Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite vs Samsung A52: SIMILAR BUT ONLY ONE WINNER! Let’s Find Out!

hey guys welcome back to one more video with lim reviews today we’re going to be examining out 2 very similar specification tools on my ideal i have the xiaomi mi 11 lite as well as on the left this is where we have the samsung galaxy a52 so both tools was released not as well long earlier and they come in at a somewhat various cost array so once more here in malaysia this mi 11 light here is going for 1200 ringgit and the a52 below is somewhat more costly at 1 500 ringgit so there is a distinction of 300 ringgit and the difference in regions for the prices you can see it down listed below okay so remember that the mi 11 light right here is available in only one specification the 8 plus 128 gb whereas the a52 below is really one more spec which is 8 plus 256 gb so although there is 300 ringgit in between both devices right here however the a52 do have a dual the storage space so once more it is very similar once again in terms to prices due to the fact that you obtain a little bit extra however much more on that later on in this video clip i’m mosting likely to inform you every little thing you need to know thorough regarding both devices right below as well as which device need to you opt for thinking you’re believing of getting among these tools right below great let’s just start

with the video clip right now let’s have a look at firstly the style language of both gadgets so the mi 11 lite as you can see here it is extremely reflective on the back here undoubtedly there are various other various colors around however mine is a black version as well as it looks like a mirror right below you can actually see me right there in regards to the camera bump it is really very slim too observe that this device is actually positioned as a slim gadget as well as a lightweight device to make sure that’s just how the style appears like carrying on to the galaxy a52 this is a slightly thicker tool it is actually about 1.5 millimeters thicker something like that but it is absolutely thicker as you can see right below so the style smart certainly it also is available in different colors however mine is this blue variation right here if you like this type of electronic camera removed after that this is your kind of thing undoubtedly in regards to the back design i in fact kind of like the matte back compared to the glass one right here because this accumulates a great deal of fingerprints however it deserves keeping in mind that this is actually a plastic sort of back cover where it really moves a little bit when you push against it whereas this mi 11 light right here is a solid uh glass or

something like that if i’m not mistaken all right so in regards to layout this is how it appears like when you relocate to the front this is where it obtains a little bit intriguing since we both have a notches on top below but bear in mind that if you simply take an extremely close look you’ll see that the notch the tiny video camera punch opening here on the mi 11 light is somewhat larger than the one on the galaxy a52 so yes this is something that i wants to direct out in terms of the bezels all around it’s extremely nice to state that the mini 11 light right below has actually maintained every little thing looking pretty in proportion in regards to the leading and also lower bezel right here in addition to the left and also ideal whereas on the a52 right below you do have a little thicker bezels on both leading and also lower so yeah this is virtually what it would look like in regards to style directly i’m really a substantial follower of the mi 11 light due to the fact that it’s so much slimmer therefore better to hold in hand whereas the a52 below is slightly beefy uh in my viewpoint it’s a little bit hefty also most definitely much heavier than the me11 light right there uh but yes if you prefer the beefy kind of device the a52 is your one to choose however for me i’m choosing the a little much more portable and also very slim mi 11 light right below good following thing allowed’s speak about here is the finger print scanner so the mi 11 lite has the finger print scanner on the right below so it is actually very fast allow’s have a look at that it’s actually simply one second and less than one

second in fact as well as it opens very promptly so the a52 below is a slightly different tale since it has an in-display fingerprint scanner however it is not as quick as the uh the one on the mi 11 thus allow me simply show it to you once more there we go so it is a little slower than the mi 11 like right below yet once again it relies on which one you choose directly i think in regards to accuracy the one on the mi 11 light here being a physical finger print scanner is simply way much more accurate contrasted to the one on the a52 which sometimes misses out on my fingerprint and also it’s not as fast so for the fastest and also most exact sort of number print scanner euro one to select the one on the mi 11 lite okay since we have actually got that out of the way let’s talk a little much more about the displays at the front as well as this is where we have again really similar display screens below the mi 11 light has a somewhat larger display screen at 6.55 inches compared to the 6.5 on the galaxy a52 however they’re both 1080p amoled display screens that perform at 90hz so they’re both incredible to consider the colors are outstanding i suggest the watching angles are likewise really excellent so there is nothing much to whine concerning right here if you’re getting

