realme Band 2 Review: IMPROVED! Plenty Of New Features!

hey there everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim reviews now today we have right here a very special item which is in the form of the genuine me band 2. currently i understand i have not covered smart bands or clever watches in rather a while currently so it’s very pleased or really informing to see that we have an all new product because classification today now the actual me band 2 here is actually real me second effort at the original realme band as well as it causes a fair little bit of brand-new attributes that you can anticipate from this little man right below now before we start this video let’s talk a little about the cost this device right here was just introduced the other day in malaysia for rm169 and also according to genuine me they’ll be placing out a promo of this rm139 so it’s very very cost effective for that good so currently let’s just start with the genuine me band 2 right below currently i have actually been wearing this guy right here like i stated for the past two weeks now and there’s rather a reasonable little bit to cover

regarding this realme band 2. I’m going to be chatting regarding 3 major points right here initially up we’re going to be covering what comes in terms of the health and wellness trackers 2nd point the activity trackers and coding the notices and also various other things like that so we’re going to begin straight as well as forwards with the wellness trackers so what is in fact sustained by the real me band 2 first up it has your all-day heart price monitoring according to realme you’ll be tracking your heart rate throughout the entire day at five mins interval so that’s pretty great right there extremely typical stuff the 2nd point you require to know right here is of course the genuine me band 2 currently comes with spo2 tracking so what this suggests is that you can always gauge the amount of oxygen in your blood just by using this band two right below currently the 3rd point that you need to recognize right here is that the genuine me bantu is also able to track your sleeps at evening as well as it does so rather precisely as well as it can see all the outcomes directly from the band itself you can see your deep sleeves your light rests your rem as well as the time that you were in fact awake in bed so those are the

points that you can track now the 4th point right below is that the actual me bantu can additionally track your stress and last but not the very least it can additionally assist you to you recognize have those kind of breathing exercises so that’s all the kind of things that you can see on the realme band 2 right here those are the health and wellness stuff now one thing i do need to aim out here is that the only point that is automated on this device right here is the all-day heart rate checking for your spo2 your stress and anxiety tracking those are really hand-operated and you have to tap on the band itself to get the measurement itself so simply birth that in mind all best men so now allow’s move on to the 2nd element of this video and also that is the amount of tasks being tracked by the actual me band 2 right below currently according to real me the band 2 right below is able to track up to 90 different sporting activity modes currently honestly talking what you can find in the band right here is currently only 14 different sporting activity modes yet what you can do is go on to the realme link app and also there you will find the continuing to be activities that you can actually track the best component about it is although you can only put in 14 on the band itself the excellent news is you can choose which activity that you do the most of the time and also put it in the band itself so you can eliminate those activities that you do

not utilize and also put in the ones that you do utilize so that’s rather trendy there regarding the genuine me band apart from that what you most likely require to understand is that it does track the conventional things like your runs your cycling and your swimming so those are the basic kind of tasks that you can track with the real me band 2 right below now i do have to aim out though that the genuine me band 2 simply like most clever bands do not come with gps constructed in so if you want to track your rate your range and also all that you do need to bring your mobile phone with you yet yeah that’s rather common for many of the smart bands out in the market today apart from that one thing you need to likewise understand below is that the actual me band 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters that implies obviously you don’t have to worry about dashes from the rain you can take it swimming and it actually tracks your swims like i mentioned previously as well so that’s something that you most likely need to take note about this actual me band as well now last but not least allow’s speak regarding utilizing it on a day-to-day for those times when you are not working out or not tracking your

wellness what does it actually help you out well obviously it can also reveal your notices as well as this point it does so quite well here now i have actually not mentioned about the screen but it is a 1.4 inch lcd display that really gets to a very intense factor where you can always see the device outdoors under the bright sun so that’s definitely a plus point for the display right here so clearly in terms of notices you get extremely huge fonts and also you are able to see the notifications extremely clearly on the real me band 2 itself as well as that is something that i like currently the 2nd thing that i want to point out right here is that you do get a couple of alternatives for the watch stages in the app itself there is concerning 20 to 30 watch phases at the minute so you can go and also examine that out for on your own it’s extremely easy to sync to the band although you can just keep 5 or 6 locally in right here currently the last thing that you most likely need to know below as well is that it likewise comes with other functions like your weather uh it likewise can regulate your electronic camera on your smart device and also of course it can help you to locate your tool if you often tend to lose your tool battery

wise actual me states you can get up to 10 or 12 days on one single fee and i was able to get quite close to those insurance claims so that’s actually excellent so that’s pretty much what i can claim concerning the genuine me band 2. once again i believe it is a really huge upgrade contrasted to the original actual me ben one and also if you’re trying to find something on the market at this spending plan or this price factor here uh the actual me bantu is actually something that you can consider acquiring because it supplies you quite a reasonable little functions for a really budget-friendly rate all appropriate men i think that’s basically what i need to cover today in this video clip if you have more concerns concerning the real me band 2 feel cost-free to strike me down in the remarks below like the video clip if you like web content such as this as well as i wish to see every one of you guys in the next one in my kitchen area right here remain safe everyone bye

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