Black Shark 4 Honest Review: The BEST Budget Gaming Smartphone You Can Get!

hello individuals invite back to an additional video with lim reviews today we’re going to be looking into a really interesting device this is the black shark 4 that i’ve been using for almost a week now so it’s a really exciting gadget right here since it includes a great deal of features at a very cost effective cost variety so this obviously is a video gaming phone right here as well as it simply was introduced in malaysia for i assume like a week ago or two as well as the rate below in malaysia was rm2299 as well as relying on which nation you’re from the pricing will certainly differ based upon your region all right so i actually have already unboxed this individual right below and also what was available in package was a pretty extensive listing of things clearly we do have the phone itself we also have a very very good 67 watt battery charger in package it also includes the type c wire at the back there you have this instead intriguing plastic instance so i’m not exactly sure just how much security it will certainly give but it does look pretty amazing right here and also matches the overall pc gaming team and finally you likewise get a pair of sticker labels it’s a little bit away for me yet there you go you have these black

shark sticker labels that looks pretty cool okay so we’re mosting likely to focus today primarily on the black shark 4. like i said i’ve been utilizing it for near a week currently as my day-to-day as well as i have actually been video gaming a whole lot so in this video it’s gon na be all concerning me sharing my honest experience with you individuals uh this is exactly how we do it on arm or leg evaluates the network itself always the honor things right here uh to make sure that you men understand whether you need to acquire this device right below great so we’re simply mosting likely to begin off really rapidly with the method it looks uh personally i’m not exactly sure if i’m a significant follower of this style right below but this is a rather various method for a gaming device there’s no fancy leds or whatnot but what we do obtain is this really expensive back create right below the x that you can see in fact moves a bit as you tilt the tool from side to side even from front to back it is a very intriguing back panel right below clearly if you’re not right into this type of layout they likewise have the matte back which is a little bit extra plain so you do also get that three camera setup at the back which is entirely virtually completely flush with the device itself so there’s no video

camera bump at the back here which’s definitely terrific apart from that it does feel a little thick in my hands and also uh possibly that’s because of the battery that’s in this device right here so it’s a rather huge one i believe it’s like 4500mah uh we’ll talk a little regarding that later on at the front we are greeted with a very great 6.67 inch amoled screen with a 144 hertz refresh rate so this is absolutely among the much better ones around however i’ll chat a little bit more about that in a bit at the front below we also obtain our selfie electronic camera it is an extremely tiny cam eliminated at the top as well as i most definitely appreciate this because it doesn’t enter my way whatsoever when i’m watching the display screen head on so in regards to top and lower the chin and that temple it is rather balanced below you don’t get a great deal of bezels on the top and also bottom as well as i absolutely am excavating the design of this tool right below so relocating on sideways this is where we do have our fingerprint scanner that additionally serves as a lock switch and also we additionally have two mechanical triggers right here that you can just activate by just moving them up and also you have that added 2 physical buttons that you can utilize to you know play your video games and all that so it’s truly amazing i like the mechanism you do have an

audio effect when you release that up i’m not sure if you can hear it but yes it really feels really satisfying to just secure it up right there and also naturally you can also utilize this as a shortcut key so i’ve configured mine to activate the flashlight so i have like efficiently a flashlight switch going on right here simply hit to on it and shut off extremely really great to make use of on the left we do obtain your volume rocker along with a sim card tray so this is pretty much it at the lower right here not neglecting we likewise have our headphone jack which is still below your kind c port and also naturally double stereo audio speakers right so that’s just a walkthrough on what this tool looks like and also it’s everything about uh now let’s talk a little much more concerning the experience after utilizing this black sharp 4 here for that near one week so first up i wish to speak a little bit about that screen so like i discussed earlier on this is a 144 hertz a refresh price as well as i have actually been using it at its maximum refresh rate every little thing is blazing quick and smooth uh to reveal you a fast instance of this i’ve really launched this bmw used autos no i’m not buying a bmw i can not manage that but simply consider just how rapid it simply glides men like it’s actually fast and if you’re coming from a 90 hertz screen or something like that you will most definitely be able to see the difference take a look at that it’s just still scrolling and also it’s so buttery smooth this is definitely among the best screens i have actually seen in fairly a while currently and you can anticipate it to to just give you that really great buttery uh type of sensation throughout the whole ui every little thing is simply freaking fast guys besides that it additionally features the 720 hertz touch tasting

