Amazfit GTS 3 FULL In-Depth Look: Everything You NEED To Know! Here’s Whats NEW!

hi everybody welcome back to another video clip with lim evaluations now in today’s video clip i’m incredibly delighted to offer you the brand-new amazfit gts3 that i have here now this device is not officially introduced here in malaysia yet in fact amazefit malaysia got to out to me and asked me if i intend to inspect this out and naturally i said indeed currently this gadget below is only going to be launched in malaysia on november the 5th so all my close friends in malaysia just take note of that date okay so performed with that in today’s video clip i’m still going to reveal you everything you need to understand about the incredible gts3 what’s brand-new regarding it it additionally includes a new os which you recognize have a great deal of more new functions in the watch so i’ll be going via every function with you so you have a very clear suggestion on what the amazefit gts3 is all about now this device i have actually waited for it for virtually one year now because the remarkable gts2 so i really hope there’s going to be a great deal of brand-new things to show to you guys currently before i start this video of training course if you

might simply like the video clips sub to the network if you didn’t see content similar to this it would really mean a great deal to me good having stated that let’s start with the video clip right away today all ideal men so this is the amazefit gts3 in its brand-new box and as you can see uh from the sort of boxes that we have here clearly we do have the brand name new amazefit logo design too as well as we have this actually sort of a great looking box right here from amazefit so we’re not going to speak way too much about package essentially i’ve currently unboxed this guy as well as in the box there is the watch itself along with a charger so we’re mosting likely to take an appearance at the watch below because that’s actually the real enjoyable things this guy’s is the surprise in shape gts3 now as you can see here let me just begin off extremely promptly with the design and also we do have a somewhat larger 1.75 inch amoled display and also simply putting it side-by-side with my amazefit gts 2e here this is the previous version 1.65 inches side by side i’ve deliberately put this wallpaper on so you can see the

distinctions in the sizes this is a little larger but you can see it is a much more square form variable compared to the previous amazfit gts2e now take a look at the design as well here we do have a little slimmer bezels on the left as well as appropriate whereas the top and also bottom bezels are additionally a bit more thinner than the previous variation truthfully speaking if you constantly make use of a black wallpaper you won’t have the ability to see these bezels yet this is simply a fast comparison side by side in terms of the sizes of the display screen alright people so an additional thing that amazefit is asserting enhanced on the display right below is that now the screen copulates approximately 1000 nits of brightness that implies it gets really truly brilliant outdoors to ensure that’s additionally an advantage there one more point that awe is presenting to this display right below is the fact that it has support for 60hz refresh rate so on the previous amazfit gts2 as well as gtx2e you may discover that it is not as smooth as what you can see on the most recent gts3 so this is somewhat smoother in regards to the total customer experience i can simply show it to you very rapidly by relocating right into the menus simply check out how smooth that type of interaction is you seem like it is almost on your smartphone so it’s really extremely

smooth here on this amoled display screen right here okay so in regards to the layout you also still obtain light weight aluminum alloys on the sides right here however what’s truly brand-new below is that we do have this new crown at the side which you can really turn to go through the food selections currently i’ve mentioned it prior to if you’re too careless to simply swipe throughout like that you can likewise simply have fun with this little guy right below and whenever you do transform the crown you really do obtain shaking haptic comments on the crown itself so i believe that’s pretty amazing below for the astonish feed gts3 currently in terms of the bands it is still the very same 20 mm kind of bands on the remarkable gts3 right here as well as you can see we do have this really good brand-new appearance going on with the bands below truthfully speaking it does raise the look of it to a certain level it does look a bit extra cooler i indicate contrasted to the previous one which was totally smooth as well as all that but of training course if you do not like the straps on the impressed gt s3 you can constantly utilize these small locks to switch them bent on various other bands of your individual choice currently another point you might see here is that we do have this type of rip appearance on the back of the straps so that it might offer better hold on your wrist this is just how the previous one

looks like it was really smooth so once more i think that is a mild enhancement in regards to the silicone bands that we are obtaining here in general in terms of the look-wise it looks really comparable to the previous amazfit gts2 yet yeah this is basically it i honestly like this look significantly it is very minimal and also still very simplified just like before all ideal so since we’re done speaking concerning the style itself allow us have a look at the operating system and what is new so let’s begin extremely rapidly by swiping below the top notice that we do have fairly a reasonable little shortcuts over right here starting with your flashlight you have your do not disturb you have your cinema setting your pointers your schedule right below allow me simply type that for you so you can see it you have a complete calendar today returning we additionally have your battery percent readjusting the illumination finding your smart device and also naturally this quick button to get in into the settings food selection so that’s what you obtain with that take down fast faster way menu currently if you just drag up from the bottom right here this is where you get into your notifications and also certainly you can simply utilize this point to slide about extremely quickly notice that on particular notifications below you in fact do have the application symbol such as facebook over below and also for other applications you do not truly have an app icon over there but you can still see a suitable amount of text on

this point right below so we’re not going to take a look at the notices today we’re visiting what else we have currently if you move in the direction of the left right below this is where you become part of your widgets we have a few brand-new widgets below everything is upgraded on the zap os right below so this is simply a fast introduction of my everyday activity number of actions the amount of times i have actually stood up as well as the amount of mins that i was active if i simply swipe across this is where we have this tab dimension so what this does is whenever i just struck that it will proceed as well as determine a pair of stuff there see that we do have a number of icons there so you will determine my my heart price it will certainly measure my stress and anxiety degrees my spo2 all just with a single tap of the switch so swiping throughout here we do get our climate here see that there is bit of animations happening with the clouds behind very wonderful touch and once again all of these widgets are real-time as well as what i indicate by life is that you can engage with them whenever you click into the widgets itself you enter right into the app so it’s very practical to just delve into the apps to find out more now gliding throughout let’s see what else we have below we have my pai my pi certainly this is still zero due to the fact that i only just unboxed this a couple of mins ago carrying

