep in mind how much storage we have right here yet if i’m not mistaken it’s 4 gigabytes of interior memory and also after that you can put some tracks in there and also just link it i will certainly attempt this out in the full evaluation

individuals once more this is just the unboxing as well as first impacts moving down we do have our weather condition app the alarm uh some you know this is just the basic things them tools right here so allow’s see what we have for our devices we have the compass your your air stress we do have your countdown your stopwatch as well as all that so that’s rather a lot it for the amazefit gts2 people so what’s really new here is the blood oxygen tracking the sp02 the addition of a mic right here to answer autos on your watch and additionally the truth that we currently have integrated memory so that you can put songs in there so you can simply bring your watch and also just track it on the fly not to discuss we likewise have actually gps constructed in as always into the incredible gts2 so you can track your tasks without carrying your phone and also last however not the very least the battery life of this device is apparently slightly shorter than the one on the amazefit gts so formerly we had regarding 2 weeks of battery life based on one solitary fee but right now it’s only able to last a week so i’ll absolutely be evaluating out a lot more on the battery life of this remarkable gts2 and record in in the complete review all right so last however not least allow me just put this on and also show you men just how it looks like on my wrist so i have so many watches right here guys allow me simply try it on as well as see exactly

how it looks like alright so this is just how it looks like once again looks very clean really basic i like this look right below as well as it feels very good it feels extremely light as well simply like before oh one thing prior to i go allow me reveal you people what kind of other watch encounters we have allowed’s see what we have mounted in the watch itself so looks like we can personalize our widgets as soon as extra again if striking that you can alter the widgets below to show different kind of details that you want on the watch itself so let’s not choose that for now allow’s see what else we have swiping to the right oh this is our old watch face that we have on the first gts and relocating on we additionally have this new face let’s see what this does all right doesn’t look too fascinating all right let’s move on as well as see come on people move fine we do have oh we do have this new watch face as well um one even more below oh this looks wonderful let me attempt this on okay alright the watch phases most definitely have actually boosted contrasted to the amazefit gts one these watch faders look so a lot far better guys um you’ll certainly be pleased to see all this we have the rings oh man this is just so good all ideal i’ll show you people more of the watch phases in the complete evaluation for currently i’m going to stick with this due to the fact that it has a lot of info right here allow me just attempt on the spo2 uh examination really rapidly lastly got that done alright so lastly obtained my reading it says 99 evidently this is supposed to be an excellent score and also they have some kind of explanations going on at the bottom here yet not going to

read all that it’s simply as well lengthy it generally suggests if you’re over 95 percent you’re expected to be great yet please do not estimate me on that check out google or your physician or whatnot for your spo2 analyses as well as yeah that looks quite excellent people really delighted to have this brand-new attribute on the watch oh this is feeling hot this is really warm people like seriously it’s feeling so warm all appropriate guys i believe that’s quite much it for this video clip uh it’s simply as well hot i got to eliminate these headphones if you have any kind of concerns please really feel complimentary to leave them down in the remark section below anything you want to understand regarding the amazefit gts2 allow me understand and also of training course the rate for this device right currently is about 999 in china and also that equates to about 150 us bucks or 600 ringgit if you’re right here in malaysia and yeah i’ll see you individuals in the following one incredibly fired up bye

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