Honor 50 vs Xiaomi 11T: MID-RANGE BATTLE! Which Is BETTER?

hi everyone welcome back to another video with lim testimonials now in today’s video i’m mosting likely to be taking a look at the honor 50 versus one of its closest rival and also that is the xiaomi 11t currently keep in mind that the honor 50 was just launched below in malaysia the other day and also i have it right below with me today also as well as the xiaomi 11t was introduced a number of weeks back as well as i likewise have that with me today now remember that in terms of pricing the honor 50 was gone for a rate that was virtually the same to that of the 11t so they’re really extremely close in regards to pricing along with specifications now in today’s video clip we’re going to be having a look at all the differences between both devices right here and by the end these days’s video clip you should be able to inform which one is the better tool on your own all right prior to we start with this contrast it would mean a lot if you might just go down a like or below to the channel that actually aids out this

video okay currently allow’s begin with the video clip right now all right so first up we’re going to start extremely promptly with the pricing of the honor 50. Now this tool below was gone down in malaysia starting from rm1699 and also there is also a greater spec variation that chooses rm1999 currently that’s really close due to the fact that the 11t that i have right here as well this also introduced at rm1699 yet it did start with a higher ram setup that is eight gigabytes of ram contrasted to only 6 on the honor 50. now this gadget additionally goes all the method as much as eight gigabytes of ram and also 2 five six gigabytes of interior memory which is setting you back rm1899 which actually undercuts the honor 50 here by a hundred ringgit so simply in regards to pricing certainly you can currently inform that the 11t is a little that bit a lot more less costly contrasted to the honor 50 as well as for the base variant it comes with two gigabytes of ram additional on top of that from the honor 50. That’s simply the rates men allow’s action on to the next factor and talk a little bit about the design currently for the honor 50 right here we do have an

extremely appealing style i actually like this design here since it looks extremely fancy however likewise understated at the very same time now what i mean by that is we have these design signs coming from the huawei p50 which is huawei’s front runner collection and you see that we have this really wonderful as well as reflective back cover here so one more thing that i do have to aim out is that the honor 50 is a very slim device it’s only coming in at 7.8 millimeters and in terms of the weight is 175 grams so that places it at a very comfy tool to hold in hand currently let’s check out what we’re seeing on the 11t so for the 11t i’m certain many of you are already really familiar with the layout we do have this uh design cues right here that comes from xiaomi’s family series on the top left edge you do have this extremely straightforward electronic camera reduced out unlike the one on the honor 50 and also every little thing is just a little bit much more easier and also minimal on the xiaomi 11 t right below now one thing that i do need to aim out is that this device is a little bit a lot more thicker than the honor 50 and by that i mean it is one

millimeter thicker right here on the xiaomi 11 t the reason for that is due to the fact that it is real estate a somewhat bigger battery however i’ll chat more concerning that in the battery test later on all appropriate guys currently let’s move on to the following point and also speak a little bit about what’s really vital right here as well as that is the screens at the front currently both displays right here are in fact amoled screen panels so they both have terrific contrast degrees as well as excellent saturation degrees but what’s truly different here is in terms of the sizing now the honor 50 is slightly smaller here is only 6.57 inches and also i know a whole lot of you men in fact love that because you can have that one-handed usage however on the various other hand we also have the 11t right here that can be found in at 6.67 inches so it’s simply 0.1 inch a little larger compared to the honor 50. Now both screens right here look outstanding yet one thing i do require to mention below is that the opening punch on the honor 50 is a little larger than the selfie video camera itself and also it looks a bit weird to me whereas the one on the

