Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Honest Review: My 3 Weeks Experience in 6 Minutes

okay hey guys welcome back to another video with lim reviews in today’s video we’ll be checking out the xiaomi mi 20 pro 5g of course that i’ve been using for the past two weeks all right so before i start i know there’s plenty of videos out there on youtube reviewing this device like crazy and of course in today’s video i just want to offer you my perspective from a non-technical perspective so from an average user this is what i think about the me10 t i’m going to be sharing a couple of items that i really love about this device and a few items that i didn’t really like right so let’s jump into this right away all right first up the first thing that i really like about this mi 20 pro is the display so right here we do get a high refresh rate display this is 144 hertz and bear in mind that this is just an lcd display but the colors the contrast levels on this display is really good so for example when i first use this device and even up to now i still feel that the contrast levels is great it doesn’t look like an lcd panel at all until you till the device to the sides and there you can see that the viewing angles

isn’t that great but i mean most of the time you’ll be looking at it head on face on so definitely a very very good display panel here especially that high refresh rate as well is just so reactive so responsive and just feels so buttery smooth all right so that’s one thing that i like about this moving on what i love about this device is also in the cameras itself so i know we have a huge camera at the back here and i don’t want to talk about that bump but we do have a very very big sensor at the back and yes i’m not going to talk about the specs here the numbers but i’m going to show you a couple of samples taken from this device right here and it isn’t even edited everything you’re seeing on the display right now is just directly out of this device and here are a couple of photos so it looks good even in a bright daylight it looks good at night as well and yeah even under ultrawide or the main sensor the images coming from this mi 10 t pro is just really really good so comparing this to like flagship devices from other brands not going to name any you could expect these to actually

outperform or maybe just match those in those classes so if you’re looking for a great camera device the mi 20 pro here shouldn’t let you down all right moving on to another aspect of this device that i really love and that is in the performance so obviously we’re getting a top of the line snapdragon processor in here matched with tons of ram obviously and yes that makes for a pretty good gaming experience so i don’t have to even talk about navigating this on the daily browsing your social media or even facebook youtube and everything is just very smooth obviously but if you just talk a bit about gaming i’m very happy to say that i do play a lot of mobile legends and gaming on this device has been very smooth for some reason i can’t actually set ultra in the graphics settings but regardless it was still a very smooth and pleasant gaming experience the dual speakers of course adds to the overall experience but overall if you’re looking for a gaming phone you don’t even need to look for

gaming phones this phone right here can perform most of the times very very well all right let’s talk about the next point the fourth thing that i like about this device is the battery so we do have a huge battery in here that is able to last about two days on one single charge so depending on your usage you might get one and a half days but i was able to stretch it maximum to two days and i’m very pleased with that because i don’t have to charge it up very quickly i only have to charge it every once in two days or so so very happy with the battery life i mean even after gaming and using a lot of social media i’m still able to get more than one day on a single charge so pretty happy with the mi 20 pro here for that huge battery uh last but not least i just want to highlight a little bit on that haptics engine so whenever you navigate or browse through the the user that the ui over here on the mi 20 pro occasionally you’ll have these tiny bumps in the haptics it gives you a more engaging experience i

would say you actually feel the the device itself even when it vibrates like it does comes out it is pretty good haptics so very very nice to point out on this mi 10t pro all right so those are the five things that i love about the mi 20 pro and here are a couple of items that i didn’t really like all right so these are just minor issues with the device and this is just based on my personal opinion now you might have a different take about that and first up let’s start with the the size of this thing right here so this is a pretty huge device and until now i still find it a bit heavy for my liking even when gaming sometimes it does feel a bit tiring to hold this device up so that’s one thing and again this is my personal experience right apart from that it is also a bit too thick for my liking but i do know it houses the big battery at the back so yeah trade-offs here and there but that’s just one thing that i didn’t really like the second thing that i didn’t really like is the placement of the speaker so uh it’s placed down here and when i game it just covers up the speakers so it is a bit tedious about that i know i can rotate it to the other side but if i do this i’ll be touching against the cameras and make the camera all like full of fingerprints so i prefer to just hold it this way but yeah again that’s just a tiny uh complaint from my side moving on another thing that i didn’t really like

about this device is the what is it again but okay all right moving on to the another thing that i didn’t really like about this device is the build quality of the buttons now don’t get me wrong the build quality of the mi 20 pro is really good like it’s built really solid and it feels like a premium device except for the buttons on the sides as well as the fingerprint scanner they’re a bit shaky flimsy in mind so you can actually shake them a bit low here here and there now you can also like this fingerprint scanner is also a little bit flimsy right there so uh especially since i have to unlock the device most of the time using my fingerprint because we’re wearing masks so that’s got a bit annoying to me but that’s just also another small issue all right apart from that i think that’s pretty much it i don’t really hate this device if anyone asks me whether this is a recommended device or not i would say that if your budget is under 2000 and you’re looking for a really good device the mi 20 pro 5g is actually something that you should consider uh yeah it’s pretty much it i i think it’s the perfect all-arounder device it comes with a great display and it comes with a huge battery life great performance of course it comes with great cameras as well so that’s pretty much it for the me 20 pro from an average user’s perspective all right guys if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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