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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from Tech’s Burton and these bad boys right here are the urban Easter Athens a fresh new pair of true wireless earbuds cost you around 120 quid from the urban Easter website but actually at the time I shot this video they were reduced like these in just under a hundred quid so if you act fast you might be able to get a bit reduction on the girl now last year urban Easter actually put out a pair true icier buds called the stock homes and I reviewed them right here on tech spurt you don’t have the time to go away and watch it I’ll give you the succinct version right here they weren’t very good unfortunately plently urban Easter did not take offense they’ve sent in the Athens and I’m glad that they did because they are a massive upgrade in most respects now first up the good news is that urban Easter has decided to ditch that city air pod style designs you don’t get a dangly down knobby bit on these things they’re more of the traditional sort of bullets style at true when I see a buzz that are very common these days as you can see there it’s a very simple straightforward design and you can only pick them up in the one color which is of course black so not the most exciting overall but here huh and

because they’ve got this rubbery silicone surface into them it does mean unfortunately do pick up like bits of dust and grime and crap quite easily if you accidentally stick them in your pocket when you bring them out again it’ll Bisi look like Scarface has sneezed all over them and as you can see there you’ve got a little LED ring which busy acts like a status indicator on each of these buds as well but it’s had to go off once we’re actually paired and in your ears so it’s more just like when they’re actually busy pairing up when you first pull out the case that they light up now this with pretty much all true while I see buds with the sort of silicone II tip you do get a selection of different sized tips bundled in the box with the urban Easter Athyn so you can find the ones that fit your ear ship perfectly and you also get three different sizes of the wings as well bundled in there they’re very easy to rip off and you just put on a new one depending on the ship of your ear find the perfect fit and then you’re good to go and once I found the perfect size for my particular locals I found that they just stay in there nice and securely helped along by the little wing attachment as well we just helps to hold them in place I mean tests about the urban East Athens for about a week now or not once if they felt like they’re gonna fall out absolutely fine if you’re gonna be jogging using them at the gym whatever you want at further prove the point wash test and noise at all if you long for a pair of true wireless earbuds that you can stick in your ears and leave in there for hours at a time I found the even when they’ve been launched in my skull for

afternoon and stayed nice and comfortable throughout that Jewish is definitely a lot lot better than the urban Easter Stockholm sore or scratchy and horrible and in further good news these urban Easter Athens birds have an ip67 water and dust resistance rinse well that means is you can actually submerge them in water for a small duration and they’ll be absolutely fine now as far as connectivity goes the athens once again did the job it’s bluetooth five of course onboard just like primatology while it’s here but these days and i found when i was paired up with my foreign the connection steered strong to have a little bit of stuttering when i was a country like London Bridge station things like that but I think that’s more down to the phone than the actual birds themselves otherwise was absolutely fine when you use them with another device strong and stable just like the UK now if you look really close at each of these budget lots that the central bit in between the LED ring is actually a push button and these do different things depending on which bun you’re busy push it in so first is a quick tap of the left but will lower the volume a quick tap of the right bud will raise it back up again a double top of the left bud will either pause or play your music I mean what if you double tap the right birds that will call up at your phones voice assistant like so and the post assistance stuff works absolutely fine with the Google assistant and they will apparently work with serious world or haven’t actually personally tested that out on while we’re on the subject of that as well the mic quality is absolutely find as well I

found that it picked up my voice commands clearly even when I was out about a busy High Street lots of noise going on stuff like that so good stuff and when you’re the sort of music you know sort long-press the right bird in order to skip a track sometimes it’s a little bit of it deliver sigma2 but nothing too bad and if you long press the left bird and that will take you back a track of course the fundamental problem with push buttons as opposed to touch controls is that every time you use them you’re basically driving the bird into your ear canal which is less than ideal it’s what I found haven’t tested out dozens of these bloody things by now is that you want to use the pinch technique as I’ve turned up it pendant and all you need to do for this is basically just pinch like so between your fingers and then push with your little middle naughty finger like so and that just keeps the bird nice and secure and still while you’re busy doing your thing with the buttons absolutely no worries and then no discomfort so so far so good but of course a pretty major summon factor of any pair of true white earbuds is do they actually sound good what’s the audio quality like and thankfully the urban Easter Athens are pretty decent for that sort of 100 pound price point the only problem is that they are quite bass heavy which is fine if you listen to a lot of rock and metal like I do so there’s really chunky guitar thrashing tracks they sound absolutely brilliant but unfortunately when you start to deal with more complex tracks with lots of different layers sometimes that bits can be a little bit overwhelming you can kind of muddy the rest of the the sound and sometimes some of those finer details don’t really come

