Redmi Watch 2 Lite: Wow! Is This The KING Of Budget Smartwatches? With GPS Too! 🔥🔥

hello everyone welcome back to an additional video clip with lim testimonials currently today we’re mosting likely to be taking a look at an all new budget smartwatch from xiaomi this is called the redmi enjoy 2 lite now i understand a few of you individuals might have already seen this watch on youtube as this in fact has actually been launched i consider a few weeks ago however i simply got my hands on this brand-new smartwatch a budget smartwatch by the means as well as i assume it does come with a reasonable little bit of features that you might actually have an interest in so in today’s video clip we’ll actually be taking a look at just how good budget plan clever watches are getting this individual right below is selling in malaysia for rm249 throughout flash sales i have actually discovered that the rate has actually went down to rm 199 so it’s really an extremely extremely cost effective rate factor for anyone who’s wanting to tip into the smartwatch world if you have not already got your own smartwatch so in today’s video we’ll take a look at all the attributes that we can locate on this new redmi enjoy 2 lite as well as let’s see whether this is something that you may in fact desire to take into consideration now prior to we start all that naturally if you do sustain the network do not fail to remember to drop a like below

to the channel if you wish to see more content like this and of course let’s start with the video right away currently upon unpacking this uh smartwatch right below i did see that mine remained in this really good blue shade as well as i absolutely enjoy the shade it comes with a couple of various shades obviously you have your black you have the white which looks somewhat off-white and obviously you have this beautiful blue looking enjoy right below currently for this certain redmi see 2 light redmi has actually placed in a lots of brand-new features right into this watch and i think it is definitely one of the ideal of budget plan clever watches that any person can in fact buy today now let’s begin with the very first factor right below and let’s talk a little about the layout as well as the develop quality now first off you might notice this style really looks very similar to a previous xiaomi smartwatch i in fact have it right below this was the previous gen one as well as this is actually the gen 2 if you want to call it that means yet it has a various name so the previous variation looks exactly the same as the existing version however we do have a larger display which i will talk a bit a lot more around later on in terms of the construct top quality every little thing here is actually really feeling extremely well built but the bands are additionally extremely

wonderful silicone that doesn’t really feel uh uneasy on my reset or it is rather a thin strap right below bearing mind concerning that and if you are wondering if you can switch out the bands indeed you can still do that with the small latches at the back it is not the normal traditional sort of bands yet it is an extremely custom-made type of a strap right below however i did discover that there were a number of sellers on shoppie and also lazada they in fact marketed bands for this specific watch right below and also they are in fact rather affordable just concerning 10 ringgit or perhaps like two us dollars if you from other regions of the globe so that’s just in terms of the layout we do have a smaller sized button on the right hand edge right below i did choose the larger aluminum fill switch now it’s not actually light weight aluminum it’s similar to a plastic button on the side yet that’s still terrific besides that indeed we do have this square face at the front the bezels at the bottom is still a little larger than the one on the top it’s not that symmetrical but i still need to applaud redmi below for really giving us a bigger display screen on the redmi watch 2 lite now given that we’re yapping concerning the display let’s take a look at what sort of screen do we actually carry this guy right below now first off we do have a 1.55 inch lcd display currently that is slightly bigger than a 1.4 inch display that we have on the previous gen so it’s actually rather big if you ask me for this

type of rate factor the bright side here is that the brightness degrees really goes extremely high and also that indicates that whenever you are outdoors you will not have problem with visibility on the smartwatch itself now another thing that i did located somewhat missing out on right here is really auto brightness you do not have car brightness on this redmi watch 2 light you have to set the default brightness to your personal preference and also if you do happen to enter into like dark locations you might have to reduce the illumination yourself on this display but regardless i still applaud redmi for giving us that bigger 1.5 inch lcd display currently let’s go on to the second factor below and also speak a little concerning the health trackers due to the fact that whenever you wear a clever watch similar to this you anticipate a watch to be able to track a number of stuff associating to your health and wellness so in this sense we of program we have the all-day heart price tracking we likewise have spo2 monitoring which uh redmi enjoy 2 light year is able to do that continuously throughout your rests now the reason for this is since to get an exact spo2 reading you have to not actually move your hand around that much so some clever watches like the one i’m putting on today it really does throughout the day sp02 readings yet

the majority of the moments it’s not as well accurate due to the fact that i’m always relocating my hand around so i believe it is a really great factor from redmi here to actually just track your spo2s whenever you’re asleep during the night since you have marginal movements at that point of time now in addition to that it additionally tracks the anxiety levels it likewise tracks your sleeps in the evening clearly and certainly your snoozes in between the day so those are the example that you can track uh in regards to the wellness functions on this redmi watch tool like itself now the 3rd thing we’re going to talk concerning here which is likewise in terms of the fitness element some of you men you guys use a smartwatch since you intend to track your runs your swims your cycling and all that well the good news below is that this redmi watch as well light although it is a little watch right below it is really able to track up to 90 or 100 plus different tasks and you can store them directly on the watch itself the watch by default is able to bring just a number of tasks however you can choose to add or get rid of area settings from the watch itself so it’s very personalized i like that concerning the redmi view to light now going on to the 4th point here which is really really crucial which is that this redmi watch 2 light below does feature built-in gps

now what this indicates is that you can undoubtedly take your watch without your smart device to opt for runs and you’ll be able to track your distance yet i needs to admit that i have not truly had the opportunity to go out running as you can see it’s constantly drizzling here in malaysia so i wasn’t able to examine the general practitioners whether it’s actually excellent or not but a rest ensured you still have general practitioners aboard to ensure that’s still far better than not having gps in any way now moving on to the following factor here i wish to chat a little bit about notifications normally this spectator is able to manage most of your notifications despite you are making use of android or if you are making use of ios this watch below couple with the xiaomi wear application which truthfully speaking in my viewpoint is not the ideal app right there however i think they are still updating it momentarily currently let’s carry on to the last factor right below as well as let’s chat a little regarding the watch stages so we do have a huge collection of watch faces on the redmi view 2 light i had the ability to keep up to 10 different watch stages on guard itself compared to previous i assume it was just like three or four i can’t really remember that but what you require to understand is that this watch accumulate to 10 different watch encounters in addition to the three uh original ones that is already in the watch itself so you have a total amount of 13 or 14 various watch deals with directly on the redmi watch to light that’s truly excellent since

there’s really rather a fair little bit of wonderful wallpapers created for the redmi enjoy 2 light now prior to we go obviously i have not neglected about battery life the redmi view 2 light here is able to reconstruct to 10 days of battery life however based on practical look i assume you will be able to manage concerning a week simply on one solitary fee right here which i believe is additionally still respectable once more if you are new to the smartwatch game or if you are simply seeking a budget plan smartwatch to acquire i think you could desire to consider this redmi watch 2 lite i’m fairly confident with the information that is being released by xiaomi their monitoring data has all been quite regular i have actually used to have the xiaomi mi band 5 as well as all that as well as has been pretty good in terms of the data collection so i assume it’s mosting likely to be a respectable device to really obtain on your own certainly if you’re additionally looking for a gif to purchase for christmas as well as you don’t recognize what to get you can likewise inspect the links down listed below to get among these smartwatches for that lucky individual good guys that’s it for today’s a peek at the redmi see 2 lite obviously if you still have more questions or if there are things that you want me to check out feel free to leave them down in the remark area below i actually truly thank you all for enjoying this video as well as i want to see you men in the following one keep risk-free everyone bye

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