11t right below is far more smaller as well as it looks a little less noticeable on the 11t to make sure that’s most definitely something that i do want to point out currently in regards to refresh prices both devices have 120hz refresh prices making it very smooth to glide across it is incredible below on both devices yet one point i do require to explain here is that the 11t has a greater touch tasting rate it is 480 hertz contrasted to 300hz on the honor 50 which makes every little thing a lot more buttery smooth all your touches to the display is really instantaneous and also it really feels very fast to ensure that’s something that i do have to mention below aside from that another plus factor with the display screen on the 11t right below is that it does come with corning gorilla glass vectors that makes it much less prone to scratches as well as cracks on the 11t right below nevertheless we do not know what sort of glass degrees do we have right here on the honor 50 however due to the fact that they did not discuss it i’m sure it does not featured a gorilla glass victor so that’s just something that i do have to explain right here on the whole just in terms of display i think that’s practically what you require to recognize in regards to the display on the honor 50 in addition to the one on the 11t currently allow’s proceed to a little bit extra fascinating stuff as well as let’s speak a bit about the

efficiency well let’s begin really swiftly with the honor 50 because this gadget here comes with a snapdragon 778 and like i mentioned earlier on you have 6 gigabytes of eight gigabytes of ram those are really lpddr4x and in regards to inner memory we have ufs 2.1 on the honor 50 right here currently on the other hand 11t is sporting the diamond city 1200 processor it is in fact a really solid cpu also coming from mediatek apart from that it additionally comes with the very same lpddr4x kind of ram as well as in regards to inner memory it does feature ufs 3.
1 individuals to ensure that is a slight benefit below on the 11t in terms of the faster ram in terms of simply sheer performance alone let me simply show you men a quick standard ratings as well as notice that the benchmark ratings were not too far the 11t racked up higher in a single core rating yet the honor 50 did obtain a minor age in the multi-core rating now let’s talk a little concerning the gaming efficiency since i do game a great deal on both tools here particularly my favored video game the mobile legends now in terms of mobile legends i discovered that on the honor 50 it only maxes out at high graphics settings yet on the 11t right here i had the ability to go all the way up to ultra so i’m not sure why the ultra setups is not sustained on the honor 50 yet but simply in regards to straight-out gaming performance i must claim that the win here certainly mosts likely to the 11t right here since i have the ability to get

greater graphics settings there’s not too much warmth and total every little thing is simply a little bit much more smoother on the ruby city 1200 cpu now i understand there’s a great deal of video clips on youtube showing the video gaming efficiency of the ruby city 1200 as well as it has actually been verified to be an extremely solid processor for pc gaming on the 11t right here currently just in terms of daily use every little thing runs extremely smoothly on both tools certainly app launches extremely quickly you have very little lag and delays as well as actually both gadgets right here have extremely strong performance in regards to day-to-day usage however i do have to aim out once again the touch tasting rate of the 11t right here which is 480hz once again it just makes everything that a lot smoother now considering that we get on user experience let’s speak a little about the haptics engine because once again that is something that has out in all of my videos now in regards to the haptics engine sadly we do obtain a really poor type of resonance motor on the honor 50 right below on the other hand the 11t right here just like most xiaomi devices we get the x-axis linear haptic engine motor so that’s actually an excellent haptics engine for the 11t right here all the resonances are extremely crisp it’s extremely short it’s really wonderful

to feel guys you individuals need to attempt it out on your own to comprehend what i mean by this haptic engine it is extremely essential due to the fact that these are the type of little resonances that you really feel throughout the entire use of the phone itself to ensure that’s just something that i wished to highlight in this haptic area now let’s talk a little about the audio speakers on both gadgets here so once again unfortunately on the honor 50 we only have a single firing audio speaker as well as indeed it does really feel a little weird these days to have just audio showing up from one method well the good point below is that 11t right here does feature stereo audio speakers on top and also bottom so if you are the type of individual that likes to enjoy your videos you such as to play games without attaching any outside earpiece i would claim that the 11t here absolutely offers the much better experience due to the fact that you obtain that stereo sort of audio showing up from the tool itself absolutely a very strength below on the 11t now let’s proceed to

