Oppo Find X2 Pro Camera Photo & Video Tests

so the main argument for grabbing this pull version of the OP or fine x2 over the bog standard model is that super-sexy upgraded camera Tech’s slapped on the back end what you get here is a slick triple-n setup packing some very smart tech indeed that primary lens is a 48 megapixel shooter using Sony’s fresh new imx6 hit 9 Center its first appearance out in the wild and it’s backed by another 48 megapixel lens this one an ultra wide-angle snapper plus a 13 megapixel periscope zoom lens which serves a baked 10 times hybrid zoom some very serious optics indeed but does it mean that the up or fly next tube pause camera tech is the best so far in 2020 to rival the likes of that Samsung Galaxy ultra what’s it well I’ve been testing out for a good few days now and here is my in-depth up or feinex to camera review and from one the latest greatest technically supo subscribe and digna notifications bell cheers so the Apple camera app isn’t one for the faint of heart this thing is absolutely round with toggles and menus and features and whatnot although if all that really intimidates you no fear you can basically just get away with ignoring the majority of this stuff and just point and shoot instead in auto mode the fine x2 Pro is a high feature can be toggled on or off at will and when this is switched on it’ll boost the colors when the occasion calls for it producing a more artificial but I please leave vibrant finish and those Zi smarts will also automatically swap selects the night mode or the macro mode when appropriate but it can also override all that shenanigans with just a quick tap if you know your way around a camera you’ll probably want to check out the proper pro mode on this thing as well this has all the usual options with the choice of shooting in

RAW format as well as JPEG but thankfully I did discover that the Apple fine X 2 plus order chops are pleasingly dependable no matter the conditions you’ll almost always get a sharp good looking photo that looks smart when you blow it up onto a tele Welles HDR sports are impressive indeed as well the color accuracy of your subject will remain strong even when you’re shooting them against a bright backdrop and likewise photos taken indoors certainly impressed as well with none of that sort of softness or a natural warmth often creeps in and ruins the results if you want to grab a picture of something absolutely flipping huge nor fear that ultra wide-angle shooter captures snaps that are just as detailed packed as those shot with the primary lens and it is great for a dramatic shot as well alternatively if you want to dive in rather than Paul back the fine x2 crawls our spot a similar periscope lends to the Reno ten times in from last year this serves up a ten times hybrid zoom again I follow the results but definitely best about five times zoom level here everything is pin shop and brightly captured once you get that 10 times zoom level you have to get much dark results and that finer detail is definitely lost in action if you want to really get crazy though you can max out the up or find x2 Pro with the 60 times digital zoom but unsurprisingly your final thoughts or will look a bit grainy and pants often

you’ll find that using an ultra wide-angle lens or a telephoto lens results in warmer colors or some other unnatural effect creeping into your shots compared with the primary lens but not here on the upper fly next to pro the results are very similar indeed and the fine next to pro’s nightrod does a good job of brightening up a scene when it gets proper dark I found that switching this on helped to cut down noise and boost the general detail levels while also improving the color capture you can even use that night mode with the other two lenses here wheel triangle snappers and these struggles in low-light normally but this night feature gets it right back in the game the impact of night mode isn’t quite as pronounced through the telephoto lens but it does produce more balanced results when you’re shooting a strong contrast scene and of all the other bonus features on the fine x2 Pro I found that the one I use the most was the excellent portrait mode you don’t get any wacky studio effects to play with but you can tweak the Bakke level and the edge detection appears to be completely infallible and the up or fine x2 process only in or slouch when it comes to video capture either you can grab footage it up to 4k resolution or either 30 or 60 frames per second much in most rivals except for those spangly new 8k galaxy s 20s and the results are certainly packed with fine detail although the color temperature is also clearly boosted you can switch

between the primary and the telephoto lenses at any time during shootin even at that max fork is 60 FPS level but the ultra wide-angle shooter only comes into play if you drop it down to 30 fps image stabilization is proper balls at Ultra HD resolution but if you want to move in shoot definitely try turning on the super steady feature this does drop the res to full HD but the footage is considerably smoother and even more so if you toggle the pro version on as well even if your buggering about running up and down steps or whatever you’ll get some really good video if you’re trying to shoot a tricky high contrast seeing you also have a live HD arm was here on the fine x2 Pro I thought not much of an improvement at all and in fact a lot of my fudge ended up looking worse because the focus keeps poppin every couple of seconds definitely really jarring so this one is a work in progress at best and as well as picture quality for your video operas clearly concentrate on the audio pickup as well so for one you’ve got a wind noise filter which really helps to cut down that annoying jar and blustery sound whenever you’re shootin outdoors it won’t completely eliminate it by any means but it definitely makes your Coventry pickup and everything a lot clearer with the noise filter on it softening on that horrible wind noise should we get through and in those audio settings you’ve also got a choice of a 3d audio mode which cleanly picks up everything going on all around you otherwise more concentrated more which just focuses on whatever the camera lenses are pointing at and again it does a good job last up selfies

and the Oppo find x2 pros 32 megapixel front-facing snapper is perfectly fine for sure in the world what an amazing bloody life you have once again this cops while with strong contrasts and always on a bright sunshiny day complete with dependable portraits mods as well as other night shots I took tended to look quite soft you can also shoot a bit of my own HD video here on even before I next to Chrome as well it’s got a nice crisp itself via video blog and so there you have it that’s what I think of the Opera fine x2 pros camera tech after several days of testing it out definitely for the video a smarter is very very impressive stuff indeed live h to your side and on full auto mode the photo quality is pretty damn special no matter what kind of conditions you’re trying to shoot in with some seriously good night smart so as well so let me know what you think down below the upper fine x2 pro will be going on sale early april for under one thousand pound mark here in the UK got you got my full and box in a bit the software to and all that shenanigans to see and more on the rest of the smartphone and have yourselves a lovely week people cheers love you

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