Poco F3 GT Quick Review: It Just Keeps Getting Better! Watch Before You Buy!

hello there everyone welcome back to another video clip with lim reviews currently today as you can see on my desk right below i have the redmi k40 pc gaming version yet today i’m mosting likely to speak a little bit about the poco f3 gt now this device is really a mirror of the poco f3 gt and i have actually been using it for a number of days currently and here’s a couple of factors why i believe you may wish to await the poco f3 gt to appear before actually making your following smartphone acquisition decision now before i start this video clip i simply intend to state thank you a big shout out to my close friend erica that is really offering these tools he is the one that actually gave me with this tool right below for me to examine out so i can share my experience with you guys so if you desire to learn more concerning erica if you’re in malaysia and you’re seeking your next smartphone check out down in the links listed below currently remember that this video clip is simply my individual point of view on the upcoming poco f3 gt i recognize that this device below is going to be rather an affordable tool based on pricing i have actually seen in india it starts at concerning like rm one thousand five to six hundred ish so it’s definitely going to be really affordable and also it’s positioned extremely much at the pc gaming neighborhood but prior to i talk regarding that i just wan na allow you understand that if you are not a gamer you need to additionally remember of this device right below

since it offers a whole lot of efficiency for the quantity of money it’s asking poco is blowing it away once more right so allow’s talk a bit about this tool here as you can see on my table on my workdesk right below i have all my devices my poco f3 the x3 pro the x3 gt so you can see that i’m a very passionate individual of poco tools and also these are all really familiar to me so allow’s chat regarding this gadget right below in the meantime and why i assume you should in fact hold up your money for this to begin with we’re going to have a look at the style mine is this bruce lee version right here so it’s going to be very fancy but you can constantly decide for the silver version that is appearing that one looks truly slick one more thing you need to note here is that i think the build high quality is a small upgrade compared to the poco f3 below because it does features this light weight aluminum sides all over as well as it’s really solid people it feels good in hand so see on the sides right here we actually additionally have these shoulder causes which you can just trigger by sliding on the switches right below extremely hassle-free to make use of and also very valuable if you are a gamer at the back right here this little video camera cutout here does house an led alert as well

as if you charge your device which i’m going to show you really rapidly right here if you put it in right here notice that this thing will in fact brighten so it’s very trendy notice that this shade below is additionally rgb so you can really choose what shade you wish to appear on the back right here which i think is very great alright so enough concerning those rgb things at the base here you do obtain your kind c billing port uh you likewise get your dual stereo audio speaker cutouts which is really wonderful right here take an appearance at that design men it’s very showy on top it is additionally a comparable form for that speaker on top very good as well as at the front below you have a spick-and-span style below with that small cam removed between so if you wish to take an appearance at this front also see that the bezels right here are rather symmetrical as well as i’m quite stunned again because uh on the poco f3 right here it is not that in proportion whereas on this individual right here it is in fact rather in proportion so yeah all right so since i have actually chatted a little bit about that style um once more i’m still very satisfied with what poco is doing right here it does look really showy yet i like it rather a bit okay so currently allow’s chat a little bit concerning that display screen at the front um right here we are getting the 6.67 inch

amoled display here which is a 120 hertz refresh rate that suggests it’s very smooth aside from that you must additionally recognize that it sustains a 480 hertz sampling price so it’s ultra delicate too specifically if you are a player in reality i often tend to unintentionally do a great deal of touches around below due to the fact that it’s so smooth individuals simply take an appearance at this it actually simply moves all over it is so so smooth so i assume you will definitely appreciate this screen below since it is just an excellent display coming from poco right here with the f3 gt all right currently let’s proceed a little to performance because that’s where it actually varies from the poco f3 right below now in terms of efficiency this guy right here is rocking the dimension 1200 cpu and in regards to video gaming it does actually fly men it is a really strong video gaming gadget so i’ve obtained a number of video games below like i stated and i’ve played a couple of games it is undoubtedly very smooth yet i did discover that temperatures often tend to go a little bit greater than my poco f3 right below as a matter of fact simply to show you people what it executes in terms of standards allow me just show you really rapidly the geekbench right below because i have it already so if you just take a look at this side by side right below um do observe that the poco f3 in fact racked up a little bit greater than the ruby city 1200

i’m in fact fairly shocked at that outcome since this is the snapdragon 870 it still outmatches the dynamicity 1200 just in regards to the geekbench ratings but you must additionally make note of the 3d mark examination that i did here it actually shows very constant degrees of efficiency right here and once again side by side with the poco f3 right below discover that the amount of ball game is really really comparable to the poco f3 yet on the dimension 1200 you discover that it is just a lot more secure contrasted to the snapdragon 870 so this is just benchmark ratings just to give you a suggestion of a referral on how your gaming performance might transform out yet overall i assume in regards to video gaming it simply flies another thing you need to keep in mind right here is that the international variation may include simply 6 or 8 gigabytes of ram although my gadget right here is shaking 12 gigabytes of ram so that’s a substantial one below yet yeah that’s something that you should make note of total performance people this is absolutely nothing except amazing whatever is very fast incredibly smooth to release just take a look at that launch time guys so every little thing is also extremely quickly if you just surf a great deal of social networks like i do facebook every little thing is extremely quick uh instagram undoubtedly likewise lots up insane fast it grows faster than you can see of training course youtube as well just consider all these launch rates guys and also yeah it is just extremely quick a very quick gadget right here all right so now the next

point i desire to speak about extremely swiftly below is the cameras that we have below so we have a three-way video camera configuration which is led by the major 64 megapixel sensor since is slightly greater than the poco f3 that only has 48 megapixels and also of course on the poco f3 it wasn’t an excellent cam however i would certainly claim that it is a lot extra improved on the poco f3 gt right here you’re getting a much better camera so photos taken throughout the day and night will certainly look a little bit more sharper much more comprehensive and certainly more pleasing to the eyes as well as naturally better for you to share on your social media sites so yes you’re obtaining a better electronic camera here as well next thing i desire to speak about very rapidly is the battery in the back below we do obtain a 5 000 ish battery right here yet the primary tale is everything about that charger which i have right here this is the 67 watt charger that was available in package uh it charges up really fast i believe it takes about like 15 mins to get to 50 or something like that extremely very rapid charger right here so you can anticipate to charge this up extremely swiftly all appropriate people so prior to i go two more things that i wish to cover right here the very first one is a really important one and also that is the haptics engine on the poco f3 gt now this is using the x-axis uh haptics engine and that is in fact the more exceptional and more expensive one compared to the

z-axis and also what this indicates is that it offers you those shorter sharper and crispier sort of vibrations that you can discover on this device right below so that’s certainly a plus point next point we want to discuss right here is extremely promptly on the audio performance so audio on this poco f3 gt below is likewise really loud it obtains slightly louder than the poco f3 that i have below as well as indeed it is absolutely an extremely pleasing noise below total individuals uh simply to sum up my experience with the poco f3 gt or redmi k for the gaming version if you will is that it has been really quick that’s my only point that came to my mind is fast so whether you’re mosting likely to utilize it for pc gaming if you’re mosting likely to use it on an everyday i believe this is actually the best device below if you are seeking to buy your next smartphone you should most definitely hold for the poco f3 gt see what the cost truly lands below as well as if it’s a lot more worth it or perhaps simply 100 or 200 ringgit greater than the poco f3 right below i would claim that you should spend that added money to obtain the poco f3 gt great people i know this has been a very fast video clip uh if you like this video clip don’t fail to remember to provide it a thumbs up thank you individuals for viewing to the end once again and also obviously keep secure everybody i’ll see you in the following one bye

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