through they’re kind of lost in the kind of honey-glazed of the bass so if you’re a big fan of those laws then you’ll get on very well indeed with the urban Easter Athens if you’d prefer more balanced sound for this sort of price point I recommend check it out the creative outlet gold something like that and said which has a more of a balanced overall approach to audio output but the good news is if you listen to podcasts or audiobooks anything like that especially anything with a deep male voice that’d be a seesaw Rumble it really resonates right in your cord so a little bit of spice to the the overall performance I guess and of course there’s not dedicated noise a cancellation here on the urban Easter aphids as you kind of expect at this price point you’ve got to pay more around 150 pounds and above in order to get those sorts of features on board but that always isolation is absolutely fine when they’re lodged in there they do a pretty good job of just blocking out environmental noise naturally anyway a little better or worse than most other true wireless earbuds with the silicon tips I would say but I found that if I was on a tube or a tree in something like that I could just stick him in didn’t have to have my music blare and it was still cut out everything quite nicely and what about the battery life well each of these urban Easter Athens buds has a sizable 50 million batteries stuffed inside the good news is that means great returns on your battery life once you pull them out of the case you can use them for around eight hours before those batteries will die that’s pretty much bang on the estimate that urban Easter actually gave me and I found that yes in real-world circumstances real-world testing they did actually live up to that full eight hours you’re

definitely struggle to find many true wireless earbuds that can provide more than eight hours a battery life on a single charge again the creative out there goals have got a beat because they’re just absolutely stunning frankly they merged around 12 to 13 hours on a single charge which is just nuts but again these will not disappoint even if you’ve gone on a long haul journey something like that will do you the job and when you bug them back in the yes they charge up nice and quick as well so when they do need a charge oh you just done listening to them and you want to store them away if they just bring them back in the case you’ll see that the little LED steer the string will start to light up I have found that the connectors are a little bit tiny and actually getting them to into the correct position can be a little bit fiddly at times so you’ve got to make sure they’re in just the right position before you close up to make sure they charge and of course you’ve got the little 4 light LED charging indicator here on the front which just tells you how much charge is actually left in the case I finally you can get around 3 full recharges from the case before the kiss itself needs recharging as well and the good news is it’s type-c USB as well so I just bun that in job done and the kiss itself like the buds as well basically nice simple straightforward design it’s got lovely soft touch finish to it which feels particularly nice on the fingers and it’s nice and compact as well so you can easily bung it in a pocket slip it in or a bag whatever you want to do and that right there in a

nutshell is what I think of the urban Easter Athens true when I see a buds after testing them up for around a week or so so yeah for a hundred and twenty quid there maybe a little bit pricey being fine it’s like 100 pound price point as they were when I shot this video then I says bit more value for money there they offer you know strong performers very heavy on the base so if your into your base then great stuff decent battery like nice design nice and comfortable in there and of course fully sweat proof waterproof and everything as well so great if your gonna be bummed on the pier from and hit in the gym doing that kind of stuff that I do not obviously do on a regular basis the only problem is that the creative out there gourds have basically screwed everything up for every other pair of two wireless earbuds around 100 pound and under mock incredible performance slick design and brilliant battery life again for us or 80 pound price point they really can’t be beat let me know your thoughts and down below in the comments we’ve got your own pair of two wireless earbuds that you’ve been testing out you’re particularly impressed by it definitely great to hear your thoughts on those as well please do pop subscribe doing that notifications bell for all on the latest and greatest tech have yourselves a lovely week people Cheers

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