Xiaomi Mibro Color Review: Another $45 Budget Smartwatch!

hello everyone welcome back to another video with lim reviews so today i have right here a new smart watch that i have been using for the past 2 or three days currently uh sufficient to provide you my feedback as well as whether you need to really consider purchasing this wise watch right below so the subject today is everything about the me brother shade uh the name most definitely appears fascinating is me brother uh in addition to that if you have a look at this box right below you notice on the leading right corner it states you pin and basically this is type of like a sub brand from xiaomi or maybe they’re utilizing like xiaomi’s uh supply chain to get their products as well as all that so you can expect this to be fairly constant in terms of high quality for this particular smartwatch right here so before i begin off the video this device below is being sold for around 200 ringgit right here in malaysia so that is around about 49 us bucks and depending on which area or country you’re from the prices will certainly vary but yeah remember that this is an extremely budget friendly sort of budget smart watch however let’s see whether this is actually worth your cash is it also worth thinking about or even getting uh yeah let’s discover out in this video clip immediately so yes on package here itself you do have a pair of functions outlined it does your basic sporting activities

tracking your heart rate it has spo2 analyses in addition to its water resistance up to 580m so you can put it in the swimming pool and also it will certainly not have any type of issues nothing else beyond here so rather straight forward i like the box it’s extremely small and also it’s extremely compact and yeah it just fits right stuff inside so as quickly as you unpack this person what you do get is a very nice battery charger really you do get this little kind of like a puck type of charger here that functions pretty well with the mi bro color and certainly you do obtain the watch itself so when you obtain this watch what you’re mosting likely to require to do is download and install the mi fit app to sync this watch with your tool and as soon as you’ve done that everything else should be pretty straightforward so before we start chatting a little bit concerning the experience using the watch allow me show you the watch itself so at the front here we do have this a quite suitable lcd screen i wouldn’t claim it’s the brightest however it does the job penalty if you have a look at this layout right here it looks really similar to the apple watch however keep in mind it is a very little clever watch have a look at this individual so i’m a really skinny fella right below and also this is the gtr2 whereas this is the mi bro color so it’s absolutely really small dimension uh as well as if

you’re like a large dimension type of guy or something like that it will certainly look pretty little on your wrist it may also appear like a plaything alright on the sides below we do have a very good looking i’m not exactly sure of the precise products below however it does not truly seem like plastic it looks rather wonderful here extremely smooth all over the edges and also everything is blacked out you do have one solitary button on the best hand edge in addition to that if you have a look here take a look really carefully let me focus a bit more for you to see it you do obtain some type of bezel around the whole display screen which has 4 lines on the bezel itself to make sure that’s the type of design you can anticipate to be truthful i’m quite satisfied with this style it looks extremely simplified minimalist and also yeah it looks respectable okay so allow’s talk a bit concerning the bands at the back below so this is once more a rather small stripes here however you can see that you do have these little latches at the back that you can get rid of to swap them out for various other bands however general i would certainly state that the the key takeout below is that it’s very lightweight as well as it in fact feels very comfy to place on your wrist you don’t actually really feel like the watch is there to make sure that’s certainly a plus point uh in my books all right currently let’s talk a little about this tool right here so just how you operate it is fairly simple you do have this attractive great watch face over right here if you drag down from the top this is where you get

involved in a number of quick shortcuts i like that you can go into your quick settings below really easily and also again if you take down from all-time low this is where you go right into your notifications so what i like concerning this watch here is that you have quick access to your notices unlike some various other brands like halo you have to go all the means right into the app menu to discover the notifications which i find rather ridiculous however the sad part about this notifications below is that it just supports a couple of apps uh already it supports regarding like 8 different applications i believe it’s your whatsapp telegram facebook and also yeah just really couple of applications is supported for the notification so bear that in mind if you’re trying to find a correct notice smartwatch this might not truly assist you out fine currently allow’s relocate on and also examine out the widgets so we do have a number of widgets below which i think is respectable you have your heart price display over right here you have your activity a glimpse at just how many actions you have walked today if you simply take place you have the weather condition itself extremely nice as well as clear details on this display right here so you maintain going and also you have your shortcut

