Xiaomi 11T vs 11T Pro: In-Depth Comparison! TWO FLAGSHIP KILLERS! Which To Buy?

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim testimonials currently today i’m incredibly excited to be providing you 2 new phones by xiaomi i understand i have actually been doing lots of tablet videos the past couple of days currently yet i’m incredibly delighted to be back to sharing smart device news alright so today i have right here two really fascinating tool uh they are the me 11t collection so on one hand i have the mi 11 t as well as the mi 11 t pro currently obviously i only have this box right below however i do have both devices uh they’re resting right below this is the mi 11 t and also this is the me 11 t pro now before i start i believe you need to already recognize that the mi 11 t series is a lot more like xiaomi’s even more inexpensive line to the mi 11 so the mi 11 is like the larger bro as well as these two guys here the me11t collection they will supply you with still a lot of fantastic specifications but at a more budget-friendly cost factor so we’re going to talk everything about that all the distinctions that you might need to know in between both this 11t and 11t pro so that by the end of this video clip you should know which tool you ought to get if you are looking to buy either among these men now before i start this video um it would certainly be outstanding if you can simply provide the channel a like below to the network if you like

seeing web content similar to this and yeah allow’s begin immediately all ideal so first off let’s talk about the tools here allow’s talk about the cost currently the me11t and also the 11t pro are actually extremely similar in terms of prices certainly this was just introduced by the global launch so we don’t have the pricing here in malaysia yet but based upon the prices from the previous me 10 t i can anticipate the 11t to be like rm1699 or approximately 410 us bucks whereas the 11t pro here will be slightly a lot more pricey at regarding 1999 ringgit which is approximately 480 us dollars currently bear in mind this is simply based on the rates for last year’s version so this year it could be a little bit different yet stay tuned to your regional suppliers due to the fact that they will in fact reveal the real price currently let’s carry on to the next factor very swiftly and speak a little bit regarding layout currently if you look closely on the screen below you could observe that both devices look really identical and also yes your eyes are not playing tricks with you they do look one-to-one alike as a matter of fact i keep screwing up which is the 11t and also which is the

professional you actually can not differentiate it using your own bare eyes so just in regards to style both looks the very same here we do have xiaomi’s typical type of layout here it’s an extremely reflective back panel this is the black version and certainly if you take an appearance at the video camera removed on the top left corner it is the kind of layout that is standing for xiaomi’s picture right below so very typical in regards to the layout one thing i do need to direct out though is that in terms of the density levels it’s not the slimmest gadget out right here now an additional thing that you must keep in mind of below very promptly is the weight of these tools right here both tools consider about 200 to 204 grams so it’s absolutely not to state extremely lightweight however it’s not as well hefty at the exact same time overall in regards to layout you will certainly not find any kind of headphone jack over here yet what you will obtain is stereo audio speakers to ensure that’s that currently that’s simply in regards to style let’s talk extremely promptly about the display screens of these gadgets right below now in regards to the screen both tools below are in fact very similar they both have the same screen which means this is a 6.67 inch 1080p incredibly amoled display screen that in fact reveals some truly good colors and wonderful contrast degrees however what you actually require to know here is that both devices

below come with a 120 hertz refresh rate and also a 480 hertz touch tasting rate so they’re extremely sensitive they’re really smooth as well as obviously i recognize the previous year one among them comes with a 144hz screen so you can think about it as a minor downgrade yet you won’t really discover the distinction in between 120 and 144 unless you have both side by side currently aside from that what you likewise require to know below with these gadgets is that the display screens copulate approximately 1000 nits in regards to brightness so if you’re using your tool outdoors many of the time you will not have any troubles seeing the screen lastly likewise safeguarding these display screens are the corning gorilla glass vectors so rest ensured you do not need to stress about this getting damaged or fractured quickly good individuals so now finished with the screens allow’s talk really swiftly about the processor as well as what’s powering these tools here now for the me 11t right below this is really being powered by a diamond ct 1200 processor whereas on the 11t pro you get the snapdragon 888 now remember right here that both processors are actually very effective for the dimension 1200 no requirement to really feel that you are being shortchanged here since the dimension 1200 is in fact a rather excellent processor what this indicates is that you’re still obtaining flagship sort of performance simply that you won’t really feel a great deal of warmth in the device whereas for the