either among these gadgets simply remember that the display screens on both tools right here are truly superb aside from that the following thing i wish to speak about right here is actually the ui simply really quickly before i enter into the everyday performance so i recognize a lot of people are constantly stating that xiaomi gadgets includes a whole lot of bloat uh applications set up like agoda and also as well as so on however it’s simply worth noting that the bloat amount on this xiaomi mi 11 lite is not as high as the a52 so i was kind of surprised when i obtained my a52 as well as i’ve really placed all the bloat into one folder right here we have a lot of samsung applications that we in fact don’t really use right here possibly you you could in fact utilize it however to me in my viewpoint i choose the most uh we don’t require that lots of applications here we also have a number of microsoft applications installed so there’s quite a great deal of bloatware also in the the samsung a52 right here so just in instance you’re questioning about that both tools do come with some bloatware however you can naturally uninstall them extremely quickly okay currently allow’s chat a little regarding that performance so both devices here really utilizes the snapdragon 700 collection processor which is a quite decent mid-range cpu it has the ability to run points on the day-to-day very smoothly in

terms of applications and also like your social media sites as well as pc gaming it’s all able to run really efficiently undoubtedly on video games you won’t have the ability to run the most greatest settings there so please bear that in mind if you’re playing video games like mobile tales as well as club g definitely you will certainly have the ability to obtain some decent structure prices both devices also do not warm up if you play quite a lot of video games yet of course if you’re attempting to play video games like jenshin influence which has an actually high graphics settings then it will certainly battle a bit all right so in terms of benchmark scores i in fact did the benchmark scores here let me just show it to you really swiftly in regards to benchmark scores alone i did see that the mi 11 lite did have a minor advantage let’s just enter into this program right below so if you have a look at the scores right below in regards to solitary score and multi-core score the mi 11 lite in fact beat the galaxy a52 so this is regarding five to 10 percent extra powerful compared to the a52 as well as obviously i also did the uh while the 3d mark test right below and the outcomes is the exact same allow me simply locate that application again once again so if you simply go into the general score below you have 240 2749 whereas is 2500 plus on the a52 so once again concerning an additional five percent type of increase in regards to just stats numbers and also all that yet remember that both tools below actually carry out extremely in a similar way uh to each other okay so because we’re speaking a little bit concerning customer experience as well i just wish to bring up the haptic engine for a bit

below so i need to applaud once again the mi 11 lite for having the better haptic engine below uh what i imply by that is the resonances on this tool right here you can be really felt throughout the operating system as well as they’re the kind that are brief and sharp so you in fact feel it extremely subtly yet it is a really wonderful feeling that you can jump on the mi 11 light so on the other hand the samsung galaxy a52 below has the sort of vibration that is the slow and like uh it’s just not really it does not provide you the feeling that it’s really receptive so i do not really uh like the haptic engine on the galaxy a52 this is the kind of haptics that you see on older gadgets whereas on the mi 11 light like i stated is brief and sharp so the haptics sensible if you’re really specific about the haptics you will certainly intend to have a look at the me11 light for that all right currently allow’s move on right into the electronic camera so we both have a really different set of cams right here certainly we have extra one sensor on the a52 as well as simply 3 sensing units on the mi 11 light so on the mi 11 light both of these devices have 64 megapixel primary sensors yet when it concerns ultra white uh the me11 light in fact has only eight megapixels whereas the galaxy a52 has 12 megapixels for that lastly the mi 11 light has a 5 megapixel macro lens uh whereas on the uh a52 it likewise has a 5 megapixel micro lens combined with a five megapixel

