HUAWEI P50 Pocket Review: Kinda EXCEEDED My Expectations!

hello everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim evaluations now today we have actually transformed the angle of the kitchen area a bit so you have a very nice clean background over here uh to every one of you that are seeing today wish you’re having an excellent sunday however today we’re here to examine out an extremely fascinating smartphone that i actually covered a number of perhaps weeks earlier currently this is in fact the huawei p50 pocket now if you recall my previous video i really had an extremely quick hands-on time with this extremely special gadget but today i’m right here to show to you more of my experience after having more time to inspect out the huawei p50 pocket now first up allow’s have a look at the box itself of the huawei p50 pocket this is exactly how the retail box resembles it looks extremely basic and also basic however what’s more important is what in fact was available in the box clearly we do have the device itself it also included a transparent instance that is actually very easy to fasten onto the p50 pocket itself very very nice besides that we likewise get the 44 watt battery charger and also naturally the kind c cable television currently that’s all that was available in the box now let’s talk a bit about the

huawei p50 pocket all right so this tool below it is an extremely interesting device since uh in terms of the rates it is rm 599 here in malaysia for this vast version that is can be found in with a storage space of eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of inner memory now if you have even more money that you wish to spend on you can choose the most superior version i think it can be found in gold it’s called the premium version and it’s slightly more than 7000 ringgit now that tool has 12 gigabytes of ram and also 512 gigabytes of inner memory all right so simply in regards to the style and all that yes i did mention formerly that it is really very small uh discover that i do have my huawei p50 professional right here so side by side you notice that they’re actually quite the same in terms of height when the p50 pocket is opened up but when i turn it close this is exactly how little it is so in terms of the density degrees it is likewise fairly slim when folded i assume it’s somewhat even more than 1.5 centimeters and yeah overall is just a very little and pocketable tool once you flip the gadget shut all right so currently done with the sizing in regards to the layout itself we do have this type of 3d sort of texture on

the back panels of the huawei p50 pocket if you simply relocate your as well as slide your hand around it it’s actually a really shiny unsafe surface area but you can actually feel the appearance on the back panels below so i believe it is a micro glass as huawei calls it yet total it just looks very intriguing here you do see that it is rather reflective of the illumination environments around you so if i’m in a very cool setting like now it will look very white-ish but if i’m in a slightly warmer environment notification that it will look slightly even more like goldish type of shade so a really very interesting kind of design here on the p50 pocket now i’m not going to speak excessive regarding how the joint works because it’s quite easy and also really straightforward what i do need to direct out below is that it is very easy to open up as well as shut the device with one hand so i’m simply gon na demonstrate to you now i’m not sure if this is the proper way of opening you understand those little viewers are turning the gadget like open like that yet it actually opens up very easily below great so currently finished with the joint as well as all that allowed’s talk a little regarding the screen on the inside currently on the inside we do have a 6.9 inch oled screen it’s a 2k display screen as well as it rejuvenates at 120 hertz so whatever is simply buttery smooth in regards to your touch

tasting rate it is 300 hertz so of course it is a very very brilliant display screen in terms of colors sensible we do have assistance for one billion colors and in situation you’re questioning what the facet proportion is with this layout it is actually a 21×9 aspect proportion that indicates if you know with how the means flicks appears in the movie theaters that is actually the type of aspect ratio that you will get to ensure that indicates you can watch it in the complete screen over below and it offers you the most immersive experience currently if you are enjoying typical youtube videos like the video clips that i produced you will see that it is a 16 by nine proportion that indicates you will have fairly a fair little bit of black bars on the left and right corner to make sure that’s just in regards to the display general i’m really extremely happy to say that this display is just one of the most effective display screens again that huawei is providing us although it is a collapsible display but in terms of the comparison levels in regards to the saturations in regards to simply the intensity it is a pleasure to view web content on the huawei p50 pocket now a few of you could be questioning how does it collaborate with the crease and also all that truthfully speaking yes you can still see the fold if you

relocate the tool at a particular angle i located it the most noticeable whenever i have like an entirely passed out wallpaper at the back to ensure that’s when you can see a little more of the fold but truthfully talking if you are acquiring this tool you don’t really care so much regarding the crease and all that people that purchase this gadget really does appreciate the whole style uh the layout of the huawei p50 pocket and also all that they don’t truly respect the crease to ensure that’s something that i located out from individuals that acquire various other foldable phones currently finished with the indoor display let’s chat a little regarding the exterior display and also it’s called the clever cover display screen currently over here you can actually show a number of fast faster ways which i believe is fairly helpful if you simply double touch on the exterior display you’ll be able to see the moment you drag down from the leading you’ll have the ability to access your notifications you’ll be able to see your messages miss out on phone calls as well as the advantage about messages below is that it can sustain emoji to ensure that’s truly excellent as well if you just glide throughout you’ll be able to

