Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: Better Than What You Think! Let Me Explain!

hello guys invite back to another video clip with lim evaluates so today we’re mosting likely to take a peek at the xiaomi mi 11 lite that i have right below currently this is going on sale in malaysia on 6th of april for rm1199 so a very inexpensive price variety right there if you remain in somewhere another nation from one more area this has to do with less than 300 us bucks so once again extremely budget-friendly things right here however this is simply a glimpse our initial impressions on the me 11 lite i’m gon na tell you what you can anticipate from this device right here and also probably whatever you could require to recognize in the meantime good so as quickly as uh i have actually obtained this box below i discovered that the layout is extremely minimal on this box itself everything is extremely simple and white however what you require to recognize is what was available in package and also we do obtain primarily this stunning 33 watt battery charger right here so xiaomi is keeping it regular we always get the charger in the box aside from that you also get your type c wire and also of course the gadget itself so it’s going to put this down right below in the meantime and have a look at the me 11 lite now xiaomi is truly placing this as something that is very

stylish and also if you’re searching for like a mid-range tool right below this is something that you might want to take into consideration if you’re trying to find something a little various from the normal so if we just have a look at the design first as well as foremost it features a great deal of shades however the one that i have here is this variation in black so we do again have a very reflective back right here that catches rather a reasonable little fingerprints so i’m just going to clean up that very quickly for y’ all and also there you go i invested the majority of my time simply cleaning this so that it’s always shiny for you individuals to see as well as yes it is an extremely slim gadget as you can see right here definitely a bit various from what we’re seeing nowadays with all the technology gadgets coming out this gadget still has a quite big battery so we’ll speak a little bit concerning that later however simply look at the slim profile individuals also the electronic camera has simply an extremely little bit of bump right there which i think is entirely appropriate very slim once again if you have a look at the front right here i think xiaomi is chatting regarding that bezel that is really equivalent on the top as well as lower you can’t truly see the bezel from there so i’m simply going to alter the wallpaper very rapidly to a different one so you

can see it clearer right here and also indeed have a look at the bezels around the gadget it looks really balanced throughout it so in instance you’re the kind of individual who doesn’t like like the thicker bezel at the base this is what you can anticipate with the me11 light so really wonderful stuff that it really feels extremely superior in hand it does not seem like a budget device in any way as well as i’m absolutely liking the feeling of this tool due to the fact that it’s a lot extra lighter and i consider 160 something grams or something like that so extremely light-weight which’s what you obtain with the style of the mi 11 lite okay so powering this tool right here is a snapdragon 732g and if you’re familiar with that processor you would certainly recognize that it is a pretty qualified mid-range processor uh naturally it’s you can play video games like zhang jing effect and also mobile legends but you may have a hard time a little bit on the highest possible settings with all these video games right below if you’re a typical kind of gamer and you just make use of the phone for like basic social networks facebook and you recognize like youtube and also all that this gadget will definitely deal with your requirements so i recognize not everyone here is a player like a complete hardcore player so if you’re not that type of individual uh this is excellent for you but if you’re trying to find the best pc gaming experience however that’s not to be anticipated with the me 11 light right below uh another thing missing out on here is 5g my version is the mi 11 lite but

there’s also a 5g version available so if you need 5g simply wait for that to find in besides that powering this device at the front below we do have a really good 6.5 inch amoled screen that’s running at 90hz so once more excellent colors extremely excellent watching angles throughout the device itself i truly like the displays appearing of xiaomi these days we’re constantly accessing the very least amoled and 90hz refresh price so it’s very smooth to the touch whatever resembles buttery smooth and fluid as you can see on the video camera right below once again so indeed like i stated i’ve been using this for a couple of hrs currently but it really feels fantastic individuals um this is an extremely excellent screen right here as well as it’s exceptional for watching youtube videos okay carrying on allow’s chat a little bit regarding the cameras at the back so we have a triple cam setup here as well as that’s led by the 64 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel vast and a 5 megapixel macro however these are simply numbers i was just taking a pair of images previously on and also i noticed that the photos here was actually rather great i indicate the images right here are not the sharpest so discover that when i take a number of daylight shots in these samples right below you can see that is it has a somewhat soft component to it so it’s not the super sharpest kind of photos that you will certainly get from a smartphone right here yet it’s

still very good for watching on your mobile phone as well as sharing on social networks if you talk concerning these shadows in the history i pretty like the darkness that’s turning up from this me11 light right below so these are the kind of pictures you can expect on the mi 11 light once again this is just a peek of first impressions at what the me11 light can do and also of course let me recognize what you assume regarding the pictures down in the comments area listed below alright so i’ll be examining this gadget out and also taking more photos and also sharing them in the complete testimonial however, for currently let’s action on to the next my favored component and also that is the stereo speakers on the mini 11 light so once more we is we are seeing it as a standard on these days for xiaomi gadgets ahead with a stereo audio speakers at the top and also lower and i must state that the steering speakers on this individual below is quite superb as well it goes up to very good volumes and i’m simply gon na turn on a clip right here to ensure that you can in fact listen for it to on your own so allow’s just go right into among the uh non-copyrighted music right there as well as allow me just play a music right below my good people so that’s the kind of audio quality as well as quantity that you can obtain from a hands distance right here certainly you can not listen to the real sound or the real audio top quality from the video clip right here so this is simply an idea to ensure that you have a bit of referral regarding how the audio speakers of the mi 11 lite could seem like finally let’s talk a little

regarding the battery in the back below so unlike most conventional devices nowadays that includes 5 000 milliamp hr batteries this device comes with a 4 250 milliamp hour battery in the in the rear of it itself and naturally like i stated if you do run out of juice you can always use the 33 watt fast battery charger that came in the box to bill it up rather quickly so once more yeah this is what you can expect from the me 11 lite men so like i stated this is simply the initial impacts video clip i’ll be absolutely doing more examinations on this device right below checking out the cameras testing on the pc gaming efficiency and also all that so stay tuned for that uh for currently this is what it is with the mi 11 lite a quite interesting elegant tool right here for rm1199 and also yes if you have any kind of questions leave them down in the comment section below as well as i’ll see you guys in the following one bye

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