on we have the rest information right here once more i have actually not rested utilizing this watch yet if you have i will really be able to use this and after that i will see more info such as my time of wide awake rapid eye movement light sleep deep rest and all those info as well as what i actually like regarding this new os right here is that i am now able to see a lot even more information straight on one’s guard without having to maintain switching to the app itself so that’s extremely great here all your information are really on the watch itself currently going on right here this is where i get back to the cards menu right here this is something that you can tailor you can put a pair of cards right here so you can have fast glance into the whole checklist of products that you have in right here really extremely wonderful to use and also once again just consider exactly how smooth it glides individuals it is really really smooth here so like you can see currently this is primarily a loop if you just go right that you can see that is all the widgets and after that it returns to these cards as well as after that you return to the primary display to ensure that’s just how the major food selection as well as widgets function currently let’s see what sort of applications we do have inside the watch below allow’s begin really quickly with the ones on the top so for the pie i won’t speak

about that because i’ve currently mentioned concerning that currently in regards to the heart price naturally you can measure your heart price throughout the entire day with one min interval building the minimum aside from that you also have your spo devices um once more i do not need to discuss this you individuals truly are really acquainted with this feature right below okay so certainly if you decrease the list we additionally have this one tab measuring which i pointed out previously on currently if you decrease right into your workouts this is actually rather interesting since now the gt s3 sustains approximately 150 different activities now you have your very standard sort of tasks and you have a great deal even more of different tasks also also esports is on the checklist currently and it will actually determine your amount of stress and anxiety when you are pc gaming undoubtedly if you want even more workouts you can constantly touch on that button right there and also the checklist just takes place guys i’ll drop a web link to the official web site where you can see the full listing of 150 various tasks there now what’s actually cool regarding this workout settings is that today there’s a number of brand-new functions so i’m mosting likely to show you extremely swiftly if i just go right into the outside running right below as

well as if i simply glide down notification that we have this assistant right below currently if you go into the assistant you can see your workout objectives you can enter into your exercise notifies your automobile lab vehicle pos and also what’s truly new below is the all new digital pacer so what this implies is you can establish a virtual rival against on your own so you can establish the speed of this digital guy or whatever you can simply turn that on and go into the pace set the speed and also opt for your go to really see whether you are much faster than that online competitor so i recognize that this is a function of one more brand name kind of a smart watch or some something like that yet that is something that we do carry the exercise modes now and also i believe it it’s really useful because it provides you much more inspiration to attempt as well as run a little bit more much faster seeing to it that you are in advance of that digital pacer so that’s something that i like concerning this a brand-new feature right here now obviously this watch also still sustains gps so you don’t have to lug your phone with you as well as i have evaluated it really quickly a quick general practitioners examination previously on as well as it works extremely quick so i recognize that on the previous remarkable watches several of you may have grumbled that the gps there isn’t that solid however the general practitioners on this awe gt s3 is absolutely enhanced currently made with the workouts let’s check out what else we have right here we likewise have your exercise history your exercise status your anxiety your tasks now tasks right here is basically your activity for the day it simply tells you what you have actually been

doing for the day you have your rest your weather your songs controls currently remember that you can no much longer store music in the impressive gts3 uh you can’t do that anymore it doesn’t even include a speaker so you can’t hear audio coming out from this watch you also have your alarm systems your schedules your settings and also your even more buttons right below will certainly take you into more things like a sunlight and moon it shows you when the sun obtains up and when the moon rises and also come down to make sure that is something that may be useful to several of you guys out there we’re gon na go back you likewise have your compass you have a barrel meter right here that reveals the atmospheric pressure it additionally shows your altitude to ensure that’s likewise valuable for those of you people who such as to go hiking and also all that you have your cycle monitoring for the women your quick your stopwatch and all that so once more these are a couple of functions that you are currently aware of so i will not go into that currently one all new feature of the outstanding gtx 3 is that it now supports the application shop in the zap application itself so the zap application itself has a couple of apps that you can really download and after that press it to the watch so for circumstances there is this app

called the calculator you can also download it as well as push it to the watch so you can have a calculator on one’s guard itself which is i assume fairly great due to the fact that the application store now has only 10 applications yet you can absolutely see the instructions where amazefit is going they’re mosting likely to add more apps to that so it adds a lot more worth to your smartwatch all right so in regards to the battery life for this incredible gt s3 right below according to astonish feed under heavy use you will obtain regarding like 5 or six days of use under one solitary cost directly i’m believing most likely about two or 3 days for my extensive usage below real battery life will absolutely vary based upon just how you use your smartwatch all ideal individuals i believe that’s practically what i desire to cover today in regards to the prices yes i saw that it was introduced in the u.s for concerning 180 bucks so ideally when it reaches malaysia i believe it may be around 750 ringgit approximately only time will certainly tell all ideal guys i believe that’s all i’m mosting likely to cover today with the amazi3 lastly let me simply very quickly place it on my wrist so you have a concept on just how it appears like on your wrist currently again i’m a pretty skinny person right below so allow’s see just how it appears like i use right to the back right there and yep this is exactly how it appears like i assume it looks just really similar to the previous amazefit gts2 however yes absolutely valuing that much bigger display screen on the gts3 alright guys that’s it for this video once again if you like this video do not fail to remember to drop a like down listed below uh placed in any kind of comments if you have any kind of questions concerning this watch right here as well as i’ll be greater than delighted to address every one of you individuals that’s it for today stay safe everybody bye

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