something a bit similar right here and that is the video cameras at the back so what i mean by similar is that they both have the 108 megapixel major sensor they additionally both have eight megapixel ultrawide sensors but what’s a little various below remains in the macro and the dev sensing units now on the honor 50 you do have a 2 megapixel dev and also a 2 megapixel macro which honestly speaking isn’t that much beneficial and also on the 11t right here you do get a 5 megapixel macro which is a little not as beneficial also so that’s simply the differences right here you have an extra deepness sensor on the honor 50. Currently pictures taken by both tools you are obviously extremely different due to the processors they have the method they process pictures are very various although they do have like comparable type of 108 megapixel sensing units for this area right here i’ll simply reveal you individuals a pair of images taken by both devices here so you can see which type of images you actually prefer one thing i need to direct out right here is the pictures taken throughout the day on both devices right here are in fact great they both have a great deal of detail however the means they show the photos the method the colors end up are a little different right here

and this is rather subjective so i’ll leave it to you guys to comment down listed below which sort of an electronic camera performance do you like on the honor 50 or do you desire the one on the xiaomi 11t good individuals that’s it with the video cameras let’s talk really rapidly concerning the last point here and that is concerning the batteries now on the honor 50 like i mentioned previously on it’s a much slimmer tool and clearly it features a somewhat smaller battery it has a 4 300 mah battery in the back of this gadget right here whereas on the 11t like i stated also it is somewhat thicker but it does come with a 5000 mah battery so certainly this will certainly offer you a somewhat longer battery life here in terms of charging rates both are extremely similar one comes with a 66 watt rapid cost and also this 11t features a 67 watt rapid fee that has the ability to do absolutely no to 100 in a little greater than 30 minutes extremely comparable speeds below however don’t forget you’re charging a slightly larger battery on the 11t so that makes it practically a little faster than the honor 50. All ideal guys before i go there’s one final thing that i needs to aim out before i fail to remember as well as that is the netflix assistance on both gadgets now allow’s begin off with the honor 50 right below this gadget below supports the white vl3 which indicates it’s just able to sustain standard definition of

watching netflix on your device so a little frustrating over there the bright side below is that the 11t on the other hand here supports the l01 white vin so it can sustain hd watching netflix on the device itself this is something that i must mention prior to i end the video clip at the end of the day which device is actually far better for you should you choose the honor 50 or needs to you opt for the 11t well just in terms of the contrast the alongside i’ve stated up until now directly i assume that the much better acquisition right here might be the 11t because it features that slightly better ram ufs 3.1 it comes with a slightly far better display screen also in the sense that it has corning gorilla glass victors it has 480hz sampling price aside from that it also begins off at 8 gigabytes of ram at once without any kind of difference in prices as well as of training course it does come with a slightly bigger battery in the back as well so once again i’m not to claim that the honor 50 below is a poor phone this is a very strong challenger here from honor it includes the most recent google mobile services so you can download all your favorite applications and it also has a very ill layout as well as it’s extremely slim to the hand too so of course the last design is actually up to you do you like something that looks a bit a lot more showy a little a lot more slimmer or would certainly you want the very best value every little thing that you

can enter one tool the 11t right below let me know down in the comment area below i wish you have learned something from today’s video clip good people prior to we end one final point that i ought to allow you recognize as well as that is if you are in the marketplace looking for a brand-new 11t collection tool uh the bright side below is that xiaomi will certainly be having a large sale next monday that is october 25th right here in malaysia they will certainly be releasing 10 all new shops below in malaysia and also to commemorate with that said xiaomi is offering 200 ringgit off all the 11t series devices yes you listened to that right the 11t will certainly start from just rm1499 and the 11t pro will go with just rm1899 so extremely extremely economical prices for the sort of specifications that you’re getting that is 200 ringgit off all the 11t collection but there are just 50 devices per outlet so do directly to the web links in description box below to figure out where you can obtain these tools alright men that’s virtually what i have to show you today i do really hope all of you are staying risk-free as well as i’ll see you people in the next one bye

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