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hello there you beautiful person this is Chris from text button i’m here with Motorola’s fresh new mortal g air-powered genuinely one of the most exciting smartphones so far of 2020 because the sequel to the best budget bra of last year the model g7 power just two hundred thirty quid bags you a mighty five thousand milliamp cell snapdragon 665 chipset the latest android 10 a mighty six point four inch IPS display a lot of other great smart as well so yet great value for money fingers crossed so I am gonna unbox the bejesus out of the model G it power right now get it all set up and run you through the hardware the software all of the specs and everything you need to know and from on the latest greatest tech peas debug subscribe ending that notifications belt Cheers once again as usual my fingernails are definitely not up to this task must get scalpel at some point let’s see or you actually get in the box of course first off the phone itself we’ll just pop that aside see what else is packed in here and it looks pretty straightforward you’ve course got the usual pamphlet literature shenanigans you get three pin adapter in order to actually charge the bugger it’s an 18 watts turbo power charger even though the phone tops off at 15 watt charge and will cover all that specky stuff in a bit and a bit of type C a USB cable action for charging as well oh and sneakily hidden away in there as well do of course get what roll as usual a porky pin device for actually getting your sim in the bag I love these stuff now let’s turn our attention to the Moto G it power

itself as you can see there it comes clad in a prophylactic kiss a nice free bundled accessory just like all motorola blowers just adds a bit of extra protection if you want which is great stuff and as the Moto G power is a plastic handset it’s probably a good idea to keep that on there if you don’t want to little scratches and scuffs to appear all over that shiny surface and speaking of that shiny surface as you can hopefully make out there you’ve got this nice linear pattern on the back of the model of G it POW just to make it a bit more interesting Roland used to straight forward flat shiny surfacing and you can pick it up in a couple of different hues you’ve got either black or blue this is the black model the blue model is admittedly quite dark blue so it’s not massively different from this black version but all the same I prefer it’s got a little bit more character and the more legit power it’s a hundred and ninety seven grams has definite got a serious heft to it as well especially considering it is a six point four inch or not like a mighty 7 inch beast like some of those flagship Android and more trawlers all still us that the model g8 power is IP 52 water-repellent as well so definitely uh more taking in the shower or anything a little bit a rain should be any cause for concern right so I am now going to set up a moto G at power and then we’ll have a run through the top of the software and the hardware and everything as well really looking forward to taking you on a proper tour of this thing and as you can see there the symmetry it has room for two SIM cards you can also expand the on-board 64 gigs of storage with a micro SD

memory card of up to 512 gigs in size alright alright alright so the moderate power is all set up and ready for action and the first thing to mention is that that rear mounted fingerprint sensor certainly seems to do the job quite nicely as you can see it’s slightly indented into the surface it’s quite easy to find with your finger when you pick up the handset got the obligatory Motorola Brandon right there edged into the surface as well and as you can see just a quick tap of your digit to the surface and boom with your straight into your desktops nice and reliable and accurate as usual it is worth just a quick mention that there’s no face and lock here on the Moto G 8 power unfortunately you basically got the fingerprint sensor otherwise of course you’ve got Google smart lock and I’m gonna use this is the fresh Android 10 OS stacked here on the model ga+ straight out of the box you are bang up to date and it’s the please Lee stock version as you usually get with Motorola noir crapware pre-installed on there anything like that just the Google Apps so you get all those great Android 10 features that we know and love like a proper dark mode you’ve got full gesture navigation support

all that good stuff Motorola has ofcourse made a few little additions a little tweaks here and there the biggest addition is the immortal experiences app this just adds a few bonus features to the model G it power on top of that standard Android stuff so Francis if you drive it into the mortal action section you’ll find you’ve got a whole bunch of gesture support here one of the best bits is that one-handed mod so it do here is you swipe towards that bottom corner of the display and as you can see there everything shrinks down nice and easy to use with just the one mitt definitely very handy indeed so as you can see there are your apps work in this mors with justin beiber us all there for a second hang on just gotta go fetch the sick bucket as you can see there plenty of other stuff is waging a karate chop to get the torch on the Gauss that’s on it was it just a quick how one of him every time I do that I’ve heard telling knuckles of the desk and I never learn and then another quick double chopper to turn it off as you can see there you’ve got a quick screenshot slip to do not disturb handy when you get some Kip at night things like that now let’s focus on that six point four inch IPS display it’s a nice full view experience as you can see they’re very skinny bezels running around the edge of the Moto G power and only this