snapdragon 888 certainly yes you are getting a flagship type of cpu below which is comparable to the mi 11 however you do obtain a great deal of warmth on this device so in terms of power both devices here are providing you very solid power for the cash however you just require to recognize that undoubtedly with the snapdragon 888 points are going to get rather warm and yes i did try it out with my genshin effect and also the temperature levels actually flew it was regarding like 48 degrees celsius so it was actually actually warm simply remembering pretty standard stuff coming from the snapdragon 888 now allow’s carry on very rapidly to the ram in terms of ram the 11t itself copulates up to 8 gigabytes whereas the 11t professional copulates approximately 12 gigabytes of ram and also in regards to inner memory both tools copulate approximately 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage currently on that note of memory i did look into the sim card port and also it’s the common dual sim sim card so you can not put any kind of like mini sd flash memory card into the phones to expand your memory to make sure that’s that now performed with the performance allow me just show you a very

quick standard scores in between both devices right below the 11t and also the 11t pro but based on what i’ve been seeing right here obviously these gadgets can manage most games at the highest graphics that you throw at it every little thing that you do on a daily social media sites facebook whatever will certainly be extremely smooth no issues with application launch speeds whatever will certainly be battery smooth on both tools right here okay now let’s proceed to the next point as well as allow’s chat a bit concerning the cameras that we have on the 11t as well as 11t pro currently bear in mind once more they are using the exact same collection of sensing units right here so what this means is we have a 108 megapixel major sensor we have an 8 megapixel ultrawide as well as last however not least a 5 megapixel macro lens which i am unsure if a number of you will use it i did wish it came with a telephoto however macro lens is what we get now in regards to what’s various here the only difference that i can spot at the minute is that the 11t professional really comes with assistance for 8k video clip recording at 30fps so if you’re

the type of individual that intends to take 8k videos well the 11t pro will assist you out with that now in regards to the camera photos here are a couple of samples for you to take a look at alongside currently although both the 11t as well as 11t professional usages a similar sensing unit i saw that shade reproduction and details are extremely different on both so typically the 11t generates images that are less saturated and also a lot more lifelike whereas the 11t pro produces images that are extra saturated to make it really stand apart in regards to details the 11t pro retains a lot more detail when focused to take a closer look and hence if i had an option i ‘d in fact select the cam on the 11t pro all right so finally allow’s discuss the batteries in these guys right here now once more they’re very similar because both devices below feature 5 000 milliamp hour batteries yet the primary distinction here is that the 11t supports just just 67 watt quick cost whereas the 11t pro sustains 120 watts rapid cost in reality it did feature the 120 watt battery charger in the box which is big incidentally fairly large too so this thing below apparently will bill the mi 11t pro from absolutely no to 100 in just 17 minutes men that’s

insane 17 minutes from zero to a hundred as well as for the 11 t the common variation the 67 watt charger would certainly do it from no to 100 in about 36 37 minutes so a little bit longer however honestly speaking both are fast billed all appropriate individuals before i end uh one final touch that i really did not recognize on both devices below is that they additionally feature good haptic engines as well as the vibration models really feels wonderful i’m not sure if it’s the x-axis or the z-axis type of a haptic engine because it was not stated but it certainly really feel great here on both devices so you can expect to have some rather good haptic responses on both the 11t and the 11t pro alright guys i believe that’s practically what i have to cover in today’s side-by-side comparison in between the 11t and also the 11t pro certainly i’ll be examining these gadgets out more and also let me recognize what you people need to know regarding these devices here are there any more concerns you want to understand regarding this let me understand down in the comment area below again if you suched as the video don’t fail to remember to give it a thumbs up as well as i wish to see all of you individuals in the following one bye

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