ASUS ROG Phone 5S: Is SD888+ Still Relevant in 2022?

hey there everyone and also welcome back to an additional video with lim evaluations now in today’s video uh we’re going to be taking a look at the asus rog phone 5s undoubtedly this is also a 5g device and i understand this phone has actually been introduced like in 2015 a number of months back in fact however i only simply got my hands on this box this tool below so in today’s video we’re mosting likely to be exploring a little bit a lot more and also see if these kind of phones are really still extremely appropriate today so before i begin that video clip of training course if you can simply sustain the channel by going down a like and also subbing to the channel to see even more material such as this that would be super much appreciated good let’s speak a bit regarding the phone now so the rog phone 5s is actually retailing in malaysia for rm299 which’s the base pack you obtain a 8 gigabytes of ram and also 128 gigabytes of interior memory naturally you can obtain even higher to 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of interior memory to make sure

that’s a quite a fair little bit of ram yet yeah that’s this in terms of the rates right here in malaysia currently allow’s check out the device right so i do have the device below uh my version is in fact this uh so-called storm-wide variation and also just in regards to the layout i need to claim that since 2022 this device still looks absolutely fantastic to me yes you do obtain that leds at the back and you can in fact customize the colors of these leds uh you can additionally customize the reproduction results you recognize all this sort of things is extremely adjustable and also actually i do have a slope sort of color right currently on the back with any luck you can persevere the electronic camera really nice the entire back is actually constructed from glass so it’s a very solid and also rather heavy really for my personal preference however overall yes i did went

with the white variation there is in fact a black variation too which i really covered in my asus rog 5 video i believe like practically half a year ago so yep this time around i chose the white currently bear in mind that the sides are in fact done in this passed out aluminum sides you do have those extremely good slightly blue significance which looks amazing by the means i enjoy those little touches as well as in regards to the billing sheaths this is where it obtained rather interesting you do have one primary charging port near the bottom as well as if you flip the gadget to the opposite side here you actually do have an additional charging port so it resembles if you’re video gaming and you’re holding your phone by doing this you can still connect in the cord and also you know play while charging the tool aside from that of course you additionally still have your headphone jack it’s not usual these days to really see an earphone jack on a high-end gadget so most definitely satisfied to see that asus is still maintaining it here or else uh that’s pretty much just how the style appears like now allow’s turn the tool to the front and have a look at what type of screen we do have we in fact have a relatively big screen once

more this is a 6.7 inch extremely amoled display and bear in mind that this is likewise made by samsung it is the e4 display that suggests it’s more color exact as well now in regards to the refresh prices normally since this is a pc gaming tool so you’re going to obtain 144 hertz rejuvenate rates uh which is truthfully talking incredibly smooth like i’ve experimented with 60 90 120 and 144 and also when you try out 144 ideal uh when you go back to 90 hertz you in fact really feel like 90hz resembles 60. so uh yes this is in fact fairly fascinating below however it is just definitely very smooth i would claim in terms of interactions on the display screen now if you are a gamer you would love to understand that the touch sampling price below is actually 320hz which is fine i was able to play my games very smoothly on this display screen so no problems about that there at all in regards to the illumination degrees indeed it does go all the method as much as a thousand two or a thousand three

hundred nits so it’s fairly intense and also definitely if you are outdoors in some cases you play imaginable uh you will not have any issues in fact taking a look at the display screen last yet not least it is likewise safeguarded by the corning gorilla glass victor so yep i have actually not been utilizing a screen protector as well as so far it has actually been holding up quite well let’s carry on to the more vital point right here and that is everything about the cpu of course we do have a snapdragon three-way 8 plus processor here and also i know a whole lot of you people around you are really aware of the truth that snapdragon 888 gadgets all have a tendency to get too hot and get really hot so unfortunately it is still the situation right here with the 888 plus i tend to do fairly a reasonable little gaming really you men if you have actually seen my videos from my previous reviews and all that you might know that i play a great deal of mobile tales i’m a heavy gamer of that video game although i’m still quite a noob but yeah i love that video game so i play that rather a fair bit as well as i observed that the temperatures do tend to get a little high up on the asus rog phone fives currently that’s not to claim that this is the phone itself i would certainly say that this is really down to the processor since i’ve been hearing all these sort of