price so it’s super responsive every touch that you have is similar to instant and it’s so responsive individuals so this is something that i did see on the display screen of the black shark 4. Naturally i’m not exaggerating below i’m utilized to making use of a great deal of flagship devices yet you can certainly feel that the display screen on the black shark 4 here is simply that bit more responsive and also a bit much more fluid if you may okay so one point that i did not actually like regarding this screen though is that the brightness does not get the brightest when i was outdoors the illumination levels was all right i did desire it was a bit more vibrant however besides that i absolutely love this uh show right here due to the fact that it is great uh not simply for you know connecting with the interface however likewise when you browse things as well as you recognize watch programs and also all that it’s also hdr10 plus uh ranked by the means so you can enjoy some rather good flicks over there so total i’m still extremely delighted with the display screen that we’re obtaining right here currently the 2nd thing i wish to discuss here as well as i’m going to jump directly right into the battery here because this is the the second thing that actually amazed me right here so this gadget

right below it comes with like i said that’s currently a 4500mah battery and also it sustains up to 120 watts rapid cost guys this is 120 watts fast cost and just how quick is that primarily black shark is asserting that this device can go from 0 to 100 in less than 15 mins you listened to that ideal people 15 minutes so sadly uh my 120 watt charger right here had not been really able to evaluate it but like i claimed uh it did include a 67 watt charger in the box and also you may believe that this is really very slow-moving however you may be incorrect there due to the fact that this battery charger is similarly fast so for this tool right here to go from zero to 100 it now takes concerning i consider 20 minutes or two um that’s actually really extremely fast people i do not in fact bill my gadget during the night any longer because whenever i wake up in the early morning let’s claim it’s like 35 or 38 percent i just place it to charge i go as well as shower as well as i’m right out back with a hundred percent so this is something that i actually value uh from black shark for below the battery charger and the charging is simply so fast that you do not worry about lacking battery so just in just in case you’re questioning what type of battery life we’re getting here i would certainly claim that we can get about 7 to 8 hours of display promptly and depending on just how much

you game uh that will definitely impact your battery life too yet uh this is certainly a respectable battery right below and also i’m very certain with the billing rates that i can obtain from the charger itself okay now performed with that the 3rd point i intend to talk about here is that video gaming experience so as you can see from my gadget right below i do have a pair of games i have my pubg my genshin influence as well as my mobile tales which i do play the most so play mobile tales on this gadget people it’s just a wind besides that joint influence run pretty efficiently also i do not have any type of problems with gaming on this gadget like i claimed everything is simply buttery smooth and it releases really swiftly certainly it does have a tendency to heat up a bit ever so slightly when i play genshin impact but that’s because the graphics settings go to its maximum it can support that however just keep in mind that it will take a little of toll on that particular warm that you access the back however black shark 4 is saying that we do have this fluid cooling system at the back below so it’s not as warm as other gadgets that has the snapdragon 870 in right here yet yes it is it does get a little warm sometimes but apart from that if you’re playing like regular video games like pubg or mobile legends it will simply fly everything is so smooth as well as i appreciate every of my experience just video gaming on this gadget right below all appropriate so now that we have actually done discussing pc gaming i