see the faster way for the camera you can also enter into your weather condition widget it can likewise go right into your calendar widget so there’s a couple of points there not also many actually yet a few beneficial widgets that you can in fact have quick accessibility straight on the external one-inch oled display screens currently i found the display cover here especially beneficial for taking selfies because you reach use the primary sensor to take photos of on your own whenever you don’t have any individual to help you take pictures it just works great below as well as it’s so clear and it’s very excellent high quality currently on that note allow’s speak a bit about the electronic cameras so if you have a look at this a somewhat extending camera intermediary over here you’ll discover that we do have 3 type of sensors at the back currently this is led by a 40 megapixel major sensor you additionally have a 13 megapixel 120 degrees ultrawide sensor and last yet not the very least you have a 32 megapixel ultra spectrum camera that is supposed to

capture the correct type of shade data for you to see one of the most accurate kind of images on the huawei p50 pocket now having stated all that exactly how does the quality of the photos resemble well fortunately right here is that i’ve taken quite a fave of photos i’m going to reveal with you on the display right now so you can see how all this photo shows up with no editing and enhancing both on the main sensing unit along with the ultrawide currently just to generalise the whole type of images that i have actually been taking throughout the day and also throughout vibrantly lit areas they’re halfway decent sharp yet in regards to the colors i discovered that it is really very natural and also close realistic much like how i was seeing it with my own eyes there is something that i truly like around and i believe that is most likely due to the ultra range camera that is in fact assisting in with actually trying to calibrate the right colors to flaunt in your pictures now i also found that the ultra was a quite excellent snapper also i noticed that the shade the temperatures as well as order very similar to the one on the main sensor there’s not much differences in between both sensing units to make sure that really develops a very constant sort of shooting experience currently carrying

on to the evening i recognized that this is where the huawei p50 pocket actually really shine photos taken during the evening looks amazing you have great detail when you activate night setting it really takes quite just a few secs to get that image taken as well as you can see there’s fairly a whole lot of detail right here as well as the contrast degrees the noise levels they’re all really well balanced and also it looks like an excellent photo right here taken during the night so this once more are a pair of pictures you can see taken directly on the huawei p50 pocket so you have a short idea on how the images in fact end up currently lastly i also have actually taken an extremely fast clip right here uh making use of the huawei p50 pocket so this is just a sense of referral for you to know how it in fact really feels like to fire the videos it doesn’t truly included ois i think it has eis but just in regards to stabilization it was fairly secure when i took the video clip previously today in the morning all right so currently done with the video camera let’s talk extremely swiftly regarding just how this phone does on the everyday uh it does come with the snapdragon 888 yet it does include the eight gigabytes of ram like i stated earlier on and also 256 gigabytes of internal memory currently below’s an extremely quick benchmark rating i performed with

geekbench uh it is very basic the kind of results that you would certainly anticipate from a lot of front runner smart devices today that is powered by a snapdragon 888 in regards to the gaming experience i was able to play most video games on the highest possible graphics settings it most definitely took a little while for me to obtain utilized to this kind of facet ratio since it’s a little slimmer than what a typical phone normally really feels but i was able to obtain myself video gaming extremely rapidly so general again in regards to pc gaming you do not require to stress over performance in any way due to the fact that you do have that snapdragon 888 launching apps on the other hand is additionally extremely quick and instant since we have that flagship cpu so you don’t need to stress over you know also video gaming or just making use of the device on the daily and if you’re asking yourself about that lack of google applications honestly speaking it’s obtaining a lot easier to sideload all the sort of acquainted apps that you use to utilize that i actually have them all running on my huawei p50 pocket now finally let’s talk a bit about the battery we do have a 4000 mah battery as well as it sustains 44 watt charge that you can bill up using the charger in package um to be honest i did not really time the the rate of the charging rates yet so i will definitely upgrade you individuals in the conversation area down below when i have that actual rates however yeah overall it did charge up really

quickly certainly not even more than one hour to get from absolutely no to a hundred percent all ideal men that’s it for today’s video on the huawei p50 pocket uh if you ask me who is this tool for truthfully speaking at the cost of rm5999 although it is a very lightweight as well as small device it is certainly not light on your wallet whatsoever so people that in fact acquire this thing they won’t really appreciate the cost all they desire is in fact the fashion you know being able to fold your gadget is an extremely enjoyable to utilize gadget here and also you can actually simply hold your gadget really uh lightly similar to this in simply one pump for the huawei p50 pocket right here you’re obtaining all the type of flagship specifications that you would anticipate on a flagship tool as well as yeah it’s just a very good device to utilize if i had to choose one huawei to make use of today i believe i may go with the huawei p50 pocket all right men let me understand if you do have any type of other more inquiries down in the remark area below if you simulate this video clip don’t fail to remember to go down a like of the channel as well as i intend to see every one of you people in the following one keep risk-free everybody bye

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