OPPO Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: The Key Differences You Should Know.

hi individuals invite back to another video with lim reviews in today’s video we’ll be having a look at some key differences between the oppo watch in addition to the samsung galaxy watch 3. currently the factor why i desired to pitch both gadgets right here head-to-head is since both smartwatches are really really fantastic gadgets as well as they’re offered today and also naturally they do give some truly awesome functions and looks truly good too so first off allow’s chat a little bit regarding that cost tag so the oppo watch comes in at about 1 300 ringgit below in malaysia and naturally rates will certainly differ based upon where you’re at whereas the galaxy watch 3 here is actually 1 800 ringgit about 500 ringgit greater than the oppo watch so normally if you just discuss price alone the opel watch right here is really appealing due to that really pretty inexpensive price factor all right next up allow’s chat a bit regarding that design since clearly the layout the design language here are simply very different on one hand on the oppo watch we have this square sort of face whereas on the galaxy watch right here we have the typical round face all right allow’s speak a bit about the opel watch initially due to the fact that we have this in hand so notice that we do have these curved sides on the sides which is really a joy to make use of

since notice just how i just glide throughout right here it is just so fluid and also buttery smooth uh it’s simply so quick so i truly love and also appreciate these rounded sides on the sides right here in addition to that it is completely black it looks really sleek very modern-day as well as obviously we do have these sporting activities bands right here which is rather comfortable as well the only thing is that it is a bit difficult to place on and also it is a bit loosened when it’s on your wrist yet otherwise i would state that it is an extremely nice style i such as this minimalist totally completely black approach right here on the oppo watch notice that the watch face below i have actually picked it’s also downloaded and install from the app store which looks really amazing also we have a pair of watch encounters here you can see even more of these watch faces in my complete review which i carry my network yet we have an extremely nice list of watch faders below all that looks really truly nice on the oppo watch all right so allow me simply select that back initial all right so going on to the galaxy watch three below what we have below actually is a more a standard method so we have this a round face right here that obviously looks much like any other typical watch it is really wonderful along with we have these uh really nice leather straps matched

to the general outlook which gives you a very sort of classy kind of feel i likewise specifically such as this watch face that that samsung has actually created for the samsung watch and also it simply looks very really good below so notification that if i placed both side by side we likewise have 2 buttons on each watch right here one is a faster way vital one mosts likely to the tasks as well as certainly you can obviously change the buttons to make it function and also to just how you would desire it to be okay so alongside this is how it looks like we have an even more modern-day method on the oppo watch and also the even more typical approach on this galaxy watch tree all right so going on to the next distinction which is among the primary crucial points here and that is what’s running in the tools itself so starting with the oppo watch we have this working on wear os and also it is very acquainted since whereas you’re probably accustomed to it by now you have this if you just slide to the to simply the left from your home display you enter into your little tiles below which reveals you your widgets below and also it is really simple to make use of once more really smooth below as well as i like how we can see a lot of information straight on the screen itself so obviously this is my rest last night for example i slept for a pair of hrs right here allow

me just touch that as well as see in more information so this is just how it works here on this watch if you just hit this food selection button you enter into your listing of applications which obviously once more is very smooth look at the rate of these people i mean it is really fluid and also really fast on the opel watch right here so once more this is where os carrying on to the samsung galaxy watch 3 this is operating on the tizen os so slightly different here when you go right into your menus this is exactly how it resembles your widgets appears like this and also fortunately right here is that unlike the opel watch you can in fact have a lot more widgets right here so you can see more info more faster ways in fact i really like the reality that you additionally have this dial right here that you can rotate around to actually go via the widgets on the pages yet at the end of the day i often tend to in fact simply swipe it since it is simply so a lot more less complicated okay so heading right into the primary food selection apps we do have a number of apps aligned like this you can have it in this round circular shape or in the ceramic tile method however this really depends on your choice so this is essentially just how a tizen os resembles and also it is additionally rather nice but i would certainly claim in terms of familiarity certainly wear os is quite extra acquainted to me all right moving on to the following point let’s speak about the tasks it tracks so both gadgets right here are in fact able to track a pair of tasks and they’re really pretty similar if you simply enter into this uh into this task list right here observe that they both cover very