deepness sensing unit all right okay those are a great deal of numbers right there and also you can see the stats i’ll place it on this screen right below yet just in regards to photo quality which is the better image let me just reset that very rapidly it is simply delving into my games all of an unexpected let’s clear all that oops fine clear all and also clear all all right so simply in regards to picture quality i’ve taken fairly a lot of pictures right below and yes allow me show you people exactly how they appear like so in regards to daytime shots i need to note that the pictures on the me11 light was a bit much more saturated compared to the ones on the galaxy a52 the galaxy a52 photos looks a bit more all-natural yet if you choose the kind of stylized pictures or the me11 light has even more of that in the tool itself so in regards to real skin tones and all that i also saw that the galaxy a52 revealed a more precise kind of image whereas the me11 light really gave pictures that is a little bit uh enhanced on your skin tones and all that so once again it depends on you if you choose the kind of even more all-natural kind of appearance you should go with the a52 yet if you like something that is much more saturated something that is a bit much more elegant uh the mi 11 light is where you should go okay in regards to the evening photos again they are very different below so uh this time around i felt that the 9 photos on the mi 11 light was somewhat far better yeah so if you take an appearance at these images right here i think the saturation levels the a little increase in saturation degrees on the mi 11 light here looks a bit better if you have a look at these twin towers right here it looks a little bit nicer contrasted to the a52 but there are also certain circumstances where the a52 knight setting

looks a bit much better than the me11 light so once again these are really various type of electronic cameras right below and it depends what type of cam sort of photos that you favor me personally i feel that it is a connection right here since at specific times the mi 11 light outmatched the uh galaxy a52 and also various other times the a52 exceeded the mi 11 lights yeah so in regards to efficiency i would certainly say i would need to offer it a connection for the video cameras okay now allow’s speak regarding the last thing the batteries in these gadgets right here so the mi 11 light being a little slimmer here features a slightly smaller battery it features a 4 250 milliamp hour battery whereas on the a52 this is running a 4 500 milliamp hr battery but remember that these are the battery sizes if you do run reduced on juice this is where you can in fact have a look at the chargers that came in the box as well as the me11 light right here xiaomi is very kind to offer us with a 33 watt battery charger whereas on the a52 it is just a 15 watt battery charger so this is still a quite slow break right here in today’s requirements uh the phone itself supports 25 watt rapid cost but we only obtain a 15 watt battery charger in the box so yeah i hunch that’s what it is but also for the mi 11 light we do have a 33 watt battery charger in the box okay last yet not the very least just a fast one let’s allow’s chat concerning the earphone jack so it is existing on the a52 whereas it is missing on the mi 11 light and in

regards to stereo speakers both devices have amazing stereo audio speakers yet it is a little bit different in regards to the audio quality for the mi 11 light right below the noise is really a lot more richer as well as it goes a bit louder so if you like a great deal of like truly strong songs coming with you the mi 11 light is the one that you must go however if you prefer music that is a little bit more crisper the mids as well as highs are a bit uh divided so you can listen to really clearer audio then you need to select the a52 right below so once more both gadgets has its own strengths and it truly depends on what you’re trying to find in your device great guys i think this video has actually been relatively lengthy yet this is what it is with the a52 and also the mi 11 lite so at the end of the day which need to you really select i would state that it is really clear here uh if you’re actually searching for something that is small slim has an awesome display a good collection of video cameras as well as uh i think it’s truly as a result of that slim form variable then and the costs feeling too then you must certainly opt for the mi 11 light and also save a couple of dollars yet if you have the additional budget plan and you need that additional storage space the 256 gigabyte of storage right here and you do not mind this actually a somewhat thicker body right below then you can actually check out the a52 too however whatever that i claimed earlier still counts check it out yourself as well as let me understand which one you believe is the better acquire right here i assume that’s it for this video thanks men for staying up until completion if you like this video clip aid me to give that a thumbs up and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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