intend to speak a little bit extra about this tool if you’re not really like a hardcore gamer so if you’re simply seeking a device right here to use on a day-to-day i would say that the snapdragon 870 uh coupled with the 8 gigabytes of ram uh coupled with 128 gigabytes of inner storage is definitely ample of what you might need remember that we are undoubtedly having ufs 3.1 storage space right here so it’s rapid storage space and also in regards to your ram it’s lp ddr5 so most definitely extremely fast stuff happening with the black shark 4 right here i do not intend to just look at this as a gaming device individuals i also intend to consider this as something that i can utilize on my daily and also certainly i would claim that this device right here even if you’re not a player you can most definitely utilize on the specifications from this tool right below to obtain you via the day perfectly great so that’s with the efficiency on this gadget right here okay so let’s go on to the next factor now allow’s talk a little concerning the electronic cameras at the back since we do have a triple video camera configuration at the back below we have a 48 megapixel primary sensor an 8 megapixel ultra broad as well as a 5 megapixel macro so naturally i did take a great deal of photos utilizing this video camera itself because i wished to check it out however i must claim that the camera right here is most definitely not his greatest point

yet even while stating that i have to claim that i’m fairly satisfied with the sort of information that he was able to record with the black shark 4 right here on its 48 megapixel sensor so here are a number of sample pictures taken by the black sharp 4 just for you men to review and also see what kind of photos you can anticipate to receive from this tool right here great men since i have actually done speaking concerning that electronic camera allow me talk concerning the other attributes that you can receive from the black shark 4 right below so to begin with like i showed you men earlier on in the video clip we do have this side switches right here they call it the mechanical shoulders or something like that it’s really respectable since not just can you utilize it for gaming if you just hit it like this you can trigger your sharp area a 4.0 or something like that and also this is where you can get involved in your video gaming settings so you can establish quite a great deal of stuff right here if you simply hit the setups button you can in fact select what type of functions you want shut off throughout your games so you can reject your telephone calls uh stop your notices from coming in uh simply secure the illumination levels and a pair extra things right here so there’s a rather nice thing right there that

you can receive from this black shark 4 right here apart from that i wish to chat extremely rapidly regarding the haptics engine on this device right here the haptics right here is also excellent to use it features those refined type of haptic responses that in fact vibrate to make sure that it is a it really feels various individuals compared to your common sort of smartphones uh naturally with video gaming phones these days we always have a respectable haptic engine right below which’s what i can state for the black shark 4 also good guys lastly allow’s talk extremely swiftly concerning the sort of audio top quality that you can obtain from the black shark 4. So like i pointed out earlier on we do have stereo speakers ahead as well as lower and the audio high quality originating from it is that it’s rather excellent the sound audios excellent we have good bass as well as extremely crisp sort of audio yet the volume does not get the loudest right here it’s certainly not one of the loudest devices that i have actually spoken with the kind of tools that i have actually evaluated so let me simply play a really quick sample for you guys to hear this has to do with one arm’s size where i’m sitting right below so allow’s just play that music and let you get a quick example of what it seems like alright guys so as you can see i just placed on my iphone right after the video just now so you can really

hear the sort of difference in volumes however just to sum it up i simply intend to point out that the audio does not obtain the loudest although it’s still quite decent to hear from good people i believe that’s rather much it from my experience that i desire to show to you regarding the black shark 4 right below again if you ask me is this something that i would certainly suggest i would say definitely indeed if you’re trying to find something to video game or if you’re simply seeking a gadget to use on your everyday and also your spending plan takes place to relax rm2299 this is something that you need to certainly examine out due to the fact that it includes fairly a lengthy checklist of features here uh like i stated i particularly like that 144 hertz display the 720hz tasting rate it also features a really fast charging among the fastest if i’m not mistaken that i have actually seen so far as well as indeed there’s just rather a whole lot to love concerning the black shark 4 right below also after utilizing it for one week currently great individuals if you have any type of questions regarding this tool right below please let me understand down in the remark area below i wish you have actually discovered something from this video i’ll see you people in the next one bye

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