standard stuff so on the oppo watch we have the basic fitness running outdoor walking cycling as well as swimming so this is the 3 main groups that it tracks your runs your strolls obviously your biking sorry 4 as well as your swimming so the exact same goes with the uh for this galaxy watch three too we have our running strolling biking and also there’s a pair more swimming as well however if you go into information and also there is actually even more workouts below that you can track so there are this type of arm swirls and arm expansions as well as all that so if you simply speak about the sheer quantity of number of tasks that you can track the galaxy watch three below really tracks a number of more activities yet if you just discuss the opel watch it is also able to track those extremely standard tasks and also it does include those 5 min type of exercise courses in the in the device itself which i think is likewise pretty beneficial if you just hit below the five min exercises from oppo we have this uh like for instance in the morning exercises and it in fact reveals you a little video right here on exactly how to do everything right so it’s in fact trying to instruct me right currently yet yep this is how it works on

the oppo watch all right so carrying on to the next point let’s talk about that wellness uh tracking stuff so as an example we additionally have your tension monitoring on this device both also tracks your heart price your rests but one thing that the galaxy watch tree below does more than the opel watch is actually your blood oxygen degrees so we have this spo2 tracking in the galaxy watch 3 right below which is missing on the oppo watch however to be reasonable as well as the precision of it is not truly the most precise so you should not really trust on your watch here to obtain those uh spo2 readings uh it is just for reference just due to the fact that i observed that the the reading still a bit irregular so i can’t state whether this is actually a very uh how must i put it a really referral something that you can reference or otherwise however it’s simply something that you have on the galaxy watch three all right so proceeding to alerts on both gadgets obviously both devices have mics and also audio speakers so you can take your calls and also respond to messages on both watches here really helpful there however in regards to how the alerts look like it is a bit different so for the oppo watch you simply move up from the primary menu from the home display in fact as well as you can see your notices on such as this whereas on the galaxy watch you simply scroll towards the left this is all your notices so i would

certainly state that both watches do a pretty fantastic work it is really cool and tidy on the opal watch right here whereas on the galaxy watch you really see one at a time such as this but i assume it’s additionally respectable because it gets on a large screen you can see a great deal of details here so it really depends on you below which you choose for me i would certainly state that i like the the clean layout on the on the oppo watch due to the fact that this is exactly how you see it on your smart device as well all right so last yet not least allow’s speak concerning the battery life so the open watch here can last regarding one and also a half days on one solitary cost whereas the galaxy watch 3 right here does a bit better it does regarding 2 as well as a fifty percent days to three days on one single charge so you’re getting an extra dave on the galaxy watch 3 right here in regards to battery life for me i would state that one more essential element below is in the chargers itself so let me just bring that up very promptly for you so we have the fees below as well as the galaxy watch one charges on this little puck right below whereas the oppo watch costs on this little tray right here all right so we do have fast charging happening with the oppo watch uh it charges to complete uh zero to a hundred percent in about slightly greater than a hr extremely extremely quick whereas on the galaxy watch tree it takes around greater

than 2 hrs i assume virtually near to 3 hours possibly 2 and a fifty percent hrs to actually charge from zero to a hundred so it is very sluggish billing on the galaxy watch 3 as well as once i obtained made use of to the rapid billing on the opel watch i just really felt that the charging on the galaxy watch is just as well slow so certainly very happy to have that quick billing happening with the opel watch uh definitely very amazing that even though the battery life is somewhat minimal than the galaxy watch 3 good men i think that’s practically it for this contrast at the end of the day both watches below are actually very excellent devices if you’re searching for an extra modern-day technique you like this curved screen below and also the appearance of this oppo watch naturally you need to just go for the oppo watch because it is also much cheaper depending on your budget plan yet if you have a various spending plan and also you’re seeking that even more standard technique and also more activities to track maybe you need to go with the samsung galaxy watch here to me simplicity is what i’m searching for today so i’ll probably go with the opel view right below but obviously this is not to dismiss the galaxy watch 3 as a great challenger as well alright men that’s it for this video clip if you have any kind of questions do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment area below and also i’ll see you individuals in the following one bye

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