Machenike MachCreator E: A Darn Good Laptop That DOESNT Break The Bank!

hello there everybody welcome back to one more video with lim testimonials currently in today’s video clip we’re mosting likely to be looking into my personal laptop computer that i have actually been utilizing for nearly one month currently now this laptop that i have actually been using it is a really special laptop computer to me due to the fact that i truly truly love it i did not expect to actually like it that a lot however let’s speak about what this brand is really all concerning so this brand name is actually called machine nike mac as well as nick i’m not too sure exactly how they in fact articulate the name it is an extremely unique punctuation however yeah this is basically the laptop that i have actually been using like i claimed for the previous one month currently as well as this man below this is really called the uh the mac developer e to ensure that’s the model for this particular laptop as well as it’s selling in malaysia here for rm3199 however during the 11 11 coupon it’s going down to 2 8 9 nine all right so since we have actually got the pricing off the beaten track why i such as this laptop computer a lot here allow me

simply clarify to you a couple of reasons why now prior to i do that we’re gon na begin off very swiftly by chatting a bit regarding the design and this is really among the primary parts that i likewise absolutely love regarding this laptop right below now keep in mind that these days whenever you state that whenever you inform your close friends that you’re going to get a laptop computer you may think about the very common brands you might not also have actually become aware of this brand prior to but when i initial got my hands on this laptop below i was really amazed with the construct quality and the style of this laptop computer right here so the mac designer e is made out of this aluminium brush sensation here it really feels so superior individuals and i brought this out really to a cafes and also all that and also i have actually placed my laptop there and also people were simply looking at it it’s rather an attractive tool right below it’s really extremely clean really minimal appearance at all-time low below you do have a number of audio speakers and yeah this is simply the layout it is approximately 1.7 kg but yeah it just looks extremely good so i’m simply going to open up the laptop very swiftly below so i can reveal you on the inside uh in regards

to the display screen what we’re getting right here is really a 15.6 inch display full hd ips by the method and yes we do have this really wonderful backlit keyboard right here what i really like concerning this key-board also is the vital travel right here is outstanding guys it is quite quiet so it does not wake anybody up if you remain in the exact same space with someone else as well as it feels incredibly comfy to actually kind on this key-board right below now an additional point that i like regarding this key-board right here also is the fact that it does come with the numpad on the right so you have your accessibility to really the full key-board itself whatever on this laptop computer right here very extremely nice currently considering that we’re still speaking regarding the design on that particular allowed’s move down further a bit and look into the trackpad that we have here again this is a very sizable trackpad below it is fairly exact i wouldn’t say that it’s the most precise yet i actually wound up using my very own mouse for that you can see the dongle in here yet yeah i utilize my main computer mouse for that but the trackpad sensible the dimension is excellent as well as the precision is respectable there total i assume it’s a truly good laptop here just in terms of the layout the key-board is wonderful and also this is what you can

anticipate from the mac designer e currently considering that we’re chatting concerning the style too i think i should likewise raise the components that we have here which we do have fairly a substantial galore we’re beginning on the left side here we do have the input we have the hdmi the usb 3 for the usb a we additionally have a kind c port right here and also a thunderbolt 4 port at the base right here too currently if i simply turn the device to the various other corner the best edge we in fact have a kensington lock we have the ethernet port we have your power button one more usb a i think it’s usb 2.0 and obviously you likewise have a mini sd card port which i do have a memory card inside here and also you have the earphone jack so it is a great deal of components below virtually whatever that i need i have it on the ports right here on this laptop i did wish that it included an sd card rather than that micro sd yet or else it is still extremely excellent all right so since we’ve done with the style and all that allow me just show you the one finger open laptop examination also that functioned quite fine so yes now made with the style as well as all that let’s talk a bit regarding the

power so powering this gadget below is really the 11th gen i5 processor from intel in terms of ram it begins off at eight gigabytes as well as you can go all the means up to 16 gigabytes in terms of the inner memory we have ssd starting from 256 gigs all the way approximately 512 jobs now everything works just fine right here this is a male for doing your work it’s not meant for hefty video gaming you can do a little bit of light video gaming because it does not included a devoted visuals card but thus far yes i’ve been utilizing this for my operations and it has actually been outstanding an amazing experience doing all my work here i do primarily my e-mails writing my scripts powerpoint and all that it even included windows 10 pro to boot but i updated it very easily to windows 11 like you can see right here as well as it’s running flawlessly great everything is buttery smooth once more on this laptop right here never ever had any concerns with delays or whatnot on this laptop computer so on the whole simply in regards to it being a performance machine for me myself like i said for the previous one month it has been an awesome experience with this man right below currently uh talk done talking concerning the performance let’s talk very quickly a little bit about the battery life due to the fact that what is efficiency without the appropriate battery life right

so for this certain laptop computer right below it includes a significant 73 watt hr battery in the back right here and obviously according to a mac in night making evening yeah it can go up to 15 hrs on a solitary cost me personally i take my laptops out for work i believe it can last about seven to 8 hrs based on my personal usage absolutely based on your usage it may be a little various but battery life was never something that i needed to fret concerning with this mac designer e right below once again it is in fact quite a light-weight laptop computer although we have such a significant battery in this man right below currently allow’s chat regarding something that i really did not truly like and also that is in fact concerning the speakers currently i was a little bit disappointed regarding the speakers right here due to the fact that you understand everything has actually been running great everything has been terrific and also i expected it to be like the excellent all-rounder however you know absolutely nothing is truly perfect so in this situation all i can say is that the audio speakers at the back here are there simply not loud adequate uh the audio top quality is additionally not actually excellent it is a little bit tinnish and all that so uh if you desire some better audio either you plug in your very own headphones or you could need to make use of like you understand a bluetooth speaker or something like that the speaker’s just not great or else every little thing else is fine you likewise

do have a 720p uh cam at the front below which takes some suitable video clip telephone calls and also all that as well as yeah the display right here once again is really a really great display screen it’s practically borderless we have simply these extremely slim bezels at the sides below that makes it excellent to look at good individuals bottom line this particular laptop below has been mine to use for the past one month here as well as i must say that i’m extremely pleased with the experience i’m hopping on the mac maker e it is a really great productivity equipment if you do a great deal of job you do some light gaming you recognize you search a great deal of web and all that and also you intend to do that all very smoothly you must definitely have a look at the mac developer e right here again is going with just rm2899 tomorrow really and also i think it’s a wonderful price for the device that you’re solving below great guys that’s it for today’s video i wish you did appreciate this one i definitely appreciated my time with this laptop computer here as well as i do hope to see every one of you men in the following one keep secure everybody bye

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