circumstances on all the other snapdragon 888 tools now in regards to just utilizing job on a daily obviously you will certainly not feel that much of a warm however like i said if you are a player as well as you game rather a fair little bit you will definitely wish to check out the colder by asus themselves they really have a very great cooler that you can connect to the phone itself and also according to ourselves it may actually decrease the temperature by up to 10 levels celsius to make sure that could be handy if you are a player it’s additionally worth mentioning that on the sides right here we do have a touch sensitive switches and they’re actually quite trendy they’re extremely receptive so if you resemble playing pubg and you simply desire to remap your switch to these touch sensitive buttons you can do that really conveniently making use of the game console currently i simply i did an extremely fast benchmark test below because i occur to have the samsung galaxy s 22 ultra so this

alongside these devices are really quite similar they have really comparable dimensions right here but yes i did the geekbench examination and i seen that the ratings was higher on the snapdragon 8 gen 1 yet in regards to the multi-core rating it was somewhat greater on the asus rg45s so i would say that just in terms of the utmost performance you are still obtaining a great deal of efficiency on the asus rog 5s now done with the efficiency let’s speak a little regarding the cams at the back we do have a three-way video camera setup here you may assume that on a gaming phone asus is not mosting likely to put in some suitable sensors however you may be incorrect it has a 64 megapixel main sensor it likewise has a 13 megapixel ultrawide and also last but not the very least it has a 5 megapixel macro lens currently i did take a number of photos here which i’m mosting likely to reveal you on the screen now as well as you can see that in fact the photos taken by the asus rg5s it’s really fairly decent and also i would certainly claim that in terms of simply gaming phones alone uh the video camera samples coming out from the hara g5s here is in fact rather great or most definitely on the same level with the very best that you can receive from the majority of video gaming phones today so certainly rather shocked

there by the video cameras at the back it’s not such as the most current modules or something yet it is in fact able to take some rather good suitable shots finally let’s chat a little bit regarding the batteries in the back we do have a huge 6000 mah battery and also the charger does can be found in a box it comes in this 65 watt a fast charger this billing brake right here looks super cool you also have that rog logo at the back absolutely good looking battery charger and also indeed you likewise have that knotted type-c cable television in package cool stuff there according to asus it will certainly simulate 70 in 30 minutes so once more relatively quick charging over there uh lastly i additionally intend to chat a little about the haptics in addition to the speakers now haptics smart you’re definitely getting the most effective right here is the x x-axis haptics that suggests every interaction with the display itself is a very brief and crisp resonances that feels incredible and also in regards to the stereo speakers yes you do have them they’re extremely loud stereo audio speakers as well as they in fact play out fairly in proportion on both sides to give you that really great gaming immersive experience overall um simply to respond to back my inquiry at the start of the video like is this asus rog phone fives still legitimate in 2022 considering this was

introduced in 2014 well truthfully talking i believe it is most definitely still very appropriate here if you are a player and you want something a bit much more unique as a matter of fact if you don’t desire those phones that you recognize look extremely crazy this one here the one in white actually looks quite wonderful you have that very basic minimal looking logo design at the back that lights up and in general yes i know it does warmth up however really most pc gaming phones today with all the type of cpus they all will certainly tend to heat up anyhow so uh my tip here is that if again you are an incredibly hefty gamer you may intend to invest in a cooler just to cool down the systems as well as all that allow me know what you guys believe if you are a player would you really buy something similar to this or would certainly you simply choose the standard you understand regular smartphones as well as really still be able to get a great respectable gaming experience let me understand down in the comment area below i would certainly love to learn through you guys once more thanks for staying completely till completion it is in fact rather late 12 40 a.m now uh i understand some of you men may be asleep so yep thank you for sticking with me till completion okay that’s it for today’s video clip as well as do take care everyone as well as i intend to see all of you individuals in the following one stay risk-free everybody bye

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