tiny little people camera down in the corner there so very unintrusive sadly compared with some of them or Samsung the efforts which are more centrally positioned a bit more obvious as a full HD plus resolution as well 2300 by 1080 so as you can see they’re nice crisp visuals you can see it’s guys picked in impressive detail indeed nice and bright as well and strong viewing angles or something it seems like a good display for your media if you’re on a budget also I’m sorry but this looks like the best movie ever bar g3 if anyone is interested I’m definitely to be checking out one and two that’s for damn sure and great news on the audio front as well because not only do you get a pop up built-in headphone and Jackie O on the g8 power as well as of course Bluetooth five support you also get a stereo speaker setup which quite frankly at this sort price point is amazing so let’s just boost the volume to the maximum level but the a follow-up report is so much easier to handle with just the wallet compared with a lot of Android handsets and that’s probably just as well because that’s a nice loud crisp clear bit of audio there and so slightly sort of ten years in here on that sort

of top volume but certainly compared with a lot of other budget phones impressive stuff and I’d be great if you’re playing a bit pub G watching a movie or whatever without the use of headphones otherwise you actually have that headphone jack on there you’ve got no excuse as far as the performance calls you’ve got a snap trans six six five platform packed inside the motorola moto G air power backed by four gigs of RAM and so far touchwood seems pretty smooth you got the odd little stutter and stammer here as you sort of flipping about the UI switching between your various apps and such forth but on the whole not bad at all it’s the same setup as the Moto G 8 plus which again handled everyday experiences up see fine and you can even play like some pub G mobile all those little detail settings no worries so stay tuned for my in-depth review to see if it indeed holds up well over time but of course the big advantage of the Moto G 8 power is that insane a battery life you have five thousand milliamp cell stuffed inside that should prove more than enough for two full days of life just like the g7 power before unlike the Opera ear 92020 which also Compaq if five thousand million battery these days as well I’ve been using it yesterday

afternoon yesterday evening and this morning and so far that battery hasn’t been much at all to be perfectly honest so it’s great to see hopefully as I said hold it well that again stay tuned for the full review and as I mentioned before you get 15 watt fast charge on there too let’s finish up by taking a quick squint at the Motorola MOTO G it powers a rear camera tech in what all as Slutsky quarter lens that setup here on the back of the power you might think that’s pretty generous given the budget cost battery is fairly standard around this sort of price point these days so what you get is a 16 megapixel primary lens F one point seven that’s backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens 118 degree angle of view that gives you it megapixel telephoto lens of the two times optical zoom and finally a 2 megapixel macro lens now if your lot of the g8 powers camera it look very very familiar indeed that new Motorola fans out there as you can see it’s basically the same setup as usual packed with various toggles and features as you start off in good old autumn or you’ve got full manual controls if you want them so you can mess around with white balance ISO levels all that kind of

shenanigans even a bit histogram action very nice and date and you can shoot in RAW format as well as a good old JPEG as well swap between the various lenses with a quick tap of these little icons here it’s got the ultra wide-angle lens if you’ve got a lot to take in as you can see it’s not the fastest it’s one between them but you get there in the end and then the telephoto action with a two times optical zoom as well and even though you get multi lens setup on most budget floors these days is quite rare to find the telephoto lens on there so that’s definitely good value and by the way if anyone wondering who these four test subjects are parents will probably recognise them it’s Pip and palsy from the famous books plazi doesn’t brother unfortunately lost their clothes like I just point out that it’s got nothing to do with me as usual you can access all what well as bonus features a little tap this icon here as you can see got plenty of stuff and buried it away in length in a macro mode making full use to that macro lens for a nice crisp a close shot of your subject got the spot color mode which just drains that the the photo of all other colors of pot from the warm that you select panorama all that kind of shenanigans as well and if you dive on into the sentence as well back in the standard camera mode you can see

obviously can change the the resolutions play around with the slow-motion video and you’ve also got a good bit of a high action as well so you’ve got the usual smart composition which can just help to level up a wonky shot things like that or a smile capture and a bit shot shot optimization as well tricky to say if you stop to your video mode you should have two 4k resolution home movies which is great stuff and that looks like you can use the ultra wide-angle lens in video mode but not to that telephoto lens which you can is fairly standard and then if we swap around to the front facing camera it’s a 16 megapixel effort there I am in all my blue glory I believe you should have two Full HD front face and a video and then you’ve got off course all of your usual full-on boards as well and there you have it that a nutshell is the Motorola MOTO G it power you can grab it right now here in Blighty front 230 pounds from the likes of Amazon shouldn’t be available via Motorola’s or not website so as you can see pack some pretty impressive specs and features for that budget asking price are you tempted well definitely stay tuned for my in-depth review which will be coming hopefully early next week and I’m gonna be doing a full comparison with the Moto G 8 plus which should be going live just a couple of hours after this video so if you give that a check subscribe thing that notifications about have yourselves a lovely day people cheers everyone love you

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