Amazfit GTS3 vs GTR3 vs GTR3 Pro! FULL Breakdown in 6 Mins!

hey there everyone welcome back to another video with lim reviews i hope you are having a great day today um today’s video is all regarding the astonish feeds later clever watches i recognize it is completion of the year currently and naturally if you are looking to purchase a brand-new smartwatch and also amazefit takes place to be the brand name that you’re checking out below are a number of clever watches that you might really desire to take into consideration so in today’s video clip i do have the amazefit gtr3 i additionally have the gts3 as well as finally i also have the gtr3 pro to which the box i have actually lost so i can not reveal you people the box below all right do not worry i do have the watches right here simply to reveal you men the evidence of that and also these are the gtr 3 pro and also this is the gtr 3 and also naturally i also have the gts 3 right here so what’s truly various regarding all these smartwatches which one is really the one for you let’s locate out in today’s video clip so first up let’s start with the amazfit gts3 now this smartwatch uh the gts collection has always been just one of my favorites from a puzzle fit what this individual has here is a square screen so if you like the square screens this is the one to get below we do have a 1.75 inch amoled screen that is really refreshed fairly high since whatever is very smooth

and fluid on the display itself now besides that in regards to the health trackers you will track all your every little thing that you can expect you have all the spo2 you have all the heart rate all these anxiety prices and obviously you likewise have your sleeps and webs tracking all on this certain watch itself now in terms of the activities you could be questioning what kind of tasks it tracks um this watch right here tracks up to 150 different tasks however to me truthfully talking i will certainly sum it approximately you recognize your basic runs your cycling your swimming you know and also all that type of things i’ll place a link down below so you can see the entire detailed listing however yeah it tracks approximately 150 various activities currently in regards to battery life based on my individual use and i wear it throughout the whole day just for your info with sleeves included this watch here can last around one week so one week is the practical time for the amazfit gts3 otherwise this is an actually straightforward no-nonsense sort of smartwatch your alerts will look effectively on here you do not have any kind of speaker as well as all that whatever that i just stated those are the attributes of the amazefit gts3 now allow’s proceed to something very similar to the gts3 which is in fact the gtr3 as well as this is in fact the exact same cost as

the incredible both devices are really rm 649 here in malaysia as well as yeah in terms of the gtr 3 it is almost one to one with the gts3 they both have practically precisely the very same attributes besides the gtr 3 right here it has a bigger battery so what i imply by that is that impressive is quoting the amazfit gtr 3 here to copulate approximately 21 days but again based on practical usage i will get about 2 weeks of battery life on this individual right below and directly i think that is extremely impressive so aside from that indeed you likewise get an amulet display screen at the front sadly this amoled display screen is not just as good as the one on the gts3 that has a higher refresh rate this one has a standard refresh price i’m not exactly certain what the number is but animations are not as smooth as the one on the gts3 however it’s still a fantastic looking display apart from that it likewise tracks whatever comparable to the remarkable the same kind of wellness features the exact same activities as being tracked whatever is very same right here on the amazfit gtr tree the only real difference is a round display screen as well as obviously the reality that it has a greater battery life on the gtr3 alright so next up we’re mosting likely to check out the amazefit gtr3 pro now this guy here is dramatically much more costly than the gtr 3. This gtr 3 pro here is choosing rm 929 here in malaysia naturally rates will certainly differ based on the regions you’re at good so what’s truly different on the pro below compared to the non-pro versions well to begin with just

contrasting to the gtr 3 itself i would state that the display screen here is a little bigger and it has smaller sized bezels on the edges the 2nd point here is that we additionally have a high refresh rate display screen on the pro variation right here unlike the one on the gtr 3. now the 3rd point right here that is various is that this pro variation likewise adds interior memory so you can place in your tracks so let’s state you go on a run and you do not intend to bring your phone you can actually connect your bluetooth earpiece to the watch itself and afterwards you can listen to music straight played from your watch now the fourth thing right here is that the watch itself can also work as an earpiece so whenever you have calls can be found in you can always answer the telephone call directly on your watch itself and talk to the watch as well as additionally hear the audio appearing from the built-in speaker on the pro variation right here so those are the highlights additional features that you can find on the gtr 3 pro now lower line is these smart watches here from amazefit are all extremely polished and they are at its best today they all include remarkable battery life therefore much i have had no problems regarding the zap os no complaints regarding the construct quality and it simply really feels really comfortable on my wrist at the end of the day which

what ought to you opt for well personally i would state that if you are simply going with a simplified straight to the factor watch i would certainly say that you must opt for the awe gts3 this watch below feels entirely invisible on your wrist due to the fact that it’s so lightweight apart from that it has this square kind of screen below that makes it very simple to review your alerts as well as certainly it comes with a great battery life roughly one week on this fantastic gts 3 right here currently if you are the type of individual that wants more battery life this is the factor where you actually opt for the gtr 3. The gtr 3 below comes with like i stated almost a two-week actual battery life it has all the same functions as the one on the gts3 is just that it has a circular face right below which also could be an advantage if you like the timeless smartwatch look currently if you want much more attributes and of course like i said you desire to run without your phone you wish to put in songs to your watch and also all that then i think you ought to opt for the gtr3 pro because it’s just a really great smartwatch all right to make sure that’s uh that’s simply a quick video clip of these 3 smartwatches below which one would you individuals like uh would you opt for the gts3 gtr3 pro or the gtr3 let me understand which is your personal fave down in the remark section below as well as if obviously if you do have any additional questions allow me recognize in the comments don’t neglect to such as and also sub to the channel and naturally i wish to see all of you guys in the next one remain risk-free everybody bye

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