Huawei Watch 3 Revisit: Still ONE OF THE BEST Smartwatch Today! Top 5 Things I Love!

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim testimonials now in today’s video clip we’re mosting likely to be looking into among my favored clever watches of 2021 that is the huawei see tree that i have below for virtually one month now now in this video i’m just mosting likely to be looking at concerning 5 of the main points that i actually like about this gadget right here after having it with me for that past one month currently but before i do that there is this project that huawei is organizing presently is called the my huawei tale all you require to do is three simple actions top you obtained ta comply with huawei malaysia on the instagram uh most likely to their web link there and also compose in your very own individual my huawei story uh for about 80 to 100 words and also after that all you need to do is tag as much as three of your close friends in one of their my huawei story posts on their instagram web page and also the reason i’m calling this out at this moment is that huawei is handing out 20 of the huawei watch 3 pro to 20 fortunate champions so they’re going to be introducing the winners on sixth december and the

competitors runs throughout the entire month of november so just check that out the my huawei tale project on huawei malaysia’s instagram web page all right so now that i’m done with that let’s focus back on this man right here the huawei watch tree that i have below as well as the five points that i wish to show to you individuals immediately so to begin with the important point that i truly truly love about the huawei view tree right here is really its design as well as develop quality currently if you just take an extremely close look at this watch right here you will certainly see that this is a stunning timeless looking watch we have these silver chromes around the the watch itself and also we if you observe that this watch is actually built to detail currently if you have a look at the the switch on the top right edge here this is a turning dial over right here as well as it actually has the huawei watch words uh etched onto the button itself so i truly love that concerning the craftsmanship of the huawei enjoy tree currently birth in mind that aside from that it additionally has this natural leather bands below that i’ve been you know wearing to my

shower choosing a quick swim as well as it’s still standing up very well so overall i’m just extremely impressed with the style below every little thing looks minimal as well as it looks incredible below and it definitely additionally looks extremely pricey for this huawei see 3. Now the 2nd thing that i intend to highlight right here is actually in the screen itself currently a lot of you guys are you may take the display of clever look for granted as well as what i suggest by that is uh smart devices these days we’re obtaining all those high refresh price screens but we frequently ignore them when it comes to clever watches so for this huawei enjoy tree right below what we do have is a very gorgeous amoled display screen currently the advantage concerning this display screen here is that it gets really brilliant when it’s outdoors as well as the component where i definitely enjoy about this display screen right here is the fluidness that i’m able to get on this display screen everything is buttery smooth currently huawei did not make an insurance claim on the amount of uh what the refresh price really is for this watch right below but it feels super smooth i believe i could actually call it like close to 90hz refresh

rate because it’s so buttery smooth men whenever you try as well as engage with the watch itself you do it on the display and this is where the additional level of smoothness will obtain that very kind of natural feeling in terms of engaging with the watch itself to make sure that’s something that i truly like the screen below is one of the most effective otherwise the very best on a smartwatch that i have actually been reviewing recently currently in regards to the third thing that i actually like about the huawei watch tree right below and this is mosting likely to be health and wellness related currently we always wear these sort of a wise watches below due to the fact that we want our wellness to be tracked so in this specific instance right here we do have a rest tracking heart price tracking sp o2 monitoring we additionally have tension tracking your skin temperature level monitoring practically everything that you can anticipate from a clever watch today you can find it on the huawei see tree right below now the very best component about this viewer is i located that the health and wellness tracker is really very accurate i’m having extremely really detailed appearance at my heart rate throughout the whole day aside from that i additionally track my rests as well as i monitor it very carefully since i barely get sufficient rest on an

everyday basis as well as the ideal part is likewise because of the huawei health app it really offers you very clear insights into your heart price as well as all your health stuff on the sleep just how kind of deep rest light rest awake all those things and also they have it performed in a very very nice articulated kind of table right there if you are actually major regarding your health you can actually have a look at uh this watch right here since it will certainly be able to track a number of things rather properly currently again uh just a really fast disclaimer this is not a medical device so if you are actually having any concerns you ought to constantly sign in with your doctor now in terms of the four point right here and again this is very vital for smart watches nowadays uh the fourth point that i truly like concerning this watch right below has to do with that fitness tracker now when we come to health and fitness trackers the very first point that constantly comes to my mind is does the watch included general practitioners integrated in now the best component

right here certainly obviously since i discussed this part right here the huawei see 3 below does feature general practitioners constructed in and it sustains four different satellites thus far i have actually been taking it for a number of runs outdoors as well as i’m able to get a quite good gps login for the watch itself really very quick without much concerns uh in regards to the general practitioners for this guy right here now once again in regards to the amount of activities being tracked it tracks up to 100 various activities so basically you’re basically covered uh depending on what sort of activities you intend to do obviously you also have your runs your walks your swims your cycling nearly anything that you can think about yet this watch can actually track now another point that i like concerning this physical fitness tracking part right here is that the watch does feature a built-in running training courses currently what this means is that there are a pair of various courses inside the watch itself already and it’s able to give you different sort of runs type of training so i like that concerning this watch due to the fact that me personally i try to run better and by far better i suggest boosting my rate and also going even more distance and i can in fact do that by complying with the running

training courses on one’s guard itself so this is most definitely something that i truly appreciate for huawei for placing it right into the watch itself really really amazing things there currently the last thing that i want to speak regarding this watch below is actually about the battery life that’s going to be the fifth thing that i like regarding this watch certainly we do have a host of attributes on this smartwatch right here virtually anything that you can anticipate from a later smartwatch for example undoubtedly like i stated previously on you have your health and wellness trackers you have your fitness trackers it’s additionally able to sustain bluetooth calls responding to your messages all your alerts it also has integrated internal memory for your songs playback it has audio speakers that can really play your songs so it’s a whole lot of features virtually everything that you can consider on this smartwatch itself and also the most effective component right here is that it can increase to 3 days on a battery life so indicating that if you charge your gadget today it will be able to last concerning 2 to 3 days based upon my personal usage for the huawei watch tree right below currently i assume that’s rather excellent considering the quantity of features that we hop on this smartwatch right below so absolutely i’m still mosting likely to give it a thumbs up in terms of the battery life right

there to ensure that virtually summarize the five preferred things that i like concerning this huawei watch tree after utilizing it for near a month now again it is a really constant watch right here not only just looking excellent yet it’s also very beneficial in regards to the features that it brings it’s not simply function over form it includes both function and type for the huawei view 3 appropriate here great guys that’s practically completion of this video clip once more that is this my huawei story that uh the project that i think you need to most definitely have a look at if you want to win uh a huawei watch 3 professional huawei is giving out 20 of those smart watches right there and all you require to do is the 3 simple steps that i stated earlier on primary follow huawei malaysia on their instagram web page second create a fast essay on your huawei tale it can be anything your journey with huawei but it’s reached be within 80 to 100 words and finally you’re mosting likely to tag three of your pals on huawei malaysia’s instagram blog post that includes the my huawei story campaign so there’s 3 straightforward steps right there you can submit all your entrances to the web links in the bio of the huawei malaysia web page and also yeah it’s really very straightforward simply go and also examine it out individuals all best i believe that’s practically what i need to show to you guys today i wish you did appreciate this video do not forget to drop a like as well as below to the channel if you wish to see even more content such as this as well as i intend to see every one of you guys in the following one stay risk-free everybody bye

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