to access your spo2 analyses really wonderful as well as you likewise have your anxiety dimension so something regarding these type of chinese wise watches right here is that they utilize some type of like unusual english obviously my english is not even the finest yet if you check out this it just says recent stress so you reached believe a little like what it really indicates and i located out that it was actually about your tension it’s not your high blood pressure much better than my own this watch does not track your blood stress okay so if you take place to the end it does not sustain any more widgets but i do like one tiny little detail that they have done to this watch and you can discover that if you swipe from the left you do have a quick access to your faster ways that you have recently utilized and i find that this is in fact extremely distinct to the mi bro shade right here since you do not see these kind of functions on any type of other smart watch that i know of at this cost variety so it’s really trendy here because you can just go right into that setups right away all appropriate so now let’s chat a bit much more regarding the applications as well as what you have in this watch so when you hit the switch right below you go into the major app food selection and this is where you

have a quite lovely view of all the applications that is in fact pre-installed in the watch itself now you have your heart price right below you have your tasks so let’s experience the activities really promptly you have your treadmills your runs your cycling your walking it sustains like a football tennis as well as tennis a couple of stuff over there and also simply keep in mind of this it has fairly a great deal of activities being shown over here but if you discover something missing out on uh it does not truly track your swims to ensure that it’s not being tracked by the me brother color okay so if you simply relocate on right here you once more you have your blood oxygen measurement tool you have a countdown timer right here once again you have this uh taking a breath exercises so allow’s just take place extremely promptly this below reveals you your rest record for the previous evening so allow’s chat a bit regarding rest dimension on the mi bro shade after using it to bid like for 2 or three nights currently i located that it’s not the most precise uh it doesn’t really track your time that you rise from little bit properly often like today for example i obtained out of 10 yet it revealed that i stood up at nine so i’m a bit puzzled by the rest measurement going on with the mi bro shade right below so it’s not the most precise simply bear that in mind all appropriate relocating down let’s go into the weather condition application once again this is what you can receive from the weather condition very simple this one shows

your activity throughout the entire day if you scroll down you have even more details right below the variety of times you have stood uh your overall activities as well as all that stuff right here so quite helpful on one’s guard itself i like that concerning the me brother color this one below is your satisfied uh it’s essentially revealing you similar to the pi system on amazefit it reveals your total activities and just how you’re doing throughout the whole week so dropping once again this is where you get your stress so it still states below your stress yet yeah it tracks your anxiety and better down you have your music controls you have your watch and you additionally have uh your calculator right here which i reconsider is rather amazing you do not see a calculator on most clever watches these days i mean for this sort of budget smartwatch you can really wear these to your tests as well as you know press around the watch i believe that’s rather interesting don’t get that from me all right finally you likewise have your settings below which again you have a number of settings right here certainly you don’t have your always on

screen uh however once more make note of this type of english over right here you have to keep in mind that it’s not translated flawlessly for instance this says you’re off time yet what it basically indicates is how much time you desire the display to remain on before it goes off intriguing use of words apart from that you have a couple a lot more things right here that you can do with the me bro color alright so this is what you can get out of the mi bro shade right here once more this is a budget watch as well as to be honest like i stated for 50 bucks 50 us dollars or 200 ringgit below in malaysia if you’re trying to find a fundamental smartwatch that tells the time attracts your heart rate precisely this could really aid you out but if you’re trying to find even more major functions i’m uncertain how trustworthy this is as a daily chauffeur okay currently let me speak very quickly regarding the application of the mi bro application as well so again a very similar to how halo is uh developing their app i’m not extremely pleased with the method all these uh chinese type of wise watches are doing it um once more the app is a great deal of strange terms being made use of right here as a matter of fact it’s not actually well done i imply i certainly

appreciate them doing this all in english however you will certainly find it a bit difficult to survive whatever right here but the bright side here is that you do have your web page uh which you can have a fast glimpse at all your information right here as well as i assume that’s rather good for the me bro color i kind of prefer this app over the one being done by halo and also you understand halo markets even more clever watches than me bro so yeah they should take a thing from me brother good people i think that’s what you can wrap up for the me bro shade again this is just an extremely fast evaluation of this budget smartwatch right below um if you have any type of comments or concerns please really feel complimentary to leave them down in the remark area listed below uh thank you individuals for viewing this video clip and remaining with me to the end do not neglect to give it a like if you support the network and also i’ll see you men in the next one bye

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