Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Hands-On: Tons Of Features for Half The Price!

hey guys welcome back to the final video of lim reviews for 2020. so in this video i’m super excited to present you the amazefit gts2 mini so this is the first time i’m actually getting my hands on this device and i’m pretty excited about this because for some reason it does look pretty cool in the pictures so thankfully once again dasher has lived up to his reputation and has again provided me with the latest smartwatch share i’m currently in malaysia and if any one of you guys are looking for a smart watch you should definitely check out dasher all right on to the gts2 mini why i’m so excited about this is because this is basically the watered-down version of the amazefit gts2 so the gts2 is actually about 175 us dollars depending on where you’re from and this amazfit gts2 meaning is half that price meaning it’s about 80 us dollars or so the price isn’t really released right now in all countries but in india i think they’re selling it for about 80 us dollars or is it 90 us dollars or something about there but it is about half the price of the amazing gts2 all right so i’ve actually already unboxed this guy right here so let me just show it to you very quickly and this is the amazfit gts2 mini guys it looks really good i must say that when i first saw this maze with gts2 mini i was like really

surprised if you just take a closer look right here you’ll notice that we do have this slightly chamfered edges on the sides you can see it sparkling a little bit more and the reason why i have the pink here is also because dasher sent me the pink version but yeah there are other colors so don’t worry about that but anyway back to this chamfered edges on the sides here it really does look very premium even though it is cheaper than the gts2 so notice on the slides here we also have these materials i’m not sure what it is but it does look a little bit like aluminum or some sort on the sides here we have a single button as always and if you flip the device to the back this is a bit new as well for a maze fit usually they come with those plastic bags are with like totally blacked out but this looks a bit like a candy pink color on the back here which is also very interesting uh on the gts2 mini so i also like the fact that they have this this thing right here in black so it has a bit of a contrast going on with the overall design and look and yes i must say that it is very very lightweight the gts2 mini is so lightweight that it’s i think one of the lightest ones out there i can’t be sure on that but it definitely feels very light so although it is very light it does still look very premium i definitely like i said appreciate the looks on the face here let me just change to another

watch face so that we can have a nicer view right so we do have this watch face right here uh which is typical of a maze feed so this is essentially how the amazefit gts2 looks like uh in the device itself so i have my gts one with me today so let’s check it out side by side this is the amazefit gts1 definitely you can see it actually looks similar in terms of size and the display supposedly is a little bit smaller but you can’t really tell the difference here it does look very similar because this is the gts series and of course i also have my gts2 right here so this is the gts2 side by side and let me put all of them together so you can have a closer look at all three devices right here so this is the full family of the gts from amazfit we have the gts2 mini you have the gts2 and finally the gts one right here all right so i’m just going to put this side by side with the gts2 for a moment to see what we have a different so when you put both side by side you do actually notice a slight um smaller display on them on the mini right here obviously because it’s called the mini the gts2 has a slightly larger display but the good news here is both are amoled display panels and then you will have always on display on this little guy right here so that’s really cool i love the the amoled displays on amazefit smart watches it has always been very crisp very clear great contrast levels

great saturation levels so definitely expecting the same kind of quality on the mini right here putting it side by side with the gts one once more you’ll notice that it does look a little bit smaller as well but not by much but this is how it looks like all right so very quickly what are the features missing on the gts2 mini compared to the gts2 and we have two items missing here the first one is that the mini does not come with any internal storage so you can’t store your music and the second one is that the mini does not come with a built-in mic so you cannot answer your calls on the watch itself but those are the only two things that is missing on the mini right here what it does come with however is the same all the heart rate tracking you have your spo2 readings and you also have gps built in into the gts2 mini so for all of you guys out there who wants to take your watch without your smartphone with you on your runs you can do that with the gts2 mini right here all right so like i said this is uh just a quick look let me just show you very quickly how the os looks like if you notice here it’s a bit different when i pull down from the top on the gts2 notice that i have this a lot of shortcuts going on here but if i pull down from the top on the mini i only have four shortcuts and this is actually very similar

to the gts one right here where there is only four shortcuts so it is just a bit different right there if you pull up from the button you have your notifications over here i’m not going to check out the notifications right now but if you just go into your your widgets over here and this is where you see your shortcuts for your widgets so this is very typical of a misfit and if you hit the button right here you can get into the list of applications which again is very similar to the other amazing watches so the only thing that is different right here to the gt2 s2 is the drop down menu from the top where it houses lesser shortcut keys all right guys i think that’s pretty much it for this video like i said this is just going to be a quick view uh side by side with the gts1 as well as the gts2 so here we have the gtx2 mini i think it is a great device for the price at just 80 or 90 us dollars this is a pretty good looking smartwatch here that comes with a ton of features except that internal memory and also the lack of a built-in mic for your calls all right guys um i already got to go i hope you guys have a great year ahead stay safe if you like this video hit that like button and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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